The Amazing Adventures of Julie, Petra, and the Incredible Petrifying Ring Thing

(Part 60~65)

by CMQ

[The beginnings of this story were originally posted on the message boards of Medusa Realm, Hall of Statuary, and Mannequin Lovers. Recently the segments have been filed as messages on the Gorgon Art group of Yahoo. They now have been brought together in combined pages as a series. The most recent previous parts 57 thru 59 are accessible via this link.

The story continues here with Part 60. Ed.]

Author’s Note: Once again, this is an ongoing story inspired by the work of Thorne Smith's "Night Life of the Gods"...

--The Sorceress and the Statues--

The Inc Jet blasted off mere minutes later and headed to the scene of the latest disturbance.  Wanda removed the Mok’tn helmet after she restored the next awaiting group of statues to normal.  Her body was soaked with perspiration.  Wet and clingy, the straps of cloth over her breasts showed the prominence of her nipples like a wet t-shirt.  She set the helmet down on the control panel and stood up for what seemed like the first time in a hundred years and brushed away the wet curls of hair dangling in front of her face.  The vinyl stuck to her hot sweaty legs even through the sheer pink pantyhose of her costume and peeled away from her as she stood.  “Stacey, I’m going to help the others, she climbed down from the control booth on a metal ladder and watched as Artie restored two more women to normal with his now built-in petrification restoration ray.  “Can you two handle things here?

“No problem Wanda,” Stacey replied as Deidre followed her and Artie out of the room.  The victims went one way and Wanda the other, after locking the room securely so that no one would get any crazy ideas about using the transmuter.  It was bad enough there were so many people inside the HQ.  Who knows what someone might want to take as a souvenir?  Her thoughts were interrupted by the beeping on her femm-comm.  She adjusted her comm.-controls to show the incoming report in holographic form.  A report from the police down below about people being turned to stone, just about a block or two away from here?  Did Medusa bring the fight to them?  Wanda headed to the elevator immediately.  On the way she passed the still paralyzed Julie Covington, set aside in the hallway like some kind of forgotten display mannequin.  Throughout all the commotion of incoming victims and trying to find Flamestar the command given to Artie had never been rescinded and the dutiful robot had continuously placed Julie in ongoing stasis ever since she was first frozen in place.

The Crimson Sorceress headed out of the FF INC HQ building, passing the tents set up around the fountain statues and stopped when she recognized Officer Kimberly.  “Reports are coming in that she’s moving in this direction Sorceress!” Kimberly’s voice sounded shaken.  “We’ve got to get all these people away from here!”  She tried to direct the other officers to start moving some of the dazed people away in an orderly manner before panic started to set in.

“She’s crazy!” A frightened woman ran past Wanda in the opposite direction.  “She’s turning everyone to stone!”

Wanda slipped past the woman and headed down the street.  The fleeing crowd thinned as she saw the first stone victim.  She stopped and looked at the marble statue of a woman dressed in skintight jeans and a frilly collared top that bared her arms and a noticeable amount of cleavage.  The woman’s face was a marble mask of frightened surprise. “Something’s different,” Dee touched the woman’s petrified shoulder.  This statue was pristine and white and pure marble, not at all like the granite grey stone statues that Madame Medusa had made before.  Was Madame Medusa experimenting with new tech?  That couldn’t be good news.  Wanda ran as fast as her red high heeled boots allowed.  She knew they were not the best thing to wear but they looked so stylish, contrasted with the pink pantyhose on her legs and went with the long cape she usually wore but had left behind at HQ during the marathon stone-to-flesh restoration session.

She expected to see the Inc Jet or one of the other heroines by now.  Surely there would be the sounds of battle this close?  More marble victims.  Something was gnawing at Wanda’s mind that this didn’t seem right.  As if this wasn’t the work of Madame Medusa.  But who else would?  She passed more marble statues and suddenly a woman in a green and white miniskirt stepped out behind a marble woman.

