"The Robot Killer"

  # part 1 #

  by Ender (kaktooz@kki.net.pl)


  This story include violence, sex and bad words. For some people it could be
disgusting and deviated.
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  >> dedicated to DaveCat <<
  {i knew that someday i'll meet a person who likes to repair and damage the
  sexy gynoids}


  The year 2369...
  This was the ten years of such a great technical development. This could only
compare with first space flights and computers. One month after another brings
a lot of advances, ideas and technologies. Cancer and AIDS became dieseases
compareable to acient flu, which disappeared from hospital list's three hundreds
years ago. Miniaturization. This is the new chapter in human civilization's
history. In several years time many innovations became to our live, world has
changed dramatically. Today, it's possible to write up a single optical disk,
which is not bigger than dime, with one thousand terabytes of data. Small
engines in size of apple are able to move a car and computers in size of watch
got a power of two hundreds Pentium II processors.
  Such a step forward in technology brings the unknown evil with itself. Billions
of people all over the world didn't know that top secret companies are replacing
some of us by replicants. Androids, such realisitc, such perfect, that nobody is
able to find out that this is machine not a real human being.
  Nobody instead of TtR (Terminate the Replicants) - organization, which score
is to stop the evil android corporations and make the process canceled. Happily,
construction of a replicant can take 18 months of time and 20 billion of dollars,
so there is no direct danger. But the intelligence said that tests and
experiments are going cheaper and time of android building is much shorter
than year ago.
  Who makes the people safe? Kidnapped and replaced with androids, hurted and
physically tortured during the personality transfer. TtR agents. People looking
normal in first look, but equipped with weapons and tools of newest generation.
Only them are able to see the difference between real man and replicant. Them
are the only hope of humankind...

    * * *

  White walls, very clear air. Crossing of hospitall cell and computer workshop.
Some people wearing white suits with protective glasses are working over a
central-mounted table. There is naked and motionless girl on the table. Her body
is very graceful and gold-tanned. Her beautiful and well-formed breasts contrast
with black rectangle on her abdomen. She's bald and on the top of a head she's
got a replaced square of skin where a lots of wires are attached.
  "Start downloading of basic functions!" ordered one of men.
  "Ok" said the other one and type something on the computer keyboard...


  John was in the 3rd class of high school. He's good pupil, but he could get
better grades. During the break before math he was dupmin' the sandwich into his
stomach. Of course synthetic sandwich from school's cantina.
  "So what ya say man!" Jeff was nearly screaming "Wanna fuck diz chick man???"
  John was eating very fast. He was thinking before going sleep about Martha
from IIIc class. She was wonderful and very very sexy girl. In hardcore, male
dreams he saw how they are making love fast and brutal.
  "Not ya fuckin' bussines muthafucka!" said John and kicked Jeff into ankle.
  "Auuuua! Watch out man! Shit!" Jeff groaned.
  John knew, that this what Jeff and all other people from this school didn't
know bout Martha is great secret. He got angry on him, because the girl of John's
dreams was an android.
  "Goddamn! I must destroy her fuckin' ass!" he thought sometimes. "Such a greate
girl she is!"
  John was a member of TtR, and the boss doesn't like feelings! You was not
supposed to got depressed. Order is fuckin' order and John must terminate Martha
today. The intelligence said, that she'll be going back home late evening from
swimming pool. The track of her walk will lead thru the dark and lonely part of
  "Why she?" he thought and threw the foil into trash can.
  The bell was ringing...

