The Amazing Adventures of Julie, Petra and The Incredible Petrifying Ring Thing

by CMQ

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Author’s Note:

And now the latest one will be on Medusa Realm...

Inspired by Thorne Smith's 'Night Life of the Gods', here's my homage:

--Hide and Seek--
"I don't believe it," Julie stood slack jawed with her arms at her sides. Where this morning a spectacular nude statue stood there was now a simple bronze helmet. She backtracked back to the front desk. Surely someone would know what had happened to the statue. An image of a shattered marble Petra entered Julie's mind briefly before she shook her head and ignored the possibility. "Bob," she asked. "The statue that was in the main rotunda this morning. Do you know where it is now?"

"That pretty naked girl statue?" Bob sure didn't mince words. "I heard from Sally and the rest that Miss Wintergreen went ballistic when she saw it on display there. They moved it off into storage somewhere…"

"Thanks Bob," Julie headed downstairs for the museum storage room. She unlocked the room in the basement with one of her keys (possessing a set of keys was a lucky circumstance, otherwise she would have to explain why she was looking for this particular piece to begin with). Flicking on the lightswitch, she was greeted by a view of metal shelves and dusty tarps covering various pieces the museum either had no intention of showing or no room to show. Julie looked under a tarp, and was rewarded with some pottery and plates. She looked behind some cabinets, and found more ancient relics. Where on earth could she be? She almost called out Petra's name, before stopping short and realizing what an idiot she was. Petra couldn't respond. She was nothing other than a stone statue now. Completely unthinking and unable to do anything like a real statue. Julie looked around the large room for a clue. Petra's pose, it was with one hand behind her head…she spied a vertically covered shape. It was just about the right height…Julie lifted the tarp off and was rewarded with a view of a nude statue. Not Petra, but an incredible simulation. Julie put the tarp back over the marble masterpiece. How difficult could it be to find a young petrified lady? After a few more minutes of searching under tarps and coverings Julie found another covered shape that was just about the right size as her statued quarry. Julie pulled off the tarp carefully, revealing a set of marble legs and a slim naked body.

"Bingo! Hi Petra!" Julie exclaimed until she saw the statue's face which was decidedly NOT Petra's. It was well sculpted, but it definitely didn't have the level of detail that Petra's statue had. Damn, how many statues does Wintergreen have stashed away in here anyway?

Another frantic twenty minutes of searching revealed another concealed statue. Delicately removing the protective tarp Julie was rewarded with the image of Petra in all her naked petrified glory. Julie checked out the petrified girl by running her hands across the statue. No damage could be seen, no chips or anything like that. Good…It looks like they took extra special care not to damage this piece of work that Petra had become. A good sign of luck. Aiming her red ring at Petra's face, Julie squeezed and mentally crossed her fingers. What if she didn't change back? What if there's some sort of time limit for restoring things turned to stone that I haven't discovered yet? What if? Her fears abated as the colorful flesh tones returned to the marble statue. Petra twitched, stretched her arms, turned her neck and smiled at Julie.

"Hi Julie," she offered before taking a look at the dusty items surrounding her. "Uh, how did I get here?"

"It's a long story," Julie tried to explain. "Suffice it to say you've been a statue longer than either of us intended. Now I have to get you back upstairs and get some clothes on you…"

"Oh, yeah," Petra suddenly remembered she was naked and sort of crossed her arms in front of her breasts.

They sneaked back upstairs to the main floor. Julie scouting ahead, with Petra wearing one of the museum tarps wrapped around her torso. "Okay, coast is clear…" Julie motioned for Petra to follow. "It's not too far now…just a little fur-" she was interrupted by the sound of heavy footsteps coming towards them. "Omigosh! Hide!" Julie whispered.

"Where?" Petra threw out her hands in a upraised 'what, me worry?' type of pose. She was standing between two display cases and there were no hiding places in the narrow hallway.

