The Rescue

By M.P. 10/5/97

Mitch thought he had run at least a mile after he left Bosses factory. He stopped to catch his breath and realised he had only gone a few blocks. He stepped into a small convience store and went to use the phone. He dialed the secret number that Mr. Sears had given him to contact the conglomerate. After several minutes a young female voice answered the line and in moments Mitch was speaking with Mr. Sears. "Mr. S., This is Mitch I have to tell you something." "It's about Boss, I think he is involved with some kind of conspiracy to take over the world." "Mitch we've known that Boss was involved with some scheme but so far he has been an aid to our organization." Mr. S. continued. "But if you feel that he is becoming a threat."" We can meet you and fly you back safely to L.A." Mitch gave directions to Mr.Sears and within twenty minutes another limo pulled up and took MItch back to J.F.K. When Mitch arrived at the airport he was met by Mr.Sears. "Mitch I know we should have told you something about Bosses activities but we wanted to get someone inside from our organization. " Mr.S. continued. "I'm sorry that we had to use you , but with your connections, and the device you have, you were the logical choice." "Boss doesn't know it yet but our scientists have discovered that your device nuetralizes the control beam that he uses on his women." "We're going to let him install it on the new girls and then turn the tables on his plan."Don't worry, Mr.S. continued, WE have everything under control."

Meanwhile, Boss had just finished packing the redhead in a large padded crate for delivery to Mitch. His secratary, Sam14/lisa entered his office. "The human subject, Mitch sir, left rather abruptly." Sam14/lisa said. "I am not sure but I think he may have overheard your conversation." "Thank you, Unit lisa." Boss said." You may resume your duties." The lisa unit left the room and went back to the small desk in the outer office and sat with a pleasnt smile and the vacant look of the android she had become. Boss picked up the phone and dialed a number. In minutes he reached the party he wanted to speak to." Hello, Doctor, Q. This is Boss, We may have a problem to our plans, a member of the conglomerate , a fellow named Mitch came to see me and may have overheard our conversation earlier." Yes, Yes, I see." O.K. I think I know what we can do about Mitch." Boss hung up the phone and turned to the box containing the redhead. Mitches plane arrived on scheduale and he was met at the airport by Amy. "Hi Mitch, said Amy, How was your meeting with that Boss character?" "It was very exciting Amy and terrifing at the same time." "Lets get home and I'll tell you the rest." As they were driving back to the house, Amy recalled something." Mitch, while you away a large package came Air Express. It only arrived about an hour before I left to get you." "You didn't open it?" Asked MItch, now worried. "No it was addressed to you, so I left it alone." Amy said. "Mitch what is going on?" "Amy, Mitch said, I think I may have gotten all of us involved in a conspiracy of some sort." "And you girls are very much in danger by it." Mitch told Amy about the workshop and the beautiful Andriod girls and about how he overheard Boss talking to someone he refered to as the Doctor. Amy sat and listened and when MItch was through she was amazed that anything like that could happen. They arrived at the house and in the center of the living room was the large crate. Mitch remembered what Mr.S. had told him, and took Amy into the other room. "Listen Honey," Mitch said to Amy. "I'm going to try something, but for your safety and the other girls I'm going to put you in storage mode for twenty minutes." "If anything goes wrong and I'm ... well lets not go into it." "Contact Mr.Sears at this number he'll know what to do." Mitch copied the secret number on a sheet of paper and gave it to Amy. Mitch went to the control panel and set the machine for full power and twenty minutes. She placed her arms at her sides and placed her hands in a comfortable relaxed stance. Mitch turned the dial all the way and watched Amy stiffen. Mitch was never tired at seeing his beautiful wife turn into a statue She had not aged much in the last few years since knowing Mitch, this was thanks to the machine. He walked up to her inanimate form and gently kissed her on the mouth. "Wish me luck." He said to the statue of Amy. Then he went back into the living room.

