The Amazing Adventures of Julie, Petra, and the Incredible Petrifying Ring Thing

(Parts 36 ~ 40)

by CMQ

[Parts 1-9 of this story were originally posted on the message boards of Medusa Realm, Hall of Statuary, and Mannequin Lovers. They now have been brought together in combined pages as a series. The most recent previous parts 31 thru 35 are accessible via this link.

The story continues here with Part 36. Ed.]

Author’s Note: Once again, this is an ongoing story inspired by the work of Thorne Smith's "Night Life of the Gods"...

--Phase 2--

“Now I have to worry about my friends,” Petra looked at the statues of her classmates in the garden one last time as she ran down her mental checklist. In the bright daylight, it looked as if marble statues were scattered across the grounds in some haphazard fashion. A petrified orgy, frozen in passion as if for all time… Petra giggled at that thought of keeping them as erotic decorations but she knew she couldn’t do that to them. If the plan was to work she had to perform deftly. I guess I can turn Fifi back anytime since she knows all about the ring, Petra finally decided as she entered the mansion and made her way back to Fifi, stilled since last night in marble splendor.

“Ok, here we go,” Petra aimed the restoration ring and a warm red beam embraced the maid statue.

Fifi sprung to life, as if Zeus himself had breathed life into the lifeless statue she had been for the past few days. “Oh!” she gasped as she was startled by Petra’s sudden appearance. “Miss Petra! Where? How?”

“Um I was just doing some more… research for Julie,” Petra reassured the astonished maid. “You’ve only been petrified for a little while. Just go about and do whatever you were doing!” Petra waved and smiled as she left the bedazzled maid to contemplate whether she should go to sleep or do her duties as it was now daylight!

*Dear Diary:

*It went as well as I could hope. I succeeded in restoring all of my petrified friends to life and no one noticed anything had happened. I restored Holly and Leigh first from behind the safety of the half-closed door and was rewarded by a loud erotic moan from Hol. Nothing like having an orgasm pent up inside you for two days. I guess someday I’ll have to find out for myself what that feels like.

*Jim and Kristi got wet, literally after their solidified bods were restored. I would have watched longer but I felt like such a perv for spying on them. There’s just something different about starting at them as statuary that made it seem more okay…

*Melody and Lina, those little hussies! They were really getting it on when last I saw them reanimated and I have to wonder how much more wild those two got after I left to restore Stan and Lina. Those two were rolling around so much they threatened to bump into Mel and Lina and make it a foursome.

*Then I tried to remember how I was positioned with Toby. I started stroking his dick with one hand as I restored him with the ring but he suddenly got all… nervous, second thoughts or cold feet or something and put on his underpants. I don’t know how to say it… It was almost as if he sort of knew something had happened that wasn’t quite right but didn’t know… how could he? He said something about it not being the right time and how he was sorry to disappoint me and I just was… shocked and grateful and sad and all sorts of things at the same time… I don’t know how to put it in words…

*We ended up sitting there on the grass just…talking… looking up at the stars until we fell asleep. It was sweet and sensitive and hella strange all at the same time but I still think he knows something weird happened. In the back of his mind he has to know, or soon will when he realizes a full day’s difference has passed while he was stoned. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to play that when the time comes…

*All I know is that I think he’s the greatest and might deserve to know the whole truth…


--Welcome Back Julie!--

Petra closed her journal and leaned back in her inflatable lounge chair. The warm pool water lazily lapped at her ankles as she drifted over to the deep end of the pool. It looks so desolate now, without all the pretty statuary decorations, Petra pondered as she put her diary down on the tile border of the pool. I’m going to have to talk to Grandpa Covington on getting some more… permanent decorations, she smiled to herself. As she took a sip out of the cold drink from her armrest, she lifted her sunglasses and peered over the manicured hedges that separated the lawn from the courtyard. The top half of her petrified aunt Julie was visible on top of the fountain pedestal. She was statued about a week ago, I guess it’s about time to let her go, Petra considered. It’s not like I was going to keep her up there forever! Wait till she finds out what I’ve been doing! Will she be surprised!

