Marketing Research -- Chapter One

by Track4

Kim looked over the ad.

Wanted: Women 21-35 in good health for marketing study. No experience needed. Work can be performed at home or on the job. No relocation necessary. Call 555-3802.

Kim was 27 and in good health. She was interested in getting a little extra income. The ad was at least worth a call.

"Fantasies Galore, Incorporated. How can I help you"?

Kim said "Hello, I am responding to the ad. What is it all about?"

"One moment, I will connect you to the marketing research department."

There was a short pause. A female voice answered "Marketing Research."

"Yes, I am responding to the ad for women for a marketing study. Can you tell me about it."

"Yes. Our company is preparing to market a line of women's underwear, lingerie and casual clothes. We are using new materials and approaches. We are looking for women who will wear our merchandise and provide feedback. You are to wear the underwear during your usual daily activities at work and at home. We ask only that you call us each night and answer some questions. The initial study period will be for 1 month. We may want to include you in future longer studies. If you want you can come by any day between 10 am and 8 PM for a short interview and test."

Kim thought "What does it pay?"

"The initial salary is $50 a day, seven days a week."

"Can I come by tonight?"

"Yes. We hope to see you."

"Thank you. Good bye."

Kim thought this was too good to be true. She just had to report in each day and wear their underwear. This would be easy money. When Kim left work she went to the address and entered the reception area. She was directed to a room in the back. Several women were waiting in chairs. A woman came in wearing a woman's powersuit. "Hello, I am Ms. Jackson. Please sit at the terminals. You will answer a series of computer questions for our interview. I or one of my assistants will then see you individually this evening."

Kim started answering a series of questions. The questions were more personal than normal for job interview. Yes, she had a boyfriend. She had had 4 men in her life. She intended to continue her day job. Yes, she did masturbate -- one or twice a week. She had normal periods. She had no infections or sexual diseases.

The automated interview went by quickly. When she was done the computer indicated that Kim should enter conference room #3. Kim found a young women no more than 21. "Hello, I'm Kelly. You did very well on the test according to the results on my screen. We want to offer you the role of materials tester. It's a fancy title. The job is as explained. Simply put, you wear our underwear and report to us each night. Since you responded that you are one the internet at home, you can dial in each night between 6 pm and midnight with your responses. If you prefer, you can come here to respond."

Kim responded "Oh, I'll just respond by computer."

Kelly reached under the desk and pulled out a box. "Here's the first set you are to try out. A number of these new items have a high tech feature to them. Items like this one incorporate microchip technology

into its design."

The box contained a tiny pink bikini panty. It looked about the size a baby might wear. "Don't worry about the size. The material is very elastic. The chip in this panty is not your typical chip. The threads

of the material are woven so that they form the circuitry. You can actually adjust the program with a computer if you have the codes.

"You will wear this for one week. You will not need to clean it. The material is self cleaning. If you bath daily, the material will stay fresh. Please do not wear any underwear over this underwear. We want the full effect."

Kelly went on. "Please put these on right now. To fully test the material we want to electronically bond it to you. That is one of the standard features that can be programmed."

"How will I go to the bathroom?"

"Put them on while I explain."

Kim reached up under her skirt and peeled her conservative white briefs down her legs. She then pulled the pink bikini up her legs. The material easily stretched and felt silky to her skin. There was no pinching at the waist or leg openings.

"These feel wonderful. Now you are going to bond them to me?"

"Yes. Once bonded you will be able to go to the bathroom as if they were not there. Just go as you usually would. I see that you have a boy friend. You can have sex while wearing these panties. There is

an added advantage. You can't get pregnant while wearing these if you have set the material to prevent the passing of fluids. Remember to set it back to normal before you go to the bathroom."

Kelly pulled out a palmtop computer and keyed in some commands. Kim felt the material invade her openings. It wasn't painful. It actually was pleasantly stimulating.

"Do I get one of those to control the panty?" asked Kim.

"Not yet. We only have a few of these. However, when you dial in you can have our computer make some adjustment. The panty will react to codes we flash on the screen. Just do not cover the panty and the codes will be registered to the panty.

Kelly continued. "When you dial in each night you will be given some selections. Make each selection carefully and thoughtfully. Please dial in tonight so that we can establish your profile. Here is your access code."

Kelly passed Kim a business type card with a series of number printed on the front.

Kelly asked "Any questions?"

Kim was enjoying the silkiness of the bikini. "No, none that come to mind."

"Thank you. Please come back or call with any questions. Here's the payment for the first week." Kelly handed her a check.

Kelly stopped at an ATM and deposited the check on the way home. When she got home she removed her dress and looked at the bikini. The pink of the material almost matched her own skin tone. Then Kim looked closer. The material seemed to show each and every curve and fold of her shaved pussy lips. Kim looked in a mirror and saw that the material followed the contours of her ass perfectly. "When Bob is

back in town, he'll drool when I show him these."

Wearing only her bikini Kim dialed up the internet and accessed the Fantasies web site. She identified herself. She was asked some initial questions about the fit and feel of the material. She responded

that she loved it.

The computer asked, "DO YOU WANT ANY CHANGES. "

Kim keyed "What types of changes?"


