The Amazing Adventures of Julie, Petra, and the Incredible Petrifying Ring Thing

(Part 53~56)

by CMQ

[Parts 1-9 of this story were originally posted on the message boards of Medusa Realm, Hall of Statuary, and Mannequin Lovers. They now have been brought together in combined pages as a series. The most recent previous parts 44 thru 51 are accessible via this link and part 52 thru this link.

The story continues here with Part 53. Ed.]

Author’s Note: Once again, this is an ongoing story inspired by the work of Thorne Smith's "Night Life of the Gods"...

--Mad Medusa’s lab--

Madame Medusa stared at the grey-toned girl suspended over her anti-grav platform.  The platform was a 4-foot diameter metallic slab that tapered to a lighted plastic top.  A column of light rose with the statue of Petra hovering within.  She remained in a slightly different pose than when she had been petrified.  Her right hand, specifically, was in a different position and missing an important piece of jewelry.  Otherwise, her denim jacket, pink top and shorts and shoes remained as solidly petrified as her figure.

Shadow Lady stood frozen nearby, her naked, alabastered skin glistened under the fluorescent light coming off of Petra’s suspension column.  Madame Medusa had removed all weapons and costuming from the statue and stored them in an electronic jamming canister.  Those FF Inc girls had a bad tendency to be able to follow their captured sisters and Medusa was in no mood to be distracted.  She was much more fascinated with Shadow Lady’s current statuefied state.  Flawless marble locks of hair merged with the pretty smooth skinned face.  Full lips pursed in a motionless gasp.  The lines of her neck and shoulderblades drew attention to the statue’s marvelous bosom.  Preserved in pristine marble, Shadow Lady’s round breasts were delightfully hardened.  Medusa couldn’t take her gaze of those beautiful marble mammaries. So perfect in their preserved immortal state!  She forced herself to look away and contemplate the emerald ring in her palm and she held it up to the light in-between her fingers.  Could this little bauble be the cause for Shadow Lady’s marbleized state? 

All the evidence pointed to it.  She had seen, from the concealment of her disguised delivery truck, the young lady, now lovingly rendered a petrified statue, use the green beam that stopped Shadow Lady in her tracks and turned her to a marble statue.  The images on the girl’s video camera, one of the girl’s personal items de-petrified by Medusa and watched with intense interest, revealed a tantalizing opportunity.

Numerous images of people, innocent bystanders apparently, turned to stone and back by this young lovely who she now had in granite imprisonment.  There were even scenes and pictures of the young girl herself, being turned to a stone statue and back.  Apparently this lovely young thing enjoyed both the petrification of others and herself.  Madame Medusa had never turned the power of petrification against herself.  She knew most of her subjects found petrification most uncomfortable but apparently this girl found it enjoyable.

Medusa considered the possibilities as she clutched the emerald ring and stared at the petrified girl.  She aimed her targeting scope at the frozen girl floating in the suspension beam and pressed the button on the side of her helmet that switched the energy of her petrification beam to restoration.  A setting she had little use for most of the time, but it did come in handy when it came to move certain subjects into new poses.  She illuminated Petra’s motionless granite body with the ray and Petra stirred back to life.

“Unnnnh,” Petra groaned as her stiffened joints were allowed to flex.  The grayed tones of her clothing rustled as they returned to colorful state.  Petra felt as if she were waking up from a million-year sleep, her body ached and her limbs felt both numb and like they were weighted down by 10 tons.  She found her vision engulfed by a weird glow and then realized her feet weren’t touching the ground!  She spun around and found herself uncontrollably spinning within some sort of energy field.  A prison she couldn’t escape from, and which held her helplessly in midair.

“Welcome, miss…” Medusa cocked her head and smiled at the disoriented girl.

“Where am I?  Who are you?” Petra tumbled in the null gravity field as she tried unsuccessfully to right herself.

“I am Madame Medusa, sweet thing” the woman wore a white leotard, with snake-like serpents growing from her waist and encircling her breasts and the green upper portion of her costume.  She wore a visored helmet and her hair tied back in a ponytail, much like Petra herself.

Petra gasped.  The arch villainess of the FF INC!  The one who tried to petrify the superheroines numerous times…just like she and Julie tried to do.  A lump filled in her throat.

“Your name honey-Petra Covington.  Petra.  Such an appropriate name,” Medusa remarked as she held up Petra’s wallet and ID.  “Tell me, Petra, would you like to end up like dear Shadow Lady over there?”

