ROBOT SLAVE - Episode 1

by ArcylMan - March 1996


She woke up in the warm afterglow of the satisfying sex of the night before, still in the spandex bondage suit that her master had put her in. She opened her eyes a bit to see him busily getting ready for work. He was still naked from the shower and she looked with fond memories at his smooth shaven crotch and the terrific sex it had brought her. She loves him deeply, he is her husband and her best friend. But right now she's remembering what a good master he is. A master that always makes sure she experiences great pleasure every time they play.

She watched him start getting dressed. The first thing he chooses is a matte black cotton/lycra turtle neck catsuit. Like her he always wears lycra next to his skin. Over the catsuit he puts on jeans and a v-neck sweater. To everyone it would just look like a turtle neck underneath, but he would know by feel he has tight lycra on everywhere. He notices she was awake.

"Hello, Sleepyhead, you looked like you were going to sleep all day."

"No, master, I don't want you to leave without a kiss from your favorite slave. Besides, I would really appreciate it if you could let me loose before you leave. I have some chores to do today."

"OK, I guess I can. Roll over so I can unzip you." He answers. He helps her out of the bondage suit and she reaches up and puts her arms around his neck, dragging him down for a big kiss.

"Have a good day, I love you."

"Oh, can you be here this afternoon, I'm having an important package delivered around two." he asks. "And don't forget to pickup my clothes at the cleaners."

"Sure, I be here. Hurry home, your loyal slave will be missing you."

Off to work he goes and she takes a leisurely shower and a quick touch up shave on her head. She thinks back fondly to the night he shaved her head for the first time. That was one of the most erotic things he had ever done to her. She loved being hairless, it made lycra feel so good against her skin, like thousands of little hands massaging her body. Speaking of lycra, what should she wear today. She just has regular household chores that had to get done and she was feeling especially horny.

"I know!" she says out loud and heads for the dresser. She rummages through it for a few minutes and pulls out a few items. First is she shakes out a piece of clothing shaped like a person, it is one of her favorite catsuits. It's made of the shiniest black nylon/lycra and fits like a glove. It covers her completely, her feet, hands and head. It doesn't have any holes, she even has to see through the fabric when she wears it. 'This will be fun for a while,' she thinks.

She sits down to put in on. Slowly she draws it up each leg, stands and pulls it over her nice rounded hips and up over her narrow waist. She puts one arm in and then the other until her hands settle in the built in gloves. Finally she bends her head forward and pulls the hood over her bald head. The zips are closed and she is sealed in lycra, her favorite place to be.

She looks into the full length mirror and sees a well shaped woman covered completely in shinny black. She loves how it looks. Her lycra gloved hands begin to caress her large breasts sending shivers of delight through her body. One hand drifts lower to center on her crotch. She can feel the heat already through the two layers of lycra as she strokes the fire within her. Quickly she reaches the flash point and explodes in orgasm.

"I love what this suit does to me" she exclaims.

She goes back to the chair, sits down and puts a pair of six inch spike heeled black ankle boots. Then she picks up a matching black patent leather belt. A belt that is almost five inches wide and very tight. She puts it on and starts drawing it tight around her waist. Harder and harder she pulls until the buckle is to the last hole. Next she straps on a matching black posture collar, tightens it until she can't move head at all. She goes over to the night stand and takes out the box of locks. How long should she stay this way, she has two hour, four hour, eight hour and twenty-four hour locks. The keys for the locks are in increasing larger containers of ice in the freezer. The sizes are set by how long it takes for the ice to melt and free the key before you can unlock the locks. She would normally go for eight or twenty-four hours, but she has to be presentable for the messenger at two this afternoon and she has to pick the cleaning, so she takes the four hour locks and locks on the boots, belt and collar. She's in lycra slave heaven; bound in lycra and she can't get out for hours. She goes to the kitchen to get the four hour ice block out of the freezer and leaves it out to melt.

When she returns she sees herself in the mirror and is pleased by the vision. She sees through her hood a well endowed woman with a tiny twenty-two inch waist standing over six feet tall in her boots. A woman coated in shinny black from head to toe, very obviously a slave looking at the severe posture collar she wearing. She poses this way and that is look at herself from every angle. She really likes the side view, it shows off her narrow waist and large breasts. She fondles those breasts until her erect nipples stand out against the stretch fabric encasing them. She reaches over for a small mirror that she holds up so she can see her backside. 'Oh, don't I have a delicious tush.' she thinks. 'But it's time to get to work, I can't admire myself all day.'

She busies herself around the house, straightening up this, cleaning that. She wants to make sure all the chores are done today so they both have the weekend free of any mundane chores. That way there's more time to play Master and slave, her favorite game. Around twelve, she just put another load of laundry in when she hears the doorbell ring. She goes to the door and check through the peep hole. It's the messenger service with the master's package early. She can't let herself be seen like this, but she must receive the package. The master said it was important. I must do it then. 'Here goes nothing.' She thinks as she opens the door.

"Wow!" is all the messenger can manage when he stares at her standing there all in black.

"Can I help you?" she asks.

"Wwwwhat?" he stutters. "Oh yeah, I have a package for Mr. Smith. Will you sign for it?"

"Yes, I'm his slave - I mean his wife. Where do I sign?"

"Rrrright here on line 14."

She signs the register and hands it back to him. "Can I have the package now?" she asks when he just stands there staring.

"Oh, yeah, here" he hands it to her.

"Thank you" she answers and closes the door. She looks out the peep hole and he's still there in a daze. After a few moments, he shakes his head and leaves.

"There's one delivery man who will never be the same." She says out loud. She is so turned on. She loves exhibiting herself when she dressed in tight lycra. Going to the mall in a catsuit or unitard and heels drives her crazy.

She loves when people stare at her exceptional body especially when it's clad in skin tight spandex. But this was a first, to be completely covered in shinny black lycra, bound and locked in tight, and then to be seen by the delivery guy. She ready to come right now.

She takes the box to the master's den, looking at the return address. It's from USPR, Inc. whoever they are. There's a warning on the label to keep the contents below eighty degrees. 'That's not a problem today, it's only going to be around seventy.' She thinks. The box is about the size a sweater would come in, not very large, not very small. It's plain brown and sealed with clear tape. Just like the tape she got last week to ship that package to her mother. 'Yes, it is,' she thinks. 'I could peel the tape off the bottom and seal it back and he'd never know it.' She proceeds to do just that, she carefully peels the tape off the bottom of the box and opens it.

Inside is some tissue paper, which she removes to reveal a strange fabric. She picks up the fabric, but it feels funny. She feels like a little shock as she first touches the material. It's soft and pliable like fabric, but also feels like metal, cold and hard. She pulls it out of the box, it's a catsuit as complete as the one she has on. It covers the body, hands, feet, and head and it is bright shinny silver in color. It even has six inch spike heeled shoes built into the catsuit. It appears to be made of rubberized lycra. It's very stretchy and very smooth with a really glossy appearance. Like the suit she has on it closes with two zippers in the back, one from the crown of the head to the neck and the other from the small of the back to the neck. 'I can't wait to try this on.' She thinks. ' When is my ice block going to thaw so I can change.'

She goes to the kitchen and checks, her key is almost free of ice. Quick, she can't wait and he'll never now she cheated. She put the remaining block of ice under the hot water tap to melt it quicker. In a few minutes, the key is free and she runs upstairs to the bedroom to strip. She quickly unlocks the four locks and removes her boots, belt, and collar. Finally she takes off the lycra catsuit. Down stairs she goes to retrieve the new catsuit.

