Robot Girl

by Mike Vickers

unearthed and transcribed by Andrew Pearce

     "It's finished!"

     Lisa glanced quickly, her eyes widening with excitement at Nick's announcement. He sat at his computer console surrounded by monitors, feeding in data at an astonishing rate.

     "Finished? Completely?"

     "Uh huh. I've checked everything except the voice-over requests, which I want to remain secret until they're used, but the software and modems work beautifully. All that remains is to test the programmes.

     "At last! How long has it taken to build?"

     "From my initial idea, nearly a year, I'd say."

     "This had better be worth it."

     "It will." Nick's voice carried complete conviction.

     "When do you want to test it?"

     "Immediately. Before my trip to the Far East next week. Don't forget that I've made this for you and I want it to function perfectly."

     "That's what I want, too."

     Lisa's timid diffidence raised a smile from Nick as he finished keying in a command He beckoned her to his side and gestured to his open briefcase, lying on the table.

     A neat but complex panel filled the interior. Lines of push-buttons and liquid crystal displays surrounded a miniature colour television screen, computer keyboard and telephone modem.

     "This is my personal control centre," he said softly, running his fingers lightly over the panel. "Through this modem I will be able to contact you instantly from any part of the world. My instructions will be encoded, telephoned here by satellite and received by the decoder before being passed on to you through a simple radio remote control unit. With contact fully established, my control over you will be absolute - wherever I am, whenever I want!"

     Lisa smiled. "If you want to test it now, then I'll have to change. May I have my keys?"

     Nick unclipped a small bunch of keys from the chain around his neck and dangled them in front of her. She reached out with her manacled hands, but he teasingly snatched them away and drew her close in a tight embrace. Her musky scent mingled with the sweet pungence of polished latex as he bent to kiss her lips.

     Lisa gasped as his probing tongue penetrated; struggling weakly the way she knew he loved. Her shining rubber clothes rustled in soft unison with her movements; patterns of light shifting with abstract fluidity over the black unblemished surface.

     Nick had displayed unusual excitement in his careful selection of her latex clothes earlier that morning. She now knew the reason for his mood. They'd both looked forward eagerly to the moment when the remote-controlled armoured suit would be finished. His progress had been slow until recent advances in microprocessor technology had allowed him to design the compact control circuits that needed to be housed within the shell of the armour without ruining its beautifully slim aesthetic feminine contours.

     Nick looked down into the glowing oval of Lisa's upturned face, the only part of her body not covered in tight black rubber. Her balaclava helmet adhered to the contours of her head without intrusive hair to spoil the smooth glossy surface.

     Lisa had been totally depilated for over two years, the length of their eccentric but successful relationship. She ritually shaved her body every morning with obsessive care, removing every last vestige of hair. The result was an intense nudity; her essential femininity further enhanced by the delicate stainless steel rings hanging from the piercings in her nipples and sex.

     Nick adored his naked rubber slave and used every imaginable technique to satisfy her hunger for the bizarre. His genius for engineering and electronics had produced a series of intimate remote-controlled toys of ever-increasing complexity, that had reached the pinnacle of evolution with the suit.

     And now it was ready!

     Nick kissed Lisa's soft half-open lips again, savouring the heat and moistness of her mouth. She trembled slightly as his hand reached down to her rubber-sheathed buttocks. He knotted a finger into the rear lacing of her ankle-length hobble skirt and pressed in gently. Lisa felt the latex stretch deliciously until his touch burrowed amongst the rings piercing her sex, each ring kept taut by a short chain hung with milkchurn weights.

     "I want you," she breathed, exploring the convolutions of his ear with the tip of her tongue. Nick felt the spreading warmth of her body against his chest, the stiff tips of her studded breasts distinct and rigid with excitement.

     Lisa stroked the hardening contours of his crotch with her shackled rubber-covered hands and suckled at his neck, her generous glistening lips sliding aver his throat with a vampire's intoxicating touch.

     Gripping her glossy shoulders, he held her at arm's length and drank in the sight of her rippling latex-enveloped body. She stood regally erect, forced into an upright posture by the height of her lace-up black leather ballerina boots. Each quivering conical breast was perfectly defined within the bust cups of her skin-tight high neck rubber blouse.

