Resident Evil: The Statue Strain - My Frozen Valentine


by Zero


Jill Valentine’s stomach was in a knot as she watched the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance special operations units prepare agent Sheva Alomar for transport. The BSAA had been suspicious of a particular lot for a while now and, unsurprisingly, Sheva had discovered that Tricell had some sort of secret workspace under the abandoned building. Unfortunately, after going down a hidden elevator, she’d ended up exposed to what Jill presumed was a new viral weapon. It was a troubling sight.


Four armoured BSAA SOUs, still wearing protective masks, lifted Sheva from the ground up onto a gurney stretcher. The African agent, a bit of a beauty if Jill did say so herself, was utterly motionless. Unusually, Sheva was completely paralyzed, but not as if rigor mortis had set in. It had only been twelve hours since Sheva’s last report, and her physical condition was inconsistent with death. The lack of detectable vital signs was discouraging, but an agent trained as a medic had noted she lacked any signs of deterioration.


Sheva, to all appearances, had somehow been turned into a living statue.


Creepy, shuddered Jill, watching as the four unit members lifted Sheva by her shoulders and ankles. Sheva had clearly ended up in her frozen state while holding her pistol, but someone, or something, had disarmed her and even stripped her of her clothing. One agent placed a blanket over Sheva’s body to hide her private areas, which had been out for all to see.


“Take care of her,” Jill told the support troops, who nodded as they wheeled Sheva away. The team had come down the elevator, found Sheva, and quickly worked to extract her. Jill didn’t like that the BSAA had let Sheva come in without backup. She wouldn’t make the same mistake, even if her support team was, for the moment, headed back to the surface.


“What now?” asked the only remaining agent in the room besides Jill. Jessica Sherawat, an experienced sniper, had been selected to remain behind, being the only other Special Operations Agent available. Jill didn’t want to bring in a full Unit, so she had to trust that Sherawat was capable in tight spaces.


“Now, we find whatever did this to Sheva ,” declared Jill, pulling her pistol from its holster. The seasoned agent was well-armed, also having a shotgun slung from her shoulder, a knife on her left boot and some explosive grenades. In addition to her weaponry Jill’s bulky belt also held pouches with various antivirals and other compounds that might help with any exposures. Despite the equipment belt Jill, due to the heat topside, has dressed a bit loose, tight gray cargo pants atop her tactical boots, a light-blue V-neck shirt over black under-armour. A blue snapback hat rested over Jill’s auburn, which was in a low ponytail. While Jill’s forearms were exposed, she had elbow pads and fingerless gloves on.


“Hopefully we don’t end up like her...” mused Jessica, giving Jill a strange glance, “Though, I think we’d both make nice statues.”


Jill grimaced at the remark but couldn’t help and examine Jessica’s body a bit thanks to the comment. Jill’s own figure was toned and athletic, but Jessica’s was a bit thinner, making Jill think of a swimmer, or perhaps a model. Jessica was also taller than Jill, furthering the model comparison, with fuller lips and pale green eyes compared to Jill’s own pale blue, Jill’s brown hair also a bit more red by comparison. The sniper specialist had traded up a long rifle for a submachine gun, albeit one with a scope, and like Jill she carried a knife, pistol and grenades. Jessica’s outfit was a bit unorthodox, wearing tactical boots but having purple leggings that led up to a gray skirt and vest combination, her own under-armour visible. Jessica’s arms were more exposed, though she wore elbow pads and gloves like Jill did. What the senior agent found odd was that Jessica also had her hair down, parted with the left side behind her ear while the right seemed to be obstructing her vision. Jill couldn’t figure out if Jessica normally dressed that way or was secretly trying to seduce someone.


“Let’s try and avoid that ,” grunted Jill, pushing away her thoughts. “The scan confirmed it, there’s a hidden door right... here.” The agent approached the wall, tapping it with her free hand. An echoing sound confirmed it was hollow. Jill’s expert eyes darted around and she soon spotted a hidden panel to the right of the door.


