Legs …

By Rotwang (Zadreth@Cyberking.be)


Author's note : I’ve been very busy with my new job, so my output will slow down a bit. I still hope to get at least a hundred stories out for the ASFR, after which I’m planning on working on a real robobabe … It’s fun to write about them, but I want to go a step further …

I want a walking, talking robot lady. If anybody out there is interested in the idea, why not send me a mail, perhaps you have useful information.

Thanks for all the support and I hope to hear from you,




After a long, uncomfortable silence, she spoke, leaving Morgan hanging on her lips.

"I’m not going to stop living." She said. "I feel so …" She struggled for words.

Morgan, tired and worried was taken aback by her sudden outburst. Since the accident, five weeks ago, the usually lively and active Shannon had been lethargic and listless. Every night she had cried herself to sleep, but at this moment, he saw that fire in her eyes that had attracted him to her.

"I’ll just have to get used to a new pair of legs …" She said from her wheelchair.


The last few weeks had been hard on Morgan. They had been barely married for a few months and now they faced a terrible challenge.

Shannon had lost her legs in a car accident. It wasn’t her fault, the other driver was drunk, but the car collapsed onto her legs and they could not save them.

Shannon had always been a physical woman, with a lean, athletic body, always on the move. She was a dancer by training and to Morgan this seemed like the worst thing that could happen to her. And for a while she was indeed devastated, but one morning she got up and decided she wasn’t going to lament on her fate all her life, she would walk again !

Against his better judgement, Shannon had accepted a big cash settlement from the car company, in an attempt at covering up the design faults in their car.

The money would be used to get Shannon state-of-the-art prosthetic legs that would allow her to live an almost normal life.


Pooling their savings and the cash settlement, they could afford the very best treatment. It was still a bit experimental, but it would ease her life considerably.

Steel rods were imbedded in her thighbones that had been amputated roughly 2/3 upwards of the knees. These steel rods served as anchoring points for her computer-assisted hydraulic legs, rather that old fashioned braces and straps.

And finally, after all the preparatory work, she got her new legs …

She smiled with pride as the prosthetitician showed her how to put them on. Morgan could see she was straining to get up from the wheelchair she had been in all this time. She got up and grabbed the handrails, eager to learn to walk again.

"It feels so weird !" She said. "Almost like a robot’s …" She said and glanced at the open-framed steel-tubed legs.

Morgan felt a knot in his stomach. He suddenly remembered the little vice he had kept from Shannon all this time. Robot women …

He had never seen it that way, but now that she had said so, he suddenly realized that his wife had through totally involuntary events, achieved something he had been dreaming about for a long time. To be honest his dreams had never been that concrete … He had a deep love for the feel and shine of metal combined with a female shape, like the drawings of that Japanese artist, Sorayama …

From now on, he would never see her with the same eyes again.


Hard times struck again. Morgan lost his job, as the company he worked for went bust and he could not find a new one. Before long they were almost down to emptying their savings account …

Morgan retreated into his Internet fantasy world as long as he could afford it and seemed to give up on the future, dreaming about female robots with his friends at the ASFR.

Shannon walked into the room. She had the kind of body he had always dreamed about and her new stilt-like legs made her even more desirable in some, possibly twisted, way,

He felt guilty about his own sexuality … He didn’t feel it was proper to see her that way, but he just couldn’t get it out of his mind.

"What are you doing ?" She asked and looked at the screen, and then noticed he had his hand inside his pants.

Startled, he pressed the wrong buttons and instead of getting rid of the picture, blew it up full-screen.

"What’s that ?" She asked and saw a photo of a woman dressed in a golden plastic outfit.

"Nothing !" He said and got rid of the pictures, but since the program he used had thumbnails, she could see dozens of similar pictures.

Adding to the damage, he had been touching himself seconds before she walked in and could not move his hand without soiling himself.

"Excuse me !" He said and switched off the computer and went to the bathroom, still clutching his member with his hand and holding his pants up with the other.

"You’re hiding something from me !" Shannon said, visibly annoyed and went in pursuit.

"No ! I just …" He tried to explain, but words failed him.

"Why were you masturbating in front of your computer ?" She had a knack for being direct.

"I … I …" He tried to think up an excuse, but the more he struggled, the more he realized he was in deep trouble.

Suddenly he felt the courage to tell her.