Petra looked and saw the naked marble body of Shadow Lady.  She gasped both in astonishment at seeing the heroine still as a statue, but also at the incredible beauty of the nude heroine.  She was perfect, flawless and so beautiful as a statue.  The long silky smooth legs of the statue, now made of marbled stone, had a soft sheen on them.  The tiny waist and flat stomach of the heroine showed some muscle definition due to her athletic nature.  The breasts though, were the centerpiece of the figure.  So round and smooth, with only the pebbled aureoles interrupting the curvature.  Petra realized Shadow Lady was still petrified from the point where she had last been conscious of what was going on.  But she could right her wrong by turning the tables on this Medusa bitch. She looked at her hand and found the green ring gone!

“Looking for this?” Medusa held up the green ring.

“Give me that!” Petra reached out but was inhibited by the field.  She flipped over and lost her sense of equilibrium as she struggled to keep upright.

“A most fascinating device,” Medusa slipped the ring onto her right hand ring finger.  “I’ve only seen it in use on your little home video but I have to say I’m most impressed based on what I’ve found in your purse.”  She tapped her helmet with her finger.  “I’ve even taken a cue from your little ring and upgraded my helmet so that it can do much the same thing as your ring apparently can do as far as turning things to stone partially.” She twisted the emerald stone and aimed at a nearby potted plant.  It was bathed in the light and the pot and dirt turned white and stoney but the green plant remained untouched.  “Still, this ability to affect inorganic petrification, but not organic…”she aimed the ring at Petra, helpless to move out of the way and fired the beam.  “Very much impressive!”

“Hey!  NO!” Petra tried to shield herself as the ring penetrated the field.  Petra felt her clothing stiffen and harden around her, turning into solid marble.  As she spun in her vain efforts to avoid the beam she found her stoney shorts and top crack and split into fragments around her!  Her clothing disintegrated into bits and pieces of marble, floating in a halo around her naked body.  Petra tried to shield her breasts and pussy with her hands but her modesty got in the way of her balance and she had to uncover in order to try and wave her hands in the null field.

“Very nice,” Medusa complimented.  Petra realized she wasn’t referring to the green ray’s ability but to her own naked body!  She noticed Petra’s nipples were hard pegs of marble, still stoney from earlier on in the day when Petra was goofing off.

“And apparently these higher settings can turn you to stone completely or partially, just like my helmet can now do.”  Medusa stepped forward until she was practically a foot away from Petra.  The naked girl’s trimmed crotch hovered in front of Medusa’s face.  “Would you like a taste of it?”

“Y-…No…I…” Petra hesitated and stumbled over her words as her arms brushed against the marble points attached to her squishy breasts. 

“You’re quite the petriphile aren’t you?” Medusa stared at Petra’s breasts and the circle of marbled aureoles that peeked out from beneath the girl’s hapless attempt to cover herself.  She turned and held up Petra’s pictures.  “I’ve see what you’ve done with this ring and I think you’re only doing it for fun but there are other applications.”  She touched her helmet and reset the beam to petrification.  Aiming her targeting scope she blasted Petra’s delicate feet with her raybeam.

“No!  Ahhg…” Petra’s feet were turning rapidly to rock.  But it wasn’t the same sensation as when she was often turned to stone by Julie’s ring.  This felt like arthritis, a painful tingling in her extremities that started to creep up her legs as Medusa’s gaze rose.

“Feels different doesn’t it?”  Medusa knowingly pointed at Petra’s marbled nipples.  “I imagine your little ring isn’t nearly as noticeable when its being used, based on the footage on your video.  Where did you get it? Tell me please.”

“Uhhmm, Petra squirmed in the field as her ankles locked in place.  She felt as if she were wearing concrete shoes.  “I’ll never…Ahh!”  Petra’s knees froze as her thighs began to solidify.  She instinctively reached down to rub them and found her fingers turn to stone.

“Tell me or you’ll be decorating my garden soon,” Medusa raised her gaze to creep the beam up Petra’s sleek legs.

 “J-J-Julie…aahg” she gasped as she raised her frozen hands, turned to stone midway down her palms and immobile in a grasping claw.  Petra was on the verge of crying.  This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be! Madame Medusa’s petrification ray…hurt!

“The other young woman with you?  Hmm. I suppose she has the other ring, the one that changes what you turn to stone back?”  Medusa shook her head as she stopped turning Petra’s legs to stone right below her crotch.  “Well that’s too bad, but I think I can find a use for this.” She held up her fist and looked at the glimmering green stone.  “And you’re going to have an integral part in my plan…” Medusa took something off the nearby console, it looked like a TV remote control.  She pointed it at Petra’s crotch and pressed the button.

“No!” Petra screamed in…ecstasy?  She felt all her emotions swing around and become intensely erotic as she reached for her moistening sex with her petrified fingers to satisfy herself.