“Time to see if you’re truly the Master of Unlocking,” giggled Jessica, causing Jill to roll her eyes. The nickname, if you could call it such a thing, had been coined by her old friends in Raccoon City nearly a decade prior. It felt like a lifetime since then.


The panel popped open with a simple pressure application, opening to reveal a keypad. Jill examined the device for a moment.


“What, are electronics not your thing?” suggested Jessica, now quickly getting under Jill’s skin.


I should have waited for Chris. Or even gotten Rebecca to come with me.


Pushing away her thoughts, Jill leaned in and carefully examined each key. The lab was pristine, but people didn’t usually clean keypads. A classic method was to use powder to reveal what numbers were pressed thanks to fingerprints, but Jill was looking for a pattern beyond that. People tended to drag their finger towards the next key, and soon enough the BSAA agent was able to spot, with her bare vision, a pattern.


“369,” announced Jill, pressing the keys in that order. The keypad flashed a small green light and the wall panel quietly slid open, Jill barely feeling anything despite being right in front of it. A passage beyond, with poor lighting, was revealed.


“Really?” remarked Jessica, letting out an annoyed breath, “That’s it? Just a simple swipe up on the keypad?"


“There were fingernail scratches along the center keys too,” revealed Jill, turning on the flashlight attached to her pistol. “Whoever did this has long nails.”


“Probably Excella Gionne ,” suggested Jessica, turning on the light on her own weapon.


Jill frowned and gave Jessica a look. The younger agent looked confused. “What?"


“What makes you think it’s Excella?" asked Jill, raising her weapon towards the open passage.


“I mean, who else in a secret lab has fancy long nails but some prissy CEO?” argued Jessica, shrugging. "Not exactly a lot of fashionista science types out there.”


Shaking away her thoughts, Jill turned her attention to the revealed passage. “You’d be surprised,” remarked the veteran, taking point. “Watch our six. They’ve got cameras, so they probably know we’re here.”


“Should have brought a flamethrower,” muttered Jessica, moving to follow Jill. Together, the pair of BSAA agents headed down the passage.


The corridor was bare, mainly cement. Power cables dotted the ceiling and there were occasional emergency-style light sources, but they were dim. After twenty meters there was a turn, which Jill quickly swept before continuing forward, Jessica tight behind.


“There,” hissed Jill, raising her free and to point to the left. The corridor kept going, but there was a nondescript door down the left side.


“Looks like the perfect place for a CEO to hide,” Jessica whispered into Jill’s ear. As irritating as Jessica had already made herself to be, Jill couldn’t help but get a bit excited at feeling her breath on her neck.


Dear God, I have been at this too long.


Refocusing, Jill advanced towards the door, moving a bit quicker while scanning the rest of the hallway. Jill took up position on the left side of the door, next to a long handle, while Jessica tucked up on the other side. Saying nothing, Jill held up three fingers with her left hand.


Then two fingers.


Then one.


Jill reached down and pushed in the door, quickly sweeping inside with her pistol.


The box-like space was palace-like in quality. The walls were opulent wood, dark and seemingly hand-carved. A decorative bookshelf rested on the left wall, with a simulated fireplace also taking up space. To the right of the door was a large red couch, cabriole-style. On the left was a writing desk, also apparently hand-carved. On the far side, over a fine Persian rug, was a drinks cabinet with two cabriole-style chairs in front of it, a window beyond that looked out seemingly at nothing. A chandelier made up of blown glass lit the room, and there was another door on the right wall.


Excella Gionne, CEO of Tricell, was sitting with a crystal glass of red wine, having seemingly been reading a book that sat on her lap. The British-Italian woman, clad in a white halter dress with gold accessories, glanced up as Jill, and soon after Jessica, pointed their weapons at her.


“Ah, the famous Jill Valentine, is it?” greeted Excella, her accent sounding a bit more Italian than British.


“Freeze!” Jill ordered in response, annoyed Excella had gotten the first word in.