Julie spun around and zapped Petra with the green ray. Petra didn't even have a chance to say a word as she was turned to stone again. The tarp wrapped around Petra remained cloth and dropped to her ankles in a heap. Julie gathered it up as quickly as she could under her arm. Looks like the little modification I made to the ring this afternoon works perfectly, the harried woman thought.

"Evening Miss Julie," Bob said as he walked around the corner. "Getting ready to call it a night?"

"I, ah, sure am Bob," Julie answered breathlessly. She glanced towards the marble Petra. It was so much easier to explain a new statue than a naked girl running around inside a museum, but she knew she was pushing her luck. "I just need to get something out of my office and I'll take off."

"Then goodnight Miss Julie," Bob walked past her and Julie started walking towards her office VERY slowly.

Julie snuck a glance behind her when she noticed Bob's footsteps had stopped. He was looking at the statue Petra had become!

Bob admired the trim athletic form. The marble breasts. The almost bemused, surprised look on the statue's face. Damn, he thought as he stared at the pretty stone girl. She looks almost exactly like that statue that was on display in the rotunda. Only the pose wasn't the same…Bob almost reached out to touch the superbly sculpted breasts when he turned, saw Julie glancing at him and smiled. Better get back to work. There will be plenty of time to examine this piece later on, he decided as he began walking away from the instant statue. Julie continued shuffling further down the hall till she was sure Bob had turned the corner and dashed back to the stone girl. Bathing her in the restoration ray again, Julie turned the statue back into Petra.

"What was that about, not that I'm complaining…" Petra complained as she was yanked along by Julie. After a frantic minute of fumbling with her keys, Julie unlocked her office and ushered Petra inside. Dressing quickly, her heart pounding with excitement, Petra emerged, dressed again in her purple top and black shorts. "Okay, now let's get out of here!" Julie and Petra headed for the exit as fast as possible. They left somewhat relieved that they hadn't run into Bob again. Explaining how Petra had gotten into the museum after closing without Bob seeing her was something Julie just didn't want to even try to explain.

During the drive back home, Julie filled in Petra with all the new modifications she had made to the rings as well as what had happened to Petra while she was a statue. Petra, giddy from being a statue, was somewhat amazed that all that could have happened to her in the span of just under a day. Julie reiterated how lucky Petra was that they didn't drill mounting posts into her feet or something even worse while she was petrified. Petra was a little quieter and subdued after that, but by the time they got back home both were feeling relief that a close call had been averted.

Saturday morning, Julie awoke and showered. She arrived downstairs to see that Fifi had already set out breakfast for her on the patio. Petra came down a few minutes later, yawning. The two women ate breakfast before heading to the exclusive health spa that Julie belonged to. Out of habit, Julie had slipped on the twin rings she had invented. Not just for safekeeping, but also out of the fact they were aesthetically pleasing the way she designed them to be.

Julie pulled into the parking lot and walked into the spa with Petra in tow. Emerging from the locker room, Julie was dressed in a red scoop front leotard and white shoes and socks. Her blonde hair was pulled back and secured by a hairband. Petra was dressed in a shocking pink leotard with a bright blue g-string bottom over it. She also wore white socks and shoes, securing her brown hair in a ponytail and sweatband. After working out together in the aerobics room a bit, the two split up. Julie hit the pool and Petra volunteered to hold onto the twin rings while Julie did some laps. She wandered out of the weight room and saw a muscular jock with sculpted abs dressed in black weightlifting shorts. He was talking to a longhaired blonde bombshell, who was clad in a midriff baring top and tights under an outer g-string bottom. Boy those two sure look, statuesque…Petra thought as she realized she had the power in her hands to make them so. She glanced around and aimed the ring at the two hardbodies who became…hardbodies.