”Hello, Crimson Sorceress!”  Gorgon Girl said happily.  Her hands were on her hips which she had cocked to one side to exaggerate the curve of her body.  Her head was covered with a Madame Medusa helmet.

“Who are you?”  Wanda demanded.  She wasn’t fooled as to the identity of this new girl as her voice was younger than Medusa’s.  “Where are my friends?”  She held up her hands and generated a mystic energy blast that knocked the girl on her butt.

“Oomph!”  Gorgon Girl landed on her rump and tumbled over, the Medusa helmet flipping off her head, exposing a white domino mask and a tussled brown ponytail of hair.  “That hurt!” she rubbed her hip as she sat spread legged so that her white panties were showing inside her flipped skirt.  “Your friends are probably being turned to stone by my mistress even as we speak!” She turned to see the helmet on the pavement and made a scrambling crawl for it.

The Sorceress generated a mystic field that lifted the helmet up and out of reach of the girl.  “Not so fast,” Wanda said somewhat securely.

“Psyche!” Gorgon Girl squeezed the trigger on the green ring she had leveled at the Sorceress.  A wide beam of petrifying green light embraced Wanda’s body as she lifted the levitating helmet away.

“Wha?” Wanda felt her entire body tingle as the green light embraced her body.  She tried to move but could not.  She had turned to solid marble!  Her body was positioned like an archer’s.  Her legs spread wide apart for balance, her curvy figure in profile leaning back on her right leg.  Her left arm was thrust forward, like a bowman’s, her hand spread with fingers guiding the levitating helmet.  Her right arm was cocked back, hands clutching an invisible ball, as if she were generating another mystic bolt.  She was still and silent.  Though her colorful pink and red costume belied anything harm, her brunette hair and her lovely face were marble white!  Framed in her crimson headdress, Wanda’s face was frozen in the moment she realized she had been taken advantage of.  The helmet Gorgon Girl wore was a ruse.  The real petrifying power was in her ring!  That split second before utter and complete petrification was the one where Wanda realized her opponent was using the ring that the Julie woman paralyzed back at HQ had invented.  That information would not help her now as her body was now head to toe fixed in stone.  Marble legs, marble bust, marble arms, marble everything!  The levitating helmet clattered down to the pavement, its mystical energy source now trapped in the stone statue Wanda had become.

Petra rushed over to her newest acquisition.  “Absolutely delicious!” she admired the motionless statue.  “This so will not do though,” She pulled the stretchy pink bodysuit that Wanda wore under her outer crimson leotard.  “I can’t wait to get you back to the hideout and strip you naked,” Petra purred as she felt the marble crotch of Wanda, slipping her fingers in-between the red one-piece suit and the pink inner costume.  She could make out the cleft of Wanda’s pubic mound, preserved in marble, and the rough impression of petrified pubic hair that lay pressed against the statue-heroine’s crotch.

Taking an anti-grav disc off of her belt, Petra affixed it to the hardened tummy of the Sorceress statue and watched approvingly as the stiffened figure hovered in the air a foot off the ground.  Turning the statue on its side, Petra guided the marble figure to the truck she had ready for her getaway.  She stared longingly at some of the marble statues she had to leave behind.  Some were really nice looking, even if they were completely marble clad in stone clothing.  But she had the real prize, the exquisitely proportioned statue of Shadow Lady.


-- Dwindling Numbers--

“I can’t believe we fell for that!” Sue slammed her hand angrily against the control panel of the monitor room.

“I’m sure Wanda took all the precautions she could,” Cosmic Girl said softly. 

“She left her homing beacon behind!” Sue pointed at the crimson cape and homing beacon brooch that lay draped over a chair.  “And now she’s gone too!”

“She didn’t have time,” Stacey said softly in Wanda’s defense.  “The reports were coming from downstairs that Madame Medusa-“

“Was nowhere near here!” Sue snapped.  “Those statues we found where Wanda disappeared?  Marble!  Just like the marble statues that woman was making!”  She pointed again to the motionless virtual statue of Julie Covington.  “We should just turn her over to the police and be done with her!”