A list of 10 colors scrolled on her screen. One of the colors was NUDE.

Kim keyed "nude".

Kim looked down. The bikini changed and almost exactly matched her skin color.

"What is surface?"


"Set the surface to the cling like a second skin."


"What choices to I have?"


Kim thought -- Wow!

"Just leave it as is."

Kim was a little tired and wanted to get to sleep. Tomorrow was Friday. She would experiment with it Friday night and Saturday.


Friday went quickly. The work as light. The boss was out of town. Kim found herself eager to experiment with the panty. When she got home she stripped down to her bikini and webbed into Fantasies.


"Fine." Kim responded to questions about the day. Kim had found the bikini very comfortable. She had used the restroom with no difficulty. She entered that this material should be a big hit.


"Yes. Bring me up to the first level of stimulation."

Kim feel the bikini start to tingle and it caressed her butt and pussy.


felt erotic. She loved it. To bad Bob was still out of town.

"Increase the setting to full vaginal arousal.




Kim felt as if a hard penis can been thrust into her. The warmth and pulsation's were wonderful. Kim closed her eyes and leaned back in the chair. She rubbed her breasts. This felt as good as anything Bob

had done recently. Kim lost track of time. Still being stimulated she looked at the screen and saw


Kim squirmed. We rose from the chair on shaking legs. She went to the bed room and fell on the bed just in time. See experienced a vibrant orgasm. The stimulation continued. Kim was rising to a second orgasm when the stimulation abruptly stopped.

Kim stood. Her legs still felt weak. She felt her vaginal muscles quivering. Kim walked back to her computer.


Kim quickly keyed "Yes".


Kim felt the return of the virtual penis. She staggered back to her bed. She had two more orgasms before the 15 minutes were up. She returned to the computer.




She needed to get some sleep. She suspected that she'd dream of sex tonight. She had all week to play with this thing. When Bob was back in town next weekend she really be ready for him.


The week went quickly. Kim found herself eager to get home each night to experiment with her new sex toy. She tried all the colors from baby blue to metallic silver. She also found and used information on

the texture of the panty. She tried a number of settings from smooth metal to delicate lace.

Kim reported her results each night. Sometimes she logged on for adjustments in the middle of the night. She had quit wearing anything but the panty to bed. When the next Thursday came she went into

Fantasies in the evening as instructed. Kelly greeted her.

"Well, based upon your nightly comments we believe that material to be a hit. The other women have also responded enthusiastically. We want to try some other items this week."

"Can't I keep the panty? Its so much fun." asked Kim.

Kelly replied "There will be no need to keep the panty. Your next ensemble is of the same programmable material. You will be able to get even more stimulation. In addition, since the results have been so

good, we are raising the time limits on stimulation periods."

Kelly placed a box on her desk. Kim opened the box and found a matching bra and panty set. The panty had boy legs. The bra seemed designed to enhance cleavage. Kelly used her palmtop computer to de-bond Kim's panties. Kim removed her dress and eased the silky panties down her legs. The new attire was tiny, but stretched to fit Kim. Kelly bonded the new bra and panty to Kim. As before the material conformed to Kim's every contours. The silky fabric was luxurious. It was a delight. Kim pulled her dress back on.

Kelly said "Remember to be careful with your nightly instructions. With the rising of the restrictions you have to watch what you ask for. We've had no accidents during the preliminary testing, but we are still

looking for bugs. There is always one more."

Kim smiled. "Well if I find one, I'll immediately contact the web site and report it. I'll be trying these out on my boy friend this weekend."

Kelly said, "If you are being stimulated when he enters you, he will also be stimulated by the material. You better warn him or he may blow his wad immediately. That has been reported."

Kim laughed "That has never been his problem. He rises quick, but has good staying power. I will try it on him and see the reaction."

Kelly replied "Well, if he is willing, we would like his impressions too. We think a line of mens shorts of this fabric would be well received."

"I don't doubt that. If he is interested, could he come in for a garment too?"

"He would be our first male test subject. The material is flexible enough to handle the male anatomy. here might have to be some programming adjustments. Ask me next Thursday when you come in

for your next outfit, I may have an answer by then.


Friday night Kim picked Bob up at the airport and took him to her place.

"I want to show you my next underwear. I expect you will find it interesting."

"Babe, you know how men really feel about womens underwear. Usually the less, the better. It's just like a present. We want to get it unwrapped and use it."

"Then you'll find this underwear just what the doctor ordered.

When they got home they had a quick supper. Kim ordered Bob into the living. She told him to comfortable while she changed into something more comfortable. Kim stripped to her bonded underwear

and added a short filmy robe. She added a pair of 4 inch black heels as an afterthought.

KIm dialed up Fantasies on her computer. Kim answered the nightly report. She changed the color to SMOKY NUDE, a dark mottled gray brown. CLING was set to maximum. ORGASM was set on. She set

the material to not permit the passage of fluid. The stimulation was HEAVY FOREPLAY and the time limit of 15 MINUTES with a 5 minutes delay.

Kim waltzed into the living room swaying her hips. Bob's eyes seemed to almost pop from his head. "You really have missed me."

Kim walked over and sat next to Bob. She leaned into him and almost purred with energy. "You better get with it quickly. In a couple of minutes I going to start my engine and race away if you don't get on."