She sits down to start to put it on. When she first picks it she feels that tingling shock again. It's a very pleasant feeling almost like wave of pleasure flowing through her. First, she rolls up the right leg of the suit and pulls it slowly over her right foot and ankle settling her foot into the built spike heeled shoe. She's surprised that the catsuit doesn't fit tighter, it fits her perfectly without stretching at all. Then she notices the two built in dildoes, one small one for her anus and a larger one for her pussy. 'Oh, I'm going to like this! she says to herself. She starts the other foot and pulls the suit up over her thighs and then her hips It fits surprising well without stretching at all. It was obviously tailored just for her. She inserts her arms until she seats her hands completely in the built in gloves and then pulls the hood over her head. Last the zippers are closed and she is sealed in. The hood has a good feature, the eyes are covered by silver lenses that she can easily see through. She feels herself getting warmer, this suit holds in the heat more than regular lycra.

She see a lock and a key in the box so she takes the lock and locks the two zippers closed. Locking the suit on sends a tingle of pleasure through her body. Now she is sealed in her pretty new suit, she runs upstairs to check herself in the full length mirror. She see a lovely vision covered in silver from head to spike heeled toe. The rubberized lycra appears like chrome plating on her it is so shinny. Even the lenses over her eyes blend in with the fabric, you can't tell where they are. The suit doesn't appear to have any seams. Her whole body seems to have dipped in chrome and polished to a brilliant luster.

She begins to imagine she is a robot sex slave, one of her favorite fantasies. She stops posing in the mirror and stands straight and still like a mechanical creature she dreams of being. She is already turned on by putting on a new suit especially one with dildoes. With the jerky mechanized movements of a robot she caresses her breasts. Soon her large nipples harden and poke through the special fabric of her suit. Her hands, or actuators as she starts to think of them, move to the pleasure button in her crotch. Almost immediately she is climaxing the dream is so real. She stands still for a few moments in the afterglow amazed at how quick and intense her orgasm was. She loves her new suit.

She decides she better finish her chores so her master will have no other complaints in case he discovers she opened the package early. She likes the way the new catsuit feels when she's doing her housework. It is so slick against her hairless body and the dildoes keep massaging her internally keeping her at a fevered sexual pitch. The suit felt cold when she put it on but is rapidly warming up as she goes about her chores. She notices that it seems to be getting tighter as she works. Soon she realizes it is getting much tighter, compressing her body everywhere. But how could it be shrinking; is the rubberized lycra heat sensitive. She remember seeing some paper work in the box so she goes back to the kitchen to look at it. Maybe it will explain what's happening.

She rummages through the box and finds a packaging list and a letter from the manufacturer. She begins reading the letter.


USPR is pleased to present to you your new custom pleasure catsuit, we know you will enjoy it. The suit requires special handling until it is put into use. You must store at temperatures under eighty (80) degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature exceeds eighty degrees, the self sealing mechanism engages. If the suit temperature reaches eighty-five degrees it will shrink as much as fifty percent. This should not adversely affect the wearer but the tightness may cause some discomfort. When the suit reaches ninety degrees, the automatic transformation will occur. See owners' manual for reversal procedures.

Thank you for your business


'Pleasure Robots, that's a nice name. I wish I could be a pleasure robot.' She thinks not knowing how close to the truth she is. 'If I were a pleasure robot, I would do nothing but bring pleasure to my master. I would be constantly excited and on the brink of orgasm and ready to do my master's sexual bidding at all times. I would love to be a pleasure robot. But I better get out of this suit before he comes home or he won't be happy with his slave.'

She picks up the key from the box and reaches behind her to unlock the suit. She can't find the lock, in fact, she can't find the zipper or even a seam in back where the zipper was. The back of the suit is one solid piece of rubberized lycra. There is no way out of the catsuit; she is completely sealed in. That must be what the instructions said about the self sealing mechanism. That realization sends a shiver of excitement through her; she loves being in inescapable situations. But the master is going to be angry that she opened the package without permission. 'Oh, maybe he will punish me.' She hopes.

Meanwhile the catsuit continues to shrink, especially the waist which constricts to a tiny twenty inches, smaller than her tightest corset. Everywhere she feels the pressure of the shrinkage as the suit gets smaller and smaller. But she loves tight, the tighter the better is her motto. The snugness of the suit only adds to her increasing level of sexual tension, she could come with the slightest touch.

Also adding to her heightened arousal is the fact that the two dildoes are growing not shrinking. The anal probe has lengthen and mushroomed out locking it in place. The dildo in her pussy has grown in length and girth filling her to capacity. A small knob has appeared that twiddles her clitoris with her every movement. As each change occurs she becomes more and more turned on. She hurries to the full length mirror to see if any other visual changes have taken place.

She's amazed at the vision that she sees in the mirror. The suit has made her waist smaller than it's been since she was ten making her very large breasts stick out even more. The nipples have grown to the size of cherries and show more predominately. The suit has shrunk but it has also clung to her body like a second skin. Each breast is separate, the fabric doesn't stretch between the two peaks. You can even see her navel clearly as if all the air between the suit and her body had been sucked out. The suit has adhered to the hollows of her face creating an exact copy in the chrome shinny rubberized lycra. It is as if she had been dipped in liquid chrome, lifted out and polished.

She has transformed into just what she wanted to be: a robot slave.

'Wait a minute.' She thinks. 'I've passed eighty degrees and now I sealed in the suit. The suits has shrunk a whole bunch, so I must have exceed eighty-five degrees. What did the instructions say happened at ninety degrees? Oh yeah, the automatic transformation will occur. I wonder what that means?' she asks herself.

She realizes that she better resume her chores or she not going to be finished by the time the master returns home. She leaves the lovely vision in the mirror and goes about her work. After a while when she is ironing his shirts, she notices she is feeling kind of stiff. Her movements are getting more difficult and less fluid. She always tries to be graceful in all her actions, but she is now moving in two dimensions only, just back and forth. When she continues working, she begins thinking, 'I must obey my master, I must obey my master' over and over again. In the back of her mind, she thinking, 'What's happening to me?'

Her movements become more jerky and stiffer but she keeps working. Soon everything she does has a mechanical and rigid motion to it. The difficulty of movement she experienced earlier is gone, but she realizes another self has taken over running her body. From the recesses of her mind she probes this new personality that seems to have taken over her body. The conscience mind keeps repeating a litany of phases over and over.

I must obey my master. I must complete my work. I must bring pleasure to my master.

Her deepest self now understands what they meant by the automatic transformation in the instructions letter. She has become a pleasure robot whose only purpose in existence is to bring pleasure to her master. She is a spectator in her own body, she can only watch as this machine does everything in it's power to pleasure her master. She has become the perfect robot slave of her fantasies. Her realization of her fate brings such joy a surge of pleasure flows through her robot body.

Another good thing as she is trapped behind this robot conscience is she still feels everything the robot feels. And she is feeling how good the robot feels right now. It seems has the same pleasure triggers as her old body. It too appreciates and enjoys the tightness of the pleasure robot catsuit which adds to the level of sexual tension she and the robot feel. The catsuit seems to be continuing to evolve. Now it seems to be turning into rigid chrome metal with invisible hinges at all the joints. The joints don't move quite as easily or as much as human joints which adds to the mechanical nature of the robots movement. Her/it's breasts have become rigid and hard in sharp conical shape like two large warheads sticking out of her/it's chest.

She wants to see what this latest transformation has done to her appearance but she can't make the robot to do anything. After a while however the robot's chores take back to the bedroom to make the bed. She focuses on every time it passes the mirror so she can see herself. She is amazed and excited about what she sees. Her/it's body is covered with apparently seamless chrome plate, her/it's head is an exact replica of her own head and face in bright shinny metal. Even it's eyes are chrome steel. The robot seems pleased with it's appearance in the mirror. It's proud that now it is truly a pleasure robot.

The robot remembers that it is supposed to pick up the master's clothes at the cleaners. So it gets her purse and walks out to the car and drives to the cleaners.

'O my god!' she thinks. 'I can't go out looking like this.' "Please stop" she yells internally to the robot. But the robot ignores her or just can't hear her and besides t knows what work it must do for the master and it's going to do it. Nothing will stop from fulfilling it's purpose to please it's master. 'O well, I might as well enjoy the ride. Besides this could be fun. Like going to the mall in a catsuit, I love showing off my body.' She thinks.

