The Amazing Adventures of Julie, Petra, and the Incredible Petrifying Ring Thing

(Parts 26 ~ 30)

by CMQ

[Parts 1-9 of this story were originally posted on the message boards of Medusa Realm, Hall of Statuary, and Mannequin Lovers. They now have been brought together in combined pages, as well as Parts 10-13, 14, 15 thru 17, and 18 thru 20. The previous parts 21 thru 25 are accessible via this link.
The story continues here with Part 26. Ed.]

Author’s Note: Once again, this is an ongoing story inspired by the work of Thorne Smith's "Night Life of the Gods"...

[Updated to include part 30 Ed.]

--Statues turned to statues!--

    Petra impatiently waited for the next painted nude to emerge from the house. "They could at least be more punctual," she fumed, even though she knew how long it took to get the models ready. She continued stamping her toes, trying to avoid being caught fondling the newly made statue next to her. That would be a hard to explain situation (though not as hard as explaining how the model was now really a statue of solid stone!). When the next model finally made his way down the grassy slope to the pool, and Petra almost lost composure at the sight of the nude Adonis. He had broad shoulders, a well-defined chest and stomach and an impressive penis! She smiled at him and he smiled back. "Hey, Steph," he acknowledged the female statue, not noticing the woman was really rock hard now!

    "She's getting into the mood," Petra explained the statue's non-response as she moistened her lips with her tongue "…you know, concentrating on maintaining her pose?" That was the first test, Petra exhaled as she tried not to stare too much at his dangling genitals. If none of the models noticed their kin had really been turned to stone it would make her plan go a lot easier. "Could you pose, kinda…heroic?" She asked, "…you know flex your arms out like a bodybuilder?" He complied striking a muscle bodybuilder pose with huge bulging biceps as he turned his head to one side and flexed his arms in opposite 90-degree angles and flashed a toothy smile.

    "Oh that's perfect!" Petra turned the hunky hunk into an instant statue. She touched his rock hard penis, solid as stone now! He's going to have that hard one for a long long time! She stroked the marbleized member with her fingertips, admiring the preserved details up and down his sexual shaft. She was really getting into the mood now, ready to petrify anything and anyone that came near her!

    The next model to come down was one that had caught Petra's eye early on. A tall statuesque (really about to become an appropriate description!) blonde with shoulder-length curly hair. She had her hair braided into a long ponytail now, painted white as the rest of her glorious nude body. Her shaved pubic area made her look more like a real statue than the first female model did with her neatly trimmed triangle. Petra couldn't believe how statue-like the woman already looked. The wait had been worth it. "Could you stand on this pedestal," she quickly directed the model away from the petrified duo and offered an opinion on what position the performer could take. Seconds later the lovely lady was a marble monument. Petra touched the petrified breasts, her fingers rolled off the pretty petrified points the model's nipples had become, and her head swooned as she remembered the sensation of having a pair of marble tits of her own. How firm and absolutely stiff they could be…

    Another female model came out, her long straight black (well, formerly black…now it was like rippling alabaster) hair fluttered in the breeze like a fan being opened. Petra directed her to an empty pedestal and asked her how she was posing. The model, so beautiful dressed in nothing but white bodymakeup, obliged by shaking her hair and holding her hands near her face as if holding her hair back in a shower commercial. Her arched back allowed her breasts to point upward…Petra petrified her, and she instantaneously became a beautiful stone statue, showering in the unseen rain…forever frozen. Petra stroked the flawless marble arms from the elbows down to the breasts, so unbelievably firm as perfect marbled globes.

    A second male model emerged from the mansion and Petra wasted no time in petrifying the handsome man into a marble god. Smooth chest and a nice set of balls to go with that dick…she touched the man's chest, feeling the hardened abs and eventually made her way down to his phallus, and his rock hard ass, so tight and scrumptious now! His marbled muscled arms were eternally flexed. Petra was in dreamland! Five statued performers were now decorating the mansion grounds, stoney testimonials to her perfect plans!