Kim let her robe fall open exposing the smoky transparent bra and panty. Bob wasted no time. His left hand caressed her right nipple. His right hand inched down to her pussy. He was starting to really get

into his caressing when he jumped back. It felt as if Kim breast was moving on its own -- as if an invisible hand was also caressing her breast."

Kim whimpered "Don't worry. Just go with it. You won't regret it."

Bob resumed, but watched Kim carefully. I thought he saw impressions on her breasts and around her crotch. Kim was reacting very passionately. Well, what ever it is, he was going to go with it. She practically overwhelmed him with her lust.

Kim felt the simulated foreplay end after the 15 minutes, but by then Bob and the clothing stimulation had her running at full lust. Both of them enjoyed the night.

The next morning Kim explained about the Fantasies clothing. Bob said he would be interested. He also wanted Kim to show him how to set the controls on the bra and panties. Kim chuckled. She knew he

was going to turn the set up as high as he could. They had played a few times with mild bondage. The bra and panty would give him some control over her. She didn't care. She had always enjoyed the sessions.

Kim logged onto Fantasies and showed Bob the options. She gave Bob a sneaky smile and walked out of the room. Bob selected that Kim be stimulated for both front and back entry. He also set the controls to:


When the computer asked for the duration, Bob keyed in


Bob heard Kim gasp as the stimulation started. He left the room to go enjoy KIm. He forgot to log off the system.

Bob spent the day enjoying Kim. He alternated between refusing to let Kim even touch him and vigorously entering her love holes. Kim didn't understand it initially. She had never tried the control to suppress orgasm. After three frustrating hours Kim realized something was up. Bob ordered Kim to leave the computer alone.

After five sexually frustrating hours Bob told Kim she could use the computer. When Kim entered the room she saw:




There was the usual pause.

Marketing Research -- Chapter Two



Kim picked up the phone. There was no dial tone. She made sure the computer had hung up and picked up the phone again. Still no dial tone. Kim ran back out to the living room. She picked up the phone and heard nothing.

"What's wrong babe?" asked Bob.

"I can't get through to the web site. The phones seem dead."

Bob took the phone from Kim and listened. The phone was dead.

Kim was getting scared. "Come on, let's go to Fantasies."

"Kim, you have to put something on. You'll not do any good if you get arrested for indecent exposure. "

Kim stopped as she reached for the door. She was wearing just her special underwear. Kim reached into the closet and grabbed an overcoat. "Come on!"

Bob zipped up his pants and followed her. "Kim, I better drive. You are too fired up. You will have an accident."

Kim got in the passenger's side. Bob started the car as he saw Kim start massaging her crotch through the overcoat. Bob tried to drive quickly, but seemed to get stopped at almost every light.

As Bob drove up in front of the address Kim had given he saw several women standing impatiently at the door. It was after hours and the building was closed. Bob suspected Kim wasn't the only woman who was stuck in high gear. The women all looked frazzled. One was wearing only a short bath robe. One was wearing an overcoat like Kim's. He doubted she was wearing any more than Kim. The rest

seemed to have dressed in a hurry.

Another car drove up. Kim said "It's Ms. Jackson." Kim jumped out of the car and Bob followed. Ms. Jackson waved everyone over to the door and unlocked it. "When the phones went dead I worried that

there might be a problem. Come on up our offices."

Bob accompanied Kim. They all crowded into an elevator. Bob saw the victims squirm and heard their moans. He felt sorry for them, but knew there was little he himself could do.

The elevator door opened. Ms. Jackson led everyone into the testing room. She told them all to sign on locally using ther intra-net. The women quickly keyed in and ordered the computer to stop the stimulation's. Sighs of relief filed the room. Half the women slumped down in their chairs. The other women started masturbation. The sighs of relief were soon silenced by the sounds of orgasm. Kim grabbed Bob and pulled him into one of the small conference room. She pulled her coat off and opened his pants. Bob surrendered as Kim practically raped him. Quickly Kim experienced an intense orgasm. She stiffened and seemed to freeze for over a minute. Then she collapsed on Bob.

Bob held Kim and rocked back and forth. After a few minutes there was a knock at the door. Kim rolled off and straightened the overcoat around her. Bob zipped up his pants and said "Enter".

Ms. Jackson opened the door. "Are you too okay?"

Eve looked exhausted, but she smiled. "I'm okay now."

Ms. Jackson replied "Although this incident is not our fault we are offering everyone an out on the research testing. We'll pay for a full month of testing."

Kim cuddled to Bob and said "I'll stay, but can we download a copy of the control program to our own PC? That would give a fail safe in case the phone or your computer shuts down at a bad time."

I'll have to take that up with the programming team. The program may not run right on you PC. May be they can develop a limited program to shutdown the material. See me on Thursday. By then I will have

an answer."

"Okay. Right now I just want a good night's sleep."

Ms. Jackson escorted Kim and Bob to the door. She apologized again for the situation. Kim fell asleep on the ride back. Bob thought over the situation. Despite the anguish Bob thought Kim had enjoyed the torture. She had always liked it when he had taken control. He hadn't done much of this, but he remembered the night she talked him into tying her up. He has teased and tickled her repeatedly. He had withheld sex until she was begging for relief. The next day she had thanked him. He had considered trying that this weekend until she showed him her new underwear.