When the robot arrives at the small shopping center where the cleaners are, the parking lot is almost full and it has to park out near the street. It gets out of the car and starts walking to the cleaners, it's motion very stiff and rigid. Everyone in the parking stops and stares in wonder at this over six foot tall, bright and shinny metal creature. Some people have to turn away she shines so bright in the sunshine. She loves it, everyone is watching her. The robot arrives at the cleaners, goes in, and says to the startled clerk:


The clerk is stunned at the appearance and the strange monotone voice of the robot.

"I-have-some-clean-ing-to-pick-up-for-my-mas-ter-here-is-the-re-ceipt." The robot repeats when the clerk doesn't respond.

"Oh, yeah, OK, let me look for you." Slowly the clerk turns and starts working the moving rack until it's master's clothes come around. The whole time he's waiting the clerk keeps looking over his shoulder watching the robot, who stands perfectly straight and still. Finally the clothes come around and he takes them to the counter, hanging them on the counter rack.

"That will be twelve-fifty." He says.


It picks up the clothes from the rack, turns as says, "Thank-you" and leaves.

"You're welcome." The clerk calls to it's back. The clerk just stands by the window and watches it cross the parking lot. Everyone who can see it, just stands there and watches it cross the lot. Many a fantasy was started that afternoon in the parking lot by all of the males and some of the females who saw the robot that day.

She is ecstatic, it was great to see all those people stare at her. She wishes the robot had to go to someplace where there were a lot of people, like the mall, a theater, or better still to the ball park. Maybe the master will take it a important game. Thousands of people would see her new robot body there. She would be so proud. It was better inside the robot, because it can't get embarrassed, it just goes about it's chores, oblivious to peoples stares or comments. She was so turned on by being so blatant in front of so many people.

In fact, she thinks on the drive home, I am really turned on. This being a robot is an exciting business. The metal catsuit is so tight and rigid forcing her body into a striking erotic shape adds to the sexual tension. Exhibiting herself/itself before dozens of people is a great turn on. The dildoes keep up their lovely pressure holding just below the threshold of ecstasy. She been horny since she woke up this morning but hasn't had the chance to do much about it and now she can't get the robot to touch it's body at all. The worst part is she loves being teased, teasing turns her on even more. And right now she's being teased by everything and there's no way to get relief, which turns her on even more. It's a vicious cycle that keeps her on the edge of orgasm but not able to cross over into the ultimate pleasure. She hopes her master comes home soon and grants her some relief. When the robot returns home, it continues with the housework until it hears a car in the driveway. It looks out the window, sees the master is home, so it goes to the front door, opens it and greets him.

"Hel-lo-mas-ter-this-u-nit-is-pleas-ed-you-are-home-how-can-I-bring-you-pleas- ure?"

"I see you opened the package already."


"O, you don't remember. That's interesting. Follow me. I want to get changed."

They go upstairs and the robot waits while he removes his clothes and picks out something to wear. She is watching from inside and is drooling looking at his handsome body. She wishes he would take her right now. He finds what he was looking for; it is a shinny black nylon/lycra catsuit very similar to what she wore earlier. However this suit has an open face hood and a zipper strategically placed in the crotch allowing access to his genitals. He turns to the robot and tells it to close the zippers. He puts on a belt matching the one she wore this morning. He tightens it to the last notch because he too likes being bound and then takes a matching collar and puts it on. It not a posture collar but it does prevent getting to the zippers to remove the suit. He goes to the night stand and removes some locks. He takes the twenty-four locks because it's Friday and he off for the weekend. Click, click, the collar and belt are locked on for a full day. Now he is ready to play.

But first he must read something: the instruction booklet from USPR, Inc., which he takes out of his briefcase. He wants to make sure he doesn't break anything with his new toy. He goes to the den, it follows him awaiting any commands. He sits and begins to read. When he is finished with the short book, he's learned some important things. The first one he puts to use is:



"Open program 14, execute." He gives her the command to allow him to access his wife's personality.

"Oh, master, thank you for letting me talk. I've been stuck in here for hours." She exclaims.

"You've been a bad girl, opening a package addressed to your master and then trying on the suit without permission. You must be punished, but I have to think of something appropriate. I can't very well spank your new metal skin, besides you'd like that too much. Tell me what happened?"

"Yes, master, I'm terribly sorry. When the package arrived the morning, I was bound and dressed like you are now. I didn't want to open the door, but you said it was important. I surprised the delivery person but got the box. When I put it in your den I realized I could open it without you knowing. The temptation was too great. When I opened it I had to try the suit on. It was marvelous, I loved the way it felt, so I left it on while I did my chores. After a time it began to shrink and that's when I found out I couldn't take it off. Shortly after that the robot personality took over and I've been trapped inside since getting more and more turned on."

"Tell me what happened after you transformed."

"That is the most incredible part, the robot just kept doing the chores and cleaning the house. I was stuck inside getting more and more turned on by the dildoes and the tightness and rigidity of the suit. But around three, it remembered It was supposed to pick up the cleaning and I couldn't stop it."

"You don't mean what I think you mean?"

"Yes, master, the robot drove down to the cleaners, waltzed into the laundry, gave the clerk the receipt, picked up the clothes, waltzed back out, and drove home. It was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. Dozens of people in the parking lot, it was completely full, staring at my new metal body. I've been so turned on ever since and I can't get the robot to play with itself so I can come. Can I please come now?"

"No, that will be the perfect punishment. I'm going to keep turning you on but I won't let you come. Open program 15, execute." He says and the robot takes over again shutting her in while she screams.

"No, master, PLEASE let me come." But no, she is cut off before she starts saying the No. She is destined to stay on the edge of climaxing for hours until her master deems she has been punished enough. Just knowing that raises the tension she feels even more. When he does release her, she'll explode.

"Yes-mas-ter-what-is-your-com-mand?" asks the robot who is in control again.

"Slave, give me a blow job." He demands.

"Yes-mas-ter." It knees down between his legs, opens the crotch zipper, pulls out his semi-hard cock, and immediately starts sucking on it. It may have a hard metal skin but the inside of the robot's mouth is still soft warm human flesh.

He loves the contrast between it's hard fingers massaging the shaft and it's velvet mouth on the head of his now rigid cock. He sits back and enjoys watching it's bright silver head bob up and down set off by the black of his catsuit. It's machinations quickly bring him to the boiling point, but he wants to prolong this pleasure so he says "Stop" and it freezes in mid-stroke still with his throbbing hard-on in it's mouth.

He thinks that this creates new possibilities. It is frozen in place and he can just pump in and out of it's mouth and it won't move an inch. He tries a few strokes and likes it - a lot. Soon he is humping it's face for all it's worth. The pleasure builds quickly as he strokes into it's chrome head. Just the image is turning him on. Just before exploding he stops, he shouldn't be working so hard, the robot should do all the work. He pulls back withdrawing his cock from it's mouth.

"Slave, kneel up straight, I want to talk to you but while I'm talking I want to grasp my cock. Yes, that's good. Now until I tell you to stop I want you to slowly tighten your grip." As it tightens down, he feels immense pleasure. "Yes, very good, Oh just a little more. There. Stop. Now slowly stroke up and down. Yes, yes that's right. Oh, I like that. You're doing that very well, keep it up."


"Slave, do you have ways to sexually excite yourself?" he asks.

"Yes-mas-ter-I-am-de-sign-ed-with-sev-er-al-in-ter-nal-de-vices-that-stim-u-la te-my-sex-u-al-or-gans-I-can-con-trol-their-in-ten-sit-y-in-di-vid-u-al-ly-or- as-a-group"

"Do you automatically climax from such stimulation?"

"No-mas-ter-if-in-ten-sit-y-is-set-high-e-nough-I-will-cli-max-but-cli-max-cir -cuits-are-se-per-ate-and-can-be-turn-ed-off-if-cli-max-cir-cuit-is-off-no-a-m ount-of-stim-u-la-tion-will-cause-or-gasm"

"How do I turn on and off the climax circuits?"