Petra slipped down into the water. The sensation of liquid caressing her bikini-clad body was relaxing (but not as satisfying as petrification!) as she swam over to the shallow end and stepped out of the pool. Toweling off, she retrieved the red and green bejeweled rings from the lounge chair she had left them upon. I guess I’ll only need the red one, Petra slipped the ruby red ring onto her left ring finger and then reconsidered and slipped the petrifying green on her right hand. They’re a matched set, it just doesn’t seem right to separate them, she convinced herself as she began to walk across the lawn. She squeezed through a narrow gap in the evergreen hedge and almost lost her flimsy string bikini bottom when one of the knotted loops on her hip got snagged on a branch. Tiptoeing over the hot driveway gravel, she stood on the comfortably warm grass that bordered the fountain and stared at her marble masterpiece.

A nice sheen of wet water glazed Julie’s naked marble body. The fountain gurgled around Julie’s unflinching figure. Petra admired how the marble of the fountain matched the marble of Julie’s body. Grandpa really didn’t settle for less when he had this made, or maybe Julie didn’t want to settle for anything less when she made what the ring transforms things to? Petra wondered. Whatever. It was a nice coincidence at any rate. “I guess it’s time to wake Sleeping Beauty,” Petra resigned herself to the inevitable as she aimed the restoration ring and bathed Julie’s head, frozen in an expression of protest ever since the post-orgy moment when she was restored to consciousness. It’s a wonder no one from the orgy recognized her new expression, she’s quite the stunning statue… a true attention-getter…

Julie awakened with a start. She looked around as her world suddenly came to life and Petra started restoring the rest of her naked body. “-t! I’m warn-“ Julie realized her protest had gone in vain since Petra was now dressed in a neon orange bikini, an instant change in clothes from Julie’s point of view. She almost lost her balance as Petra swung the red restoring ray down her marble body and de-petrified her legs. “Whoa!” Julie glanced down and regained her balance as Petra impishly giggled.

“You know you look pretty silly up there!” Petra laughed. “Hi auntie, welcome back to the land of the living!”

“Petra! Wha— how long have I been up here?” Julie demanded as she steadied herself, then crouched down on the marble pedestal as she realized she was still completely naked.

“Oh, ah about a week,” Petra answered quite innocently.

Julie looked around, bewildered. In her mind she had gone from taking a quiet shower to being put on display, naked, as a statue in her front court to finding out she had been in statue-stasis for a week. It took a moment for it all to sink in. “I’ve been up here for a week?” she repeated, unbelievingly.

Petra nodded. “Or more,” she considered again.

“Oh you are so dead!” Julie climbed down from her marble pedestal, getting deluged by the fountain spray and leaving only an imprint of her feet in the hardened cement blob that had held her in place. Petra took off across the courtyard,with Julie in quick pursuit, as soon as she saw her revived relative splash through the shallow pool at the base of the fountain. Julie didn’t seem to care she was stark naked, or at least that fact placed a distant second to getting hold of Petra.


--Petra's Payback--

    Petra ran as fast as she could back into the mansion. Julie was hot on her heels, not in the least concerned with her nudity. Maybe Julie's not the prude I thought she was anymore? Getting objectified by the ring could do all sorts of funny things… look at me! Petra giggled at her thoughts and finally burst out laughing. Julie didn't seem to take to that too well and doubled her pace, almost slipping on the marble floor of the foyer. Petra ran by Fifi at full speed as she slipped the petrifying and restoration rings off her fingers while dashing through the mansion. Fifi didn't even blink as the naked Julie ran by moments later. Strange things were becoming very commonplace at Covington Mansion these days.

    Petra took the corner at the end of the hall and ran straight by the open doors. The room was intimately lit, with rich wood shelving and antique knick-knacks amongst tapestries and comfortable furnishings. Petra knew she had hit a dead end!

    Julie cornered Petra in the library and Petra, backed up against the shelves, handed back the rings to the smoldering Julie. "Do you have any idea of what kind of trouble you're in?" Julie's face was beet red. "Do you know what kind of trouble I'm going to be in if I don't get my reports done on time?"

    Petra cowered in the corner. Her breasts jiggled as she quivered, unable to make a dart around Julie for safety. She wasn't afraid of Julie, at least as far as physical danger went, but she also wasn't quite sure how Julie would take to her little prank. She suspected, if she played her cards right, that she might just be able to get what she wanted out of this encounter. "Geez, Julie! It was, you know, a joke!" Petra tried to stifle her giggles. Seeing a furious, dripping, naked Julie was seriously tickling her funny bone as she meekly held out the two rings. Julie snatched them out of Petra's grasp with such speed and ferocity that it caused Petra to involuntarily flinch and cringe.

    "I can't believe you've been so irresponsible with these!" Julie waved her hands in the air. The two rings were on her fingers now and Petra's muffled laughter wasn't doing wonders for her patience.