Bob decided to convince Kim to continue with the research. He also knew there were men interested. They might want an outfit for themselves or one they could use to control their wives and girlfriends.

He wanted to stay in on this.

Bob put Kim to bed. Then he checked the phone line. The phones were working again. He logged in on Kim's PC. He knew her id and password. He surfed into the Fantasies web site and spent two hours reviewing all the help information. He found some options that Kim hadn't found. There was a scripting language that could create customized series of programming options. He created three scripts. He could activate the scripts using Kim's account from his own laptop PC. Bob logged out and went to bed.

He woke at 7 am. He fixed a breakfast and brought it on a tray to the bedroom. He shook Kim awake. She sat up in bed and he placed the tray across her lap. She eats hungrily as he sipped coffee. He asked

her what she wanted to do. She said she wanted to lounge around the house for the weekend. She said she thought she could keep Bob's attention. Bob felt the Kim's libido was running higher than before she had tried the new underwear. Kim and Bob didn't leave the house until Sunday night when Bob went home. He needed a change of business clothes for work.

Bob came over on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Sex had become a nightly event. Bob didn't use any of his special scripts. No bondage occurred. Kim wanted to go to Fantasies on Thursday.

She wanted time to experiment that evening.

Thursday evening Kim stopped at Fantasies. Kelly saw her. "I heard about the situation last Friday night. I could have been a victim myself. I am also wearing this stuff. Fortunately I had my underwear set to be opaque with no stimulation. I'll be honest, I used this stuff for solitary sex. You strip and I'll get this week test for you, unless you've changed your mind."

Kim said "I still want to be in the test. Get the next outfit."

Kelly returned with black full body stockings. It even had hands and feet. Of course it was made of the same stretchy material so it looked to be only about three feet long. The only opening was for the neck.

Kim pulled the neck opening wide and stepped into the stockings. Kim slid it up and over her body. When she finally got her arms into the sleeves, the neck opening closed like a turtleneck top. Just like the other outfits, this looked like it was painted to her skin. She felt as if she was encased in the softest most comfortable thing made. Kelly bonded it to her.

Kelly commented "This outfit has the advantage of allowing you to adjust your body contours. You can shrink you waist, raise your breasts or butt and change your cleavage. Just don't try to do too much at a time. You might make yourself sore. Without any special setting this suit has reduced your 25-inch waist to about 23 inches. You can also change portions of the suit to different appearances. For example I'll set it for a one piece swimsuit."

The suit changed. She was wearing a sleek one-piece swimsuit. Her arms and legs appeared nude. The material over her breast, crotch and ass felt the same, but it didn't show her every contour. It looked like a normal suit.

"Please feel free to play with it."

"Thanks. Can you set this as a jumpsuit that would be acceptable in public."

Kelly reached over to her PC and keyed in a command. A snug denim jumpsuit formed. It even had pockets. Kim reached up to unbutton a pocket, but it wouldn't open.

"No. We haven't figured that out yet."

"I'll be on my way now."

Kelly and Kim shook hands and Kim left. As Kim drove home she found the new suit to be very comfortable. She drove directly home and went right to her computer. She webbed into Fantasies and

worked down to the control site for her new outfit. Since it covered a much large percentage of her body, there were many more options for adjusting its appearance. She set the suit to its neutral black mode

that clung to her so nicely.

She checked out the options on texture.

"List texture options"



The computer listed over 500 options.


The suit had the appearance of chrome. From below her neck she appeared to be made of metal.

"Adjust Cling to minimum"

Although the suit felt as if it clung snugly to her, the contours of her body were smoothed so that her nipples were not longer clearly outlined. She looked in the bathroom mirror and saw that her ass and crotch was smoothed over too. She could go out in public at this setting.

"Display strength options"


"Set strength to 10."


"30 seconds"


"60 minutes"


Kim stood up straight behind the chair. She watched the countdown. When it hit zero she felt the suit freeze. From her neck down she WAS a statue. She found she could still breathe, but nothing below her neck would move. After a few minutes of straining she relaxed and found the position was actually comfortable. She would have to try it again with some vaginal stimulation.

Kim realized she was becoming almost addicted to the sexual stimulation. When this testing period finally ended she would eagerly sign up for additional research. With this full body suit she could have just about any stimulation she wanted and also a full wardrobe of clothing possibilities.

After 15 minutes her session was automatically cancelled. That was normal the suit was already programmed. Immediately the phone rang. She heard the answering machine pick up. It was Bob checking in. He had left some papers that he needed at the office tomorrow. He'd come by and pick them up.

Fifteen minutes later the door bell rang twice. After a minute she heard the key in the lock. Bob entered "Any one home?"

"In the den" answered Kim.

"That's a new look." Bob walked around Kim. He knocked on her stomach. It sounded like he was hitting a bell. "Well, now. You must be the lady in the iron maiden. Let's see if I can make it a little more interesting."

Bob sat down at the PC and logged on as Kim. He saw that 15 minutes were left in the current program. He keyed.

"Adjustments to current program."


"Change panty area to nude, strength of 0."