--Completing the Collection--

    Petra couldn't believe how easy it had gone! Each model had strode across the grass and took his or her place onto the pedestals, not realizing their comrades had been stoned for real! It was her fear that the plan to turn each one of them to stone would not pass unnoticed, but the makeup job the artist had done was utterly perfect! No one suspected a thing, and her five stiffened statues were about to be joined by one more. The last female model was quite amazed at the sight of her fellow performers, and attempted to engage in conversation with one of them. Petra urged her to hurry up and get onto a pedestal as the guests were already here and about to come out. The nude model gasped and stepped onto the pedestal and struck her pose-a hands on hips bathing beauty type of pose and Petra turned her promptly to stone. At last, a complete set of six sexy statues for my party tableaux! There was only one more detail…

    "So how do they look?" Sandy's voice came from behind Petra.

    Petra whirled and saw the makeup artist looking over one of the male statues. She carried a small makeup jar with a brush in one hand.

    "I think this needs a touchup," Sandy raised her hand up to touch the statue's arm.

    Petra gasped and turned Sandy to stone, bathing the artist in the petrifying green glow. The artist stiffened, her super-slender body merging with the male model's marble skin as her fingers touched his elbow. Only her clothing and the makeup jar in her hand remained unaffected, the rest of Sandy's body was completely marbleized. Her tangled mass of marbled hair became a weird marble mess of macaroni.

    "Eeek!" Petra gasped at the clothed statue. She hadn't expected the artist to come down to see the statues in action (inaction? Now there was a double entendre…), and she actually planned to petrify both the artist and her assistant inside the building. Now it was too late. Petra grimaced, how would she explain, not only a clothed statue, but a modern-styled clothed statue? She decided to head back to the house ASAP, the better to maintain damage control before the situation here got any worse.

    Max was cleaning up the workroom. There were streaks of white bodypaint all over her clothes and skin. The artists had used an airbrush sprayer to cover large areas of their models' bodies and taken to brushes and sponges to touch up hair and hard-to-reach places. There were always hard-to-reach places, Max sighed as she rolled up the drop cloths. In a few hours it would be time to clean up the models and that entailed a whole 'nother set of clean rags, makeup remover, and such.

    Petra hurried up to the mansion and burst thru the patio doors. Fifi was preparing the silverware when Petra practically ran her over. "Is the other makeup girl still in the workroom?" She asked without stopping.

    "Oui, Miss Petra," Fifi started to say but Petra was already down the hall and turned the corner. Petra was always in a rush, such was the way with youth. Not that she was an old maid, but once Petra hit her twenties Fifi figured the girl would slow down a little.

    Petra slowed down outside the workroom to catch her breath. The door was open and she peeked inside. Max was capping the unused jars of bodypaint. To finish off the caper, Petra petrified the skinny assistant where she stood in the workroom. Max froze in the midst of cleaning up and became an alabaster statue. A rather strange statue with piercings but a nice looking statue nonetheless. Her waiflike physique really leant her a nymphlike quality. No need for more witnesses though…the painting had taken a good five hours, and it was already mid afternoon. It would have been faster if I had just petrified the lot of them when they got here…Petra fumed. With the assistant an instant statue faster than you could say instant statuary Petra dashed back outside to deal with Sandy. Her clothing remained normal and Petra knew she had to undress her if she had any hope of pulling off this caper.

    Petra looked over Sandy's lithe body. The artist wore a loose fitting top and a zip-up skirt, which would make Petra's job a lot easier. The fabric of the paint speckled yellow top was flexible enough that Petra managed to pull the garment over Sandy's marble head with a little patience so that she didn't fragment the delicate marble curls. Removing the makeup jar from Sandy's frozen hand, Petra slipped the armhole of the garment over the immobile hand. With some deliberately delicate maneuvering, the other arm of the garment was feed as Petra tipped Sandy just a little bit so that the point where Sandy's fingers and the male model's elbow made contact was cleared. Petra was glad Sandy wasn't wearing a bra, it was hard enough getting her shirt off! She then unzipped the white-splattered denim skirt carefully and drew it away, revealing Sandy the statue's cotton undies. Petra managed to slide the underwear down the statue's legs but when she hit the ankles she realized Sandy was wearing shoes! Sandals, actually, but that was a problem in itself. How would she get away with that? The panties were stretchy and somehow Petra managed to get them around the feet of the statue by sliding the fabric ever so slowly between the grass beneath the shoe. I'll bet these were never designed for this much action! Petra held up the liberated undies after many, many minutes of work.