"Open program 34, execute."


"Now, turn on internal stimulators and set the level at maximum."

"Yes-mas-ter" It says with a little catch in it's voice as the stimulators turn on full.

"NO, NO, I can't take any more!" she screams internally. "You are a mean and cruel master and I love you!"

"Slave, shut off my wife from hearing us."


"Good now listen carefully, next time I invoke program 35, it will be when program 14 is running. You will not be in control, but I want you to freeze your body from the neck down when I execute program 35 until I re-invoke program 34. I only want my wife to have control of your head and voice. Do you understand?"


"Now I want you to finish that blow job."

It immediately bends down and starts sucking on his rock hard cock. He has been turned on for so long, he explodes almost instantly.

"Very good." He says to the robot when he catches his breath. "Go get my boots and studded face mask and two more twenty-four hour locks."

When the robot leaves, he calls one of their favorite restaurants and makes reservations for two in an hour. He asks his friend, the maitre'd, if it will a problem that both of them will dressed for a costume ball, their outfits are rather extreme. "Not to worry." The maitre'd says, "You are always welcome."

Meanwhile the robot has returned with his boots and mask. The boots are lace up and knee length and interestingly enough have four inch heels. The master is not totally dominate. He likes to wear high heels almost as much as his wife. "Put the boots on me and make sure the laces are tight." When the robot has finished he takes the two locks and puts them on the straps at the top of his high heeled boots.

Next takes the studded face mask and straps it on hiding the upper part of his face. He is ready to leave but they still have a few minutes so he:

"Open program 14, execute." He commands.

"O, master, please let me come." His wife pleads. "I am so turned on. I promise I'll be good."

"That's what you said last time, but don't worry I let you come eventually."

"You are such a cruel and nasty master. I love you."

"Open program 15, execute." He responds. "I love you too, slave."


"It's time to go, follow me." He leads the robot out to the garage opens the passenger door for it and motions for it to get in. He closes the door and gets in the driver's side, starts the car, pulls out of the garage, and heads off down the street.

'My god where is he taking me. I can't go anywhere like this. He must be crazy. When is this stimulation going to stop. I'm so turned on.' His wife rattles off to herself.

He drives downtown to one of the big hotels, that is where their favorite restaurant is. He pulls up in front at the valet parking. He gets out of the car which really raises some eyebrows. But next the doorman opens it's door and it gets out; then everything stops. The unflappable doorman, who's seen everything (or who at least thought he had until tonight) just stands there holding the door open with his jaw on the floor. A dozen or so people who were leaving or entering the hotel, just stop dead in their tracks, too stunned to move. The master walks around the car, puts it's hand in the crock of his arm, and nonchalantly walks into the hotel. When the enter the lobby the normal hum of activity in such a place dies to silence in seconds. Every head in the large room turns and stares a the spectacle before them.

Here is two creatures entering a major hotel. He stands six-foot-four in his high heeled boots and is dressed in a shinny black skin tight body stocking that covers everything but his lower face. He also has a rather large hard-on blatantly showing for all to see. But on his arm is the most marvelous creature. She is over six-foot in her six inch metal spike heels. She is completely covered in shinny chrome metal plates with seemingly no hinges. Her face is a bright metal mask that only show a slit for her mouth. She walks with a strange mechanical cadence. The two walk across the hotel lobby as if they owned the place, oblivious of they affect they have on others. As far as they are concerned their just another couple out for a night on the town. From the lobby they take an elevator to their restaurant. Arriving there, they are met by the maitre'd.

"Your costumes are excellent, mousier, your wife is most convincing as a robot. We have your usual table, please this way." Pierre, the maitre'd leads them to a table in the center of the room after the master passes him a twenty.

When they enter is main dining room the patrons gasp and silence descends on the room as the maitre'd leads them to a table of honor. Everyone watches them strut across the large room and sit at their table. When they are seated the buzz starts again only the only conversation there is about them.

"Who are they? Why are they dressed like that? Isn't she beautiful? Doesn't he have a large cock? Do you believe how big her tits are? Are they someone special? I wish I could look like that."

After they were seated, he turned to it and said: "Open program 14, execute."

"O, master, I can't believe you brought us here. What if we see some friends, what will we say?"

"Don't worry, we'll just say we're going to a costume party. That's what I told Pierre and you saw his reaction. He could care less. In fact he complimented your costume. It is rather daring."

"Yes, but everyone's staring at us. I so embarrassed."

"Just consider it part of your punishment. By the way are you getting enough stimulation?"

"Anymore and I'll explode. This robot suit is diabolical, I have been turned on since I put it on this morning and all you do is make it worse with your program 34."

"You shouldn't have put it on. If you hadn't, you won't be in this fix."

"No, if I hadn't, you would have had some other fiendishly awful plan for tonight. Besides haven't I told you, I love being a robot slave to such a cruel master."

"Yes, dear, but here's the waiter, so let's order dinner."

"Yes-mas-ter" she said imitating her robot self. In fact, whenever she had to deal with the waiter or anyone other that her master, she used the short clipped and monotone speech of her robot persona. She loved being the center of attention in the restaurant. Throughout the meal, everyone was looking at them and they could tell all conversation was about them. It was a robot slave's fantasy come true. By the time their meal was over and they were enjoying coffee and brandy the room as returned to normal.

Abruptly he says "Open program 35, execute."

She gasps and cries, "Ooooooo, Aaaaauuuhhh. Ooooooo, Aaaaauuuuhhhh!!!!!!" She fights to gain some control but the waves and waves of pleasure flows over her swamping her self-control. He has released the flood gates of passion, she can finally climax, and the stimulation of the last several hours drowns her in orgasmic fury. "Oooooo, Aaaaauuuhhhh, Ooooooo, Aaaaaauuuhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" Her robotic body is frozen but her head is still hers as she continues to moan in delight.

Again she is the center of attention, all eyes in the room on her as she screams her ecstasy for all to hear. He calmly sits there and watches her through his studded leather mask emotionless save for a sly grin as he watches her. He lets her go on for a while as she vents her frustration and finally says:

"Open program 34, execute"

She stops moaning and slumps in the chair, spent of all energy.

"You wanted to come, didn't you?" he asks.

"You are vicious master, who loves tormenting his slave, aren't you?"

"I love you when you're angry. But now that you've had your fun and the check is paid, it's time to leave. Do you want to stay in control or should I invoke program 15."

"No-mas-ter-I-prom-ise-to-be-a-good-ro-bot" she responds.

"That's good. I want you to continue to act and talk like your robot personality when dealing with others, only with me can you talk and act human. Is that understood?"

"Yes-mas-ter." She loved being in control as they walked out of the hotel. She used the stiff mechanical walk of the robot, looking straight ahead, but all the while watching the people that were watching her. She loved it Once back in the car, she turned to her master and said: "Thank you master for such a lovely dinner. I love my new suit. I have always wanted to be your robot slave. Is there anything I can do to please you? she asks as she reaches over and starts caress his hard-on.

"No" he pushes her hand away. "Right now I have to drive. But I think you'll like the next place we're going to."

"Where is that? O dominate master."

"Remember the fetish club we went to last year. We have a table reserved for their special bondage show in half an hour."

"Oh, I love watching others put into bondage. Will the bondage be really tight, I like my bondage really tight."

"Yes, dear, I know. Just sit back, we'll be there in a few minutes. Are your pleasure inducing circuits still on high?"

"Yes, master, I am being constantly stimulated."

"Good, and we're here. Let's see if we can find some parking." He drove around for a few blocks and finally found a spot. "We're going have to walk from here."

They got out of the car and started walking towards the club. Everywhere they went people just stopped what they were doing and stared. They just continued to their destination oblivious of any commotion they caused. Even when they arrived at the club the doorman was stunned by their appearance. They entered and were ushered to a table right in front of the stage. The room came to a stand still, even in this jaded group they were special. The cocktail waitress in her rubber catsuit and ballet boots came over and took their order. Just as they were served the curtain went up to reveal two people dressed in shinny lycra catsuits. She was in white while his suit was bright red.