“Maybe,” Tiffany offered.  “Maybe she could help us…”

“Help us?” Sue angrily retorted.  Tiffany took a step back.  She had never seen Sue so angry before.  Usually the cool calm leader of the team, Sue was obviously feeling the strain of having team members disappear and the overwhelming pressure related to restoring the hundreds of petrified victims wasn’t helping.  “She’s the cause of all this!”

“She said she didn’t have anything to do with Madame Medusa,” Darlene tried to calm Sue down.  “Maybe Tiffany is right.  Maybe she can at least…help us reverse the marble effect that her ring created?”

Sue looked at Tiffany and Darlene in silence.  There were precious few options left to them.  Deidre was their tech genius and she was gone.  That woman in stasis seemed to be intelligent and well spoken but how could she trust her?  Dee was kidnapped as a direct result of this woman’s twisted gratification.  Angie and Wanda were both gone now too, and if that wasn’t Julie’s fault too she didn’t know who to blame but…herself?  Was her fatigue blinding her to something so obvious?  “All right,” she sighed.  “Artie, release Miss Covington from stasis.”

“Affirmative mistress,” Artie replied as he came to life and hovered over to the immobilized Julie.  A beam of light shot out of Artie’s optic sensor and struck Julie’s bust line.  The woman stirred, moving her arms and legs for the first time in days.

“Ohh,” She regained her senses and tried to work out the stiffness in her joints.

“You’re going to help us,” Susan said.

“Please?” Tiffany said with puppy dog eyes.  “My sister is missing and so is Wa-Crimson Sorceress.  And your niece is gone too.  We’re trying to find Madame Medusa.  Can’t you help?”

“I told you I don’t have anything to do with this Madame Medusa person,” Julie reiterated.  “I don’t know anything about-“ She noticed the marble victims of Gorgon Girl being brought into the triage center re-established in the fountain courtyard outside the building on one of the large monitors. A solid marble woman in a marble dress was being set down next to a couple of marble guys in stone jeans and shirts.  Next to them another marble woman with frizzy marble hair looking like she was turned to stone while yelling for help. “Were they turned to stone by my ring?” She asked no one in particular.  Darlene nodded her head.  “I can change them back to normal.  Where’s my ring?”

“If you think we’re about to trust you with your ring you’ve got another thing-“ Sue started.

“Please, I think we can trust her!” Tiffany interrupted.  She looked long and hard into Susan’s eyes.  “It’s just a feeling I have…”

”I agree with Heatwave,” Darlene supported Heatwave.  “Julie may be…misguided,”  It was hard for her to speak those words because she knew they applied to both her and Tiffany as well.  “But I don’t think she’s evil or even a bad person.  I think we can trust her.”

“I think you’ve both lost your minds,”  Susan looked at both Cosmic Girl and Heatwave.  “But get the ring.  Maybe she can at least help us restore those people.”

“Thanks Su-er Transparency Girl!” Tiffany hugged Sue and ran to get the red ring.

“You won’t regret it,” Julie said quietly.

“I’d better not,” Susan warned.


--Making Amends--

“Unngh…” the woman groaned as her body regained its suntanned hues.  The alabaster marble coloring to her torso warmed as Julie enveloped the now partially marble woman with the red restoration ring.  Sweeping it up and down the woman’s body, Julie erased the marble effect, bringing back the black pants and white blouse.  The woman’s long hair, secured in the back by a barrette began to soften into wisps of honey.  “Where…where am I?” she said groggily.

“It’s okay,” Julie reassured the woman as she helped her regain her balance.  The woman looked around at all the strange marble statues that had yet to be restored to life.  “Was I like that?” She asked hazily as she remembered her last conscious moments.

“We’ll explain everything. This way,” Stacey said as she led the woman away.  “Thanks Julie,” she said as she helped the confused woman.