"Shannon, I’m a techno-sexual …" He said, barely believing he had managed to tell her. "I love female robots …" He said, as he was trying to clean up his soiled dick.

"I don’t understand …" She was puzzled.

"You’ve seen the books, the pictures … I have this weird thing in my head that makes me feel excited whenever I see a metallic woman …"

Shannon glanced at the framed Sorayama picture besides the bathroom door. A smiling robot woman in a sexy pose, yellow bathing suit and one leg pulled up.

"I thought you were going to tell me you were gay !" She said with some relief. "But does all that mean you love me ?"

"By God yes ! I love you with every molecule of my body ! I swear ! I …" He ran out of words.

"But you like robots …" He saw her think hard.

A strange look came over her and she looked at Morgan. "Does that mean that you and … my legs ?"

He swallowed a lump the size of Gibraltar and took a deep breath before speaking.

"In a way …"

Shannon was still thinking. Morgan had always been honest to her, but she had never expected anything like this revelation. In some way, it would have been easier if he was gay, she thought.

Morgan took time to explain it to her as best he could, although words really failed him at times, but the pictures and stories said enough.

She had asked him for two days to think it over at her leisure and asked him to stay with relatives for the duration. She went over the various ASFR sites, looked at the pictures, read the stories and talked to some of the people.

It was definitely a male fetish, she thought at first. It was about turning women into objects and dominating them. They were mindless slaves …

But she found a few stories that could almost be seen as feministic in approach, where the girls were in control of the fetish and were enjoying it. And some of the people she spoke to, told her that the domination was a part of it, but that it was based on mutual respect and consent.

She sat down in her chair and looked at her own plastic and metal legs. They were a bit crude looking, designed for efficiency rather than looks. She could walk and run with them, even jump and do sports … And Morgan was attracted to them …

Trying to clear her mind, she switched on the TV set and zapped randomly. But something caught her eye …


"Mom ?" She had called her mother in law.

"Yes dear ?"

"How is Morgan ?" Shannon asked.

"He seems a bit depressed, did you have a fight ?"

"No, but we are still adjusting to our little problems … Tell me, Morgan used to do magic tricks didn’t he ?"

"He was quite good, but he gave up when he began to work."

"Thanks, you can tell him I miss him very much …" Shannon said. "Tell him to come back as quickly as possible."


"I didn’t get all of it, but the most important bit is on tape." She said and switched on the VCR.

Morgan watched a flamboyant illusionist do an impressive trick with a suit of medieval armor that came to life after he assembled it.

Shannon sat in a chair and waited for his reaction. But he remained puzzled.

"Just think one step ahead …" She tried to nudge him.

He just shrugged his lack of insight.

"Oh ! I really have to tell you everything !" She went.



Two hours later Morgan did not know how to feel.


Giddy and very excited, Morgan watched his wife prepare herself. She had gotten into a very tight silver rubberized Lycra outfit that covered her entire body with the exception of her face.

He cast a long admiring look at the bright silver vac-formed panels that had been splayed over the table.

All these combined into the loveliest robot he had ever seen.

Shannon had combined her artificial legs with the robot suit to create a very disturbing, very inhuman look

At barely five foot five, Shannon was unimpressive in stature, but the robot standing in front of him definitely was …

She was a pinch over six feet, about as tall as Morgan, with seemingly endless legs, an extremely narrow waist, with a generously rounded chest and the loveliest of long, straight silver hair.

Her well-sculpted face could be considered beautiful, noble and stern with a straight nose, full lips and a glowing yellow visor.

It was almost torture for Morgan not to touch himself as he stared at the fulfillment of a lifetime of dreams.

He regretted she didn’t have a mirrored chrome finish, but it was the best they could do at the moment as their savings were completely gone in addition to the burden of several loans.

Because the robot had been designed with the proportions of a much taller woman, Shannon’s slight stature allowed her to make it appear almost inhuman. The very narrow 17-inch waist left her almost breathless, but she slowly grew used to it. Balancing on oversized legs with open frames so that everyone could see the inner mechanisms that convincingly completed the illusion.

"How do I look ?" Came a voice from deep inside the robot.

Suddenly Shannon noticed Morgan was just staring at her with open mouth and a large bulge in his trousers.

She chuckled and fumbled with the facemask. "You’ve always dreamed of being an illusionist and to have a female robot by your side. And now that your wish has come true, you find nothing to say ?"