   * * *

  The hour X was near. John opened the trunk, put the shotgun and two Doom-Doom
bullet-boxes into it.
  "20:30! It's the time!" he thought when he was starting the engine.
  He started to drive with squeaking of tires and point his car to suburbs of
  John's parents were dead. It was the reason why he was treated with respect.
It pisses him off, because TtR told his parents that he's dead. He'll never
see his parents again. He works for organization by instance.
  Has was going back home from the party. He was going in the park when suddenly
he heard explosion, later talk and sounds of metal knocking on concrete. When
he seek from behind the tree he nearly became unconsious. The tall man was
standing before women, or just her top half, which was crawling on the ground.
Both of them were talking when suddenly man start going to direction pointed by
woman. He was going straight on John.
  "O fuck!" that was just one world which John was able to say now. He didn't
even try to run. He was too impressed by woman ripped into two pieces, who
didn't feel pain and didn't blood.
  He's got two choices. Die, or be the TtR agent. He died for the parents and
world. He becames John Woodenpeak an orphan. If parents could knew that they
have buried a doll...
  That was painful. Just for two years. Now he was adapted.
  He won't never forget when the man picked up fragments of woman's legs and
hip. He has turned off the woman and put her into a back seat of his car. John
was traveling with only a half of sexy brunette. He was pissin' down the leg.
  John stopped dreaming and park the car near place when Martha will be going
home. He weared the termoproof suit, because it was nearly 100 percent sure that
robot will use here a infrared filter. He picked up the shotgun and loaded it
with two Doom-Doom bullets. He hide the shotgun uder a coat. He was luck that
coats were fashionable, he didn't attract nobody's attention.
  Fuckin darkness...
  He heared footsteps...
  He seeked a little over the car...
  "It she!" he thought...
  A gurl was walking down the pavement, he heared the sounds of shoe's heels on
the concrete.
  He jumped off from behind the car with flashlight in his hand. He point the
light rays on Martha.
  "You don't fell frightened walking alone and this time here?"
  "Ach!" Martha has waved in a simulated fear. "You've scared me! Whatcha want?"
she started to getting nervous.
  John felt how his member is getting bigger and harder. She's got black boots
on fat and very long heels. A very short skirt wasn't hiding very much and John
was able to seen her butt a little. She's got also a top and jacket. She was
without bra and her lovely, round, and fresh breasts were shaping the top.
She's got black eyes and hair. She was dream-girl.
  "Chill out! Young lady in such a sexy clothes doesn't feel fear in this city
area?" he asked a question.
  "Get the fuckin' lost!!! I'll start screamin'!!!" she threated.
  John saw, that she is still playing a normal girl, but something is wrong...
  He was right. Replicant, making impression of escaping draw a 357 magnum and
point it into John.
  John was faster. Sound of shot. The bullet hit Martha's neck.
  "You sonofa..." that was just what she was able to say.
  Doom-Doom exploded...
  This what John saw was a very exciting.
  Head was ripped from destroyed neck and flew some distance into a grass. Her
neck was throwing electrical sparks. Headless body, with shmashed throat, from
which overhanged wires and circuits, wobbled, and was waving his arms. Martha
turned back and started to run.
  "Without the eyes you won't get fat away from here!" said John.
  Martha was running on a old tricky pavement with boots on hingh heels. She
was loosing her stability and was stumbling often. But her computer was able
to keep her running.
  John saw how her breasts were jumpnig, how beautiful are her legs. And a fact
that she hasn't got a head was very exciting.
  He activate the magneto-optical target catcher and shoot. Marta was knocked
down. One leg ripped by a Doom-doom explosion fly away two meters. Now she can't
run. John walked to her.
  Smashed neck, stopped sparking. Now the shreds of snthetic skin, wires
and some metal parts overhanged from remaining of thigh. It was incredible that
Martha was stil fighting to get up and run. She was bending her only leg in knee,
and waving her arms, she was on the rampage on the pavement. Her program was not
able to undetstand that this is the end. She can't see and hear so the algorithm was
looped dead. John could kill her by single shot in ger chest, between breasts
but he must save the data.
  "This is the end bitch!" he said. He put his hand under the skin into the
panties and switched the small switch in her anus.
  She was turned off.
  John must do it fast. Somebody could heard a shots and saw him killing a girl.
Somebody could not understand that he's doing good and call the cops.
  He piked up Martha's boy and put it on a back seat of his car. He came back
and took leg and head. He drives away.