     Lisa's curvaceous hips and thighs were accentuated by the taut hobble skirt that flattened her belly and forced her legs into a single elegant column. A wide buckled black leather belt encircled her slim waist, hauled cruelly tight and secured with padlocks. A short silver chain attached her wristcuffs to the belt, severely restricting the movements of her hands.

     Nick thought that she had never looked more beautiful! She stood before him, her hips undulating sinuously as she' endeavoured to heighten her excitement. He wanted to test the suit immediately, but the sight of her arousal tempted him. Half an hour's delay would make no difference.

     He kissed her again and drew a black latex hood out of his pocket. Lisa's eyes glittered in a face suffused with heat. She licked her parted lips like a cat when she saw the hood and stood in silent submission as Nick stretched the helmet over her head and down to the neck of her blouse, sealing her completely within a strange scintillating membrane that flashed and sparkled in the light. The hood was complete, a homogenic layer that hugged her face and head with lust two rubber nostril tubes curving down over each cheek and up to the back of her crown. A further tube sprang from her mouth, ending in a small inflator bulb. Lisa's hissing breath fluttered erratically as Nick grasped the bulb and inflated the flaccid bladder filling her mouth.

     Gagged and bound, Lisa trembled in a world of total darkness, conscious only of her tripping heart and the liquid warmth between her legs.

     Nick released his grip on her shoulder and smiled as she tottered slightly on her ballerina boots. In silence, he moved behind her, clutching a small metal box, his finger poised over the single button.

     "Over here!" he called softly. As she turned, groping with occluded senses to locate him, he pressed the button. Lisa caught her breath sharply, a muted groan escaping from her plugged mouth. Beneath the layers of latex, a tiny vibrator tickled blissfully as it hung suspended beneath her sex, transmitting its delightful oscillations up the chain to the base of her clitoris.

     As she stumbled forwards, Nick moved again, forcing her to turn at his call and search blindly. With each turn, she became more disorientated, more aroused. The vibrator tortured her swollen flesh and left her reeling as he led her through the house, calling gently from every side so that she whirled and danced, pirouetting to the music of her own passion.

     Lisa loved this game, her blindness enhancing the feeling of vulnerability as she sought to reach Nick, straining against her bonds to touch him. The game was tag; simple, uncomplicated, but highly adapted for their own personal pleasure. She had never yet caught him, however quickly she spun on her heels.

     Nick tormented her as she slid inexorably towards orgasm, her movements increasingly frantic. She had to find him before she climaxed, or lose the game. His voice was at her ear again. Lisa turned desperately, shuffling forward with dainty steps, her legs sheathed by the hobble skirt, weights rolling between her thighs, but he was gone. She had to find him.

     Had to...!

     Her body melted beneath the latex, slumping into heat and chaos as she climaxed, tears wet on her cheeks. As she tumbled, her balance shredded, Nick supported her from behind, his arms wrapped protectively around her heaving body until she could support her own weight again. He removed the helmet, licked away her tears.

     "I'm afraid you lost again."

     "I don't mind." Lisa's voice was distant and weary. "I'd like to rest now."

     "Later. First we must test the suit. I want to be certain it will work faultlessly for the duration of my trip."

     "Because, my little latex handmaiden, you will be locked inside it for four days!"

     Nick was gone, joining his colleagues in an annual peregrination to Hong Kong to attend a top international conference on miniaturised electro-mechanical actuator systems.

     Lisa wondered how the delegates would react if they could see the results of his own personal research.

     Hong Kong - nearly halfway around the world. Even in the Concorde the flight was tediously long. She did not know whether he had yet arrived, indeed, she had no idea of the time at all as Nick had removed every clock and watch from the house and locked away the TV and radio, his actions designed to confuse and perplex.

     Lisa stood in perfect comfort, leaning back slightly with her legs together and arms resting by her sides. She had remained so for the last eight hours, wrapped in total darkness and unable to move a muscle, having elected to spend most of the afternoon and early evening inside the rigid warmth of her steel and latex chrysalis.

     Essentially an armoured body sheath, the chrysalis was aptly named, for it enveloped the suit in a tight, impregnable grip. It was raised from the floor by a single supporting pillar hinged at the base of the spine, allowing it to be positioned at any angle. Later, Lisa intended to adjust it to horizontal and spend the night in its womb-like embrace.