    There was still the problem of the sandals though…time was running out and she herself had to get dressed! Then it struck her! The makeup! She used the brush and painted the amber shoes with the white bodypaint. It blended in just perfectly with the statue, almost looking like pseudo-Greek footwear! Petra hoped it washed off easily, but now was not the time to worry about such things as the party was going to start in less than an hour! She looked at Sandy, standing next to the nude male god almost like she was trying to touch him and retain a piece of his godhood status. She actually enhanced the statue on display, go figure! Petra smiled and headed back to the house. It was all starting to come together.

    The caterers arrived soon and Fifi let them set up their tables near the pool. The caterers admired the statuary decoration, but Fifi said nothing about that. Petra was upstairs, hastily fashioning a makeshift toga out of some sheets. She had put so much effort into arranging the party that she had forgotten about making a garment to wear. She wrapped the satin sheet around her body. Her resulting short toga skirt and one bared shoulder with the tail end of the sheet thrown over her other shoulder completed the daring ensemble. She had neglected to put on any undies in her haste to get dressed, fortunately her costume wasn't so short that she had to worry about that…not that she would have to worry too much about keeping her outfit on…

    "Miss Petra, the guests are arriving!" Fifi announced as Toby arrived with some of the others. Petra had invited Karen and Melody from college. Leigh brought his girlfriend Holly. Jim brought Kristi. Stan brought 'Lina. It was going to be a small, yet intimate group.

--Statues by the Pool--

    "Wow look at this!" Leigh admired the statues by the pool. They were all as perfect as Greek gods and goddesses would be on their pedestals. Unattainable levels of perfection. "Good going Petra!" He said boisterously and winked at Holly as he touched one of the statue's breasts. "Look Hol, almost as sexy as yours…" She playfully punched him in the shoulder for that insult. He apologized and slipped his hand down Holly's bare back, so that it rested inside her homemade toga and at the top of her pantied waistline. She snatched his hand off her backside but playfully snuggled up to him a second later, the better to run her hands over his bare chest.

    Jim and Kristi were laying on the pool loungechairs, their food virtually untouched, and deep in the middle of a personal conversation. Stan and Lina were getting some more food from the buffet setup. The caterers really outdid themselves, Petra thought as she nibbled on some delicious finger food. She really liked the expressions of the guests when they saw the marble statues for the first time. She swore Stan thought they were real people at first, until Lina poked one and was satisfied with the marble solidity. If only you knew, Petra licked her lips.

    Karen and Melody were observing the rather impressive attributes of one of the male statues, picking at it, poking at it as if it would spring to life at their touch and giggling all the way. Petra was rather surprised they were so interested in a statue's doodle, as Karen and Melody's personal tastes ran much more to the feminine side of the tracks.

    Toby was impressed with the décor too, as he told Petra in a moment aside. She kissed him on the lips and broke away, teasingly to mingle. It was starting to get dark now, only the torchlights near the pool were keeping things well lit. The mansion beckoned beyond, but the partyers were well into each other by now. Food and drink were generously spread around, it almost did seem like one of those Roman orgies for a second. The only thing missing was the sex…

    Karen and Melody were eating near two of the female statues. They were now admiring the forms and figures of the statued models as only two girls trying to turn on each other on could. Melody touched the white thigh of one of the longhaired models turned stone. She let her fingers delicately stroke up to the petrified crotch as she whispered something into Karen's ear. Karen giggled and touched the statue with her hand, the other resting firmly on Melody's shoulder…