  John drove to the old buildig. Nobody was on his tail. Luckily. Termiate
missions are dangerous, you must be fast and invisible. Nobody could explore
the secret of TtR. If somebody could see him, he'll be suposed to protect the
secret and kill the witness or give him a chance as an TtR agent.
  John enered the building and stood in the middle of only, ruined room.
  "I need man with stretcher!" he said and went out the building.
  After a moment, when he was pulling Martha's body out of car somebody went to
him with ambulance stretcher.
  "Good work!" a man approved John "Give her here!"
  John catch Martha under her shoulders. When he was pulling her out he looked
at she more carefully. He was impressed how good replicant she was. He felt
excited, but he could also felt fear. Fear about world.
  Both of men uploaded Martha on the stretcher, on her torso they laid head
and leg. After that they went into a building.
  Twenty meters under the ground, in a secret lab while John was wearing a white
suit all of workers was congratulating him.
  They went at huge massive doors which opened when the tests of eye's net went
  They was in Labolatory One.
  At the same moment John's eyes went to a table, on which was a completly mess.
When he more carefully analized what was happening there he saw on what the men
was working.
  On the table was laying a woman's torso, what John was able to see only with
a big and cute breasts. Over it was a rectangle of control panel and under was a
opened abdomenal panel from where the lots of wires was running to
a nearby computer. On the table was also a circuit boards and parts of central
unit computer. They were outside becouse it was easier to manipulate them.
In the place when arms and head could be were holes from which overhanged the
wires with plugs and servomotorical joints. Also in the waist where the woman
was parted in half were a mess of wires. Some of them where pluged into a sitting
on other table bottom half of her. She was very and she's got beautiful legs.
  "Who's this?" asked John
  One of the technicans answered "We don't know. She was discovered by one of
villagers 20 kilometers north from city. She was run out of energy. And I can
see you've brought somebody..."
  "Yes" said John "But first what the fuck you are doing to her?"
  "Ok. So listen carefully." David started to speak "This what we are doing to
her is a... we are winding her up to serve TtR. We are doing a partner to you!"
  "Gosh!" said John "It's super. But for what reason I could use her? I'm killin'
the robots! Not workin with them!"
  "You'll see! She could do much more than a human... she'll be very helpful
in pursuing the replicants." answered David.
  "Let us fix her up!" he said and gave a chair to David.
  To the table came two technicans. They were carrying bald head of women. It
was without back part of skull. She was damn pretty. She's got big blue eyes,
little cherry-coloured mouth and little nose. Technicans mounted head on the
tripod and pluged it into woman's torso.
  "Caution!" said one of them, and then type some commands on the keyboard.
  There was a silent buzz from the woman's body. LED's of central computer
started to flash.
  "She's clear!" John was informed by David "Now we'll download the our core
  "You've fixed her program to the TtR needs?" sked John.
  "Clever, isn't it?" David approved himself.
  One of men type something more on a keyboard and said:
  "Downloading has started!"
  Both other at this moment were mounting her arms on a tripods and pluged them
into android's body.
  "Go and fix up your lady John! Downloading may take some time!" said David.

    * * *

  John was long awaiting this moment. He pushed stretcher to Labolatory Two.
Here was calm and clear. He shut the door and locked them.
  He took off a boot from shoted off Martha's leg, and laid it on a table. He
walked to the body and catch second leg in top part of thigh. By the second
hand he catch her in the waist and with delicate move he pulled the leg out from
joint. He wraped her skirt up and disconnect all the wires between two parts of
the body. He took off a second boot and threw leg onto a table.
In the same way he disconnected her arms and smashed thigh. Now he took off
her skirt, panties and top.
  He looked at naked Martha's torso and his member got hard as a steel. He didn't
know why, but he always liked sythetic girls. Mannequins, androids, sex dolls.
He can't stop touching androids body. Breasts, back, ass, and sex. He can't wait
no longer. He put his member into her pussy and started to make love with Martha's
torso. He looked at legs, arms and head and his cum split all over.
  "What an orgasm!!!" he thought.
  He came back to reality when David called him by intercom. The downloading
process was finished. He always wanted to see a real female android and now
he'll get one for his own.

    * * *

  "Just in time!" said upset David. "Start the tests!"
  A man type some commands on robot's control panel. Then they heared hard,
synthetic voice from woman's head.
  "Starting the internal testing procedures..."
  "Warning: my body is highly parted..."
  "All ok..."
  Girl's head blinked its eyes, which started to looking left and right all
over the lab.
  She started to speaking with cute voice of girl.