Kim's felt the rigidity leave her butt and crotch. She could slightly move her legs.

"Increase heel height to 4 inches. Allow feet, calves and thighs to adjust to new stress points."

Kim felt her heels rise from the floor Her Achilles muscles flexed and the suit make room for it. She was now standing on her toes.

"Adjust cling to maximum. Change nipple areas to nude strength 0."

Kim felt her nipples pop out of the steel.

"Change remaining time to 90 minutes. Suppress orgasms."

Kim said "You're going to frustrate me again. I'm probably not going to get much rest tonight."

"You are right and wrong. You are going to be frustrated, at least for the next 90 minutes. However, I am not staying. You will have to suffer in solitude."


Bob left, but was back in a minute carrying a bag. "I was going to use this tomorrow night, but tonight is just such an opportunity."

Bob pulled a harness of some type from the bag. She watched as he wrapped a belt around her waist. He then ran a second belt in back down between (and parting) her cheeks and pulled it up to the front of the belt. He spent a few minutes tightening the belt. He wanted to make sure she spread both my pussy lips and my ass cheeks tightly. He placed a small combination lock where the belts crossed in front and locked it. He reached up and placed an alligator clip on each nipple.

"I'll call you later with the combination. Until then you will just have to put up with it." 

Marketing Research -- Chapter Three

Bob left. The belt was not rough, but it was very tight. I was a little mad, but I was also titillated with the situation. There was definitely a masochistic part of me. I tried to flex the muscles of my butt and pussy to stimulate myself. Each time I did the belt slided and tightened deeper into me. I started to feel significant arousal.

Finally the 90 minutes was up. I was once again tired and frustrated. If Bob had been here I would have given him a good ride. I logged back on and set new parameters.

"Configure suit for nude, vaginal penetration -- deep, anal penetration mild. Orgasm permitted."


60 minutes to start in five minutes.


I logged off. I used the bathroom and lay down in bed. The stimulation will satisfy me until Bob calls with the combination for the lock. Forty-five minutes into the run Bob called.

"You ready to be freed."

"Yes" I responded in a husky voice.

"Are you having the suit stimulate you now?"


"Well, you earned it. The combination is 34-24-14. Standard clockwise, counter clockwise, clockwise combination. Have a good night."

I worked the combination, releasing the belts. I finished the stimulation and fell asleep.

The phone rang. It was 3 am. "Hello?"

"This is Ms. Jackson. Someone just broke into our offices. They took a group of the access codes we use to control the our products. Please us you PC to dial in and de-bond your suit. If you don't, and he has your access code, he could use it to harm you. Do you understand/"

"Yes" I yawned. "I'll do it right now."

I dialed into Fantasies and keyed.

"de-bond suit"

The suit changed to its black stockings look. I reached for the neck opening and started to stretch it open. Suddenly the suit snapped back. It rebounded to my skin with maximum cling. I felt my vagina invaded and stimulated. The phone rang and I jumped at it.

"You will immediately get in your car and drive to 1100 North Main. You will enter the house. Go now."

"And if I don't?"

"If your signal isn't moving in 15 seconds we will freeze you in position and pick you up ourselves. Then I'll be mad. You will regret it. Bye."

I grabbed my purse and my car keys. I waited to stop to put something over my black skin tight stocking, but I knew I didn't have time. I got in my car and started driving.

I pulled up in front of the house and got out of her car. The area was not well light. No one would see me well. I walked up to the house and knocked on the door. The door opened and I entered.

As soon as the door shut my suit when nude. I was receiving both vaginal and anal stimulation. I crumpled to the floor.

"Take her to the basement with the others." I heard a male voice speak up. I was lifted bodily by two men and carried down to the basement. I was placed on the floor. The men went back up the stairs and closed the door. I saw at least five other squirming women.

I found that while I was fully aroused, I could not orgasm. I gasped


"Is anyone having orgasms?"

I heard "No" uttered by the other five.

A few minutes later another woman was brought down the stairs. I recognized two of the women from the night in front of the Fantasies offices the night of the phone failure. A few minutes later Kelly was brought down the stairs. Kelly was naked and squirming like the other women, but her head was covered with a black hood and her wrists were handcuffs behind her.

I crawled over to Kelly. "Do you know what's happening?"

Kelly responded "Is that I?"

"Yes, I'm I. Do you know what's happening?"

Kelly was panting with desire, but managed to get the following story out between moans.

"Some guys broke into our offices. They said they were with the government. They demanded all our stock of the experimental clothing and all the control programs and accesses codes. I managed to call Ms. Jackson before they caught me. They broke into the computer room and stock room. I think they got what they wanted, but they brought me here. They didn't want any witnesses."

I said "Ms. Jackson called and warned me, but it was too late for me to

get the suit off."

Kelly asked, "Where are we? They put this hood over my head. It's made of the same stuff they we use. It bonded to me as soon as it made contact with the turtleneck top of my suit. Is the whole suit blacked out?"

"No, only your head is black. The rest is set for nude." I told Kelly my story and about the other women.

Kelly thought a moment and said, "I think these guys ARE with some government agency. They want to use our material and programs for some secret operations. One of them told me that if we had cooperated with them months ago, the government would have been doing the testing. I think they wanted to control the technology and our bosses refused."