"We are going to show you some simple lycra bondage. Lycra is our favorite fabric, we like it better than rubber or leather. It lends itself to all sorts of bondage devices. I will dress my slave in several lycra bondage equipment and then let you be the judge if they are adequate." He announced. "You will notice that she is dressed in a simple nylon/lycra catsuit in a simple white. I should add that under the suit, she is wearing a pair of rubber double dildo pants. She has been locked in this suit since seven this morning. She wore it under street clothes to the office all day. She has to control her fluid intake as she cannot urinate but overall she says the experience is very distracting but pleasant. I did allow her a short potty break before coming here as I don't plan on releasing her until late tomorrow.

"The first thing my assistants will add is a ball gag and a full black lycra catsuit, complete with feet, gloves, and hood, once it is zipped closed there are no openings. It does have sewn in lenses allowing her to see these proceedings; in fact all but the last suit have these lenses. A double layer extra heavy duty complete catsuit follows adding to the full coverage and the feeling of compression. In fact all of these garments and devices are intentionally made as small as possible. We want them at full stretch and tightness when worn.

"Over the three catsuits, we'll put the first of several lycra bondage devices. All these devices are made of extra heavy duty 70%nylon/30%lycra which gives them a lot of stretch and even better a lot of tightness. As a start, we use a special made straight jacket. As you can see this jacket goes on normally; the wearer puts their arms into the closed sleeves of the jacket and the jacket is zipped up the back. It takes two people to close the zip because the suit is so tight, one to pull the sides together and another to work the zip. Next a wide strap is run through the crotch from the rear and buckled to the front. Cinching this strap also helps force the dildoes in deeper which she always seems to enjoy. This particular suit is designed so the arms are bond behind the back. There the arms are crossed and the straps at the end of the sleeves are pulled around in front and buckled tightly to a double ended strap sewn to the front of the jacket. Extra bondage is achieved by two tubes of heavy lycra that close over the arms in back preventing the wearer from moving their arms at all.

"To make certain the is no movement, we then put her into a sleeveless catsuit. This suit runs from her toes to the top of her head, completely encasing her in another layer of double lycra. the suit has legs but no arms. The tight torso of the suit further binds her arms to her body. Again it takes assistance to close the zipper and seal her in this fifth layer of lycra. This is the last outfit where her feet are separate, so we will now put her into six inch spike heel thigh high boots. Once they are laced on tightly she will allowed to wander around so you may feel for your selves the tightness of her bondage. Also feel free to fondle her, she loves being on display and touched by so many people."

The lycra bond slave carefully steps down from the stage and circulates around the room, stopping at tables along the way, where people pull at the fabric checking the tightness of her bondage. Many of the audience run their hands over her more private parts trying to add to her stimulation. One large dominatrix uses a crop to force her legs apart and then proceeds to swat her pussy until the slave is moaning through her gag. The hits can do little damage through the many layers of lycra, but they sent major waves of pleasure coursing through her. Abruptly the dominatrix stops and sends her off unfulfilled.

As the slave approaches, he turns to his wife and says, "Open program 15, execute. Put your hand on the slaves pussy and vibrate her to orgasm."

"Yes-mas-ter" The robot puts it's hand flat against the lycra slave's crotch and starts it's hand vibrating. The slave groans with pleasure as the robot's manipulations stimulate her clitoris and the dildo in her pussy. The dominatrix had put her on a sexual edge but the robot was pushing her over it. Her breathing was restricted by the many layers of lycra but soon she was panting through her gag. Shortly afterwards the stimulation became too much and she climaxed almost falling as she went weak kneed. When she regained her composure, she bowed to the robot and it's master and returned to the stage ready for anything.

"Open program 14, execute." commanded the master.

"Thank you master, that was a very nice thing to do for that poor slave. I love you, master."

"I love you too. How are you enjoying your night out as a robot?"

"Master, it's wonderful. Being a robot slave has always been a fantasy of mine and the reality of it is even better than I dreamed. The constant stimulation is driving me crazy. I don't ever want it to stop. I was so embarrassed at the restaurant when I came in front of all those people, but the embarrassment added to the turn-on and just made me come harder. I just love the way people stare at my robot body, I look so good all covered in chrome."

"I'm glad you like it, you're going to be in it for a while. I knew you would like it when I ordered it. Let's watch the show, the slave is in for more bondage."

"Lucky her."

On the stage they just finished putting her into a mummy bag that forced her legs together making her into a tube of tight lycra from her neck to the toes of her high heeled boots. They zipped it up the back sealing her in one more layer. The next layer was another body bag, this one with a hood with built in blindfold. Now besides being unable to move at all, she can't even see. They brought another mummy bag, this one was made of black canvass and was wet. Also sown into the canvass every inch were metal stays like in a corset only these stays went from feet to neck. They zipped her into the canvass bag and then started pulling the bag tighter by pulling the laces until they could pull no more. They laced up the attached hood which left her nose and mouth open. Then they used industrial heaters to dry the thick canvass causing it to shrink and tighten even more. Finally they added a posture collar and with a great flourish locked it in place.

"I hope you've enjoyed our little demonstration as much as I know my slave is enjoying herself now. She will left like this until sometime tomorrow or later if I want. Thank you for your attention." He bowed and left the stage. His two assistants picked up the slave at the head and feet and the bound bundle did not even sag in the middle so stiff was the canvas suit with it's corset stays. The audience went wild applauding the show.

"Oh, master, what a cruel master he must be to bind her so severely. Would you do the same to me, Please???"

"Am I that mean?" asks her master.

"Oh, yes master. You are the most cruel and wonderful master this poor robot slave could have."

"Well, we'll see. Maybe I will and then again maybe I won't. It just depends if you are good slave. Now be quiet, I want to watch the show."

"Ladies and gentlemen, masters and slaves, we are going to demonstrate two new products tonight which we hope you all will enjoy.

"First let me tell how I have prepared my slave. Before starting to dress her, she was shaven completely even her head. She wanted nothing coming between her and her lycra. I inserted a special double dildo with a flange that covers the clitoris. The slave then dressed in a nylon/lycra catsuit, complete with gloves, feet and an open faced hood. The catsuit is made two sizes too small and is very tight. There is a small hole over the rear dildo.

A heavily boned rubber corset is put on and cinched down until her waist has been reduced from her normal twenty-six inches to twenty inches. A large ball of soft foam rubber effectively gags her especially when sealed in by a swath of surgical tape. Over all this she wears another complete black lycra catsuit with feet, gloves and closed face hood. Sown into the hood are two dark plastic lenses over her eyes. This suit also has a small hole over the rear dildo and two tiny holes over her nostrils. The suit is made so small it is a real struggle to get into and zip it closed. Once the zipper is closed the cloth edges next to the zipper are sewn closed completely hiding the zipper and effectively locking the slave in the suit. This was done before we left to come here, so she has been dressed like this for four hours already.

"Are you ready for the next stage, slave?" The slave nods agreement. "Then we will proceed with the first new product that we call lubber or liquid rubber. It is a new compound that can be sprayed on, brushed on or dipped to cover any object in a skin of shinny black rubber. In this case, we are going to spray in on covering this slave in a suit of new black rubber. We will cover her lenses with masking tape and put a short bar attached to her butt plug to keep that hole open and two small tubes in her nostrils for breathing and begin spraying with the soles of her feet. While her feet are still wet we put her in a pair of six inch spike heeled pumps which will glue the shoe on. Please notice how shinny the sprayed on rubber is, it stays that way even after it has dried. As my assistants continue to spray her the layer of lubber hides all the seams in the lycra catsuit.