“No problem,” Julie said wearily as she rubbed her eyes.  “Fifty down and…” she surveyed the room and did a mental calculation based on the info she had last received from Stacey.  “A couple hundred to go.”  She wondered how Madame Medusa had managed to decipher the intricacies of her petrifying green ring and then shook her head at that thought.  The woman had created her own type of petrification ray, I don’t think it would be a huge stretch to say she could figure out a simple ring with a dial and trigger function.  She looked over the silent marble statues that were her only company for the moment and felt the guilt over having had a hand in their marble fate.

“Where are you Petra?” she said softly as she took a deep breath and got back to work.

Overhead in the control room Susan walked into the booth manned by Cosmic Girl.  “How’s it going?” she asked Darlene.

“Good.  Not as fast as I’d hoped (she lied, she saw some rather delectable looking marbled women that had gone through and wished she had time to examine them more closely) but since there’s only one ring.”  Darlene turned around on the chair she was sitting on so that her back was to the control booth glass.

“We should have used the transmuter,” Sue said as she looked down on the staging area of the testing room.

“And deplete ourselves even further?” Darlene countered.  “You saw what it did to Wanda.  It through off her thinking enough that she forgot to bring her homing beacon with her when she left.  We were all dead tired from taking turns using it to change all these statues back to life.  We’re STILL dead tired.  I don’t know why you won’t go take a break.”

“I’m not letting her out of our sight.  She’s too smart,” Sue stared as Julie returned a woman in a minidress and high heels back from marble statuedom. 

“She’s really trying to make things right,” Darlene again countered.  “She hasn’t even taken one break since she started this.” She spun in her chair to face the staging area and watched as Julie returned a tall blonde jogger in tank top and shorts to life.  “And she’s really nice too.”

Susan looked at Darlene with a raised eyebrow.

“In…a weird…eccentric mad scientist who likes to turn people to stone nice,” Darlene placated her team leader.  “Really though, I just think she got a little carried away with what she was doing.  I don’t think she meant any harm to us.”

“And look at what she’s wrought,” Sue continued to stare at Julie as yet another victim returned from marble was recovered.  She turned and left the control room without another word.

“Looks like this is going to be a hard sell,” Darlene softly said under her breath.

In the FF INC HQ monitor room Sue strode in to find Tiffany at the monitor station.  “Any word?”  Sue had become rather terse with her nerves on edge due to the latest calamity.

“No, nothing at all,” Tiffany sighed.  She wondered what had happened to her sister.  Had she been turned to stone like all the other victims?  Was she on display now in some arch-villainess’ bizarre art gallery?  Or was she destined to be some sculptural trophy to be used as some kind of glorified memento to her defeat?  Some of those thoughts both chilled and excited the young heroine.

“Keep me posted,” Sue said as she turned and left.


--Gloating Gorgons--

“You know my dear, you do fabulous work,” Madame Medusa complimented Gorgon Girl.  She observed her young charge, who had the tip of her finger between her luscious lips as she surveyed the scarlet-clad statued body of the Crimson Sorceress.  Petra’s eyes darted over the so-squeezable but now solidly stony bosom.  Her desire to touch this marble perfection was palatable and Medusa relished the chance to deny her wants in a twisted game of mental domination.  “Such a dynamic pose,” she admired how the Sorceress’s breasts were so prominently thrust forward, and how equally the statue heroine’s rump was thrust back.  “Definitely some of your better work.” She critiqued.

“Thank you, mistress,” Gorgon girl smiled as she took a pair of fabric cutters out of a drawer.  “Would you like to do the honors?”

“No, the prize is yours to claim,” Medusa smiled as Petra started to cut away the costume from the frozen marble figure. 