“What she said,” added Jessica.


“Again with this ’freeze’ nonsense,” sighed Excella, putting down her wine glass. “Do you really expect me to sit here like a mannequin? Furthermore, if I ’freeze’ you are asking me not to speak.”


“You shutting up would be nice ,” suggested Jessica, moving one hand to turn off her weapon’s flashlight.


“We do need some answers though ,” Jill reminded her partner. “Have you got her covered?” Jessica didn’t respond verbally, instead nodding.


“So clearly I cannot ’freeze’, and your order is stupid,” mocked Excella, Jill meanwhile holstering her pistol. "You know... Alomar told me to ’freeze’ too. Did you find her?"


“Watch it,” warned Jill, crossing her arms. “We want to know what you infected her with. Is it a virus?"


“Oh, that,” smirked Excella, leaning back in her chair. “That was a variant of P28. It was meant to both induce enhanced physical abilities, as well as make the mind more... malleable. Instead it locked up the body and mind. An interesting failure... especially since that variant can be viralized.”


“Is there an antiviral?” Jill asked, clenching her jaw. “If we can’t help her...”


“I’m sure an antiviral could remove the infection, allow it to clear up,” shrugged Excella, waving a dismissive hand. “The new toxin variant however...”


Jill’s body went cold. Excella’s remark made time seem to slow down for a moment. The way she’d said that, and something that had been bothering her since earlier triggered something in her brain.


Jessica knew Excella would be here. Because...!


Jill turned to her right just as Jessica lunged at her, having lowered her gun in favor of some sort of autoinjector. Jill just had enough time to grab Jessica’s wrists, the injector having been swung towards Jill’s neck. The momentum from the charge, however, caused the two women to fall over. Jill ended up with Jessica on top of her, the taller agent’s chest pressed against hers, the submachine gun having fallen to the floor.


“Traitor!” hissed Jill, struggling with Jessica’s wrists. While Jill was stronger, she was pushing against gravity as well as Jessica’s own power, leaving them at a bit of a stalemate.


“I work for her, not you, you idiot,” snapped Jessica, trying to bring the injector down. Jessica moved her right hand to push her left, but Jill put both of her own hands around her opponent’s leading wrist, negating the advantage.


Tch, figures the legendary Jill Valentine won’t just go quietly, Jessica thought to herself. Time to play dirty...


Suddenly smirking, Jessica moved her head. Jill’s eyes went wide as the younger woman’s lips touched her own. Despite the struggle, Jessica was able to put a bit of power into her kiss, even closing her eyes. At first there was no real reaction, but then, just for a moment, Jill seemed to give herself to it.


That’s when the autoinjector found its mark.


“Shit!” cursed Jill as Jessica rolled off of her, promptly getting to her feet. Jill clutched her neck as she spun and also rose up, teeth clenched.


“Oh, what, you weren’t thinking about doing that earlier?” taunted Jessica, blowing a kiss at the BSAA agent.


“I don’t blame her,” giggled Excella, who was clapping from her chair. “How do you feel, Miss Valentine?"


“Shut...” began Jill, raising her left hand while her right reached for her pistol. Jessica, full aware of what was about to happen, simply continued to smirk. Excella likewise seemed not to care that Jill was reaching for her weapon.


Mainly because she never made it.


Jill’s mouth hung open, clearly about to have said the word ’up’, but thanks to the toxin in her body, she never did. Within ten seconds of injection, Jill Valentine had entered a fugue state, her body paralyzed as well. Much like Sheva Alomar, she was now a human statue.


“I think she feels a bit chilly ,” laughed Jessica, marveling at the agent’s state while approaching her. "Oh, I’ve wanted to do that for a while.”


“I bet you have,” chuckled Excella, rising from her chair. “You used the new variant, right?"


“PS4,” confirmed Jessica, referring to the subcategory of P28 loaded into the autoinjector. “Freezes in seconds. She never even knew what hit her.”