"When we are finished she will have a completely smooth and seamless covering of lubber. The only way out for her will be to cut the suit off. However it is possible to install a zipper in the lubber covering and then the suit can be used over and over again. Lubber once it has cured is remarkably durable and when sprayed on lycra almost indestructible. It is also possible to spray the lubber directly on to the skin, it is totally non toxic unless ingested. When applied to the skin it makes a very realistic duplicate of the body because it conforms to every nook and cranny. Lastly the most interesting thing is the lubber shrinks twenty to thirty percent as it dries compressing our lovely slave even more.

"There, they are finished spraying her. We will now remove the short bar on her butt plug and pull out the breathing tubes. Lastly we remove the masking tape over her lenses. Notice how perfectly matched the lenses are to the appearance of the lubber. You cannot tell where one ends and the other one begins. She is ready for your inspection. Circulate amongst the quests, slave. Let them see up close the beauty of bright shinny lubber. Let them feel how smooth and erotic it is to the touch."

The beautiful black rubber slave toured the tables and booths letting everyone feel and fondle her. she is incredibly turned on by all the preparations and now to be felt up all over, she going crazy with excitement. Her nipples are enlarged to the size of cherries and when she walks by our friends the robot slave fondles her and pinches her nips until she flinches. Finally she returns to the stage and the master begins speaking again.

"The second new product we call Rigoroid, its a new drug that has some very special uses by those who enjoy long term bondage. When you inject Rigoroid into a slave the slave quickly enters a state similar to a coma. Their heartbeat and respiration slow to one or two beats per minute and a breath once every several minutes. They are stiff to the touch but can be moved into any position a normal body can get into. What ever position they are placed in they stay that way indefinitely. Most importantly they are conscience the whole time realizing that they are helpless and can't move at all. They can still experience sexual stimulation but beyond that their bodies are numb, they can't even feel anything but pleasure. A simple injection of the antidote reverses the process and the slave is normal again.

"Tonight's slave has experienced Rigoroid several times for periods up to a week. She has asked that tonight she be prepared as we have already have, injected, and left in stasis for a full month. She requested that she be used as a mannequin at a dancewear shop where she can be dressed in lycra at all times. So she is now putting on a bright shiny silver catsuit over her black lubber coated body. Now that she is dressed and ready, we will bring out the display stand." The display stand was a one foot square of heavy flat metal with a long rod sticking out of the middle and an electrical cord hanging out one side. She promptly straddled the rod and settled down until it makes contact with her rear dildo. The rod is lengthened until she was standing straight.

"The display stand serves two purposes. First, it keeps the slave balanced when placed in an awkward position. Secondly, and most important, it fits into a socket in her butt plug and transmits 110V power to the vibrators placed in her pussy and rectum and the vibrator in the flange that covers her clitoris. She will be under constant stimulation for a full month. Worst she knows it and know there is nothing she can do to stop it.

"Now slave, you know the conditions under which you have agreed to. Do you still want to go through with this? Do you want the injection of Rigoroid?" You could hear a pin drop the audience was so quiet waiting for her response.

The slave layered in lycra and lubber and mounted on the display stand shock her head in the affirmative. He promptly picked up the syringe and shot her in the butt with the Rigoroid. In just a few minutes, you could see her lose all the tension in her body and relax in the position she was in. There was no turning back now, she had committed herself to thirty days of imprisonment and thirty days of unending pleasure. The assistants moved in and placed her in position on the stand, her legs were slightly apart and her hands were placed on her hips. They bent her shoulders back a little pushing her chest out more predominately and she just stood there rigidly where they placed her.

Finally they plug in the cord on the stand powering the dildoes. They stepped back, leaving her on display and the room broke out in applause.

"That was a great show, aren't you glad I dragged you out of the house tonight?"

"Yes, master. That was terrific, someday I'd like to try that. I would want to be a mannequin at Victoria's Secret where everyone could see my body with very little on it. But I don't know if I could go a whole month without serving my mean and nasty master."

"Watch who you call mean and nasty or I'll invoke program 35 and just leave you here coming and coming. Let's mingle, I'd like to find out more about Lubber and Rigoroid."

"Yes-mas-ter." He talked to the master who demonstrated the two new products, asked some questions and got his business card. They said their good-byes, left and drove home. Upon arriving back at home he invoked program 15 which put the robot personality back in charge, he gave it some rather detailed instructions, then he invoked program 47. Program 47 changes the robot from a slave into a robot mistress. He wanted to play the submissive for a time. The first thing it did was gag him which kept him from revoking the command, then it blindfolded him, and finally laced a double thick and extra tight lycra hood on his head. He is now subject to any whim of his robot mistress.

It then placed him in a tight lycra mummy bag with integral hood. The mummy bag has internal sleeves which keep his arms immobile at his side and has a hole for his cock and balls to fit through. Already his cock is rock hard and it hasn't even touched him there. Next it takes a severe posture collar and tightens it until he can't move his head at all and per instructions, takes an eight hour lock and secures the collar until morning. The robot mistress places him on the bed and secures the collar to the head of the bed with some rope and ties his ankles to the foot of the bed. He is bound and tied and not going anywhere until his robot mistress releases him and he knows it which causes his cock to twitch in excitement.

"Now-you-are-a-prop-er-slave-bound-gag-ged-blind-fold-ed-and-hard-just-the-way -i-like-my-boy-slaves-let's-play-with-your-lit-tle-pee-pee-i-want-to-make-it-s quirt-can-you-make-it-squirt-lit-tle-boy" The robot continues to verbally tease him while she jacks him off. He's been turned on all evening especially when he thinks about the slave that was bound in all those layers of lycra. He imagines himself completely immobilized like she was but with his cock sticking out. The robot increases the tempo of it's strokes and he quickly comes in her metal hand. It licks it's hand clean enjoying the salty taste of his come.

"That's-very-good-you-re-a-good-boy-slave-don't-go-any-where-I'll-be-back-soon " It announces.

'This is going to be fun' He thinks as he daydreams about the instructions he gave the robot before letting himself be bound.

The robot goes off to read one of her favorite erotic stories, called the Pleasure Androids. It is the story of how several people are transformed into androids with incredible sexual appetites. These androids also have a great affection for lycra and bondage, which are her favorite fetishes. The master's last instruction was that the robot should read his wife's favorite porno and every time one of the characters climax the robot should have an orgasm also. The wife was ecstatic when he told the robot what to do. She would imprisoned in her robot body doing what she loves best, coming and coming.

Exactly one hour later the robot goes back to the bedroom and jacks him off again right on schedule. I really like this, he thinks when it leaves after finishing him off. The robot returns to it's reading and the wife returns to enjoying the orgasms.

Another sixty minutes, the robot returns to him again. It not as easy this time, the robot need almost twenty minutes to get him off. He huffing and puffing from the excretion of the climax, but still dreams of more.

By the sixth hour it takes forty-five minutes before he comes again and he's worried he'll never make through eight hours as he instructed the robot. After a short fifteen minute break the robot is back sucking and stroking him. He's straining his whole body trying to come just one more time. Finally a small trickle of cum oozes out and she stops. Two minutes later the new hour starts and the robot is back stroking his very tender cock.

'O my god, I can't. Not again. Please stop' he silently pleads but the robot mistress continues as it was instructed. It will keep stimulating him until he comes, until it fulfills it's command. It uses everything available to it; It sucks his cock, it strokes his cock, it even vibrates his cock, it's not going to stop until it has obeyed it's instructions and made the boy-slave come. After a while even though he is exhausted, he starts to respond to it's manipulations and arches his back as he tenses trying to come. Eventually he is so tight only his head and feet touch the bed and finally a little dribble leaks out and he is done. So done he promptly passes out and falls asleep.

When he does finally come, the wife regains control of the robot body because the program 47 had run for eight full hours per his instructions. She goes to the kitchen to retrieve the eight hour key to remove his bondage so he might sleep better only to discover that he forgot to remove the keys in their ice blocks from the freezer. In fact the twenty-four locks he put on yesterday evening are also still in the freezer. She take out both blocks of ice and leaves them in the sink to melt, figuring he'll just have to wait longer to be released.