Kelly stopped talking when we heard the door open. The same two men came down the stairs, but they didn't carry women down this time. One of them said "Okay ladies, if you cooperate this will not be

too difficult for you. Come over here one at a time." I crawled over to

the stairs.

"Identify yourself with your access code."

'I'm Kim, 1138.:

"Stand still." The guy checked a palm top computer. "You are wearing a full body stocking. Hold still." He pulled a tight hood over her head. It felt like the same material as the rest of her stockings. When he held the bottom to the stocking's turtleneck I felt it bond to my skin. He keyed something on the palm top computer and I felt my jaw lock shut, but the hood remained transparent. My arms were pulled behind her and locked with handcuffs. "Your ready now." He pulled me to my feet and led me up the stairs. I was dragged into the living room and pushed onto a couch. I sat up and looked around.

A man sat in a chair opposite me. He had a sinister grimace on his face. He spoke.

"The material that makes up that stocking was to be restricted to government use. You sluts are using it for cheap satisfaction. Well, you cast your die. We will use you to test the operating parameters of the material. You will do as we tell you. You will not resist. Do you understand?"

I shook my head.

The man made some adjustments. My stockings changed to appear as a denim shirt and pants. The stimulation was not changed. I still felt vagina and anal penetration.

"We will take you to women to a more secure location for the tests. This attire will make it easier to transport you there. Stand by the door."

I walked on wobbly legs and stood by the door.

Kelly was brought up the stairs and treated the same as I had been. Kelly was wearing a bra and panty set like I had worn the prior week. The man had her cuffs removed long enough to dress her in a jogging

suit. It was of normal material. A hood like mine was added. A choker collar held it in place. Kelly weakly walked over and stood next to the door.

A third women was brought up and processed. She also had been wearing a stockings like mine. Her stocking was adjusted to appear as a denim jumpsuit.

Another man appeared. He was built like a football lineman. He told the women to follow him. He left through the front door and walked over to a car. He opened the doors and motioned for the women to

get in. The guy drove them out of the city. They finally stopped at a ranch style house on a farm. The nearest house was miles away. The doors were opened. The women were led to a barn behind the


The barn was a facade. The inside looked more like a high tech lab. Kelly had her clothes cut from her body. Their Fantasies clothing was changed back to nude. Each woman was given an examination

including vaginal and anal probes. The doctors (if that's what they were) were very professional, there were no copping a feel. Each woman had her jaw unlocked and was given a cup of water to drink.

The other woman and Kelly were also fitted with choker collars.

The women were lead over to an mat in one corner and told to lay down. They were told to stay put. The material of there Fantasies clothes changed to black. The cling was still at maximum. All three of

us were squirming from their non-stop stimulation.

I squirmed over to the other woman. "What's your name?"

"Janette" she moaned.

I whispered "Kelly, come over here."

Kelly squirmed over. I asked "Is there any way we can turn these

things off?"

Kelly moaned "Not without a properly set up computer of some kind."

No one noticed their whispering. Their moans and those of other women being examined covered their talk.

I asked "What do you two think they are going to do?"

Janette said "I don't know, but I'm exhausted. I need to either cum or have the stimulation stop. I have an idea." Janette leaned forward and started to lick my left breast. "If we add some stimulation, we may

be able to orgasm."

Kelly said "I doubt it, but maybe it will distract us from our


Kelly leaned over and started tonguing my right nipple.

Kelly had never had another woman, but felt her breasts tingle. I started to breath harder.

"I knew you were sluts" came a shout from the other side of the lab. The sinister looking guy from the house had arrived. "Well, if that's


you think about, you'll get as much as you want."

I heard Kelly and Janette groan. They tried to lean away from I. Their months were stuck to my nipples. I groaned as I felt my nipples pulled away from me.

"See, you got want you wished for." growled the man. I felt the stimulation in my vagina impossibly increase. Now my breasts felt as if they were being squeezed savagely. Kelly and Janette moaned and

settled back onto my breasts. They couldn't even talk.

"Good night" said the bastard and the hood on all three women went black. I lost all track of time. Finally my vaginal muscles were so worn out I just twitched to the stimulation. I was in exhausted sensory overload. I seemed to fall into a fitfull sleep after a while.

 Marketing Research -- Chapter Four

"Good morning, Kim. It is time for your programming. Will you cooperate?"

I found myself lying on an examination table. I was again in my skintight black stockings. The hood has been changed to transparent. I could feel that they had removed my handcuffs, but had somehow secured my forearms together in the small of her back. Each hand was on the inside of the opposite elbow. My legs were tightly strapped to the stirrups at the foot of the table. I looked at the sinister man and

said "Fuck you" "No, thank you, slut. We have to condition you to cooperate. We want to find out if that material stimulates you as much and actual probes in you orifices. Insert the probes."

A man inserted a 9 inches probe of hard rubber in my vagina. It filled me snuggly. The wide flat base of the probe stopped it from going further in. I was twisted over onto my side. I felt another probe being

inserted into my ass. It too had a wide base to halt its advance into me. Some wires were attached to the bases of the probes. A strap was run around my waist. Another strap ran between her legs. The straps were tightened and tightened. I felt the probes secured tightly in me. My waist was squeezed until she could barely breath.