"My, my, my…" Petra saddled up to the hunk and touched his marble skin. Cold as stone but so well sculpted. She ran her fingers along his chest and washboard stomach and was amazed at how well his details were preserved in stone. Was I like this? She imagined herself turned to stone as she directed her attention to the buxom female statue. Fingering the two raised bumps on the statue's chest, Petra curiously lifted the top enough so that she could peek at the petrified nipples. She looked down the statue's tights and saw the plastered petrified pubic hairs. She felt up the stone crotch of the male statue and stuck her fingers down his trunks; impressed with the hardened penis she was groping. Petra stopped her fondling with some effort and retreated to a safe distance. After checking around, she restored the two to normal. Neither seemed to notice at all that they were briefly as immortal as the Greek gods they resembled. It really was a good idea of Julie's to alter the ring so that it only affected flesh…

Julie finally caught up to Petra and they headed to the locker room. Petra returned the two rings to Julie's custody but didn't tell her about the little statue-making experience she had. Julie and Petra undressed and were both clad only in panties when a dour sight greeted them. Daphne DeNavereau had plopped her gym bag on the bench next to Julie. "Why hello, Juliette, Patricia," she said in that all too unfriendly way. "Working out? Yes I imagine it would be work for both of you to keep in shape," she said as she peeled away her blouse to reveal her fantastic bosom. Virtually waving the breasts in Julie's face, Daphne continued to belittle Julie's less endowed nature as she undid her bra.

Julie tried to ignore Daphne's taunts and continued dressing as fast as she could. She couldn't help but notice that Daphne was much curvier than she was, and was always in great shape. And she felt a little jealous at that fact. Not that she was a flat-chested plank of wood. It was that Daphne was just so much more (or at least believed she was) in every regard.

Daphne slipped out of her skirt and continued pooh-poohing Julie and Petra until Julie finally snapped and turned Daphne to stone. She was frozen stiff, one leg up on the bench, leaning over so that her breasts hung like perfectly marble knockers. Her red hair fused into a marble sheath cascading down her back. Daphne's hands were reaching for her unpetrified shoe. Her face was immobilized, mouth open in mid sentence. "Just give it a rest," Julie said wearily as she clasped her bra and began slipping on her top.

Petra stood next to the marble Daphne, amazed again at the details one possessed when turned into as statue. She touched the delicate marble hairs on Daphne's head. "Wow, she looks really cool as a statue."

"Just get dressed and let's get out of here before I change her bac-Petra!" Julie was surprised to see the young woman sliding the panties down the marble woman's waist. "What are you doing?"

"Take a look at this," Petra pointed to the petrified crotch of Daphne. She was crouching next to the raised leg of the statue and looking right between the immobile woman's legs.

"I don't want to se-okay," Julie reconsidered as she slid over on the bench to see what Petra was ogling.

Embedded in the marble folds of Daphne's vagina was a little metallic clip with a dangling string of what looked like small jewels. Probably real, considering the wealth Daphne came from. "How kinky! She has clit jewelry!" Petra giggled as she stroked the hanging beads, causing them to clatter quietly against the marble genitals.

"Okay, okay," Julie smiled. She never knew Daphne was into that kind of stuff. Maybe it was something she could hint at next time Daphne's verbal attacks struck home. "Get dressed and let's change her back."

"Do we have to? I kinda like her this way…" Petra pleaded her case. "So beautiful and…silent."

"I wouldn't mind it myself if we left her like this, but don't you think it would be a little conspicuous to have a statue just pop up in the middle of a locker room?" Julie resisted as she grabbed her gym bag and waited for Petra to finish getting dressed. Upon her niece's completion of said task, Julie aimed the red ring at Daphne.

"-and if you didn't…" Daphne continued upon being changed back to flesh. She slipped off her pump and glanced at Petra and Julie, now both completely dressed and gathering up their gym bags.

"Gotta go," Julie said.

"Let's do this again sometime," Petra added as the two departing women shared a laugh.

Did I miss something? Daphne wondered as she peeled off her panties.