    Stan and Lina had excused themselves to go down the lawn behind some shrubs. Petra knew they must be getting it on and snuck away from the group as she made an excuse to put away some trays. She circled round the landscaping and crept behind the bushes quietly. She heard some moaning and giggling. She aimed her petrifying ring blind and squeezed the trigger. The noises stopped and she peeked out from the bush to see two statues embracing each other. The statue of Stan had slipped the toga off of the statued Lina's shoulders, her breasts, marbled now, were bared. Her legs splayed on the grass, panties hanging on one ankle, as Stan was reaching under her toga and…stimulating her pussy? His other hand was on her side. Frozen expressions of joy and erotic pleasure were evident on both of their faces. Petra was glad to catch them in a moment of pleasure, a moment which would remain undisturbed for a long time if she had her way.

    Petra made her way back to the party. Melody and Karen were lying isolated on the grass nearby, sensually touching each other. Their bare legs and thighs were rubbing against each other's fleetingly. Petra thought they might catch fire any second now. Holly and Leigh were sitting by the pool, legs kicking the water in the pool. Jim and Kristi were talking to Toby, so Petra thought this was the best chance. The dim lighting worked to her advantage as she walked close by Melody and Karen, somewhat secluded in darkness from the pool lighting and fired her ring. The two groping girls froze into stone figures. Petra then realized Melody had her hands on Karen's tits! Great! She would have to come back to examine her new sculptures more carefully, but she had other targets in mind now.

    "Hi Toby," Petra smiled as she saddled up to Toby.

    "Hey Petra, great party!" Toby wanted to get Petra away for some private talk, but the way she kept disappearing made it tough. Jim and Kristi drifted away to give them some personal time, or perhaps more to give themselves some privacy for some heavy petting. It was getting darker, as the torches were running out of oil. "I've been trying to get you alone all night," Toby said softly as he and Petra walked around the pool. The fact that Holly and Leigh were still there didn't seem to register on either of their radars.

    "Sorry, hosting, you know?" Petra smiled as she took hold of Toby's hand. "I want to apologize again for that weird date we had…it was all some big joke my auntie forced on me…I hope you understand it wasn't personal…"

    "All I'm concerned with is how beautiful you are," he held her hand tightly. "You look so hot…" he led Petra away from the lighted pool and towards some shrubbery that decorated the landscape.

    "Oh Toby…" Petra stopped walking and Toby embraced her with a kiss. She ran her hands over his mostly bared chest, pushing the toga wrap off his shoulder. Her hands probed his muscles as they both sank to their knees. Petra began sliding his toga down as she maneuvered him to lie on his back and she began stroking his crotch with her hands.

    Toby's penis responded eagerly as he leaned forward to see Petra straddling him, her mouth tantalizingly close to his erect shaft. She pulled down his underwear and his dick sprang up like a soldier at attention. She stroked his member to full stiffness and as she softly and sensuously feathered his phallus she began pulling her own toga away, revealing her supple breasts…

    "W-wait, I-I don't have any protection," Toby protested.

    Petra, her mouth tantalizingly open at the tip of his penis fired the petrifying ring at Toby's body. "Don't worry I do…" she smiled.

    He turned to stone, his penis standing like a flagpole, a whitened stone shaft impossibly erect.

    Petra mouthed the head of the marbelized member and probed the stoney textures of Toby's genitals with her tongue. "Mmmmm…. mmm… mpphhh…. hhhmmm…" she practically devoured the petrified phallus, the taste of stone in her mouth was a different sensation to be sure as she went all the way down the shaft and touched her lips to the marbled pubic hair matted to Toby's crotch. Mmmmph….  ohhhmmmm… ahmmpphh…"

    "Oh…Ohhhh…. OOOhhhhhh!" Petra screamed as she wrapped her lips around the stiffened stone and moistened the penis with her saliva. The only thing that would feel better than this would be her own moist pussy embracing the petrified penis, and she raised her short toga skirt over her head, stripping herself naked. She slowly lowered her cunt onto the rigid rock. Her vaginal lips parted as she slowly, ever so slowly, sank deeper, letting the stone probe further and deeper inside her… "Ahh..aaaaa…. ahhhhhh!" her voice raised two octaves as she carefully, pleasurably began moving up and down the pole. "Ohhh….uhhhnnn…" she continued her amorous agalmatophilia, knowing there was only one other thing that could climax this moment.