“I did adore how that Sheva girl struggled with her infection,” recalled Excella, placing a hand on Jill’s left wrist. “Have you done a malleability test yet?"


“I thought P28 didn’t allow for that,” remarked Jessica, only to immediately be shocked when Excella pulled on Jill’s wrist. The hand, frozen as if about to form a fist, remained stiff, but Excella was able to raise her arm higher in the air.


“PS4 does,” declared Excella, using her left hand to stroke Jill’s chin. “It gets better, but I’ll explain that later. I think, for now, we need to get Agent Valentine a bit more... comfortable.”


“Well, let’s maybe remove the dangerous weapons first?” suggested Jessica, reaching down and unholstering Jill’s pistol. As Jessica put the firearm aside Excella unhooked the shotgun resting on the stiff agent’s shoulder, sliding it behind her chair.


“Careful with the grenades ,” warned Excella, Jessica unhooking Jill’s bulky belt.


“Yeah, of course,” snapped Jessica, carefully placing the belt on the floor in a secure position. The agent then unhooked her own belt, unstrapping her sidearm at the same time. With most of her weapons secured, Jessica turned back to see Excella had bent down and pulled out Jill’s tactical knife.


“Want to see her out of these clothes?” asked Excella, grinning as she held the blade up to Agent Valentine’s pant leg.


“Why use a knife if we can just repose her?” argued Jessica, emphasizing her point by taking Jill’s right arm and stretching out behind her back. “I mean, I’m assuming you want to keep her this way for a while... Scraping clothes that fit her could be a mistake.”


“Fair point,” conceded Excella, placing the knife on the bar. “She will absolutely be staying this way. The latest test subjects weren’t able to recover without the antitoxin. No vaccine will work either.”


“So Alomar’s stuck like that, too?” pressed Jessica, curious how all the variants of P28 stacked up. As she asked, however, she started loosening Jill’s right glove. Excella, having turned back around, started on Jill’s left glove.


“We have antivirals that should fix her state, but at this point if we do that it’s so we can expose her to PS5,” remarked Excella, shrugging as she flattened Jill’s fingers, sliding the glove off.


Jessica stopped for a moment, holding Jill’s fingers delicately. “PS5?” she repeated.


“It’s what I was working on the other day before you alerted me I was about to have visitors,” revealed Excella, stroking Jill’s bare palms. “How are her fingers so delicate? I’ve read her dossier, she shouldn’t be this soft.”


“I hear she does special water treatments when off-duty to keep her hands loose for things like lockpicking ,” explained Jessica, removing Jill’s other glove and feeling the skin. Excella was right; there were no real signs of calluses. The frozen agent’s fair skin also hid scars well, Jessica having to look close to find traces of any. Jill’s nails were also well-maintained, as despite having some telltale dirt they were carefully trimmed. Jessica figured the nail treatments were also to keep finger dexterity high.


“She smells nice, too,” observed Excella, sniffing Jill’s neck. The CEO then seemed to nibble on the nape of the agent’s neck for a moment, promptly pulling away and sliding her fingers up to the woman’s jaw. “I think she uses bath bombs. Definitely some strong soap smell to her.”


“Probably a shower-in-the-morning-bath-at-night kind of woman,” suggested Jessica, starting to work on Jill’s right elbow pad. Excella, with her left finger, slid Jill’s mouth closed, suddenly making her look far more mannequin-like. Jessica had to admit she couldn’t recall ever seeing a mannequin with an open mouth, while she’d seen plenty with fair skin.


Silence filled the air as Excella and Jessica continued to work in silence, sliding off Jill’s elbow pads. While Jessica had more questions for the Tricell CEO about the test subjects and PS5, not to mention what they should do about Sheva, She was enjoying inspecting Agent Valentine’s exposed body. Jill’s elbows were a bit more rough for wear, no doubt why she wore the pads, but it also highlighted her more muscular nature. Jill’s forearms were thicker than Jessica’s, but the agent didn’t look any less sexier for it.