Mitch went into the storage closet where he kept the spare parts to the machine and pulled out another headset. The device had not changed much in the years that Mitch had used it. Still a simple ear clip and the little black transistor box that recieved the signal from the base unit in the white room. He approached the large crate and opened it. Inside stood the redhead, dressed only in a sheer black body stocking. Her large breasts were pressed hard aginst the sheer cloth and the erect nipples looked like they would tear the delicate cloth. Her hips were very wide and she wore no underwear under the body stocking. He had not seen the redhead totally nude at Bosses factory, but he knew then that she was very beautiful. The redhead opened her eyes and looked down at Mitch. Mitch had not realized that the redhead was at least 2 inches taller than him, but seeing her now in the crate he could see the difference. The red head spoke. "Take me to the subject females, human." No!" shouted Mitch. "They're not to be assimilated." Mitch continued. "I know what your mission is and I'm not going to let you have them." The redhead was about to strike Mitch when He reached out and put the clip on the Large girls right nipple. There was a loud popping noise and several sparks jumped from the large girls skin. Mitch was afraid that she might overload the portable unit and then he would be in serious trouble. The redhead fell to the floor suddenly. She started twisting and jerking violently and made strange garbled sounds. Her hair had sprung out to an outragous mass , somthing like an afro hairstyle of the seventies. Her mouth closed and then her eyes glowed bright green. On her neck Mitch could see a small spot of blood form and then the microchip that Boss had put there suddenly burst into a small jet of flame. The redhead lay there on the floor for several minutes, and then she started to move. "What? Where the hell am I?" Asked the redhead. She noticed then that she had on no clothing and started to cover herself when Mitch came over. "Don't be afraid, miss, My name is Mitch, and I'm going to help you." Mitch helped her to her feet gave her a bandage for her neck and got the redhead some clothes.

After a cup of strong coffee, the redhead calmed down. Mitch explained about what had happened and told her where she was. Then she introduced herself, "I'm Peggy Foster. Mitch, you don't know how much I apprieciate what you did for me." "It was horrible, Peggy said, I came to boss to get a job as his secratary. The next thing I knew I was drugged, undressed and taken into the lab and the next thing I knew the white coat guys were giving me a shot in the neck. Then I lost concience. Now I'm here with you." Peggy started to cry alittle and as the she was speaking Amy had come to again. She came into the living room and found her and Mitch together. "Could I have some of that coffee to?" Asked Amy. "Sure Honey." Said Mitch. "I'll get it."" Amy this is Peggy, you girls get to know each other and I'll be right back." While Mitch was out of the room Amy went to Peggy and handed her a brush and mirror. After she had restored her hair to a more presentable fashion, Peggy started to talk with Amy. "Mitch is a wonderful man Amy, how did you two meet?" Amy told Peggy a short version of the story of how Mitch and his friend Tom had met the little man from N.A.S.A years earlier and purchased the sleep device. And how that she and the other girls had come into his life as models. "Come on I'll introduce you to the other girls." Amy said. They got up from the sofa and walked into the backroom that Mitch loved to refer to as his White room. Arranged around the room were the pedestals. There were eight pedestals total , all but one being used and on each of the other seven, a beautiful girl was posed on it. Three were nude , posed in a stiff way , thier arms at thier sides with both hands straight. Amy explained to Peggy that this was what they called thier storage mode. The other four were in various costumes. One girl ,a young looking girl with wide brown eyes,was dressed as a ballenina. "This is Susan, Peggy, shes the youngest girl in our little group."Amy explained. "Shes going to be doing a layout for Dancer Magazine so we dressed her this way. But after MItch got the call last week we had to put it off." Peggy could not believe that the perfect ballerina sculpture before her was a living girl. "Can I see her alive?"Asked Peggy "I want to see for myself." Amy went over to the control panel and after selecting the knob marked Susan turned it all the way down. There was a small humming noise, and after a few seconds the inert figure of Susan began to move. "Hi Amy." Said Susan. "How long has it been this time?" "Only a week."Said Amy. "I'd like you to meet Peggy, Susan." "She's a new friend of Mitch and mines." Susan shook hands with the big redhaired girl and blushed slightly. Susan had never admitted it before , but she had always been a closet lesbian. And the sight of this voluputious red head really turned her on. Peggy could see the shy but hungry look in Susans face and the Big girl spoke to her. "So honey?, Peggy said. "I see you like a little girl love too?" Mitch was just entering the room when Peggy started to remove her shirt. Under the shirt was the body stocking that she had worn in the crate. The body stocking peeled off like a second skin on Peggy and when she removed it her magnificent breasts tumbled out and stood out firm and erect. Her body was an exquisite work of art. She had a firm but slightly rounded belly, wide shapely hips, and legs that seemed to go on forever. The calve muscles were well defined like a dancers. She turned around at Mitches entrance and all in the room could see her firm round ass."Hello Mitch!" Said the now aroused Peggy. "I'm going to make myself feel more at home with our friend Susy here." She turned back to Susan who by this time had also started to undress. Peggy moved closer to Susan and helped her remove the ballerina's tutu she wore. After she removed the filmy outfit Peggy rubbed her little pussy with her left hand. The men at the factory had shaved her pussy hairs, so her sex was in plain view. The little butterfly of her pussy was now extemely wet and by its size was the only thing on her that wasn't amazonian in size. "Excuse me!" Said Mitch."Just what did I have the luck to walk into?" Mitch and Amy sat on the nearby pedestal that until a few minutes earlier Susan had been a Plastic-like ballerina. Peggy started to work on the little body of Susans careful not to hurt the small girl. She started to slowly caress the small girls little titties . By gently pinching them and then licking the tips Susans breasts got very hard. Peggy now took her free right hand and pushed two fingers into Susans wet and inviting sex. She pulled her fingers in and out in slow movments and after a few seconds Susan shuddered and moaned. Peggy kneeled before the small girl and started to lick her pussy. While Peggy was ministering oral sex to her new friend, She was pumping her other hand into her own sex. Mitch was sweating alittle at the sight if these two beautiful women now in the act of oral sex. Amy also aroused, opened her dress and started to fondle her own breasts. She turned to Mitch and started to unbutton his shirt. Mitch gave Amy a long lingering kiss, and pulled her dress up over her head. Then after they had removed the last of thier clothing, Mitch and Amy made love on the pedestal. Mitch pumped fast into Amy and after several minutes, Amy had an orgasam. After she came there was the sound of applause. Amy and Mitch turned to see Peggy and Susan applauding them. "That was incredible!" Susan said. "Mitch you're quite a stud." At that they all had a good laugh . Amy rearranged her clothes and Susan redressed in her ballerina outfit. Mitch put back on his clothes and handed Peggy the shirt she wore over the body stocking. "It was great meeting you Peggy." Said Susan. "I hope we meet again very soon." Bye Susy." Said Peggy. Then Mitch went back to the control panel and reset Susans dial to max. Susan raised both hands in the air like a piroet, legs sightly together. She opened her brown eyes very wide and made a very big smile. After several seconds the humming ceased and Susan was once again a mannequin. "Well now we have to plan some way of getting back at Boss for what he did." Said Mitch. "And I have just the right idea."