Shreds of pink and red fell to the floor, revealing more and more of the marble loveliness that lay beneath.  Marbled breasts so round and utterly fantastic in their perfect circumference were exposed to the air.  Alabaster aureoles with erotic hardened points tipped the helpless statue’s bust.  A few more snips and long marble legs, so toned, so sculptural, so smooth, were freed from their cloth bondage.  A rough swatch of petrified pubic hair was the only thing that guarded the marble snatch after a few more seconds.  A fine tight, yet smooth marble ass begged to be rubbed.  Petra carefully removed the red headdress from the heroine’s stone face.  She took care not to break the delicate marble filigree curls that now christened the statue’s head.  Soon Wanda was naked but still in the same fixed pose she had been frozen in.   “You like?” Gorgon Girl gleefully cupped the underside of the statued heroine’s left breast and struck a pose as if she were a spokesmodel showing off the latest refrigerator or product to be sold online.

“She’ll look even better next to her friend,” Medusa licked her lips as she looked over to a marble pedestal where the whitened body of Shadow Lady stood.

Deidre was posed rather blandly in comparison to Wanda.  She was on a marble pedestal, reaching out with one hand as if to shake a fan’s hand.  She was frozen as if taking a step forward, her right leg leading and her hips swayed to counterbalance.  Her face, now sans the transparent wraparound goggles she normally wore reflected surprise and shock at being turned to stone.  Her marble lips were puckered as if she were trying to say something before she was rendered motionless marble.  She too had been rendered nude by Petra days ago.  And she made a beautiful statue, of that there was no doubt.  Her statuesque body with long lean legs and firm muscle toned midriff were complimented by the marble breasts she was famous for (the breasts, not being made of marble that is).  Stoned nipples reflected the excitement both Madame Medusa and Gorgon Girl felt when staring at the marbled woman’s nude body.  She was perfect.  A perfect voluptuous marble statue.  As all the FF INC heroines with their perfect bodies would soon become if they had anything to say about it.  How could they resist two master petrifiers?  There was no chance for victory!  Shadow Lady’s costume and equipment lay in a neat pile at the base of her pedestal, turned to grey granite by Medusa’s ray beam to thwart any chance of a homing signal getting out.

“You know I’d like to join them too,” Gorgon Girl said wickedly as she hiked her miniskirt and pulled her panties down to her knees.  She squatted next to the petrified Wanda, her fingers darting in and out of her exposed crotch.  She pulled her top up and began to fondle her marbled nipples.

“That could be arranged,” Medusa stared at the masturbating Gorgon Girl and turned her to stone with a quick beam of petrifying energy. 

The supple young body of Petra froze solid and turned to grey stone as Petra moaned both in both the agony and ecstasy of petrification.  She remained silent in her self-gratifying squat like some sort of erotic gnome.  Her body and costume were granite throughout but her nipples remained pure alabaster marble.  Madame Medusa had noticed how something in the way the petrifying ring worked seemed to cause her own petrifying ring to be ineffective.  Petra’s youthful erotic figure was now solid stone but her nipples, previously turned to marble at some undetermined point, remained so.  Medusa wondered if she could correct that if she took apart the ring to reveal its secrets and restore Petra’s nipples to flesh but she had no real desire to do so.  Turning things back from stone was a chore.  She would much rather perfect newer and better ways of petrifying comely targets.  “Have fun my dear,” Medusa stroked the grey stone of Petra’s cheek.  “I’ll restore you to normal soon,” she fought to say those words.  She had done this to Petra a few times since and each time she felt more guilt at changing the girl back to flesh and blood.  It was as if the girl desired to be stone.  As if she wanted to be a statue.  And Madame Medusa was denying her that experience every time she was brought back.  She couldn’t help but admire the statue-making ability of the girl, who had managed to create quite a tableau already with Wanda and Dee’s naked forms.