Medusa was waiting for that though, and the villainess turned the helmet to full power and petrified Petra into a granite sculpture frozen in the throes of sexual pleasure.  The girl’s fingers were so close to her stoney sex but just short of satisfaction. Madame Medusa admired the sculptured physique of the naked girl.  Firm, perky breasts.  And those marble nipples were now grey and rocky.  So I can turn whatever she’s turned to stone with my ray but not restore whatever she’s turned to stone. She pressed the button on her helmet and fired again, restoring the petrified girl to flesh.

“Ahhh!” Petra gasped in pleasure and pain, as she was restored head to toe.  She fingered her pussy, desperate to satisfy the building sexual explosion growing inside her.  

“What were you doing at FF INC HQ?” Medusa asked pointedly.

“I-I,” Petra tried to resist the conflicting feelings of extreme eroticism and the debilitating effect of the petrification.  Medusa turned the switch on her helmet and changed Petra back into silent stone, now with two fingers buried in her crotch.  “N-” her pleas were silenced as she returned to a motionless statue.

“You will tell me everything,” Medusa swore as she adjusted her helmet once again.  “One way or another…”


-- Julie’s Offer--

“We’re going to have to search out all of Medusa’s old hiding places.  After we turn you over to the authorities,” Sue told the dejected Julie as Cosmic Girl relaxed her grip on the frightened woman’s wrist.  “Get to work on the database,” she instructed Wanda and Tiffany.

“But I can help!” Julie pleaded.  “It wasn’t supposed to be like this…I can find them!” Julie wasn’t quite sure why she said that.

“What do you mean?” Flamestar looked at Julie very suspiciously.

“I…the micro circuitry in the rings I designed,” She pointed at the red ring in Sue’s palm and Wanda and Flamestar pounced on the girl, grabbing her arms and holding them tightly.  “OW!” Julie protested as the Sorceress tried to hold her.

“Oh no you don’t,” Flamestar struggled with Julie’s hand.  She wasn’t sure if this woman had special powers or not but there was no sense in taking any chances.

“You’re hurting her!” Heatwave yelled as Darlene came in to take hold of the struggling Julie. 

Darlene grasped her arms around Julie’s arms and chest, squeezing her grip so that the girl could not get free.  Julie found her head pressed up against the rather firm bosom of Cosmic Girl’s breasts.

“No you don’t understand!”  Julie tried to make herself heard.  “That ring can change Shadow Lady back to normal!”

“And?” Transparency Girl held the ring up and frowned at Julie. “Without a way to find Shadow Lady this isn’t going to be used anytime soon,” Sue handed the ring to Wanda.  “Lock this up in the vault and tell the police we have someone to pick up.”

“Look, I-,” Julie hung her head.  “I’m really sorry about what we-I’ve done,” she tried to apologize.  “I want to make amends for what I’ve done to you.”

“A little late for apologies,” Flamestar flipped her long red hair dismissingly and was about to head to the computer room with Sue and Tiffany.

“Wait!” Julie grasped at one last straw.  “I can track the other ring…with your help and equipment…”

Wanda hesitated as she looked to Sue.  “Do you think that’s true?”

Susan weighed what Julie had just said.  “Possibly,” the blonde heroine whispered.  “Without Dee here we’re a little short on the technology know-how.”

“What about Artie?”  Wanda offered, referring to FF INC’s robotic assistant/butler/handybot.  “He could figure out a way to track the other ring if he looks at this one.”  She put up her crimson-gloved hand.

“He could probably do it, but he would have to take apart the thing to start examining it and I don’t want to take that chance if this thing can restore Dee back to normal.”

“We do have the Mok’tn transformer,” Crimson Sorceress reminded Sue.

“Yes, but even then I’m not willing to risk having Dee end up a statue forever if it somehow doesn’t work,” Sue looked at Julie, firmly held in Darlene’s clutches.  The girl wasn’t resisting.  It would have been pointless anyway, considering Darlene’s enhanced strength.  Cosmic Girl’s skirt was hiked up a little, showing some of her white pantied crotch due to the way Julie was being held.

“Okay, we’re going to have to trust you, but only to a certain point.  Get Artie down here to help out in one of the labs and I want you to watch everything she’s doing Cosmic Girl.  Don’t let her get into anything she shouldn’t be getting into.”  The commanding heroine dressed in tight blue and white spun around and left.