     Access was via a single full-length hinged lid that could be swung shut and locked automatically. The lock could only be released after an adjustable timer had expired, or by Nick's remote control signal.

     Her present state was voluntary, despite the severe restriction. She had faithfully promised to refrain from masturbating, not wishing to dilute her responses when under her master's command, but it had proved to be difficult. The only sure way to frustrate her high level of arousal was to remain immobilised within the chrysalis and spend the hours in a drifting lazy daydream, trying to ignore her pulsing sex.

     She floated in pleasant relaxation until, without warning, the timer expired and the lid swung open. Like a giant silver moth, Lisa emerged from the chrysalis and stepped down onto the bedroom floor. She stretched her stiff limbs and walked unsteadily into the lounge to examine the status light on the modem decoder. A green lamp burned steadily, indicating that the suit was under her own strictly limited control. She could drink, feed herself and visit the toilet, but that was all.

     The only other light on the decoder was red, which would illuminate when Nick sent his initiation signal. Once contact had been established, her suit status would switch to remote control, thus placing its extraordinary range of functions under his exclusive command - and there was nothing she could do to prevent it!

     She would become his erotic robot, performing like an argent puppet to the pull of his invisible electronic strings. Information would be sent back through their link to his briefcase display, allowing him to monitor her condition through the many sensors and probes attached to her body, adjusting his treatment accordingly.

     Lisa walked slowly back into their bedroom and stepped in front of the full length mirror, drawn back irresistibly by her own image. The sight was stunning!

     Like a knight from the ancient days of chivalry, she was covered from crown to toe in a gleaming suit of armour that reflected dazzling iridescent needles of light from every point of its highly polished chromium surface.

     But this was no loose crude assembly of disjointed plates. The suit appeared to be moulded to her body with barely visible joints, creating a fabulous girl robot with spectacularly exaggerated sexual features. Lisa flexed her limbs cautiously. Although each joint was fully hinged, there was a distinct rigidity to her movements that enhanced the impression of cybernation. She reached up and touched her burnished head with almond shaped metal fingernails.

     The formfitting steel helmet incorporated perspex goggles that could be blanked off by solenoid-operated sliding shutters. Two nostril tubes protruded through the faceplate above a pair of contoured slightly open lips, which were mounted on a hinged panel that covered most of her lower face and could be opened to allow access to the single-nozzled feeding tube, through which she could pump liquidised baby food. The tube passed through a rubber bladder that completely filled her mouth, preventing any form of communication more sophisticated than a grunt. Behind the parted lips, a tiny speech generator was connected to the decoder via a radio link, allowing her to converse with her master.

     But she would have no choice over what was said, being gagged beneath the helmet. Nick had programmed the decoder with nearly seventy voice-over requests which were selected for transmittal totally at random by the internal processor controls located in the generous swelling of her hips. She could hear her own "voice" through headphones inserted into her ears and sealed with wax.

     Lisa turned slightly in the mirror, admiring the flow of light across her chromium-plated body. Her jutting breasts were fully encased except at the tips, where her nipples could be seen, stiff and inflamed, beneath domed perspex covers. Nick had secured her to the armour with horizontal steel pins locked through her piercings, a theme continued at her crotch, where the multiple rings piercing her sex were secured to delicate movable levers.

     Straining against the rigid suit, Lisa slowly rotated her hips and felt the twin dildos glide viciously within her abdomen. Both contained vibrators and the anal plug could be removed when necessary to allow her body to function, but Lisa always kept it within her, preferring the sensation of its snug fit.

     The other dildo, clasped intimately within her sex, incorporated a thermometer and moisture alarm that indicated the extent of her arousal.

     Beneath the armour, she wore an inflatable transparent rubber body suit connected to a tiny pump mounted in one thigh. At a signal from Nick, this suit could be inflated, ensuring a totally perfect fit coupled with an unbelievably sensuous pressure on her skin. A lattice of sensors allowed him to observe the attitude of her body on his screen as a glowing computer-generated three-dimensional figure that duplicated her every movement.