    "I just wanted to have a little…fun," Petra pleaded, figuring this would push Julie over the edge. She waved her hands out in self-defense.

    "Well maybe you can see what kind of fun it's really like!" Julie raised her hand, touched the green ring, and turned Petra to solid stone.

    Instantly statuefied, Petra's arms, held up in mock defense, were like lean graceful beams. Her face reflected the uncertainty and confidence in her plan to get Julie to do exactly what she had done. Petra's trim marbled physique, white as new fallen snow, was dressed only in an orange bikini made up of a few miniscule triangles of cloth connected by shoestrings. She was in a nice contraposto position, showing a lot of curve and twist to her limber, but now petrified, body all the way down to her toes.

    Julie sighed. The whitened, immobile, marble girl stood in mute display to Julie's diminishing fury. Damn, she probably wanted me to turn her to stone too, Julie realized as she began to calm down. It would serve her right to leave her as a statue though, I've got a ton of work to get done and not a lot of time. But she was still fuming and a motionless stone girl wasn't very good for venting at. "And let's see how you like standing in the nude for everyone to see!" Julie undid the ties on Petra's bikini bottom and it wafted down to the hardwood floor. A second later and Petra's triangle top was gone too, revealing nicely cupped marble breasts that now defied gravity. Julie smiled as she left the library and the petrified Petra behind, a perfect addition to the stately room.


--Julie experiments--

    It had taken a full 48 hours for Julie to finish the paperwork she had left pending during her involuntary stint as a statue. She hadn’t pulled an all-nighter like this since her days in grad school and barely had the time to finish the report, much less present it the next morning. Wintergreen and Daphne didn’t seem to think too highly of her punctuation errors but the reports were otherwise in order and the harried meeting had gone as well as she could hope, given the most unusual circumstances. Finally having a moment to herself, Julie sat in her office gathering her thoughts.

    Will had stopped by earlier, curious about Julie’s whereabouts the past week. She had to make up some story about being called out of town for an emergency and wondered if Petra had already given an excuse for her disappearance and if her explanation jibed with Petra’s. That girl was so going to pay for this pressure she’s putting me through!

    At least Grandpa Covington hadn’t noticed her disappearance. Nor the mansion staff, with the exception of Fifi. Apparently Petra had the good foresight to give them the weekend off. But now that Grandpa and the staff were back as of yesterday it was only a matter of time before someone asked where Petra was, or where the new statue in the library came from. She wanted to restore Petra sooner rather than later, but just hadn’t found the time to do so with all the catch-up work that had piled up in her absence. Not that Petra would mind, that girl really had a thing for turning things to stone. And being turned to stone, for that matter.

    Julie looked at the green emerald ring on her right hand. All this fuss over such a little, insignificant piece of jewelry. Or not so insignificant; Petra certainly would consider it a life-changing invention. Julie wondered just what it was that Petra saw in being turned to stone. Curious, she looked around and then quietly closed her office door, snicking the lock too.

    Julie undid her blouse and hesitated only momentarily as she aimed the petrifying ring at her own bosom. Her left breast whitened and turned to stone. Julie touched it, amazed at the textures captured in marble petrification. The pores of her skin, the goosebumps around her aureole, the nub of her nipple. Everything was captured and preserved in stone. The sensation of touching something she was quite familiar with but not being able to feel herself being touched was indescribable. It was like seeing herself from the outside. She moved the ring slowly down her torso and could feel her waist and hips go numb and stiff. The weird thing was that she could still feel her legs and feet and wiggle her toes. She could never figure out how that was possible to have feelings in her lower extremities when it was totally disconnected from her upper half by a torso of solid marble.

    The question of what would happen if one’s head was petrified while still having a fleshy body briefly crossed her mind but she didn’t feel quite that adventurous.  Suddenly curious to see what her nether regions looked like she carefully undid the snap of her skirt. As it parted, her powder blue panties stood out against the white marble skin. Amazing, she thought, the matted down pubic hair was like a leaf of marble covering her crotch. Julie could just make out the fold of her vagina as she delicately fingered her petrified pussy. It was decidedly erotic, for sure, to be able to see and explore her body from this unusual perspective. Almost like discovering an ancient treasure that had been preserved for millennia.

    Then Julie had an idea. It came to her, like most of her innovative discoveries did, in a sudden rush of adrenaline. She beamed the restoring beam over herself and turned her boobs and pelvis to normal. Making herself decent, Julie left her office and headed for the lab in a definite hurry.


