Richardís Dream

A Quiet Interlude

By Rotwang, (



Richard double-checked every window and made sure everything was in order.

The workshop smelled of machine-oil and paint.

He looked at the mask on the table and wiped it clean. The carefully machined aluminum mask caught the reflections of a warm, golden sunset and he felt like calling it a day.

But not before getting to a locker. He opened it with the key round his neck and sighed. Inside was a gold and silver robot-woman.

"Marla !" He whispered listlessly and closed the door again.

He could see his wife in his mind gasping for breath as he placed the metal chest over hers. She just couldnít do it.

It had all started a few years ago. Robotting was all the craze ! People were celebrating the last few years to the turn of the millennium and some fashion designers thought that robots were the hot item ! It had started with big jewelry, larger pieces and before long people were dressing up as robots.

Using the opportunity, a group crawled from under the woodwork and got into the spotlight. Techno-Sexuals they called themselves.

After a year or two the craze had died to the general public out but there were quite a few people out there who just couldnít stop. Of course, people could not afford a robotsuit made by a world famous designer so they turned to specialists who provided them with all the affordable props they needed.

Richard and Marla were two such people. Marla was a brilliant designer, while Richard had all the technical skills. The suits they made were expensive, but still affordable.

They would help a lot of people add a new level of excitement to their relationships, but Richard couldnít help himself. Marla, though a nice-looking woman, would and could not wear a robot-suit.

He had tried many times, but every time it failed. He had to comfort her, while she gasped and trembled in his arms. If only once he could have her wear the whole outfit ! To be able to hold his own chrome woman, to feel the sleekness of the metal.

He pulled it open again and sighed deeply at the robot. It was his masterpiece with overlapping pieces of metal, completely hiding her body from sight. It would only fit her and ...

The robot raised its head...

And crashed down. Like his sudden hope. The Cat had pushed it over. For the briefest of moments, Richard even dared to consider strangling it. And for a second his dream had become real ...

He reached out and picked up The Cat. The little feline meowed in his arms and looked at him as only cats can.

"I donít suppose you can wear the suit for me ?" He rubbed the Cat over the head and he purred.

Richard sighed again and closed the locker door.

Taped to the next locker was a postcard. Lynn was having a great time down in Acapulco, but she missed her robo-mannequin suit.

The Cat began to stir and Richard let go of him.

By now the light was dying and Richard felt sad that another bright summer day had passed so quickly.

He threw a few switches and the airco stopped pumping cool air into what otherwise would be a big steamy greenhouse.

He heard a soft rustle and the door opened.

"Marla ? Youíre back already ?"

"Yeah, I caught an early flight back. The producers didnít like the scenario at all." She dumped her bag.

"I guess Keenan had enough talent to write a better one."

"I also saw Kirsten."

"Great, how is she doing ?"

"The series is going for its third season."

"Howís her new suit ?"

"She told me it was much better than the two previous ones, and sheís getting the hang of it now. She asked me to thank you on doing such a great job."

"I guess weíre getting to be pretty good at this stuff ..."

Marla gave him a compassionate smile and leaned over to hug him.

"letís go to bed, Iím tired." Richard said, pecking her in the neck.

"Me too." Marla said.

Perhaps one day Ö