     She became aware of a familiar discomfort and strode mechanically to the toilet passing in stately silence from room to room. She released the hinged crotch cover which hung down between her legs, exposing her pierced sex pinned to the suit beneath a curving perspex panel.

     The unctuous dildos could be seen amid a cluster of nozzles and valves set in the transparent panel. She carefully opened the tiny micturition valve, allowing relief through an accurately-positioned nozzle. That, too, could be controlled remotely, like every other function of the suit.

     Lisa returned to the lounge and stooped stiffly to gaze at the decoder again; her usually graceful movements severely restricted by the tight-fitting armour. There was no change in the burning green light.

     To pass a little time she drifted into the kitchen and idly inspected the varieties of special food left to sustain her. Normal eating was impossible inside the suit as her mouth was filled with the soft rubber gag, but she could take suitably prepared semi-liquids.

     Already sick of the baby food - no wonder their nappies stank - she selected a yoghurt and poured it into a large stainless steel syringe. Opening the mouth flap, she connected the syringe to the nozzle of her feeding tube and slowly injected the yoghurt.

     It could not be called eating; she could not chew at all and barely tasted the yoghurt at the back of her throat as she swallowed. She removed the syringe and cleaned the tube with a swill of water before replacing the nozzle plug. Lisa tidied the kitchen leisurely, carefully polishing away a few drops of water that had splashed onto the suit. Once satisfied with her appearance again, she paced through the house like a silver phantasm on steel-platformed boots bolted securely to her legs.

     She recalled Nick demonstrating how to recharge the batteries packed into the platforms by using simple plug connectors located behind each towering needle-sharp stiletto heel.

     "Keep them well charged," he'd said. "You'll never know when you'll need them."

     Lisa decided to test the batteries again, even though no drain had been placed on them during her rest in the chrysalis. She plugged the leads into her heels and watched as the indicator needles swung up to maximum. The batteries in both boots were fully charged.

     Again, she was drawn back to the decoder; thankful that the double skinned inflatable suit made the armour warm and comfortable to wear.

     She sighed. The wait seemed endless.

     Nick was tired after the flight. He felt disorientated and jet-lagged; unready for the noise and endless bustle of one of the world's greatest cities. His hotel room was an oasis of tranquillity as he dropped his cases and collapsed with relief on the bed.

     "I hate travelling," he groaned, lying still for several minutes and breathing deeply. The room was pleasant and anonymous, offering complete privacy - and a phone!

     Nick looked at his watch, calculated the hours and smiled. Opening his briefcase, he slotted the handset into the modem and dialled his home number.

     The computer trilled its strange birdlike piping language into the phone, sending instructions out on a fifty thousand mile journey via geosynchronous satellites. The technology involved in his intercontinental game of domination was staggering.

     Screens glowed into life as the connection was made. Like the decoder back at his house, his green status light winked on.

     Information flowed in from the sensors attached to Lisa's body and flashed up on the displays. Her heart rate was ninety; temperature and moistness normal. He heard her unhurried respiration through a miniature microphone implanted in the neck of the suit.

     Nick absorbed the data with a swift glance. Lisa appeared to be calm and stood motionless, with a slight stoop. Suddenly, she sighed heavily. He marvelled at the distance that sigh had had to travel to reach him.

     He thought carefully for a few seconds, pondering on a course of action, and then pressed the initiation key.

     The green lamp blinked out....

     .... and the red light flashed on! Lisa froze in her tracks; heart thumping with sudden mad delight beneath her armoured chest. The pit of her stomach lurched with excitement as she waited, eyes riveted on the glowing red lens.

     There was a soft popping from the headphones. She felt his presence riding with her, familiar yet strangely alien, lurking on the fringes of her consciousness like a dark shadow.

     "Robot girl, I have established full contact with your decoder," Nick's quiet voice seemed to speak from inside her head. "Stand still while I lock you down."

     Lisa remained rigid within the armour. She heard a faint snick as her face and crotch panels were locked shut, knowing that she had relinquished control of the suit as Nick established his own command.

     "Wherever you are, return to your bedroom and stand before the mirror. I wish you to witness my power over you."

     She stumbled to obey and signalled with a muzzled grunt when she was in position, once again facing the astonishing image of her steel-shrouded body. She was acutely aware of her vulnerability and yet felt strangely protected within her metal and latex cocoon.