--What do you get for a Statue that has Everything?--

    After almost three days of labwork, Julie was finally satisfied with the results. She slipped the red ruby petrification ring onto her hand and marveled at her handiwork. Wait till Petra gets a load of this! Julie smiled at her imagination of how the vivacious prankster Petra would adapt to this new wrinkle. Julie then made sure she took care of the remainder of her work at the office and then left the University in a hurry, sidestepping Wintergreen as she left the museum and eager to enjoy the warming weather. Julie hopped into her convertible and peeled out of the parking lot, lost in the moment as the young students and coeds that were still straggling around the University discovered that Spring Break was finally here.

    Julie drove past the iron gates of the Covington property, parked in the courtyard and walked up to the front door of Covington Mansion. The butler greeted her at the door and Grandpa Covington, who happened by, hugged his granddaughter warmly but Julie apologized that she didn't have time to chitchat. She dropped off her books and paperwork in the foyer and made a beeline to the library, where Petra had been waiting patiently in her eminently elegant petrified state. Approaching the library, she hesitated when she found Fifi cleaning Petra with a feathery duster. Julie waited a moment as Fifi finished up with her dusting. Julie had to admit Fifi had taken very good care of the new library decoration. Cleaning and polishing Petra's nubile marble body daily, Fifi always made sure Petra looked every bit the stunning statue that she had become.

    Fifi turned at the sound of Julie's footsteps entering and nodded silently. She gathered her cleaning supplies and quietly exited the library without a word but with a faint smile on her face, closing the double doors behind her.

    Loyal Fifi, Julie thought. She wondered if Fifi realized this new statue was, in fact, Petra herself. She alone - of all the staff and even Grandpa Covington - had not asked about the sculpture, nor where Petra was in the past few days. Surely the lack of a living warm body and appearance of a very cold, marble body that looked exactly like Petra must have sunk in. Julie had made up the excuse that Petra was around (which was true), and deep into studying art history (also true, from a point of view) for midterms. And everyone had seemed to accept that as fact. The very real fact that Petra had missed the midterms while doing her best impression of a marble monument didn't bother Julie too much. Consider it a much more appropriate payback for the inconvenience you put me through, miss I-can-turn-people-to-stone-for-fun-without-any-consequences, she grinned.

    Julie cocked her head to one side as she took a moment to inspect the marbleized Petra. The stone nude had perfectly smooth alabastered skin across her slender waist and the hint of sculpted musculature down her bare tummy. Firmed breasts were so pleasing to the eye and touch. With unreal attention to fine detail in regards to Petra's eyelashes, slicked back hair and locks down there… anyone would have to be a complete moron not to recognize this statue as being Petra!

    Of course since the mansion was quite large, very few people had likely actually seen the beautiful statue, and that helped Julie avoid some embarrassing explanations.

    "Well, now, don't you look so pretty?" Julie teased the motionless maiden. Petra's raised, open palms and crossed wrists gave the impression that she had been defending herself against the petrification beam but Julie knew better. She would be relishing her experience as a naked stone statue if she had any awareness of the world around her, but she was just a statue. A damn sexy statue, but a statue nonetheless. It was time to wake the sleeping princess.

    "Wakey, wakey!" Julie aimed the red ring at the Petra statue and restored the girl to life.

    Petra breathed in deeply as she cringed in the scarlet beam. "No!" she screamed in mock protest, before realizing that she had been turned to stone already and Julie was just now restoring her. Petra relaxed as she saw Julie's demeanor had changed for the better since she had last seen her aunt. "Uh, I'm really, really sorry Julie…really!" Petra flashed a toothy smile as she accepted Grandpa Covington's smoking jacket when Julie handed it to her.

    "Yes, yes, I know…" Julie crossed her arms skeptically as Petra covered up her nakedness. "And since I forgive you," Julie began, as Petra's face brightened, "I thought we should get away for a few days, take a test drive…"

    "You got a new car?" Petra was surprised that Julie would give up her favorite convertible.

    "Not exactly," Julie smiled as she slipped off the green ring from her finger and handed it to Petra.

    "Huh?" Petra looked at the ring quizzically. It looked like the same old petrifying ring, but there was a new twist, literally.

    "Look at the mounting plate," Julie hinted.

    Petra took a closer look and realized the green emerald stone was set in a base that could now turn like a dial.

    "Cool, what does it do?" Petra queried.


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