Tina gets her revenge.

Tina had been put in the small closet on the third floor of Mitches house because Mitch thought that would be the safest place to keep her. He inspected Tina carefully and Mitch found that the earlier electronics that Boss had installed in Tina had been removed. She was a very beautiful creature, small but well developed. Her body was very sexy but pale in color due to the work they had done to her. She was mentally more machine now than human. But Mitch was hoping that there was enough humanity left in Tina that he could use it to his advantage. Mitch took the improved Controller device that Tom had sent him. He had called Tom at his home in Dallas and luckily Tom stayed in touch with Mr Matthews. The creator of the sleep device. Mitch put the new headset on Tina, and stood back. After several seconds Tina began to twitch violently. Sparks began to come out of Tina and then she fell to the floor. Still twitching she started to make the same garbled sounds that Peggy had made when she was reverted. She stiffened suddenly and her eyes glowed the same eerry shade of green that Mitch had seen before. Then the microchips in Tina began to fuse and burn out. Tina started to cry suddenly, it was a mixture of pain and the realization of what she had done as an android. "Tina?" Mitch asked. "Are you alright?" "You're that man they called Mitch aren't you?" Asked Tina. "They didn't know that I still had my concience." Tina explained. "It hurt me alot to do that to all those poor girls." "Tina, Would you like to get even on Boss and help to save some of the new victims he has?" Asked Mitch. "Sure." Said Tina. "Tell me what you want me to do."