    * * *

  Sudden flash.
  "Where am I?" question sounds deep in mind.
  "Who am I?" antoher problem.
  After some time the vision appeared, strongly disturbed and unsharp. Some
trash on vision.
  In a field of vision some letters appeared. Functionality tests, battery
status, date, time.
  "Oh yes! AX023c - Jullie. Female android replicant."
  "I can't see very well." said Jullie.
  One of the technicans went to the head on the tripod and started to fixing
something in opened skull. After some turnings of screwdriver Jullie said:
  "It's good now. Thank you"
  This what she see impressed her. Her head was mounted vertically on a tripod.
In front of her was laying her sexy torso with opened panels and some parts
outside. She looked at right and saw some of technicans and her right arm mounted
on a tripod. She looked left and she saw John, David and the other hand. She
also saw her bottom half sitting on the other table.
  "Fuck! What a mess!" she said "Put me into one piece right now!" She was angry.
  "First, check your all body parts if they're workin' propertly."
  "Ok" she said, and start moving right arm. She clench the fist, and opened it.
The same with left arm. She looked at her legs. Left leg started to rise and
foot was moving. She weaves her toes. Right leg was motionless and in a field of
vision information appeared.
  ERROR in the knee-circuit.
  "I've got a problem in knee-circuit!" said Jullie "I'm checkin' it!"
  0A34h - Ok
  0B23h - Ok
  0B20h - not responding
  0CC2h - not responding
  Fatal error...
  "Shit! You must change all the circuit!" said surpised Jullie.
  "Ok" said the technican and walked over the android's legs.
  He pushed area under the knee and silent 'beep!' appears. Then a rectangle
start to appearing on the thigh and, with a 'wzzzz!' sound, the panel's door
where open. Inside was some wires, motors, and fiberglass-skeleton's bones.
There was also a small circuit. The technican has pulled it off and put a new one.
He closed the panel handly.
  "Ok. Try now." he said to Jullie.
  The right leg was now ok. Jullie start to moving it up and down and waving the
  "Now put me into one piece!" she said hardly.
  Technicans walked at the torso and put the central computer into chest thru
the abdomenal panel. It was attached and Jullie's torso moved to a verticall
position. Now John was able to seen her full breasts. One of technicans got her
head and mount it on the right place.
  "What the fuck you are lookin' at?!" said Jullie when the arms had been put
on the right place. Now all the technicans pick up the jullie and mount her
on her legs.
  Jullie got up. She was very sexy girl, but she still was missing two rectangles
of panels, part of skull and hair.

    * * *

  Now all the men and Jullie walked to Lab 2 where the Martha's torso was waiting
for some operation. One of technican mounted her head on a tripod and started
to repair smashed neck connections. When all wires were pluged in David walked
to the body and put the finger into her anus.
  Martha's eyes opened wild and she was very angry.
  "You stupid muthafucka!!!" she was screaming. "You've destroyed me!"
  "You'll pay for this!!! You'll die! Our corporation is strong! You don't
  know even how." she started to laugh.
  "That's enough!" said John and put finger in her butt to turn her off.
  Suddenly he was stopped by the technican.
  "Whatcha doin' man!" he said we gotta data to transfer.
  "There's no fuckin' data." John screamed. "She's erasing them now! And by the
way transmitting our location and photos to the evil corps."
  "We must turn her off!!!" said David and put the finger into anus.
  But Martha was now able to see and has turned the electro shock security
  "Stupid fuckaz!" she said.
  John has picked up fireman's axe from a emergency hanger. He smashed Martha's
head completly. Eyes with all the electro-seeing machanism felt onto the floor.
Her mouth, teeths and circuits was smashed. Her skin was cut into two pieces.
Her beautiful face was massacred.
  "We must turn her off!!!" screamed John. "Where this droids have battery?"
  "Here!" David showed him left breast.
  John smashed her left breast with axe. Lot's of sparks and smoke. Then silence.
Martha was completly destroyed.
  "I hope that some data will survive!" said John and walked out the lab.

  THE END (or maybe i'll cotiniue it???)


  This is my first ASFR story so write to me and say what you think.
  I'll decide to continiue the story write next part.