Jewel’s Day Out


By Rotwang (

"Watch out !" Said a voice from behind the crate that just dropped on the floor.

James Richmond looked up and saw a man squeeze past the crate into the office "Mr. Curtis ?" The man asked and shook his hand

"Just call me James." He answered and gave him a firm handshake.

"In that case you can call me Steve." The other man said.

"How do you like the new mall ?" James asked pointing out the window overlooking the main plaza.

"It’s great, just what this neighborhood needed." Steve said.

"Have you brought her ?" James asked.

"Yep." Steve undid some clasps and opened the crate. "Here she is !"

"Wow !" James went and rubbed his short beard.

"Let me boot her up for you." Steve said and pushed her belly button.


Her skin had a sanded steel finish. She had a slender body with nicely proportioned breasts and a pretty face with a little microphone next to her mouth.

Her eyes and optic fiber hair done in a punk style suddenly lit up and she raised her head to the buzz of little electric motors. She bowed forward and took her first step while she held her hands up in a mannequin-inspired pose.

"I’m impressed." James said. "It looks very advanced.."

"Well …" Steve went. "If you know a little about electronics."

"And what can she do ?"

"She can walk around, play music, dance a bit …"

"She plays music ?"

"Yeah, a slit in the left breast opens and you can slide a CD in." Steve patted her Lycra halter-top.

"Well, we’ll have her animate the main plaza, if you don’t mind ?"



Jewel the robot waved at a passing kid who tugged at his mother’s skirt asking for a robot like her.

She walked around in a jerky automaton way, with a shuffling walk and played music through her built-in stereo.

Steve was watching her from a distance and just felt relieved he didn’t have to perform.

What had been a little private fantasy had become a successful little business, performing here and there and enabling to recoup the cost of the robot suits he and his wife had gone through.

"Perhaps you could program her to welcome people as they walk in ?" James said.

"No problem." Steve said and got up.


He plugged the laptop into a little slot in her back and started to type away.

Jewel remained motionless all the time, when he finally pushed return.

"So, she’ll welcome the guests by the main entrance." He said a bit loudly, combing her brightly-lit hair with his hands.

"I’ll just point her in the right direction." He gently turned her around and left her to trundle towards the doors.

"Are the perimeter poles in place ?" Steve asked.

"Sure !" Said one of the janitors, pointing to the circle of metal poles.


As she arrived to the designated area, she stopped walking and began to swivel on the spot, where her optical sensors registered people passing by causing her to wave at them.

"I’ll have to check the batteries in say about an hour." Steve said.

"Would you like to have a drink ?" James asked.

"I should keep an eye on her." He said.

"We’ll arrange your wages as well." James said.

"Well, I guess she can take care of herself for a while." He said, casting a last glance at her.


"You’ve done a wonderful job. The visitors seem delighted." James said.

Steve emptied his glass and looked at the check.

"If you ever need us again …" He got up just as somebody stormed into the room.

"Somebody stole the robot !" The out of breath employee said.


Steve arrived at the main entrance and looked for Jewel, but she was nowhere to be seen.

"What happened ?" He asked to the guard.

"A guy walked up to it and just dragged it off to a truck and drove away."

"Jewel !" Steve said. "I should’ve stayed with her." He looked very upset.

"Look, I’m sure that our insurance will cover this theft …" James said.

"For Christ’s sakes, my wife’s gone !" Steve suddenly snapped. "I’ve got to find her …" He said, like he was lost himself.

"You mean that was somebody !" James said still a bit muddled.


Jewel opened her eyes to see a spinning pattern in front of her.

Everything around her was dark and she felt she was tied up.

"Just listen to my voice." Said somebody behind her.

Still drugged, she couldn’t resist his voice.


"… and she’s about five nine." Steve said, just looking outside and wondering why the police weren’t cruising out there looking for his wife.

"Could you describe the robot suit ?" The inspector asked.

"It’s plastic, painted silver with a wig made from glass-fiber hairs. She wears a Nike halter top and shorts in black Lycra over it." Steve said rubbing his hands nervously.

"We’ll find her." The cop said and patted Steve on the shoulder.

"Lieutenant, we got a trace on the license plate."


Inside Jewel’s mind, independent thought patterns were instantly cut short by the droning in her head. "I’m a robot, I’m a robot, I’m a robot, I’m a robot, I’m a robot …"

"Sherina." Said a voice somewhere out there in the total darkness that surrounded her. A spotlight aimed itself at a dark bronze figure. It was a woman in shape, of obvious African origin, with curly hair, heavy lips and broad nose. Seams were apparent in her arms and legs and she moved with jerky steps.

"Katsumi." Said the voice and another spotlight tore away the darkness shrouding a copper-skinned robot. She had long and straight black hair, with definite Asian features.

"Astrid." A third projector revealed a silver-skinned Caucasian-looking robot woman with golden hair. She had a slender body with pleasant curves.

"Ximena." A golden skinned Mediterranean woman with long jet-black hair was highlighted next.

"Jewel." The light switched over to the central cubicle and Jewel stood to attention.

"You’re all so lovely." Said the voice. "Kyoko, come here, you’ll be first."

Katsumi respectfully bowed and walked up to the source of the voice.


Jewel just wondered why she was here and suddenly knew she wasn’t under hypnosis once the effects of the sedative had passed.