She returns to the bedroom to let him know what he is in for, only to find him sound asleep and snoring. 'Typical man' she thinks. 'No sense bothering him now, he's going to sleep for hours. I might as well get on with my life, I can't wait for him.' She proceeds downstairs and starts to plan her day.

First thing she does is go to the den and finds and reads the instruction book that goes with her robot suit. She learns many new things about her suit, but the most important is that as the wearer she can actually program the suit herself. She can relinquish control to her robot personality for a length of time or indefinitely if she wants. She can control how often she climaxes just by giving the command. She can control how much stimulation the robot suit creates, how much and for how long. She learns how to remove the cover plate over her genitals if she wants to have intercourse. She can even remove the built in spike heels if she wants to wear other shoes or boots. She'll always have to wear five or six inch heels because her feet and ankles can't bend enough for her to wear any lower heels.

She gets to the end of the book where the instructions are for the removal of the suit only to find the last few pages have been removed. She searches his briefcase but still can't find the missing pages. She obviously is going to stay in the suit until he tells her how to take it off, which is not a bad thing. She loves wearing her robot suit, it is so tight and it makes her feel so good, maybe she shouldn't take it off. Maybe she should stay in the suit indefinitely, but she certainly can't go to work like this or can she. She remembers something she thought about last night at the club watching the demonstration of lubber.

Quickly she finds the business card her master got the night before. She makes the call and describes what she wants. Yes, they can help her. Yes, she can come over right away. She checks on her master who is still sound asleep, snoring up a storm. She grabs her purse and a few other things and leaves. When she arrives at the shop, they start working right away. Soon she is ready, she looks at herself in the large mirror and is startled by the transformation.

She sees herself in the mirror, but she is no longer the bright shinny chrome robot she was when she arrived. Now she looks like a normal human with flesh colored skin. She is unusual in that she is bald and has a unbelievable figure, very large breasts above a tiny twenty inch waist. They have completely coated her robot body with flesh colored lubber. There is a barely visible zipper molded into the suit so it can be removed, but the only other openings are nostril holes, mouth hole. The new lubber suit also incorporates life like lenses to cover her metal eyes.

"Perfect!" She says to the technicians. "Nobody can tell I have a metal body suit on under this. Where can I put on my make up and get dressed. In my robot body I could go out in public but in this lubber suit I would get arrested for public nudity even though my crotch is smooth and seamless just like a Barbie Doll. Thank you, you've done a great job."

They lead her to a back room with a make up table where she does herself up. She is a little heavy with the make up because she is feeling so whorish. She puts on a short cropped black wig to hide the bald head of her new lubber suit. Next she dresses in a shinny silver unitard with a low scoop neckline that really shows off her well endowed chest. She adds a wide black elastic belt to emphasize her waist and spike heeled black ankle boots. She is now street legal even if it does look like she walks that street. No one will know that she is wearing a lubber body suit over her robot metal suit. She checks herself in the mirror and is turned on by her new image. One last thing, she invokes program 19 which turns the hard metal robot skin back to the soft rubber/lycra catsuit it started out to be. She couldn't remove the suit but it did make her body look more curvy and natural. 'I'm going to like this new look.' She thinks as she's leaving the shop.

She drives home to check on her master, he is still very much asleep. She checks on the ice, even the eight block is less than half melted. He's just going to have to wait to be untied. She leaves again, this time to go to the mall, she going to need new clothes for work to fit her new body with it's tiny waist. When see arrives at the mall she programs herself to increase the stimulation level but leave the climax circuit turned off. She doesn't want to make a spectacle of herself by coming in the middle of a store.

When she enters the mall every male eye is on her. Men, even with their wives, stop dead in their track to stare at her as she passes. She's wearing dark wrap around sun glasses which allow her to stare back but nobody can tell where she's looking. She struts through the mall seeming oblivious to the commotion she causes but eating up every bit of it. She loves being on display and the unitard fits so tight everyone can see everything.

She passes a dancewear shop and stops to stare at the beautiful black mannequin wearing the shinny sliver catsuit. She waves to the mannequin knowing that only she knows the pleasure it is experiencing because of the dildoes and vibrators humming away in it's nether regions. Again she dreams of the day when she tries Rigoroid and she becomes a mannequin too.

She goes into the dancewear shop, compliments the clerk on the window display, especially the model. She purchases the same silver catsuit, buying two sizes to small to make sure it's extra tight. But she has to find other clothes that are more suitable for the office, she can't wear lycra catsuits there. She visits several other shops and stores and finally leaves with many new outfits suitable for the office but still fitting her new figure.

When she arrives home, she checks on her master, who still hasn't woken up and probably won't for hours, besides the ice blocks need to melt more before she can untie him. She decides to wait reading some more of her best pornography.

She picks a story named "The Outfit." It's about a woman who discovers a box of special clothing from an ancient alien culture. The box contains a body corset that goes from hips to neck, thigh length spike heeled boots, and shoulder length gloves. What's so very special is these garment are made of an indestructible fabric and they all lock on with a tiny button device and can't be removed. At one point she locks herself in where she can't get to the unlocking button and is forced to stay in the corset, boots, and gloves for over three years. The robot slave fantasizes about being locked in her rubber/lycra robot suit for three years while stroking her swollen clitoris. Soon she is experiencing a surge of pleasure that quickly leads to an explosive series of orgasms.

Finally the eight hour block of ice has melted. She recovers the key and proceeds to remove her husbands bindings. He starts to wake up as she strips the mummy bag off his limp body. When she takes the hood, gag, and blindfold off, he finally comes around.

"Wa..wa..water, p.p.please." he moans.

"Here, dear, drink this."

"Thank you. How long have I been out?"

"A little more than eight hours, are you all right? She asks.

"Never felt better, although I may not want any sex for a day or two."


"Yes, O wicked robot mistress. But it was worth it."

"Come on, I make you something to eat."

"Wait, unlock the rest of my costume, I want to change."

"I can't dear, somebody forgot to take the ice out of the freezer. I can let you out about ten tomorrow morning."

"These high heeled boots are killing me, but I can think of worst ways to die. I see you figured out how to take off your robot suit. How did you do that?"

"That's my secret and I'm not going to tell you. But don't worry I going to wear the robot suit a lot for you. I am always yours to command, master."

"Wait until next week, I'm going to order a robot master suit for me now that I seen the marvelous things a slave suit can do."

"Oh, I can't wait to suffer at the hands of my robot master. Will you be really cruel and wicked, please."

After eating, they retired for the night. He was exhausted from the ordeal the night before and fell immediately into a deep sleep locked in his lycra catsuit and high heeled boots. She lay there next to him and realizes that she is not tired although she been awake more than thirty-six hours. In fact since she put the robot catsuit, she hasn't needed the restroom or any other normal human function. Maybe there's more to this robot business than she thinks. She decides that she does need some rest but she'll do it robot style.

She programs her robot body to resume control until her master wakes her in the morning. First she invokes program 18 and her robot catsuit regains it metal hardness. While the robot is in control, it will hold her in a rigid position, she will not be able to move at all. However, the robot suit stimulation circuits will activated at full level, but the orgasm circuits will be turned off. When the master awakens her, she will explode into orgasm because the climax circuits will be engaged and held open for twenty minutes.

As the robot personality takes charge, she hopes the master will wake her early and end her torture of pleasure.

He doesn't, he sleeps in as she is racked with increasing levels of stimulation from the robot suit that holds her in it's solid bondage. Late the next morning he finally awakens groggy from too much sleep. He rolls over to shake his slave sleeping next to him and suddenly she begins twitching as the orgasm starts to overwhelm her. Soon she is just shaking from the intensity of climax. Many minutes pass and she is still in spasms from continually coming. Finally after the commanded twenty minutes of ecstasy passes, she returns to normal.