“I’ll return for you when I’ve gotten everything in order,” she turned on her heel and left the three statued women alone in silence.  She slipped off her petrifying helmet and unzipped her form-fitting bodysuit.  Her breasts leapt out of the tight, constricting costume and she gratuitously squeezed them with her hands like the ripe fruit they resembled.  She slipped on a simple white dress the fell into place alongside her curves.  As she straightened out the wrinkles in her dress a bell sounded.  “Early,” she smiled as she walked towards the secret door.  A press of the doorjamb and the secret entrance opened and closed behind her silently and completely.  She walked past a dozen or so nude statues.  Some made of the granite-like stone her petrifying ray effect caused and others made of the purest marble that Gorgon Girl’s ring caused.  All were devastingly beautiful in their nakedness and in a variety of poses that looked impulsive at times and thought-out at others.  She flicked on the light switch and spotlights shone to highlight each of the statues individually on their pedestals.  Arriving at the door to the street, Medusa unclasped the chain and turned the deadbolt to open the door.  “You’re early,” she smiled warmly.

“Well, you know I just couldn’t wait to do this,” the young woman dressed in a red striped top, open jacket, and white pants beamed.  “I’ve never done this before but it sounded so exciting when you described it.  I’ve never been immortalized before!”

“You won’t regret it,” Medusa invited the young model in, closing the door quietly and locking it securely.  A small sign on the closed door read Museum for the Exquisite Display of Unique Statuary Art, and another sign “Models wanted” beneath was flipped over to read “Closed” as Medusa set to work on her latest sculpture masterpiece.


--Hopeful Signs--

“Sue, I’ve got something!” Tiffany woke the groggy Transparency Girl.  Susan had tried to catch a few winks at Darlene’s request, but it was against her better judgment and Heatwave’s urgent call only confirmed her bad choice.

“What is it?” She spoke into her femm-comm as she made her way to the monitor room.

“Dee’s tracer!  It’s active!” Tiffany said excitedly. 

“I’m on my way!” Sue stepped into the elevator and it shot towards the control room level.

Inside the monitor room Stacey, Heatwave and Cosmic Girl awaited Susan’s arrival.  Sue’s attention was immediately directed at the flashing blip on the greater Fem City map.  It was steadily blinking and moving in a northerly course in a suburb just outside the city.

“Let’s get out there,” Sue ordered as Heatwave and Cosmic Girl departed to ready the Inc Jet.  “Can you handle Julie?” Sue asked Stacey.

“No trouble Sue,” Stacey smiled.  “Artie’s with her down in the staging area with the last of Medusa’s victims.”

“Let’s hope it stays that way,” Sue departed.

The Inc Jet blasted away in the darkness and mere seconds later landed in a quiet commercial district that looked like it had seen better days.  It was dark out, the streets only illuminated by the occasional streetlight. 

“What’s the homing beacon say?” Sue asked as Darlene swiveled to face the tracking screen.

“She’s nearby, within a block,” Darlene answered.  “I can’t get a better fix that that.”

”Split up,” Sue directed.  “Keep in contact.  And be careful,” she said seriously.

Heatwave flew up into the chilly nighttime sky.  Her glowing hot body was a beacon in the darkness.  Susan and Darlene split off into opposite directions on foot. Tiffany surveyed the block from above.  Virtually no lights on in the buildings meant she had to fly close to the windows to get a view inside.  She arced her slender body and zipped down past the buildings scanning for movement.

Sue silently stepped down the street.  She kept her transparent protection field around her, the perfect defense against the petrifying ray that Madame Medusa employed.  She looked inside a boarded up window and saw a flickering light. “I see movement in the storefront in the red brick building,” she said quietly into her femm-comm.   She willed her invisible shield to knock down the door and stepped inside, her field on full up front. 

“Welcome Transparency Girl, why don’t’ you stick around for awhile!” Madame Medusa lobbed a Gorgon Grenade and Sue instinctively enveloped the grenade in a transparent bubble.  The grenade flashed, its petrifying energy encased within the invisible sphere and petrified pieces of dust fell to the floor.  Madame Medusa launched herself across the room, spraying the room with petrifying beams from her helmet visor. 

Susan countered with a full flat shield that protected her as she dove for cover.  She projected the shield forward like a battering ram and it slammed into Medusa, knocking the gorgoness onto her back. 