She cast a glance at the other robots and noticed a very faint swaying no hypnosis could prevent.

Angry and scared at the same time, Jewel just decided to wait it all out.

One by one all the robots were called out and each stayed away for about twenty minutes before returning.

"JEWEL ! Come here." Said the voice. 


Steve was tense enough to tear out the front seat he was clutching.

"How far is it ?" He asked Lt. Gallagher.

"Just a few more blocks." He said.


Jewel followed the light and arrived in a little room, where she could see a pair of feet. The rest of the seated man was hidden in the shadows.

"You’re very beautiful, Jewel." He said. "You have lovely hair."

Jewel just burned with rage and had to restrain herself to jump at his throat.

"Would you like to undo my fly ?" He asked.

BIG MISTAKE ! She thought and smiled behind her mask. 


The door suddenly burst open and a woman screamed.

"Freeze !" The cops looked at a family at the dinner table.

Kids began to cry and cowered under the table.

A man raised his hands and just stuttered. "I really didn’t mean to pull that mattress tag. It came off in my hand, I swear !"


With care, she undid his fly, lowered his briefs and reached out for his manhood.

She could hear his breathing increase pace and she felt it harden in her hands.

"Just rub it stiff as steel." He said.

Jewel began playing with it and restrained herself from wringing it. Not yet, it wouldn’t hurt enough now. 


"It’s the same van. But the engine’s still cold." Gallagher said.

"The kidnapper used fake plates." Steve said. "How are we going to find her ?"

"We’ll have to solve it the hard way." He said. "But we’ll find her." 


Jewel just enjoyed the idea of making the man go crazy before having her revenge.

Suddenly she remembered her hair was luminous and raised her head slightly and looked up at his face, but he wore a black hood over his face.

"Damn !" She went and just as he seemed about to explode, she gave it a nasty tug.

The man bucked and held himself up by the arms and screamed.

She gave his balls a good squeeze and clenched them tight.

"Where’s the phone !" She asked, her voice transformed into an electronic one by the mike by her head.

"Lemme go !" The man shrieked and tried to slip out of her grasp.

"No way, a phone for your family jewels." She said.

"Girls help me !" He screamed.


Jewel gave him a big punch in the stomach and turned around in time to see Katsumi coming at her.

Still acting as a robot, the girl was slow, and Jewel pushed her back against the others, causing them to fall like dominoes.


Jewel threw her head back and saw the man clutching his jewels wincing like a kicked puppy.

The robot girls had trouble getting up and Jewel decided to look for a door. Using her hair as light, she followed the brick walls until she found one. Judging by the number of locks this was the front door.

Looking behind her, she undid all the latches and locks and opened the door.

Stunned by the blinding sunlight, Jewel paused long enough to feel something grab her.

"Pin her !" She heard the voice call out.

Sherina held her tightly by the legs, causing her to topple over.

Kicking to free herself, Jewel suddenly felt a big weight fall over her, winding her and then a little sting in her neck, by the rubber joint.

"Get her back in, quick !" Was the last thing she heard before falling unconscious. 


"Here’s a picture !" Steve stopped in front of Gallagher and held up Jewel’s picture.

"Steve ! I heard Jewel was kidnapped !" Arnie came in running.

"In broad daylight in the new mall." Steve said.

"Are you okay ?" Arnie asked.

"I guess so, but I’m afraid for her." 


Jewel woke up and felt very uncomfortable. She was confined to a small box-like area.

"Can you hear me ?" She heard a voice.

"Let me go !" Jewel screamed back.

"You’re too much trouble, you little hellcat." The man said. "I should’ve known the hypnosis wouldn’t work on you."

"Just let me out this box and I’ll show you what a hellcat I am !" She threatened.

"I prefer my robots nice and obedient. So I’m getting rid of you !"


"Let’s dump her in the river !" She heard him say to somebody else.

Jewel just felt sweat come out of every pore in her body.


"HELP !" She kept on screaming, until she was hoarse.

The box rocked and moved and she knew she was in a truck being carried off to the river.

"I don’t want to drown ! I’ll be nice !" She suddenly said, but her voice was just a faint whisper.

The truck stopped and she heard the doors open.

She felt the box being lifted and carried out of the truck.

"Please !" Her voice was nearly gone.

Her mask was full of tears. 


Steve suddenly woke up as soon as the phone rang.

Arnie sat opposite him, snoring away.

"Hello ?" He asked anxiously.

"We found her." Said a voice on the other side.


Steve ran as fast as he could through the bleak corridors towards the fateful door.

His heart was almost pounding out of his chest as he pushed them open.

"Jewel !" He shouted.

Jewel looked up and smiled, but her voice was all but gone, choked up and still hoarse from the shouting.

Steve picked her up and blew a sigh of relief.

"Jewel !" He cried, while she kissed him on the forehead. 

"Walk along, there’s nothing to see." Gallagher said to the mall’s employees, while Steve and Jewel hugged each other.



Jewel went once more over the letter they had found in the box.. 

I’m sorry my approach went wrong. You’re a pretty little firebreather when you’re angry. I both envy and pity you husband at the same time. 

I’m also sorry I lied to you about tossing you in the river, but I felt like getting a little revenge after your "forceful" actions.

Perhaps we can meet one day in better circumstances. 

With kind regards, 

Doctor Capek.