     "I wish to know what you can see. Describe yourself to me in every detail. Speak!"

     Lisa was momentarily puzzled. Nick knew that she was gagged; he'd slid the rubber bladder into her mouth himself prior to fitting chromium helmet, so what did he want?

     Of course! He was calling up her "voice", the secretly recorded phrases and requests stored in the decoder. She barely had time to grasp his intent before a soft contralto issued from her frozen metallic lips.

     "My master, I stand before myself content in the knowledge of your total control over my body!" Lisa started violently. The voice was entirely human, not like the electronic fabrication he had demonstrated to her. As it began to speak, she experienced a disturbing bifurcation. It was as if she was struggling beneath an impenetrable barrier, unable to reach through to the outside world, but beyond it another presence existed; moving, living, communicating, using her body for its own ends.

     Like possession! But coupled with this sensation came indignant curiosity. The voice continued to speak, describing Lisa's intimate imprisonment and penetration in such detail that the woman must have seen the suit - perhaps even worn it!

     So what the hell was it - who had he persuaded to make the recordings? Before she could dwell any further on the mystery, Nick's disembodied voice echoed in her mind again.

     "An excellent description, thorough, and accurate, which deserves a small reward."

     Lisa squirmed, gasping as her breasts tingled delightfully, trembling at the touch of dainty motors that vibrated the steel pins piercing her nipples. She reached up to caress herself, an automatic reaction, but her steel-shrouded fingers merely slipped from the thick perspex nipple domes.

     Bereft of her ability to touch her own body, Lisa would have quickly become frustrated had she not known that the suit provided every conceivable form of stimulation. She shut her eyes and breathed deeply through the nostril tubes as her breasts were massaged inside their protective shells, a lazy blissful rippling that radiated from her sensitised nipples. Lisa's head swam as the sensation spread down through her body, the warmth in her breasts drawing a dreamy response from her slick sex. She stretched like a sinuous silver cat, with arms thrown above and behind her head. She slid her metal hands over the contours of her helmet, down each side of her slender neck and over the generous swelling of her breasts. A single soft moan escaped from her muzzled mouth.

     "That's enough for the moment," said Nick sharply as the vibrations suddenly ceased. "I do not wish you to become uncontrollably aroused just yet."

     Lisa was dismayed, but she had no choice. Nick was able to monitor her condition so accurately that his control was absolute. This in itself excited her as it represented the greatest gift she could offer to her lover. The thought brought some consolation as the suffused glow in her breasts slowly subsided.

     He spoke again. "I shall now initiate your voice-over requests, which will be selected at random by the control processors. As agreed, I'm honour bound to obey these requests, whatever they are. Do you understand?"

     Lisa's muted affirmatory groan barely escaped her lips before she "spoke" again.

     "I fret without you near me, feel incomplete without your presence. I'm restless inside the house and grow tired of these four walls. I beg you to allow me to walk for a while to clear my lungs of stale air so that I may return invigorated to fulfil your next command."

     Lisa was stunned. Leave the house? That was crazy. She tried to protest, squealing into the gag, but her actions were ignored by Nick.

     "Very well, I grant your wish. You may go. But I warn you not to talk to any strangers. You are mine and mine alone." His amusement echoed in her head.

     Lisa refused to move. This had gone far enough. She was content to submit to Nick in the privacy and safety of their home, but not in public. A sudden vision filled her mind - firemen desperately attempting to cut away the armour to release her - a report in the local paper!

     She turned away from her chromium reflection and sat on the bed. No way was she stepping out of the door!

     For a few seconds, nothing happened. She knew Nick could see her image through the contact between them, knew that he would be considering how to bend her to his will. She waited, determined, but apprehensive.

     "So, you play with me!" His tone sent a cold shiver down her spine. "I don't tolerate disobedience. You will leave the house now or I will have to punish you!" No, wait.. .! Lisa tried to shake her head in denial but the effort was futile.

     A sudden intense muscular spasm stabbed through her buttocks, ripping a muffled cry of surprise and pain from her gagged mouth. She staggered forward as she was scourged again, gasping for air through the nostril tubes, then sank to her knees under the relentless assault as her thigh and calf muscles were convulsed by a series of electrodes attached to the inner surface of the inflatable rubber suit.