Julie slipped off the two rings and put them in a velvet-lined case on her dresser. She dreamed, of all things, the petrified Daphne statue she had created that afternoon during that night. Dozens of thoughts flooded her subconscious as she slept. What I wouldn't give to petrify her to get her out of my hair forever…

Petra creeped around the dark hallway. Everyone was asleep. Or at least everyone was supposed to be asleep. She opened the door to Julie's room slowly so as to not disturb the sleeping woman. Petra tried to quietly search the dresser top, knocking over a bottle of perfume or something or other. It didn't wake up Julie at any rate. She swiped the case containing the two rings and backtracked out of Julie's room. Closing the door, Petra dashed back to her room and locked the door behind her. She slipped on the green ring, then the red one. She was amazed at how such tiny, miniaturized gizmos could be able to work such magic as she stood in front of her full length mirror dressed in her loose fitting top and underwear.

"Oh boy, here we go…" Petra exhilarated. Aiming the green ring at her feet, Petra slowly brought up the petrifying ray so that her legs and hips were turned to solid stone. Stopping at her waist, Petra stuck her right hand down her undies and felt her delicate stone pubic bush. She slipped the panties off and let them fall down her rigid legs. Lifting her top over her breasts she aimed the ring at her chest, and, using the mirror as a guide, brought the petrifying effect up her middle and over her tits. Gotta be careful not to petrify my arms or I won't be able to aim the rings anymore… She stopped again and stroked her sculptured nipples, bringing her hands down her stone side and back to her cunt. It was so intoxicating to be turned to stone, as she activated the red ray and restored her private parts to flesh again.

"MMmmm…" Petra gently massaged her fleshy vaginal folds and proceeded to restore her entire body to flesh again. Kneeling on the floor, she spread her legs and fingered her pussy, probing with her fingers and unleashed the effects of the green ring again directly between her outstretched legs. Her vagina turned to stone. "Ohhhh…" she moaned in pleasure as if her ecstasy had been suspended at the moment her crotch had been petrified and continued to masturbate to her stoned snatch. It was so strange to feel these most familiar (yet now strangely unfamiliar) parts of her body. Every detail of her crotch was now cold and immovable. Petra admired the view she had in the mirror as she ran her fingertips over the petrified folds of her vaginal lips. She eventually turned the red ring onto her stoney pussy and restored it to its flexible moist former state.

"Mmmm…" Petra deliriously rolled over on her stomach and aimed the green ray across her hanging breasts. They were transformed into perfectly hanging globes like Daphne's were earlier in the day. Petra playfully pushed one so that it knocked against the other with a clacking sound not unlike those little suspended gravity ball gadgets she had seen in novelty stores. Supporting herself with her right hand, Petra explored the cold hardened breasts. Running her fingers over and over the textured nipples.

After a few hours of self-petrification, Petra lay on her bed, exhausted at all the experiments she had put herself through. 'And just think of all the fun I can have tomorrow!' She thought as she drifted off to sleep.

--Hit and Run Petrifier--
The next morning Petra was up early and out of the house before Julie woke. For a frustrating twenty minutes Julie searched her room for the jewelry case in which she had put the twin rings. Finally, she burst into Petra's room only to find her niece gone. A quick trip downstairs and a consultation with Fifi confirmed that Petra had left early that morning. With the rings, no doubt, Julie thought. Who knows what kind of chaos she could create?

Petra arrived on campus bright and early, eager to try out the petrifying ring on an unsuspecting victim. She headed for the gym, where scantily clad (and buffed bodies no doubt) awaited. She peeked around the corner to the weight room and saw a group of athletes working out. She waited for one guy to come around the corner and zapped him with the petrifying ring. He turned into a statue and she pulled up his workout shirt and literally drooled over the sculpted musculature as his shorts were dropped to his knees. Fingering his stoned chest she quickly glanced around in time to see some Track & Field girls arriving and petrified them in their shorts and tank tops. Like a giddy schoolgirl (which she actually was) Petra pulled down the shorts on all three of the statued girls and thought the moment should be properly immortalized. Pulling her camera out of the purse she was carrying, Petra snapped a couple pictures of them from different angles. She then quickly cropped their tops up over their pert breasts and quickly clicked off another bunch of snapshots. Feeling the need for cutting the experience short, Petra retreated and aimed the restoration ring at the triplet statues and changed them back to normal. The three girls continued taking the steps they had been taking before being petrified before stumbling with their shorts and panties around their ankles. Quickly covering themselves they squealed and tried to cover their exposed parts. The semi nude athlete pivoted as he pulled up his shorts and underwear.