“We have to lose the hat ,” announced Excella, reaching up to the brim. “At least... for now.”


“She looks better with it on ,” commented Jessica once the hat was removed, Excella’s throwing it aside. Jill’s head seemed a bit bare without any headgear, especially with how tightly her locks clung to her head. Any hope Jessica had that the revelation of Jill’s forehead might reveal some more imperfections was dashed, there at best the bare hint of a couple of scars near the hairline. Even then Jessica wasn’t sure if it was signs of past damage or just the way the chandelier light was hitting the statue’s forehead.


“Agreed,” added Excella, the two women then getting started on Jill’s pants. Having moved her arms up into a T-pose, Jill’s legs were then straightened as Jessica and Excella unzipped her pants. Jessica, having worn the same type of pants before, could vouch that there was little waist support, so it was easy to quickly pull them down to her ankles.


“Really?” questioned Jessica, seeing Jill’s underwear. The veteran agent was wearing a cotton string thong, blue as was apparently her favorite color.


“It suits her,” argued Excella, running a hand between her thighs. “Oh, she’s even got a bit of a gap here. I do like a woman with a thigh gap.”


Jessica was tempted to mention her own gap, but decided it wasn’t the time. It was clear, however, that Excella wasn’t just looking to humiliate Jill.


“So why did you let them find Sheva?" asked Jessica, lifting up Jill’s right leg to slide her boot and pants-leg off. "I mean,  that led the two of us right here...”


“I’m playing chess, not checkers,” explained Excella, casually plucking off Jill’s other boot and admiring her bare feet. “Ah, here we go. I do love a woman with hidden imperfections... It’s nice to know I’m better than them.” Excella was stroking Jill’s toes, which Jessica could see were fairly worn, her toenails uneven. It was the sign of someone who primarily wore practical footwear but still didn’t always lace up properly or carefully maintain their nails. Jessica could feel some calluses on the agent’s other foot too.


“So what does that mean?" insisted Jessica. “The chess thing.”


“We were able to lure more of their people here, even if it was just you and my new statue,” continued Excella, shaking her head as she put down Jill’s foot. “Don’t you get it? I’m shaving off their numbers. Now we just need to launch an attack somewhere else in the city to lure out the soldier boys, and strike their headquarters while they’re gone. Checkmate.”


Jessica didn’t fully follow Excella’s logic, but she was the boss, so she rolled with it. “Gotcha. So... What’s first? Boobs or bush?"


“Boobs, it’ll let us stand up for a moment,” Excella decided as she stood back up. Together, Jessica and Excella raised Jill’s arms above her head, then yanking on her outer top to pull it up over her head. When the top came off Jessica was quick to note a mole at the base of Jill’s neck, down and to her right.


“She’s not spotless after all ,” smirked Jessica, poking the mole with her finger.


“You seem pleased,” noted Excella, who had started work loosening Jill’s under-armour. BSAA agents, if not going in fully armoured, employed advanced tactical weaves that could still fit underneath shirts but were also as strong as typical ballistic vests. Jessica was wearing a similar weave, though she’d elected for a vest rather than a full shirt, given how hot it was outside. Jessica’s thoughts about the armour quickly faded as she tried to focus on Excella’s observation.


“Redfield doesn’t seem to get the hint,” confessed Jessica. For weeks she’d been trying to seduce BSAA agent Chris Redfield, with whom Jill was close. “I think she might be why.”


“Pff, no matter, your cover’s going to be hard to maintain at this point,” shrugged Excella, finished loosening the armour. “Besides, even if you go back, he’ll probably be searching everywhere for his precious Jill.”


With that the CEO pulled up the armour the frozen agent’s chest. To Jessica’s surprise, Jill was wearing a blue bra underneath. Jessica had forgone such a notion, finding the tactical gear already supportive. Jill’s bust was also a bit smaller than Jessica’s, as while the Tricell spy had built herself up to look like more of a femme fatale, Jill was built like a fitness model.