     It was like receiving a jolt from a cattle prod!

     Lisa closed her eyes and bit down on the gag. She knew that the electrodes were positioned all over the suit, even on her head, and that the pulsing electrical discharges could be maintained until the batteries expired.

     But Nick seemed to favour her buttocks and thighs, meting out an electronic flagellation that made her flesh glow. She reflexively tried to protect her aching rump with her hands but was foiled by the hard armour and beat at it with a clenched fist, wailing in frustration.

     Lisa shut her mind to the pain, determined not to yield, but the shocks increased in frequency and duration, building to a level she could not withstand.

     Suddenly, her resistance crumbled. She scrambled through the house and lunged at the door, desperate to escape the stinging lashes that left her flesh quivering. Fumbling at the latch, she flung open the door and staggered out into the porch.

     The door slammed shut behind her!

     "Good. My indicator lamp tells me you are now outside. You cannot get back without a key."

     Lisa pushed against the door but it was locked. She glanced up and down the darkened street, deserted but for the occasional car, and withdrew into the shadows of the porch, fuming with anger.

     "I've taken your key and hidden it in a small package taped to the underside of our favourite bench in the park. You'll have to retrieve it or spend the next three days sitting in the porch!"

     Nick's chuckling infuriated her. She felt totally humiliated and abashed, yet there were other threads to this tangle in her emotions. Mixed with anger were excitement, suspense and a sudden urge to shock. Nick had gauged her reactions perfectly.

     Lisa peered out of the porch. The road was now deserted in both directions. Her metal heels scraped on the concrete as she stepped down to the pavement and began walking, hugging the hedges and fences that bordered the path. It became a game. She dodged from shadow to shadow, avoiding the sparse street lights where possible and ducking into gateways whenever a car drifted past.

     She reached the park in ten minutes and slipped through the gate. It was very dark under the trees and Lisa became disorientated, stumbling through the grass in a rising panic, fighting against the stiff armour. At last, she recognised where she was. The bench was up ahead. She broke through the trees and froze!

     There could be no doubt. A man lay stretched out on the bench. A tramp, resting under a blanket of newspapers, drinking from a bottle. Lisa turned away quietly and sagged behind a tree, trying to calm her hissing breath. Her legs ached from the effort of walking in the towering stiletto heel boots and her body was bathed in a patina of cold sweat. She was desperate to complete her task, get the keys and scurry home, but the tramp could not fail to notice her.

     That's a joke, she thought grimly. No one could fail to notice a six foot tall gleaming chromium steel robot girl with surreal breasts and exposed nipples! Even a wino would sit up and rub his eyes in disbelief. Using the only tactic she could think of, Lisa gritted her teeth and marched up to the man.

     The bottle dropped from his paralysed hand!

     Lisa stood before him with her legs akimbo and hands on hips, the tremendous silhouette of her body glittering in the light of distant street lamps. With an authoritative sweep of her arm, she pointed back to the road, but the tramp just gaped, his grizzled face rigid with shock.

     Desperately, Lisa bent over him, reaching out with her arms, flexing her fingers menacingly as if she meant to attack. Her plan succeeded. The tramp let out an inarticulate shriek and bolted into the night. Within seconds, Lisa had ripped the package from under the bench and was trotting away in the opposite direction.

     She would have laughed if her gag allowed it, elated that she'd managed to retrieve the package. God knows what the tramp had thought, his senses blurred by drink as the incredible apparition rose up out of the night before him like some ghostly Venus.

     But her jubilation was short-lived. She had anticipated a quick and trouble-free journey back to the house and had almost gained the exit from the park when the shutter over her left eye snapped dawn. A wave of frigid shock skittered down her spine. In the excitement of retrieving the key, she had forgotten Nick's invisible presence riding with her, following her every move.

     She took a few faltering steps then pulled up short as the other shutter closed, sealing her in total darkness. She whimpered in dismay, standing unsteadily on her stiletto-platformed boots.

     Nick's voice flooded into her consciousness. "This is too easy for you. I think your task should be made a little more demanding, so for the remainder of the journey I shall control your sight, opening the shutters at random for a few seconds every minute."