    She carefully aimed her petrifying ring and at the deepest point of contact, as her soft buttocks squished against Toby's thighs she bathed her lower body with the petrifying ray, rendering her legs, waist, buttocks, and pussy into hardened stone. "Ah, ahhhhh, ah, A-A-AhhhhhhHH!" She moaned, probably too loudly for her own good as she raised the ring and petrified herself up to her armpits. Her torso and breasts became whitened marble. Only her arms, shoulders and head remained flesh. "Oh, ohhh, ooo, OOhhhhh…. OOOhhhhh…." she was linked with Toby now, just a quick wave with her right hand and she and he could be immortalized forever. Preserved passion…eternal ecstasy…it took all her self control to not petrify her own arms as she stopped beaming the petrifying wave and grabbed her marbled breasts with her hands and stroked, probing her marvelous marble body down to the union point where her crotch met Toby's. "Ohhhhhh….ooooohhhh…." she stroked his face, frozen in anticipation.

    She didn't know how long she continued to pleasure herself with the tactile sensation of stone. Finally, she let her arms drop to her sides in exhaustion. She remained linked in stone with Toby, her own body virtually frozen like a real statue in the moonlight…

--Finishing Up--

Petra was motionless, as if frozen herself in that moment of her most erotic fantasy fulfilled. Oh my…She breathlessly gathered herself, coming back from exhausting herself emotionally and sexually. There were still two more guests that had to be taken care of. Petra aimed the red restoration ring, sweeping it over her petrified body, restoring it's cold marble texture to full fleshy suppleness. Carefully she extracted her softened vagina, still moist as it was before she turned her privates to stone, from Toby's petrified penis. She restored her marble legs to flesh, careful not to hit any part of Toby's marble body with the ray. She unstraddled him and looked at his penis with all the attention a master jeweler might give to a valuable diamond. It was still standing proudly and completely undamaged by her unusual sexual technique. She kissed the tip of his marble dick playfully and then, almost as an afterthought, leaned down and kissed his marble cheek thoughtfully. His frozen expression of anticipation did not change a bit. How could it when his entire body was as rock hard as his dick? "I'll be back for you…I promise!" Petra giggled as she tiptoed through the garden stark naked.

The torches had gone out by now, and only the light from the mansion and the lighted paths illuminated the darkness. Petra was glad she didn't have to creep around in the bushes, the leaves were poking her soft skin! She made it back to the pool, passing the statues of Stan and Lina in the bushes and almost tripping over the prone statues of Holly and Leigh in the dark! Petra kept to the shadows and started crawling around on her belly on the grass as she got closer to the pool She watched from afar as Jim and Kristi, deep in a passionate kiss, rubbed their hands over each other's bodies like long lost lovers. Petra waited, feeling a little like some perverted voyeur but she knew it would be worth it if she caught them at the right moment.

Jim had slipped Kristi's toga off and she was completely naked. Her straight blonde hair reflected in the moonlight like pale gold. After a few more moments of groping they made their way into the pool. Or rather Kristi did, as she slipped her slim nude figure into the warm water. The dim lights in the pool illuminated her submerged body, the water supporting her breasts rippled as Kristi walked over and beckoned Jim to come in.

