Revenge of the Golden Killer Robo-Babes from dimension X

By Rotwang (



"Okay, see you tomorrow."

Steve just walked into the room as Jewel put the phone down.

She smiled at him. "We’ve got a job tomorrow." She said.


The next morning Steve and Jewel agreed to get up a little earlier than usual.

"Wasn’t it a great idea to try to recoup the cost of our new suits by performing ?" Jewel said to Steve.

Steve didn’t answer, struggling into his corset.

Jewel also wore one, out of solidarity with Steve, but hers was still less tight than his, despite the fact he had lost some weight.

Steve fondly remembered his usual drink with Arnie. And if Arnie knew what he did nowadays !

Steve and Jewel helped dress each other, slowly attaching all the pieces of their suits to the other’s body.

While Steve finished attaching Jewel’s full and shiny breastplate, she fixed his legs.

Steve got up to allow Jewel to put him into his breastplate.

"Just tuck it in as much as you can." Jewel said.

Steve emptied his lungs and pulled his stomach in.

Jewel had to bearhug him into both halves until she heard it click into place.

"It went much easier than last time." Jewel went.

"I think I preferred the old suit." Steve said, holding his hands over his narrow waist.

"look, it wasn’t as good as these ones, and it was originally mine remember." Jewel went.

Steve fixed Jewel’s wig over her full mask and with a heavy brush combed her long and straight golden hair.

Jewel did the same to Steve and both turned towards the mirror.

"Perfect twins !" Steve said, after staring at themselves for a long second.

Jewel began posing and Steve did his best to keep up with her.

"Wouldn’t it be easier if I was still under hypnosis ?"

Jewel laughed under the mask. "Oh, you sexy little bitch !" And turned to Steve.

Steve walked backwards until he hit the bed with the back of his legs.

Jewel gave him a push and he fell on it.

Steve tried to get up, but Jewel was already climbing on top of him.

"Where is it ?" She asked and fondled his smooth feminine crotch, pushing hard.

Steve jerked as she found it.

"Yeah !" She said and pushed hard with her golden hands, tipped with long shiny silver fingernails, pressing the crotch against his captive dick.

Steve was just running his hands over Jewel’s well-shaped chest and pumped along to the pleasure she gave him.

Their metal bodies scraped as they pleasured each other, by pushing at each other’s crotch.

Inside her suit, Jewel had a little dildo inside her and every time Steve pushed, she would feel it slide over her labia and rubbing ever so gently at her clit, making the pleasure long-drawn …

The alarm clock buzzed, telling it was time to leave.

Jewel had removed her mask and jumped into a trench coat driving them both to Computer Planet, the largest computer retail store in the tri-state area.

Just before they stepped out, Steve fixed her mask.


Jeff watched the golden robot twins walk into the shop.

"Welcome." He said to the two robots moving like jerky automatons. "I’m Jeff Kinglsey and I’m the manager. You must be Mechania One and Two."

Mechania One nodded briskly and shifted her pose most mechanically.

"I must warn you you’re not the only ones." A rather slick Jeff said and pointed to a massive dark metal mass.

Two red eyes focussed on the twins and it lurched forward.

The massive robot hissed and groaned as he slowly stepped forward.

"Have you already met Mechaniator ?" Jeff said.

"GREETINGS." Mechaniator said with a deep, powerful voice.

Both robot girls looked up at Mechaniator and waved.

"Well, we have a few moments before opening. You guys just entertain the customers and put up a good show, okay ?"

Until round about noon, Mechania One had been busy entertaining kids, while Mechania Two was circling the shop, looking for people to surprise and amuse.

She noticed Mechaniator, trying desperately to open a door with his massive hand.

Mechania walked over to the door and opened it for him, and bowed courteously.

"THANKS." Mechaniator had to bend over to fit through the door, but he was a bit on the broad side to fit through all at once.

Mechania gave him a little push and he popped inside.

"Whew !" Mechaniator popped open and a guy appeared sighing and blowing some relief.

"Are you any comfortable in there ?" He asked Mechania who looked up at him, and she nodded her head with a crisp robotic move.

"God, I have to sit down and my replacement isn’t there yet. And those stilts are killing me !" He said.

"You guys have been performing long ?" He tried to converse.

Mechania shook her head.

"You stay in character all the time ?"

She nodded.

"I personally can’t stand to do this for more than four or five hours at best…" He smiled and looked at Mechania. "Uh, could you please get me a drink from over there ?" He pointed to the stack of Coke cans.

Mechania bowed and reached for a can.

"Have one yourself !" He guy said.

"Help has arrived !" A young woman popped in and dropped her bag. "Hello ! Who are you !" The woman went, seeing Mechania.

"She’s Mechania." The guy said, still on his stilts.

Mechania raised two fingers.

"Mechania TWO !" He corrected. "This is Gaby."

Pleased to meet you Mechania TWO !" She held out her hand.

Mechania gave her a quick shake and turned around, hinting she was leaving.

"Oh, could you please help, our other performer is sick and I’m taking over." Gaby said.

Mechania nodded.

After a few minutes, Cray was free and decided to check out a bargain he had noticed.

"Hiya, Mechania !" He waved at her.

Mechania walked up to him.

"Your twin his helping out with Mechaniator… You see, I’ve been him all morning."

Mechania nodded and mimed listening.

"I gotta say you girls look very cool in those outfits !"

She nodded.

"We’ve been considering making a girl companion for Mechaniator … Something really cool …" Gaby said. "Who made your suits ?"

She shrugged.

"You guys stay in character all the time ?" Gaby asked.

She nodded.

"Good ! I like it that way !" Gaby said. "Adds to the charm don’t you think ?"

She nodded.

"You could benefit from a speech processor, though !" Gaby went. "We could make some for you if you want."

"You tell us how you made your cool costume and we make the processor." Cray said.

"Say, do you enjoy dressing up like that ?" Cray began to suggest something.

Mechania merely stared at him.

"Like you have fun with them … Turns on your friend perhaps ?"

Mechania just shrugged.

"I’ve always had fantasies about robots." He whispered in her ear.

"Keep it quiet, but I think female robots are sexier …" Gaby went.

Mechania put her hands on the sides of her face.

"Hey, perhaps ..;" Gaby hinted.

She was a very good-looking young …

… Man and he winked at Mechania.

Mechania looked at Cray and cocked her head to the side.

"Perhaps if we took a little break later on ? We could discuss things ?"


And then they slapped both of them !


Back in the car, Steve, unmasked, held Jewel’s hand.

"Something weird happened to me today …" They said simultaneously to each other.