     Lisa stamped her foot in anger, crying out in exasperation. As if her situation wasn't bad enough, she now had to contend with intermittent blindness.

     "Temper!" Nick admonished and sent a jolt through the electrodes. Lisa squealed and lurched forward, hands waving uncertainly before her. After a few seconds of sightless stumbling, she could see again. The gate was to her left. She slipped through, checked out the street was empty and quickly stole up the pavement. Halfway to the first corner, darkness descended again.

     The shutters were a perfect fit, totally sealing her goggles. Lisa's eyes strained, desperately searching for a chink in the velvety shadows, but there was none. Deprived of even the tiniest point of light, her mind generated its own ephemeral images that danced and tumbled in the Stygian darkness, threatening to imbalance her. She pressed herself against a wall, fervently praying that she would blend in with the stonework like a silent silver chameleon. She could not tell if anybody passed her during that time; all her senses were truncated by the armour.

     After an agonising wait, her sight was restored and she moved swiftly onward. The short journey seemed to stretch for hours, alternating between quick frantic dashes in search of cover followed by endless periods of tense waiting, lurking silently in some dark gateway.

     Sometimes, just to tease her, Nick only opened one shutter, impairing her stereoscopic vision and ability to judge distances so that she blundered into objects. On several occasions she was caught in the light of passing cars, despite every effort to hide, hut fortunately none stopped to investigate.

     At last, tired and breathless, she scrambled back into the house and shut the door against the night. Lisa sagged onto the bed with relief and lay back, rigid limbs supported by a nest of pillows. Her muscles slowly relaxed, spreading balm throughout her weary body. But she was allowed little rest before Nick ordered her to stand. She arose slowly, her movements clogged by the limiting armour. For the first time, she felt burdened by its weight.

     "I've monitored your progress. A most satisfactory performance. You've shown ingenuity and resourcefulness. I like that; Slaves should be so to add further piquancy to their relationships with their masters. As a reward, you may now ask of me again, and I shall grant your wishes." The vast distance between them meant nothing to Lisa us she heard his voice within her, eager to begin the next treatment. She "spoke" again, responding to his command, a soft heartfelt plea whispering from her chromium lips.

     "My beloved master, I desire to he restrained. I cannot control myself in your presence and beg to be bound, so that my lowly existence need not disturb your rest. Only in this state can I achieve any form of gratification. I present my body to you, offer my cries and tears, make a gift of my distress - do with them as you wish!"

     Lisa listened to the voice with utmost trepidation, anxious not to repeat her last ordeal, but by chance one of the many bondage commands had been selected. At last, an opportunity arose for a little fun. Bondage was a great game she was familiar with and could play all night, as Nick well knew.

     "So," he murmured, "how fortunate. A little reward for your earlier efforts. Open your legs!"

     Lisa obeyed, watching her reflection through the goggles. A hinged vertical rod swung free from the inner side of each boot, just above the ankle. She manoeuvred each rod against the opposite ankle and locked them position, creating a double spreader bar some eighteen inches in length.

     "Hold up your hands!"

     Short finger-like studs sprang of the armour at her wrists, terminating in a polished steel ball the size of a child's marble.

     "You know what to do."

     Lisa bent her arms behind her back and searched for a pair of locking holes and pushed sharply. Each ball snapped into place with an oily click, securing her wrists.

     She faced the mirror and strained experimentally, but the studs held her arms in an unbreakable grip. She knew that escape was impossible until Nick sent the correct signal to unlatch the locks.

     For the first time since her treatment began, she became aware of the enchanting hardness in her sex and the subtler penetration further behind.

     Beneath both perspex domes, the pins piercing her nipples tugged and chaffed deliciously with the movements of her breasts.

     "Lie on the bed!"

     Lisa barely noticed his voice as she swung onto the bed. She lay back on the pillows and drew up her knees as far as the suit allowed; breath hissing erotically as her excitement flared.

     A strange sensation shouldered its way through the heated chaos of her thoughts; a slow but distinct increase in pressure over her entire body as the armour seemed to wrap even more intimately around her links, stiffening perceptibly. She gasped in response, realising that Nick had inflated the inner latex suit.