Petra could see Jim was declining to go in as he doffed his toga and laurel leaf headband and sat naked on the rim of the pool. What was the matter with him? Wasn't he all hot and horny by now? Kristi was a perfectly proportioned female who would make a wonderful statue when the time came. Petra wondered if the ring would be able to petrify people underwater of if the beam would affect the water itself. It shouldn't, ever since Julie modified the ring it only affected living people and nothing else. Time would tell…

Treading water in the deep end of the pool, Kristi slowly made her way over to Jim when it became obvious he wasn't going in. "Don't want to get wet, eh? I can change that." Kristi made her way over to the shallower end where Jim was sitting and placed her hands on his knees. Jim leaned over to sensually stroke Kristi's head, drawing her in between his open legs. She began massaging his penis with her hands, stimulating it to an erection and finally she devoured the engorged member with her mouth. Petra couldn't tell if she was kneeling as she continued her oral copulation, the pool wasn't that deep, but Kristi's head sank beneath the waterline a few times as she bobbed up and down with a mouthful of cock.

Oh I have to get them now! Petra stealthily rose up and ran out of the darkness firing her green ray like a stealth commando assaulting enemy troops. The two bathing lovers were transformed by the green petrifying ray. The two stopped cold in mid-sexual connection, turned into two marble lovers fused together.

--Oops! I Didn't do it again!--

Petra couldn't believe it, everyone was now solid stone! She dashed into the house, naked as a jaybird and scrambled to find the cameras she just knew she had somewhere. Fortunately Fifi was long asleep now as she made such a commotion tearing her room apart looking for unused film and blank videotape. Finally, cameras and accessories in hand, she rushed down with her video camera, and ran straight into Leigh!

"Wha-Leigh?" Petra sounded shocked and confused. Didn't she turn him and Holly to stone earlier?

"Hey Petra," Leigh responded nonchalantly until he noticed Petra was stark naked! "Heyyyy, Petra!" His eyes were all over her naked body.

"EEk!" Petra covered herself up as best she could with her camera equipment. Unfortunately with her hands full, she didn't succeed very well.

"Going to make some home movies with Toby? Coool…" Leigh smiled. "Hope you don't mind, but me and Hol are bunking down in one of the guest rooms. Hol just doesn't like getting grass in her hair. I just got up to get some suds from the fridge."

"Ah sure…no problem…" Petra began sidestepping around Leigh, trying to keep her bare butt away from his roaming eyes. "Have fun!" she smiled uncomfortably as she scooted to the screen door and out into the darkness.

Petra's grin disappeared quickly. What the heck was that all about??? Petra was sure she had tripped over Holly and Leigh a few minutes earlier…right before she petrified Jim and Kristi…d'oh! It was Karen and Melody she had tripped over! Petra smacked her forehead with her hand and promptly lost a handful of film rolls. When did they manage to sneak off? Now she had a pair of live bodies around when she didn't want any witnesses! Petra did some quick thinking on how to rectify the situation. Holly and Leigh must have left the pool after she had made off with Toby. She had lost track of the pair later on when she coupled with Toby and petrified Jim and Kristi! Now all her plans could unravel unless…

Petra watched from the pool and saw Leigh walking away from the patio door. Petra thanked her lucky stars he didn't come outside and find the statues of Jim and Kristi locked in fellatio. She carefully snuck back inside and flicked off the lights. The inside of the mansion was dark, but Petra knew her way around pretty well despite the size of the place. She took a peek around the corner and started tiptoeing down the long guest room corridor. She heard a noise and quickly dropped out of sight into an empty guestroom. She listened to the footsteps come closer and closer and she aimed the green ring blind from the slightly ajar door. Sensing the coast was clear she peeked out and saw a fresh new statue of. . . Fifi!

"Fifi!" Petra said in a both hushed and annoyed tone. "What are you doing up at this hour?" The maid had been frozen into a marble statue wearing only her flimsy negligee. The whispery thin cloth clung to the maid's figure. Her pointed nipples were very prominent, as were her very bare legs. No fishnet leggings here! Her marble legs were utterly smooth and flawless, stretching seemingly forever before disappearing into her fluffy pink slippers or up under her silky panties. Fifi was holding an empty cup in her hand. No doubt she was going to fetch some tea or water from the kitchen when interrupted by Petra. Now she was a marble monument! "Oh well," Petra left the marbled maid in place and put her ear to the door of a guestroom. She could hear some murmuring inside and knew she had found her targets!


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