She turns to her master and says "Good-morn-ing-mas-ter-how-may-I-serve-you"

"Open program 14, execute" he commands putting his wife back in charge. "How can you be a robot slave when you don't have your robot suit on."

"O, master, I do have the suit on. Yesterday when you were sleeping I went to the shop that sells the lubber and had them spray my metal robot suit with flesh colored lubber."

"Why did you do that?"

"This way I don't have to take of the robot suit and I can still go to work tomorrow and only you and I will know that I'm really a robot slave in disguise. I even went to the mall yesterday while you slept and got some new outfits for work that fit my new robot body. Would you like to see them?"

"First I need you to feed me and then you can do you fashion show."

They go downstairs and she prepares his breakfast, she doesn't need to eat. While he's eating she puts on the first outfit she bought. It's a simple suit in bright red with a very short miniskirt under which she wears a black turtleneck leotard, black sheer to the waist pantyhose and matching red leather pumps with five inch heels and ankle straps. She shows it off to him saying, "I really wanted to put locks on the ankle straps and the turtleneck but I thought that might be too much for the office."

"I think you look fantastic!" He exclaims.

With that she disappears and changes into a long sleeved, turtleneck, black spandex mini-dress. She's added a broad red patent leather belt that cinches her waist to it's tiny twenty inches. She wears it with the same black hose and red pumps.

"I wish I worked at your office, none of the women at my office dress like that."

"It's probably a good thing, I won't trust you if they did."

Her next outfit was a black cotton/lycra catsuit worn with a the jacket of the red suit she showed him before and black ankle boots. He loves her long legs when they are wrapped in skin tight black lycra. Her last outfit is a skinny ribbed white silk turtleneck sweater tucked into a pencil thin black spandex hobble skirt that welds her legs together down to her calves. Under the skirt she wears black leather knee boots.

Friday, casual day, she'll just wear a black leotard and some stretch jeans with simple black pumps.

"See I have my whole wardrobe planned for the week and nobody will know I wearing a robot slave suit under my street clothes or that my skin is actually lubber. They might wonder how my waist got so narrow, but if anyone asks, I just say it's a new corset. Everyone at the office knows I wear corsets all the time."

"I can't wait to get my robot catsuit. I'm going to order it first thing tomorrow. What would you like to do today?"

"Is there a ball game today, I want to go to the stadium or someplace else with a lot of people when I dressed very provocatively. You know how I like to show off. This new robot body is so extreme, I love it when everybody stares."

"There's a football game this afternoon and the teams colors are silver and black, do you think you could find something appropriate to wear?"

"Can I ever." She exclaims. "Just you wait until you see my silver and black costume. What time should I be ready?"

"You have about an hour and a half to get ready. Is that enough time?"

"Plenty of time as long as you're not afraid to be seen with a robot slave."

"I'll be proud to take you anywhere. Now hurry up and get ready."

She retires to the bedroom to get changed and he wonders just what she'll look like when she done.

A hour later she returns to her master ready for the game. She certainly is properly dressed for a football fan. Her costume is a exact replica of their teams uniform only hers is skin tight lycra following her every curve. With the robot suit squeezing her waist to a tiny twenty inches she has lots of curves. She also wearing six inch spike heels which she has taped on just like the players tape on their shoes. Best of all she has used make up to paint her bald lubber covered head to look like the teams' helmet complete with the stripe down the middle and the logos on the sides.

"You look fantastic! In that outfit you're going to be voted fan of the year. You're going to stop traffic at the stadium. Do you want to stay in control or should I release your robot personality?"

"Put the robot in charge, I want to sit back and watch everybody ogle my new body."

"Open program 14, execute." he commands. "Follow me, it's time to go."

They drive to the stadium but have to park way out on the fringes of the parking lot. When they get out of the car, he turns to the robot and asks, "Do you know the way to our seats?"


"Good, then you ahead alone. I want to follow you at a distance so I can watch how people react to seeing you. I know how I'm reacting; I've got a boner that won't quit."

"Yes-mas-ter-i-am-hap-py-my-ap-pear-ance-brings-pleas-ure-to-my-mas-ter" Having said that the robot turns and heads for the stadium.

Conversations and tail gate parties stop as the robot passes by. Everyone, man or woman, stop what they are doing and stare at it when it walks through the cars with it's stiff mechanical gait. It's exaggerated figure wrapped in the skin tight lycra make everyone desirous to have it, but it seems oblivious to their pleas while it make it's way through the large parking lot.

She is there too, in the recesses of the robot brain watching her robot self strut through the crowds as everybody stares. She loves the attention; it really turns her on. Combined with the stimulation of the dildoes as she is walking, she is almost ready to come. But all she can do is observe, she can't get the robot to touch itself and bring on a much desired climax.

He is following the robot through the parking lot and into the stadium. He sees with great pride that everyone who sees the robot slave stops and stares until they can't see it anymore. When they get to the stadium the crowd thickens but the crowd seems to open a path for the robot to walk through, people are so stunned by her beauty and blatant sexuality. He soon realizes that he is leading a large group of men and some woman who are following it to find out where it is going.

Finally the robot slave finds their seats and sits down. He joins it a moment later and says: "Slave, go get me a beer."

"Yes-mas-ter." It quickly gets up and heads to the snack bar drawing the attention of everyone near it. When it returns, it sits down and hands it's master his beer. He invokes the program that puts his wife back in control. She leans over and whispers into his ear.

"Thank you, master. That was the most exciting walk I ever taken. I'm so turned on from being stared at by all those people I want to come right here."

"That can be arranged."

"No, no, not here. Make me wait until we get home after the game. I want to be tortured with pleasure until then."

The game starts and they watch it, periodically he sends her for more beer. She doesn't want any and besides the robot is the designated driver. She notices that she hasn't drank or eaten anything since Friday's dinner and she's not hungry or thirsty. Is she running on robot energy or what?

In the second quarter, during a time-out, the TV cameras pan over the crowd until one of them spots her. "Freeze on her" yells the director to the cameraman. "I'm going to put her on the scoreboard" He flicks a few switches and she is sixty feet tall on the scoreboard screen and being broadcast to forty million homes.

Suddenly everyone who sees her on the giant screen is yelling to everyone who doesn't see her: "Look at that! Have you ever seen anyone like that!" The stadium becomes quiet as everyone there stares at this rare beauty.

All across the country millions of men and women are dreaming of being next to that vision of loveliness. Later that night, thousands will jack off thinking of her.

Sitting in the stands she sees herself on the scoreboard and feels everyone's eyes on her and she comes from the intensity of their adoration.

The camera finally has to pull away to cover the game and the crowd groans it's disappointment. Several times during the game, one of the cameras pick her up and again she is on the giant screen for all to see. When the game is over, she leans over to her master and says: "Please put the robot back in control, I can't maintain my cool well enough to walk out of here."

He does as requested and instructs the robot to return to the car by itself, he will be following behind her. When it walks out of the stadium, people stand back forming a corridor for it to walk through. As it passes, the crowd applauds it's beauty. He follows a discrete distance behind and absorbs how enamored the fans are with the robot.

She is there soaking it up, turned on beyond belief by the affection of the fans. She is glad that she is not in control because she would have difficulty walking as excited as she is. This day has been an exhibitionist dream.

When the robot gets to the car, it waits for it's master to arrive. Several people come up and ask it for an autograph. The robot being very obedient, signs what they put in front of it. You have to wonder what people thought later when they read the signature of the "Robot Slave."

When they return home, it is commanded to relinquish control and she cleans the make up off her head. She changes into a simple lycra unitard and heels and joins her master and the couch watching TV. The local news comes on and when the sports section starts the sportscaster shows her picture from the game.

"Our team has a new fan, who was obviously good luck to them today, they won 34 to 10. This new fan brought silence to the stadium every time they showed her on the scoreboard screen. We hope she's there next week for the big game. We'll need any help we can get."

"I guess I'll have to go next week, I wouldn't want to disappoint our team and my fans."

(Tune in next week for another adventure of the Robot Slave.)

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