“Right,” Darlene nodded as she and Tiffany led Julie away.  They shared a look that was both sympathetic and worried at the same time.  Was this strange woman, with these strange rings, one of which turned Dee into a solid marble statue, trustworthy or not?  And what about Madame Medusa, what did she have in store for the helpless Shadow Lady?  And what did it feel like to be turned to stone by this strange woman’s invention?  These were questions that had to be answered.


-- New Victims--

Bibi Fremont glanced across the street quickly.  She wore a short, yet smart, beige miniskirt business suit ensemble.  A clingy powder blue blouse molded itself to her breasts as she briskly weaved her way around other pedestrians on their way to work. She was going to be late for her appointment at Billington’s.  She just knew she should have set her alarm earlier and now she was going to pay the price. She was barely paying attention to the people around her as her thoughts were fully focused to getting to her destination. As the traffic stopped she stepped off the curb, ignoring the loud horns and…screams?

She looked up and found people running by her in the middle of the street.  Confused, she turned, her long brunette hair whipping around, and froze. Literally.  Her body stiffened and turned into solid stone.  Her long pantyhose clad legs, visible from mid thigh down to her tan pumps, changed to grey with a crackling sound.  Her arms stiffened, one hand still clutching the strap of her purse.  Her eyes widened like saucers in that instant of realization of what was happening to her. Her bright pink colored lipstick lips pursed into an inaudible gasp as they changed from soft skin to hard rock. Head to toe, she was now a solid statue of granite, totally immobile, as stationary as the traffic posts around her.  Fleeing people paid her no heed now; she was nothing more than an inanimate statue.  They were concentrating on their own need to get to safety.

“Not bad,” Madame Medusa strode confidently down the street. She admired the frightened look on the statue’s face as she walked right by.  The short stoney skirt showed off a lot of leg, and it clung to the curve of the statue’s butt and hips like a glove.  A stone glove now, but Medusa did enjoy the eye candy of seeing yet another lovely lady immortalized.  She knew this gift of eternal beauty was a just reward in return for being turned into a statue. Perhaps she would have time to come back and claim this new sculpture for her personal and private statuary, but there were more important matters on hand.

She turned her head and targeted a blonde across the street trying to run in high heels.  The bosomy woman’s stuttering steps were halted as the petrifying ray hit squarely on the woman’s flank.  Her body froze as if it became pebbly and granite as if fused to the sidewalk.  Her arms were close to her sides but bent at the elbows so that her forearms were pointing out.  The frozen woman amused Medusa. So unwilling to take off her designer heels in her escape attempt faster, the woman paid the price for her folly.  Now her entire outfit was solid rock and worthless.  But her body, so voluptuous and curvy was possibly worth a lot to Medusa’s statuary garden.  She would have to come back later and inspect the woman close up.  If she had time.  There was a timetable to her plan and she might not have a chance.  It was a pity; there were always statues she could not come back for, for some reason or another.

It wasn’t like the old times back on her private island, where she could stalk the beautiful that stopped off for the scenery or lure them from the mainland.  Back then she could keep every statue she created.  They must have outnumbered her by the dozens, decorating her temple and the grounds outside. The beach, the bathing pool. She had numerous lovelies in various states of dress as decorations.  She missed having that kind of collection.  Now her personal statuary was much more modest.  About a dozen, total, at any given time.  FF INC always had a knack for interfering in her latest plans and freeing her stoney collection from statue servitude.  She had dedicated herself to turning each and every one of those heroines to stone forever.  Their perfect bodies deserved a place of honor in her statuary and though they might not believe so, she was doing them a favor by preserving their flawless figures forever.

Another blast from Medusa’s ray swept across a crowd of people.  They all turned to stone, a mass of humanity huddled together in a frozen group. A tall woman in tight jeans and a strapless top, seemingly out of place with all the financial zone workers in suits and dresses, looked quite lovely to the villainess as she ogled the hips and well rounded ass of her latest victim.  The low-riding pants showed off acres of stoney skin between the statue’s navel and the top of the jeans. The woman’s breasts were practically spilling out of her tube top, but now that her tits and top were made of stone, nothing would be jiggling free or loose now. Medusa looked quizzically at this petrified pretty who just didn’t fit in with the others.  Must be a tourist.

Deserted automobiles, some turned to stone with the drivers still inside, clogged the street.  Pedestrians, frozen in stone by her helmet, were like bizarre public artwork now.  Medusa made her way to the bank.  The streets, other than the petrified victims, were mostly deserted now of people.  She heard police sirens and spun around to catch a squad car coming down the opposite side of the street squarely in her petrifying beam.  The car and cops screeched to a halt. Frozen sculptures through and through.

A quick trip inside the bank netted a good haul.  Medusa had summoned her trusty hoverjet as she carried the plastic bags full of stacks of bills.  She loaded it up quickly; knowing FF INC would soon be here to stop her.