“Good, but can you counter my Gorgon Gas?” Medusa lobbed a container that spewed noxious cloudy fumes.  The billowing cloud started to fill the room.

Sue gasped as she held her breath and enveloped herself in an airtight bubble.  The gas obscured her vision as she looked around and hoped the field was strong enough not to be penetrated by the thickening vapors.  She looked around for movement.  Would the Gorgon Gas petrify everything it touched?  Would that mean Medusa herself would have been petrified?  That wouldn’t make any sense.  Surely she had some sort of immunity.  Sue took a step forward, pressing her fingertips against the invisible barrier that protected her from the gas.  She saw hazy shadows around her.  The crates and surrounding area seemed to be unaffected by the Gorgon Gas.  Did it only affect organic life?  Or was this all a mental bluff by Madame Medusa?  Strategies raced thru Susan’s mind as she squinted to make out shapes.  Sue spied movement and mentally projected her protective field to expand twenty times like an airbag.  The field started to fill every nook and cranny of the room like an inflating plastic bag.  Small items were pushed forcefully out the windows with the escaping gas.  Larger items were shoved against the walls until they could be pushed no further.

Madame Medusa saw the thick vapors moving towards her but she was still caught off guard by the expanding invisible field and was pushed back against the wall of the room.  The transparent field was like invisible foam and molded itself against her body, lifting her off the floor and pinning her against the wall as it enveloped her figure and held her motionless against the cold concrete.  The vapors of Gorgon Gas, shoved by the expansion of transparent energy, were blown thru broken windows, doorways or cracks in the wall outside to dissipate in the chilly nighttime air.  “Aghh” She groaned as she struggled against the unseen energy that held her immobile.  She could feel it hardening around her body like concrete as Transparency Girl intensified the shield’s strength into a stiffening shellac-like encasement that prevented Madame Medusa from moving an inch.

Susan spun around, surveying the cleared room.  The gas was gone and the perimeter around her was barren of anything not secured to the floor.  She looked at Madame Medusa, trapped like a fly in invisible amber against the wall.  Sue relaxed her field and motioned with her hand to drop her surrounding personal protective field but compact the section holding Medusa prisoner as if she were inside a block of transparent glass.  Sue held her right hand forward; her fingers tensed open as if gripping an invisible ball, to reinforce her mental control of the energy encasing Medusa.  She stood with her legs apart and squarely on the ground.  Her left arm was down at her side and her torso was twisted at the waist slightly so that her right arm was directly in line with her paralyzed prisoner.  “It was all a bluff, wasn’t it?” She said securely.  “Your so-called Gorgon Gas?”

“Hnnhh” Madame Medusa gurgled until Sue motioned with her left hand.  The field pressing against Medusa’s mouth and throat relaxed but remained rigid enough around the rest of her to not allow the villainess any further movement at all.  Her head was raised and looking at the ceiling at a 45 degrees, an angle unsuitable to fire the petrifying energy beam from her helmet at Transparency Girl if she could even activate the triggering mechanism.  She took a deep series of breaths, her heaving breasts pressing against the invisible shell that held them firm.  “I’m surprised you managed…to figure it out…” she strained to speak even with the field gone from her lips and vocal chords.

“Not so hard to figure out,” Sue said as she put her left hand onto her trim and slender waist.  “Your attitude is akin to the ‘scorched earth’ strategy.  All or nothing is your attack mentality.   I realized that when I saw you gas didn’t seem to be affecting anything at all in this room. I’m sure if you had the time to perfect something that could only petrify me you would have used--”  Sue’s voice stopped.  Her entire body was frozen!


-- Statue-stiff Sue --

Susan was rigid now. Her long blonde hair, so golden and silky smooth was now a brittle stony parody of itself. Bleached to alabaster-like whiteness, it lay like a rocky helmet on top of Sue's marble head. Her sculpted features showed just the barest signs of surprise, slightly widened glazed eyes, the beginning of raised eyebrows, now so firmly frozen in place. Delicate marble eyelashes would no longer flutter as they once did. Her softened lips frozen open in mid-word were now finely detailed sculptural elements. Her cheeks were drained of color, solidly marble to match every beautiful aspect of her obvious femininity. The diamond-cutout of marble cleavage on her chest was the only other clue that Sue was now solid marble head to toe. Her costume remained intact of course, navy and white accentuating the immobile beauty of stone who remained impassively transfixed in the pose she had been immortalized within.