     She cried out as the shutters snapped down over her goggles, covering her wildly staring eyes and sealing her inside a midnight cocoon of chromium and rubber. Her sex burned like a furnace as she tried to clamp her muscles around the dildo, but she could not grip its slippery tumescence. Surely Nick would be aware that...

     .... she was almost ready. The moisture alarm in the dude sent a muted buzz around his hotel room. He checked the temperature of her sex and grinned - she must be on fire inside the suit!

     He quickly scanned the other sensor displays, his intense features lit by a flickering ghostly glow as he bent over the briefcase. Her heart rate had leapt to one thirty and her hoarse respiration was becoming increasingly ragged.

     Nick studied the struggling form; lying as if in space in the centre of his screen, The grid of fluorescent filaments flowed sensuously, admirably outlining the contours of her bound body. He had watched, totally enthralled, as the luminous mannequin moved gracefully across his screen, its long walk to the park and hesitant return amusing him. But now the game had become exciting - this was what he had designed the suit for.

     He rubbed his sweaty palms on his trousers and loosened his tie with a jerk, unbuttoning the damp and limp collar of his shirt. The tables were turning - he hadn't counted on being tortured like this himself! He adjusted his iron hard erection into a more comfortable position and returned to his screen.

     Lisa's heart rate had accelerated further as the temperature and moisture sensors edged towards maximum. Nick knew she would not be able to withstand much more, but he had a mind to draw out her sweet suffering; extend the treatment as long as possible so that her eventual climax would be all the more explosive.

     But he would have to be careful. Lisa had a hair-trigger response when fully aroused; too much stimulation and she would dip into orgasm before he was ready.

     Nick adjusted his controls and delivered a series of mild shocks to her belly and breasts whilst carefully monitoring the incoming data from the sensors.

     He teased her mercilessly as, like an incoming tide, each wave of pleasure climbed a little higher than the last.

     She was close to climaxing.

     Nick gently fed in the power to her anal vibrator. The figure on his screen jerked convulsively, rolling from side to side with legs pumping in pseudo-coital thrusts.

     He let her squirm for a few moments, feeding off her electronic distress, then initiated her nipple vibrators. Lisa's incoherent moaning sharpened in response as she struggled to accommodate the flood of sensations that began to overwhelm her.

     With the flick of a switch, he activated locking bolts that secured each joint and immobilised the armour into an inflexible shell. The figure on his screen froze with arching back and legs spread wide!

     Every function on the suit was now utilised, assaulting Lisa's body relentlessly. There remained only one final feature. Nick let his finger rest on the command key. Not yet...! Not yet...!

     Lisa began to scream, her muffled cries distorting through the speaker.

     "Now!" His voice was barely a whisper as he depressed the key...

     ... and the vaginal vibrator burst into life! Simultaneously, each movable lever at her crotch flexed at random, like a pianist's dextrous fingers, tugging on the rings that pierced her sex!

     Lisa sobbed uncontrollably into the soft rubber gag, her body heaving inside the rigid armour as she battered herself against its obstinate unyielding surface. The tingling deep in her rear had swelled delightfully, rippling through her belly and complementing the sharp impulses from the electrodes. On its own, she could resist - barely. But when combined with the glow from her nipples and the sudden astonishing sensations from her sex...!

     Molten ecstasy flared, sweeping her away as she tumbled endlessly in a long rolling climax, her feverish sex engulfing the shaft that dilated her with such exquisite bliss!

     The force of her climax was immense, the physical sensations augmented by the inability of her tortured aura to radiate away through the suit. It was magnified within her humid prison, rebounding off the steel and latex surfaces and savaging her intensely before slowly dissipating.

     Nick called her back gently, reaching out with his voice as she foundered in a trance-like daze. It was some time before she could respond and then her moan was distant and torpid Nick cancelled his commands, step by step, releasing her from bondage and deflating the inner suit. He returned the armour to her control before breaking contact with a fond farewell.

     Lisa slept, enveloped within the comforting embrace of the rigid steel chrysalis, her ankles plugged into the battery charger.

     And in the small hours of the morning, when the night was cool and tranquil, the single tiny lamp that illuminated the lounge changed from green to red...

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