“Goodbye,” laughed Excella, casually removing the woman’s bra after unhooking it with a flick of her wrist. Jessica and Excella pulled Jill’s arms forward, allowing the protective garment to be slid off. The pink, slightly large but otherwise pretty nice nipples didn’t shock Jessica, having been confident in the color. What did surprise her a bit was a few cherry angiomas around Jill’s breasts. There were stories that Jill Valentine, thanks to an incident a decade prior, had unnatural immunities, so seeing the signs of aging on what was otherwise pretty clear skin was surprising. Even Jill’s right shoulder, where supposedly she’d been wounded by a monster during the same incident, had little scarring.


“I guess you’re human after all ,” noted Jessica, unable to help but poke the top of one of Jill’s breasts.


“What?” Excella looked at Jessica, confused.


“Nothing,” insisted Jessica, waiving off the question. “Let’s see what she’s got for carpet.” Hooking her fingers around the strings, Jessica bent down, yanking Jill’s thong to her ankles. While Jill’s hair was very much brown, there was enough of a hint of red to it that the more ginger-looking crotch didn’t surprise Jessica. The older agent was also a very good groomer, having a nice little landing strip that had fit neatly under her thong.


“A bit more of a delicate flower,” observed Excella, playfully stroking the frozen agent’s pubic hair. “Depending on who else we end with, I may just have to keep her in my bedroom on the yacht.”


“You’re not staying here?” asked Jessica, glancing around the room. What Jill probably didn’t realize, but Jessica was aware of, was that the room they were in was actually a train car. Tricell had recruited some old Umbrella Corporation engineers after the company had folded to build them secret tunnels, much like they had in Raccoon City over a decade ago. The secret underground train connected to the secret underground lab was well within their power, especially in a city full of construction.


“I want to be more mobile, so we’ll relocate to the Aheri after dealing with the rest of the BSAA ,” clarified Excella, standing upright and walking back towards her bar. Excella’s boat was parked off the coast, which Jessica only knew because that was also one of the ends of the line for the train. More and more, however, Jessica was getting nervous.


I spent years infiltrating the BSAA, more than I was supposed to I might add, and now my reward is to get stuck on a boat with the Princess CEO?


“Here we are,” gasped Excella, beaming as she picked up two objects before turning back to face Jessica. "The latest antitoxin, and PS5. Notice anything?"


Jessica looked at Excella’s hands. The antiviral was in an autoinjector, which made sense. PS5, however, was in what looked like a bottle of pepper spray. “It’s an aerosol?” realized Jessica.


“Bravo!” nodded Excella, then covering the short distance back to Jill. “Now, watch and see the difference...” Excella lowered the injector to Jill’s hip.


“Um, maybe we shouldn’t–” warned Jessica, only for Excella to inject the frozen agent with the antitoxin. “Nevermind, I guess.”


“You worry too much,” Excella scolded the double agent, holding up the PS5 spray. “I want you to see the difference. She’ll never know what hit her.”


Jessica tensed up, instinctively reaching for her own pistol as her heavier gun was still on the floor where it had fallen. As Jessica slowly unhooked her sidearm, Jill suddenly sprang back to life, letting out a small gasp while blinking hard for a moment.


“What the hell?!” exclaimed the agent, looking down at her now fully-revealed body.


“Surprise!” grinned Excella, pointing the aerosol at Jill’s face.


Unfortunately for Excella, Jill wasn’t too slow to react.


“I don’t think so!” snapped Jill, managing to slap the canister away. Excella had clearly been caught off-guard, no doubt assuming Jill would be more flustered about being naked. Jessica had to admit she was surprised too, especially given how effective her tactical kiss had been earlier.


“Shit!” hissed Jessica, raising her pistol as Jill grabbed Excella. The aerosol can meanwhile rolled from where it had landed to right in front of Jessica. As the double agent looked down at the unconventional weapon, she could see in her peripheral vision that Jill had Excella by the throat. Excella, however, was no slouch, managing to twist and heel kick Jill so she let go. Jessica took that moment to act, dropping down and grabbing the spray.