Her legs were straight and locked a little less than a yard apart. They formed a perfect triangle with the ground with the apex being her petrified pussy. The clingy fabric of her molecu-outfit hugged her crotch, trying to wedge itself into the cleft of her vaginal lips, molding itself to every curve of her body as it was want to do, but it would have no further progress against the impenetrable rock-hard crevice her vagina had become. The costume was firmly burrowed deep into the sensuous heroine's petrified ass, forming a wedgie that would no doubt have been most uncomfortable had the wearer not been an unfeeling statue.

Susan's left hand rested on her curvy hip, her fingers resting directly alongside the downward curvature of her side. The lines of her back, stiffened muscles tensed, were evident even beneath her costume. Her right arm remained extended parallel to the ground with her wrist slightly turned up and her fingers clawed downward. Her marble bust was oh-so-firmly solid. Two hemispheres of marble topped by the loveliest peg-like protrusions beneath the costume like some sort of markers left by mountaintop explorers. The fabric of Sue's costume looked like it was straining against the marble breasts contained within, threatening to tear and rip away. She remained in that impassive pose. Immortalized as a monument of marble. Unable to do anything but remain in place. A statue to be admired.

Madame Medusa dropped to the floor, the transparent energy holding her captive was gone now. She got onto her knees and saw Gorgon Girl standing behind the marble skinned Transparency Girl statue. "You certainly waited long enough," she rasped as she rubbed her sore throat.

"I had to be certain she had dropped her protective transparent field," Gorgon Girl smiled smugly as she stepped up behind the statue of Sue and touched the motionless heroine's shoulder. "With all her attention focused solely on you being captured I thought it was the right moment when she would let her guard down." She traced a line from Sue's outstretched right arm all the way down the tight-fitting spandex-clad statue's chest, circling the hardened nipple on the petrified breast. The fabric of Sue's costume slid like silk against the smooth marble skin beneath.

"You're sure she's completely stoned?" Madame Medusa eyed the motionless statue of Transparency Girl warily. "I heard she can make her transparent field skintight. Rumors in the joint were that she's tricked more than a few of us into thinking she was statued up but then she surprised them later."

"She's solid!" Petra smiled as she rapped Sue's breasts with her knuckles. "She's a solid, 100%, delicious pristine marble body in an easily removable protective spandex wrapping ready for delivery!" She squealed in delight. "I can't wait to get back and unwrap my latest creation." Gorgon Girl eyed the blue spandex covered voluptuous breasts and their protruding nipples of stone with envious anticipation.

"Don't forget who set her up to allow for your creation," the Gorgoness hissed.

"Of course, Mistress," Petra bowed in supplication. "Yours is the only creative force I follow. I am your humble servant." Her short miniskirt hiked up to show a flash of panty and Madame Medusa smiled at the glimpse of the dampened undies.

Madame Medusa couldn't determine whether this insolent girl was actually challenging her authority for real or just wanted the `punishment' of being turned to stone for a few hours. It would take her more than a little while to determine the girl's true motives but time was not on their side at the moment. There were still at least three other heroines out there in the dark and they were no doubt converging in on their location when Transparency Girl called them.

"Hurry," Medusa almost growled as she slipped an anti-grav disc out of her belt and secured it onto the flexibly soft costume of the Transparency Girl statue. The disc glowed green and the motionless statue raised a few inches off the ground, hovering in the air like a marble mannequin in some strange avant-garde window display. The villainess tipped the immobile statue of Transparency Girl ninety degrees and grasped the opened, scissor-like legs as she pulled the floating statue through the air.

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