Mitch called Mr Sears on the private number and made arrangments to meet with him the next day. They met on a vacant lot in downtown L.A. And Mitch told Mr.Sears his plan. "Sears you can reinstall one thing back on Tina and then I'll send her back to Boss." "If everything goes as I plan it, Boss will no longer be a problem. Boss was sitting in his office in New York. His head was thrown back and a look of sheer extasy was on his face. He pushed away from his desk, and got up from his chair. A few seconds later the figure of Sam14/lisa got up from under the desk. On her face she still had the drops of Bosses cum. "Umm, That was most pleasant,master." Sam14/lisa said. "Has the unit lisa pleased you?" "Yes, my dear." Boss replied. "It was very nice." "Now, please send in the next subject." Lisa left the office and opened the outer door. In the anter room sat a tall blond. She had on a blue business suit. Her hair was tied back in a tight bun and she wore very little makeup. Her skin was nicely tanned and she had a slim but muscular body. Boss introduced himself, and then the tall girl spoke. "Im Mary Stevens." " Mr.Boss?" "I'm responding to your ad for a laborotory assistant." "Yes I see from your resume' that you are very qualified." Boss continued. "But at the present time that posistion is filled." "But if you're interested, I may have an opening for a private secratary." Mary looked out into the other office and noticed SAm14/lisa seated in her chair. It seemed strange that the girl just sat there with a strange simple smile on her face. "Your girl doesn't seem to eager to lose her job?" Mary said. She pointed at Sam/lisa. "Oh she has no say in the matter." Said Boss. "If I want another girl I get one." Mary looked at Boss incredulously. "Just what do you mean by that?" Asked Mary. "Lisa there is one of the best I've had and she gives a marvelous blowjob, But I think its time for something different." Boss said. Boss looked at Mary, and got up from his desk. He reached over and pushed a small button on his desk." What I could stand now is a tall sexy blonde." Said Boss. "You're kidding Mr., I wouldn't make love to you if you last man on earth." Mary said, as she got up to leave. Mary was about to head for the door when suddenly from the hallway one of the hubots, a tall blackhaired amazon burst into the office. Mary screamed, and ran for the door but it was no use. The large blackhaired girl grabbed Mary by the neck and picked her up off the floor. "What do you want with the subject master?" Said the large girl." Assimilate the subject,hubot Stacy." Boss said and then he left the office. Mary was struggling with the hubot when Stacy pulled out her left hand. The finger opened and the transference needle exposed itself. Mary looked at the needle with terror in her eyes. The hubot stuck the needle into Marys soft neck and the microchip was inserted. Mary suddenly stopped her struggle and with the look of terror still on her face stood frozen in place. "You are now designated SAm36/mary." Hubot Stacy said. "You have no will of your own you only serve boss." Mary now closed her mouth and with a simple smile on her face repeated what Stacy had told her. "I am Sam36/mary my primary function is to assimilate my sisters and promote the glory of Boss." Boss now came back into the office. Mary Stood in the center of the room her dress was torn in places but she did not care now. "So, Boss said., You wouldn't make love to me if I was the last man eh?" "Lets see how you feel about it now." "Come over here and suck me off." Mary staggered over to Boss still not quite over her struggle with the hubot. She knelt down in front of Boss and took his member into her mouth. Boss held her head and moved it back and forth , reveling in the wonderful feelings he had in his cock. Mary kept on sucking until Boss came in her mouth. She sat back and wiped the cum from her mouth. "Did the unit please you Master?" "Yes." Boss said. But now it is time to finish your training." Stacy started to lead the new Sam unit into the factory when suddenly a loud crashing sound could be heard. "What the hell was that?" Asked Boss. Boss ran out of his office and into the workshop. The techs were running around, some screamed, others just froze in thier tracks, as Tina was doing her new job. "Boss!" said Tina "Come here and take your medicine, little man." She fired another beam from her optical sensor. It struck a lab tech and instantly he turned to plastic. Boss turned to run but realized he was surrounded. Tina had used the portable sleep device Mitch had given her and used it to free some of the Hubots and Sams. The now free girls surrounded Boss and kept him in the room. Tina walked over to Boss and with a sly grin on her perfect face said." You're a rotten little worm and I don't think we'll call you Boss anymore." Tina continued."I think we'll call you whimp." "This is for all the poor girls that you made us kill for your amusment." Tina looked at Bosses/whimps arm she fired a narrow beam into his arm and it hardened into a useless stick of plastic. The little man screamed in pain as Tina tore the plastic arm off.She then fired another beam and this time hit his legs. These she also tore off, and threw them across the room. she then looked him deep in the eyes and said with malice in her voice." And now little worm say goodbye to the human race forever." With that Tina fired a beam into what was left of Boss and he turned into something like one of those body shells you would see in a store.

Mitch called Tina later that week to see how she was doing. The conglomerate had taken care of her and put her up in a nice safe bungalo in the islands. Boss would no longer be a threat to anyone, in fact he had a new job at a big department store in Mannhatten ,as a clothes dummy. Mr. Sears told Mitch that they were still looking for the mysterious Doctor Q. But without Boss he felt that the good Doctor would not try anything not for a while anyway. Mitch sat back comfortably in his chair in the white room hung up the phone and looked at his harem. He knew that after the incident with Boss he would have to let the girls go,even though they did it of thier own choosing. Amy came into the room with a sandwich and bottle of beer for Mitch. Sat next to him, and kissed him lovingly. "You did a great thing, Mitch." Said Amy. "Thanks Honey."Said Mitch. "What do you say we just relax, watch some T.V. and let somebody else play Superman this week."Mitch then leaned over hit the remote and the two settled in for a quiet night.