“You’re both going–” Jill yelled, only to suddenly once again freeze. The nude BSAA agent froze while assuming a fighting stance, right foot and arm forward, left hand pulled back up near head level. Jessica had pointed and blasted, hitting Jill from two meters away.


“Whoa,” gasped Jessica, surprised at how quickly PS5 had taken hold.


“Yes, it, ack...” Excella began, only to stop and cough for a moment while holding her throat. After a deep breath, Excella rose, reassuming her calm, almost demure, manner. “It’s the perfect tactical advancement. It works so fast it’s like they’re a video placed on pause. The previous test, the subject wasn’t even aware they’d lost any time.”


“Can this be made viral?” asked Jessica, examining the aerosol carefully while holstering her pistol.


“Probably,” nodded Excella, smiling and looking at Jill. “The viral variant tends to make people more stiff, making them hard to pose. The vaccine would need an update too. With a bit more work I might be able to crack both of those little problems...”


Turning her attention away from the frozen agent, Excella held her hand out at Jessica. “Give me the PS5,” the CEO ordered the American. “We need to start preparing for the next phase.”


“Sure thing,” agreed Jessica, holding out the bottom part of the spray. Excella continued to smile as she reached for it.


That’s when Jessica pressed the nozzle.


True to her word, the CEO didn’t even seem to realize what had happened as PS5 took hold. The woman remained smiling, right hand reaching towards the canister that had just sprayed her in the face. Excella’s left hand was tucked just behind her left, her right foot also slightly forward.


“I don’t know if this is me quitting or you being fired, but, um, yeah, you’re a statue now,” grinned Jessica, carefully circling around the now-immobilized head of Tricell. Earlier Jessica had noticed the woman had a mark on her neck, suggesting an injection, but it seemed that, if it was a vaccine against a viral version of P28, it didn’t work on PS5 after all. Nevertheless, Jessica poked Excella on the shoulder and back a few times, testing in case she was faking. Fortunately for the traitorous agent, Excella’s large breasts remained incredibly still, showing no signs of her even drawing breath.


“Oh yeah, I feel real good about this decision right now,” decided Jessica, nodding to herself before putting the spray down on the bar. Jessica then glanced at Jill, deciding to walk over to her and put hands on her shoulders.


“Now that we’re, sort of, alone, I just want to say that I am so glad you’re mine now,” Jessica taunted the unhearing Jill. “I kept hearing about you all the time, it was a real drag. This feels right.” With a confident smile, Jessica leaned in and started to kiss Jill on the cheek. Her lips then wandered, first going up to her forehead before down her neck.


“Oh,” Jessica then added, stepping away. “You dropped this.” Picking up the discarded hat, Jessica forcefully pulled it back down over Jill’s head. The movement was enough to make Jill wobble, and as Jessica turned her attention to Excella the frozen agent fell sideways, landing on her chest, her left arm pushed up so she was laying on the back of her hand.


While Jessica did notice Jill taking her tumble, her attention was on her frozen boss. For years Jessica had been working for Tricell, quietly formulating a relationship with their rising star and current CEO. Now, so casually, she’d launched an operation that risked Jessica’s cover being blown for reasons the traitorous agent couldn’t comprehend. “I don’t know if you’ve just gotten too cocky, or if there’s some bigger picture here I just am not seeing,” announced Jessica, reaching down and pulling her knife out of its sheath, “But, either way, screw it. I don’t feel bad about this. You’re kind of annoying, and you make a damn good mannequin.”


Using her right hand, Jessica found the single halter strap that kept Excella’s dress in place, carefully hidden under her bulky gold-segmented necklace. Not wanting to damage her former boss, Jessica moved the blade in carefully. With a delicate cut, the dress came free, the straps losing their durability and the whole thing falling down around the woman’s ankles after sliding through her belt.


