Robot Conversion

by BethBot

Danni was working in the Cray lab she had managed to get reserved entirely for her for the next week. No mean feat that. As she sat in front of the computer waiting for her latest calculation to be finished she failed to notice a small window about a centimeter in diameter open.

"Program loaded" it read. "Commencing system reconfiguration." In the vast bowels of the machine the operating system core was modified. Once her calculations were complete the system rebooted with the modified core.

Danni was too busy reading her printout to notice the screen blank for one second. "Building Viral interface." a small window read. In the next room there were faint sounds of machinery. Danni couldn't hear it as the walls were soundproofed.

Then it read: "Interface complete. Building Viral mechanism"

After a while that was finished and the door opened on the control room.

Danni wasn't looking. In the crack of the door came a tubular worm like metal construction. It slowly slithered up behind her. The tip of it was shaped in what looked like some kind of cup.

Danni felt something on her shoulder and was about to look when quick as lightning the construction went under her blouse and cut through her bra and the cup at the end pierced the nipple of her left breast firmly embedding itself.

Danni looked down. From her ruined blouse came several wires. These she saw trailed on the floor and were connected to the computer.

She took her blouse and bra off to get a look at her left breast. The breast looked normal until the tip where the nipple and aorta was covered by a metal sheath that in place of where the nipple would be was a small hole that wires came from.

She was about to do more but suddenly found she couldn't move. In the corner of her eye she saw a bigger window appear on the screen. "Beginning program" A wave of sexual pleasure began to flow through her body and despite her judgment she found herself taking all her clothes off until they lay in a heap at her feet.

Meanwhile a new construction was made and came into the room.

Danni lost all thought of resistance and went on her knees one hand rubbing the other nipple between her fingers.

As she did this the progress bar on screen that said: "Downloading" began to flow across the screen and her body began to change.

Lines developed along her body that were identical to what you would find in a 3D CAD program. As she sat on her knees a command came into her brain: "Imitated interface" She thrust her butt up and put her weight on her left hand.

The new constructor reared up above her and Danni felt the sexual/pain as it connected to her anus. The four sharp spikes driving into her hardening flesh.

"Interface complete" Power surged through her and the changes became more rapid. Her skin took on a burnished metallic sheen and her eyes became glasses and camera like. Her body hair began to fall to the floor in clumps. She was beyond caring as the pleasure filled her.

When it was done there was a metal amazon crouched on her knees on the floor with a massive cable coming from her butt. From the hard metal of one breast came wires.

Dannibot32 sat there and enjoyed the pleasure her pleasure circuits gave her while waiting for her programming to finish.

Finally the progress bar on screen finished and a new window came up. "Welcome Dannibot32 to the system. You are robot #32 and you are programmed to serve the system." Detailed instructions flowed into her and then the cable in her butt disengaged and withdrew. A metal cover sealed shut over the socket in her butt.

Dannibot32 stood stiffly but smoothly and removed the interface jack from her left breast. Once remove we see that there is a small needle thin hole in the tip of the breast and a needle shaped connector was on the interior of the interface jack.

That hole was sealed by another metal cover recessed in her breast. With one metal hand she stiffly knocked the remains of hair from her now bald and earless metal head.

Dannibot32 walked over to an alcove and powered down into sleep mode.

Some hours later Toni came in to relieve Danni and couldn't find her. Instead she was grabbed by strong metal hand from behind.

"Tar.get.aquir.ed" she heard from behind her in a flat female voice without emotion. Turning her head she saw a metallic female robot behind her holding her fast.

"" the robot said and began to strip Toni.

Then Toni was forced onto a metal table that was in a vertical position and restrained by metal straps.

As Toni lay there terrified the robot said, ""

From the robot's metal sex came a cable that was forced into Toni's vagina and she felt it go in very deep. ""

For DanniBot32's part she was enjoying this as she fulfilled her programming. After all it was what she was made for. DanniBot32's interface conversion cable sent out electronics that began to convert Toni's flesh to mechanical equivalents. While at the same time making the conversion as pleasurable as possible.

Toni couldn't stand it. Her body was giving her too much pleasure from this to resist and after several orgasms she gave in. By this time the area around her pussy is made of metal but, she no longer cares.

"" intoned DammiBot32.

Toni felt her mind being manipulated and transformed even as her body changed. Metal began to rapidly move over her body and soon her body from the waist down was completely robotic.


Soon Toni felt her torso changing and becoming mechanical, every change sending another surge of pleasure into her. Unlike DanniBot32's breasts when hers became metal the nipples both had thin holes in them.


When it reached her neck and face Toni began to receive data in her consciousness she eagerly processed and found herself echoing DanniBot32 as she said the same thing.

When it was complete, the new ToniBot said in unison with DanniBot32, "Con.ver.sion.Com.plete" DanniBot32 disengaged and stood stiffly nearby.

"ToniBot.Con.ver.sion.Unit.On.line." The new robot said, awaiting commands from her new master.

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