"Start the trial."

The probes inside of me started to throb. They seemed to swell with each throb until I was more than just full. The throbbing increased in intensity until I was moaning with desire.

"We will return in four hours. Think about your cooperation.:

My hood went black. I heard the two men leave. I moaned by myself. I rolled from near orgasm to mild stimulation and back to near orgasm over and over again. Finally I passed out.


"Time compression is working. Without any other outside stimulation she is experiencing an simulated hour of stimulation each 90 seconds. We can go right back in and she feel that she has been racked with

stimulation's for hours." "She is ready initiate programming. She will be returned to her house before dawn."


I woke in my bed and groaned. I felt sore all over my body. I must be

coming down with something. I called into work and said I was sick.

I laid back in my bed. My mind was foggy. I didn't seem to remember anything clearly after Bob had left. I went into the den and logged on to Fantasies.



I thought "Well, I'm not up to doing anything anyway. I'll just go back to bed."


"Subject Kim is awake sir. She seems to be suffering from her experience. She may be disoriented, but she does NOT appear to be remember what was done to her" reported Monitor Agent #4.

"Excellent #4. Maintain passive surveillance."


I called Bob after 1 pm.

"Bob, maybe you better stay away tonight. I think I caught a bug."

"Are you okay? Do you need a doctor?"

"No, I just need some bed rest. Call me about 10 am tomorrow. Maybe I'll feel better."

"Take care of yourself. Love you."


My phone rang.


"Kim, this is your control."


I felt pain in her vagina.

"You will get dressed. You will be going to protest. There is an abortion clinic at 2300 West Washington. You will join the protest. That clinic must be shut down."

Yes sir" I replied. I hung up the phone.


"Subject Kim is responding to her programming. Excellent #4. Maintain switch to active surveillance."

The camera in the earrings on my ear turned scan in front of her.


I had trouble selecting what to wear. Most of my clothes were just too sexy. There were either tight or revealing. I finally found a gray skirt I hadn't worn in years. I reached to mid-calf. I put on a white bra and panty. Then I added the skirt and a high necked white blouse. I would have to buy some new clothes like these.


When I arrived at the abortion clinic the picketers were walking back and forth on the sidewalk. The was a police car sitting off to the side with two officers in it. Things were relatively quiet and organized.

I walked to the front door and entered. I calmly walked to each woman sitting in the waiting room and handed her a card. The card was an ad for Fantasies. I told them to come over after they had had their abortion. I calmly walked out to the curb and joined the picketers. I walked with the picket line for three hours.


I returned home and went to bed. I dreamed of being kidnapped and wearing some kind of weird leotard.


Kelly greeted one of the girls from the abortion clinic. "You want to participate in are marketing research as a test subject. I understand you just visited a doctor. Do you have a medical problem?"

Elizabeth said, "I thought I was pregnant. Fortunately I just had a yeast infection. I have a prescription now and I'm just a sophomore in college. I was afraid that if I were pregnant, my father would throw me out."

"Is the prescription oral?"

"Yes. The doctor said a few days of this and I'll be fine."

"Well, in that case you can join our program. Please strip and put this


Kelly gave Elizabeth a full body black stockings with a built in hood. Elizabeth pulled the stockings on and pulled the hood over her head. The suit sucked to her body.

"Hey, I can't see."

"Just let me lead you over here. We have some adjustments to make.


"Test subject Elizabeth is ready for programming."

"Proceed with programming."


Weeks went by. I had returned to work after her strange flu that lasted four days. I took to working late on a regular basis. My boss was pleased and complimented me on the quality of my work.

Bob wasn't around anymore. He had shown up several times at her house and suggested they have some fun weekends. I had told him that I needed to settle down. I was through being the wild one. Bob was confused and asked if I was alright. Finally I told Bob to get out of her life. Bob disappeared after that.


"Test subject Karen #113 ready for programming."



Bob was talking with several of his male friends. They were all complaining that the women of this town seemed to be frigid. The single friends couldn't even get a date. The married male friends said

their women had all turned a cold shoulder to any kind of intimacy. They all said no one, male or female was getting any.

Bob thought back to Kim. He had loved her not just for her body. He liked the way she thought and acted. He thought and wondered if he remembered her account and password. That night he tried to dial into the Fantasies web site. He got in on the third try.

Bob scanned the menus and was confused. The selection was changed. There seemed to be numerous complex scripts. He found one name KIM_1 and opened it.

"My God. This looks like some kind of right wing prudish doctrine.









The list went on and on. He noticed that the script was set up to run as a continuous loop. If this were running through someone mind all the time, it would brainwash them.

Bob edited the script.





He set the script to run for 4 hours. Then the script would delete itself. That would make it about 7 pm tonight. He planned to be at Kim's at 7 PM. He wanted to try to win her back.


Bob waited in his car across the street from Kim's. At 7 PM he heard a piercing scream. It sounded like Kim. Bob ran across the street. He found Kim's front door open. He opened it and entered the living room.

I was lying on the floor. I appeared to be having a seizure. I was tearing the clothes from my body. I was totally covered in a black stockings. Bob ran over and held me. "What's the matter?"