“That was easy,” mused Jessica, happily tossing her knife from hand to hand while starting to pace around Excella, taking her in. Excella’s sort of pale tan complexion covered her entire body, though her breasts were a bit paler, suggesting she didn’t tan in the nude all the time. Excella’s nipples were likewise very pale, a faded pink, and they looked a bit small for her breasts. Jessica got a closer look at the CEO’s chest and saw no signs of implants, so the proportion problem appeared to be natural. Excella’s womanhood, which effectively wore her belt buckle as a crown, was also entirely clean-shaven, apparently waxed. Aside from some freckling around her shoulders and the mole above the right side of her lip, Excella showed very few signs of imperfection.


“Tricell does have all kinds of chemicals, so I guess you could be using secret stuff to keep yourself looking good,” decided Jessica, then glancing around the room. Tucked next to the bar were a couple of small stools, which gave Jessica an idea.


Grabbing one of the stools Jessica placed it behind Excella. Putting one arm around the CEO’s shoulders and the other her waist, Jessica was able to bend Excella down so she was sitting on the stool. Next, she carefully cut off Excella’s belt, letting it fall to the floor. Both of her arms were then raised up, just above her shoulders, so Jessica could slide off her wrist and finger accessories, tucking them into her own belt. Neck came the necklace, lifted up and over Excella’s head, which continued to remain utterly immobile. Jessica sheathed her knife before starting on Excella’s pearl earrings, popping the orbs out and also tucking them away. Finally came the shoes, with Jessica lifting one leg up at a time to unstrap and slide them off.


“God, your feet are perfect ,” observed Jessica, noting that Excella had no marks on her feet at all. No calluses, no worn backs of her ankles, nothing. For all the praise Jill had received for her own looks, Excella was definitely cleaner.


This rich bitch even smells like freaking lilac, noted Jessica, letting go of Excella’s right leg. Having forgotten to lower the leg, Excella was left with her arms raised as well, almost making it look like she was trying to leap backwards while on the stool.


“Actually, where the Hell are your panties?” questioned Jessica, glancing at the pile on the floor that used to be Excella’s dress. There were no signs of underwear. While Jessica had assumed no bra, no panties either was a bit of a shock.


“Whatever, I should get moving ,” decided Jessica, glancing around. The little den room they were in was clearly at the back of the secret train, the door that didn’t go back out into the hall presumably allowing Jessica to explore more of the space. One of Excella’s bracelets had some kind of ID chip attached to it, and it looked like the door lock required a device to be scanned. While Jessica had never navigated the train herself the set up seemed fairly intuitive, at least to her.


Approaching the side door, Jessica held up the bracelet. A red light turned green and the door handle unlocked. Smiling, Jessica glanced back at Jill and Excella, only to then frown. “I can’t leave you both like this,” the traitor realized, stepping back from the door.


Heading back over to the bar, Jessica grabbed the second stool and placed it next to Excella’s. Jessica then headed over to Jill, dragging her by the ankles over to the stool. Next Jessica bent over and carefully lifted Jill back up by her shoulders, only to then pivot her so she was able to awkwardly sit on the stool. Taking a moment to adjust Jill’s hat so it was being worn properly, Jessica slowly reshaped her pose. Jill’s feet rested on the floor, her head turned towards Excella, and a smile was molded onto her lips. Jill’s left hand was placed on Excella’s right cheek, her right meanwhile resting on her hip.


Moving over to Excella, Jessica adjusted her pose as well. The CEO was made to face the frozen agent, a smile on her lips as well. Excella’s right hand was placed on Jill’s knee, her left hand meanwhile touching the small of her back with a fully bent elbow. Excella’s right leg was still sticking out, which Jessica decided to leave as is, but she did straighten her left leg a bit more.


“Much better,” nodded Jessica, promptly blowing the two women a kiss before heading back towards the door. Jill Valentine and Excella Gionne continued to stare at each other, smiles frozen on their faces, as Jessica exited the room.


No one in the room would move again for quite some time.