 --Off to the Rescue--

Julie was hunkered over the FF INC computer console.  She had tried to program it to search out the similar technology custom-built insider her red ring and trace the ring.  The resources of FF INC HQ were unbelievable.  And her lab assistant, the robotic RT-10, or Artie as FF INC called him, was unbelievably helpful in her efforts to narrow down the parameters of the tracking scanners that could blanket Fem City.  She couldn’t help but marvel at this robot as it hovered by her, following her instructions on what to target for and how to adjust the advanced technology behind the wall.

From the back of the room, Darlene watched Julie frantically work.  Her view of this woman had changed considerably in the past few days.  She had worked tirelessly to get the right adjustments and specific devices calibrated.  She could see genuine concern over her missing niece, as well as the abducted Deidre, much more clearly now.  At first she had felt Julie was just another one of those freeze-favoring villains FF INC had frequently run across.  Her own feelings notwithstanding about being rendered immobile, or turned into a statue, this woman had turned one of her teammates to stone against her will and her first thoughts were of sending this woman to prison just like any of the other foes she had faced.  Now, she could see, based on some of her examination of the evidence discovered in Julie’s purse, that her petrifications had been more in the range of pranks rather than out of maliciousness.

Julie sighed as she set a tool down.  She hadn’t slept at all over the past 40 hours, her time divided between being frantic at finding Petra as well as Shadow Lady and at other times immersed in the hard science of what she had to do to get the results she needed.  Some early success in tracking the other ring today had stalled.  It was as if the ring was non-existent at times, with no signal, and others a strong, albeit difficult to track, presence.  Julie couldn’t figure out what she was doing wrong, her calculations and intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the rings was unsurpassed by anyone else on the planet.  Why would it blink in and out on the scanner unless she was doing something wrong?

Heatwave came up behind Darlene and put a comforting arm around Cosmic Girl’s waist.  She knew Darlene was both worried and titillated by what was going on, much as she herself was.  They didn’t dare reveal their secret relationship, a fetish for transforming each other into motionless playthings, at this delicate point.  Her own sister had exploded quite completely at the notion of anyone doing it for fun.  Tiffany looked at Julie as the scientist dove back into her work and whispered into Darlene’s ear.  “Do you think we’ll be able to find them?”

Darlene responded with a serious “We’ll find them,” as Wanda and Sue came running down the hall outside.

“I think I have a signal,” Julie declared with some certainty as she scrambled to get a fix on the blinking display.

“Cosmic Girl, Heatwave!  Madame Medusa’s been sighted in the financial district!  She’s turning people to statues by the dozens!” The Crimson Sorceress ran into the room.  Her long curled hair bounced across her shoulders almost as much as her round breasts, wrapped in pink and red spandex.  Her cape swirled behind her as she caught hold of the doorframe. Wanda sounded very worried.

Cosmic Girl quickly moved to Julie’s side and turned on one of the television monitors in the room and it leapt to life as the bright screen showed a live broadcast from a news chopper.  The camera zoomed in on what looked like statues peppering the streets.  Darlene realized they were all people caught up in Medusa’s rampage.

Julie looked at the screen and as she came to the same conclusion her jaw dropped at the chaos that was developing.

“Flamestar has already gone ahead,” Susan declared as she came into the room.  Her diamond cutout on her chest showed the fullness of her bare breasts, but her form-fitting costume otherwise completely covered up her body.  “Let’s get the Inc Jet up and out.”

“Roger,” Darlene was already out of the room, her blue and yellow trimmed miniskirt flipped up as she ran, showing a glimpse of her fine shaped asscheeks.  Closely following, Wanda ran down the hall to the hangar elevator.

Tiffany was about to leave but stopped as she looked back at Julie.  “What about her?”  The girl in the gold and orange costume looked to Transparency Girl.

Sue looked at Julie. There was a level of trust she had with Julie but it only went so far.  Leaving her alone, even with Artie, considering her capable technical skills was a risk she was not willing to take.  “Artie, you’re going to have to back us up.  Set stasis beam generator for three hours.  If we’re not back by then, repeat procedure until otherwise ordered.”

“Affirmative, mistress,” Artie responded in his monotone voice.

“Wha-“ Julie started to ask as she was struck between the breasts by Artie’s blue-green stasis beam.  Instantly her body was rendered rigid, as she became a living mannequin.  Julie’s eyes were wide with worry and surprise.  Her figure, still as a statue, remained alone like some sort of ultra-realistic modern art sculpture, as the heroines departed.


...The twilight of the FF Godesses?.. .

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