I grabbed Bob. "Is that you? Help me to the computer."

Bob lifted me to my feet and led me to the computer.

"Bob, you will have to key for me. I can't see a thing. Dial into Fantasies and have this thing debond from me."

Bob logged on. "I found the bond command, but there is no de-bond command. I checked the help and it is not listed."

"Change it to nude."

Bob found the menu and keyed the command. "You were brainwashed by this weren't you?"

My suit changed to nude. "Yes. I remember everything now. Will you forgive me for shutting you out?"

"I wasn't your fault. Some one changed the website."

"No, some one ripped off Fantasies and turned it into a prudish morals machine. We have to tell the police. Let me get dressed."

I left and Bob heard another scream. Bob rushed to my bedroom. I was looking at her closet. "Those damn people made me throw out all the nice clothes I had. I'll just have to improvise." I grabbed one of

my plain high-necked blouse and cut the long sleeves off. I found one pairs of jeans and cut them into shorts. I was trying to reassert herself through my clothes. I cut the top three buttons from the blouse. I

pulled the shorts and blouse on and said "Let's go!"

Bob drove me to the nearest police station. The station was busy. It seemed a lot of women were saying they had been kidnapped and brainwashed. Several women must have been slaved to the my script.


Events progressed quickly. While Bob and I were at the police informing the police of what had happened, several more women converged on the former Fantasies office. The women had also popped out of their scripts and remembered what had happened. My script had been the prototype for many of the scripts used to control the women. When Bob had changed my scripts an automatic system feature had propagated the changed to the other scripts.

When the men at the old Fantasies office saw they were under siege, they grabbed the most recent backup tapes and left. They set up a small detonator. After they had left the building a detonation signal was sent. The computer and its records were destroyed.

A search was made in the following days for all records and personnel of Fantasies. Kelly was found, but her knowledge was limited. Ms. Jackson was never seen again.

When the test women were examined it was found that they all had full body stockings with hoods. The stockings were detectable only under microscopic examination. They had fouling bonded to the women's bodies.


I sat in the doctor's office. The doctor was explaining the situation.

"The stocking can be removed. The exterior surfaces can be peeled off with a minimum of damage to your skin. The internal surfaces, the lungs and alimentary canal are much more difficult. The cost will be

paid by the government program to return all you women to normal."

"I understand doctor, but can it all be left in place?"

The doctor leaned back in his chair. "Well, yes it can be. There appear to be no long term disadvantages except possibly pregnancy. I don't believe you can be impregnated with the stocking on. Why would you leave it though?"

"If there is no danger, I would just as soon leave it in place. It's a part of me now.:

"Well, okay. Feel free to contact me if you change your mind.:


Bob and I met at my place that evening.

"So you are going to leave the stocking in place?"

"Yes. You may enjoy some of the reasons. Follow me."

They went back to the den. I turned on her computer. "You don't remember that I got downloaded of part of the control program for emergencies after that phone outage, do you?"

"I didn't think about it."

"Well, I got the almost the whole control program saved on my hard disk. Watch this."

I removed my dress to reveal a normal looking pair of sexy bra and panties. I sat at the PC and keyed some commands. Bob watched the underwear change to different colors as I continued to key commands. I finally leaned back from the PC. I seemed to be wearing a very clingy blue body stocking. Only my head was revealed. I stood and said "Do you like what you see?"

Bob almost drooled as every sensuous curve and fold of my body was clearly visible. "Yes, but is it safe?"

"I think it is. I changed the access code. I added abort codes and downloaded the abort program to laptop PC. I also can download a few other routines that can be initiated or aborted. Bob, I love you. I want you to be my failsafe. Put this palmtop in a very secure place. I also found I like being under control of someone else as long as it is you. I want you to take command of me when we are together. I know you won't do the sadistic things those monsters did to me."

Bob smiled. "I love you too. Do you really want me to take control?"


"Then let me at your PC. It's Friday. We have the whole weekend to ourselves." Bob sat and keyed up some commands. My stocking switched to nude. I felt both vaginal and anal stimulation. A pair of short shorts and a tube top appeared on me. They were set to appear normal and not cling tightly to my every curve. Bob keyed in another series of commands and downloaded them to the palmtop PC.

"We are taking a little trip." Bob drove them out of the city. I was startled when I saw the ranch style house where I had been held captive. During the drive I had gotten heated up from the stimulation.

The sight of the ranch house caused me to pause.

"I bought this place from the government at an auction. They cleaned out all the high tech labs and stuff, but I still got a good deal. I want you to face your fears. If you still want me as you fail safe after

this weekend, I will agree to the role. If you change your mind, I'll understand. There is one more thing. You can't control me like I can control you with this PC, but for everything I do, before Saturday midnight, you will be able to return on Sunday. On that day I will issue no orders and take only yours."

As they entered the front room my stocking switched back to clingy nude. I saw Bob put down the PC and remove his own clothes. I gave him a questioning look and he said, "It's only fair".

I did love this man. The stimulation in my anus and vagina also made my lust for this man. I walked to him and stroked his nude body. "One moment" said Bob. He made an adjustment on the PC and sat it back down. "I want us both to enjoy your orgasms." We sank to the floor and made passionate love.