Morgan woke up and stared at Shannon with the most interesting of expressions on his face.

"God ! I love you !" He said with a loud accompanying sigh.

She let go of a naughty grin. "Just remember this robot doesn’t come with a slit !"

"I don’t give a damn about a slit ! Your little pinkie is worth more to me than a stainless steel slit !!!"


Morgan walked on stage wearing what looked like a futuristic outfit : a jumpsuit with rubber paneling and a kind of vr-monocle over his eye.

He walked up to a large vertical cylinder made of tinted smoked glass and opened it. Inside the public could see a hollow shape, like a person’s.

After the showed the cylinder, he went towards a table and picked up what looked like a robot’s head. A female robot …

He pushed the table towards the cylinder and began to assemble the various parts into the hollow shape. Slowly the robot took shape.

Once fully assembled, he pressed a button and two circles of light converged towards each other, one going down, one going up. They passed each other, stopped at the top and bottom and then reversed back, increasing pace. They went up and down until the cylinder began to flash, spark and smoke.

Morgan jumped towards the cylinder and opened the door. He grabbed the robot’s hand and it remained limp.

He caressed her cheek and hung his head, slowly withdrawing to lean against a wall, seemingly heartbroken.

But then, as he turned his head, her hand slowly raised and her visored head turned to look at it. She rotated the hand, then opened and closed it.

She lowered the arm and made a sliding step forward. She walked out of the cylinder and shuffled over to him.

Her body shook and swayed slightly as she walked, but her torso was absolutely straight and shook with every step. Apparently, her limbs and articulations had only one axis of movement.

Morgan noticed and turned to her. He was amazed to see her move and circled her.

She rotated on her axis to follow him and let him guide her to a large metal chair.

He sat her down on the chair. After he made sure she was securely tied down, he turned her around and removed the panel at the back of her skull, to which her hair was attached. He revealed a silver brain with blinking lights inside. Grabbing some large pins with insulated rubber handles and long electric wires, he inserted them into her head, one by one, until she looked like some strange punk creation. He rotated her again so she faced the public and grabbed a knob with a very visible dial.

He cranked up the voltage and the light in her visor increased in intensity. Her mouth slid wide open and smoke poured out of her head.

The various pins shot out of her head and Morgan rushed to put the skull plate back on.

She could move with a much greater freedom now, but her legs seemed to cause her some trouble, still shuffling heavily.

Morgan noticed her miming having problems and guided her towards a large frame with two clamp-like arms that slotted into her sides after he had secured her legs and arms onto the frame.

He put his foot on a pedal and jacked her up by half a meter, leaving her legs standing …

People in the audience gasped as he removed her legs and inserted a new pair of legs. He then lowered her back into those legs and clamped them shut.

Still as robotic as ever, she could now move about with more ease.

Yet Morgan felt she was still unfinished and took her to yet another machine. This one was made from a ring on an arm that held her by the waist. After he had secured her, he drew a curtain in front of her. Seconds later, the bright light of a welder’s tool illuminated the robot behind the curtain. A sudden bang and sparks made him jump back, while on the other side of the curtain, the robot popped out, still attached to the arm and suddenly rotating her head and waist in opposite directions for a few moments, until Morgan dragged her back behind the curtain. He continued to work on her and opened the curtain again, after freeing her.

She was now moving with the perfect combination of grace and robotic movement. She and Morgan mimed some kind of interaction. Morgan was attracted to her, but she stayed away from him, pulling down a poster of a muscular robot and watching it with a very demure and loving pose, with both fists entwined by the side of her head.

Morgan came onto her and she pushed him away.

He came back for more and she grabbed his shirt, tearing it open and accidentally discovering a hidden panel in his chest that fell open to reveal the electronics inside him.

Morgan fell on his knees and hid his face behind his arm.

The robot reached for her face and tore away the robotic visage to reveal a gorgeous, human woman who stared at the audience with large, beautifully made-up eyes …

And then it seemed the right moment for the crowd to go completely clapping mad !


"Excuse me." A man was waiting for them backstage. "I heard about your number, and I must say I was really impressed. Especially by this young lady …" He said to Morgan and Shannon.

"I have a contract for a three year job in Las Vegas … Interested ?" He asked them and their eyes grew wide open with joy and ecstatic smiles came over their lips …