Petra laughed as the half undressed college coeds tried to get out of view of the athlete with his drawers down. This is rich! She was going to have a lot of fun today.

Julie pulled into her parking spot and virtually leapt out of the car. Petra has an 8:30 class in the Life Sciences so that was the first spot Julie headed. A quick view thru the glass window of the classroom door confirmed the worst fears. Petra was cutting class. She could be anywhere!

Petra spent the next couple of hours petrifying virtually every person she could get away with. She was careful to petrify people in places where she was not likely to be discovered. She even petrified one poor girl in the ladies room. Petra pulled the statue into one of the stalls for privacy and even shared the stall with her petrified companion when someone else walked into the restroom. Good thing people don't look under the doors, or they would have seen an incongruous pair of stoney legs! Another roll of film shot…

On the grassy lawn near the bubbling brook which ran through the campus Petra succeeded in stripping one of her instant statues of her clothing by carefully working the dress the sculpture was wearing down petrified shoulders and under her stoney behind. Looks almost like she belongs here as a work of art, Petra admired as she looked at the statued girl sitting near the brook reading a book. She makes a pretty statue…I wonder what would happen if I left her here for a couple of days…

"Hi Petra," a voice came behind her.

Petra jumped and hid the petrifying ring behind her back. It was Toby Wilkins, one of her classmates in Biology! "Er Hi!" Petra wondered how much did he see? Did he know the statue was a real girl turned to stone? Did he see her change the girl? Should she petrify him too?

"Whatcha doing? I missed you in class this morning," Toby asked.

"I ah," Petra considered petrifying him right there but a bunch of students was walking up the path. "I was taking pictures!" Petra held up her camera. "That's all I was doing, taking pictures! Of this statue here!" Petra hoped Toby didn't notice the pink dress lying next to the backpack on the grass. That would take some amount of explaining.

"Wow, it's pretty neat. I don't think I ever noticed it before," Toby admitted as he began talk as if he was beating around the bush. "You know Petra, I need to ask you something…"

"Ask me?!? Ask me what?" Petra was positively paranoid now that Toby had seen something. Maybe she could get away with petrifying him too in plain view of the students walking to class?

"Ah, I wanted to ask if you would go out with me tonight? To a movie, or something?" Toby finally managed to spurt out.

"You want to go out on a date? Is that all?" Petra sounded relieved. "Oh I didn't mean it that way!" She saw the dejected reaction on Toby's face. "Sure I'll go out with you," Petra gave him her phone number.

Toby walked off with a smile like he had won a million dollars.

Petra took a long look at him walking off and thought to herself, he wouldn't make a bad statue…

"PETRA!" Julie screamed.

"Julie!" Petra almost jumped out of her skin.

"What are you doing?" Julie demanded as she pointed to the newly arrived nude lawn sculpture at her feet.

"I was going to change her back…in a while…" Petra admitted. It was the truth, so to speak.

"Right now!" Julie grabbed Petra's left hand and beamed the statue in the restoration beam. The marble tones of the statue grew warm and fleshy.

"EEEK!" the statue-come-to life screamed as she realized she was completely naked. She looked around her and grabbed her pink dress and backpack, covering herself as best she could in search of cover.

Petra giggled and Julie's mouth was agape. "Give me the rings Petra," she demanded. Julie held her hand out.

"All right," Petra slipped the two rings off and put them in Julie's hand. "I'm sorry Julie but I-"

"Not another word out of you," Julie scolded as she stormed off.

[Stay tuned for the next intriguing adventures of our interpid statuephiles!]