By Ray

Class ended just as Maria finished her lecture. She had always timed her lectures perfect. Everything she did was perfect or as close as she could. The students taking the one class she taught per week were the best and brightest, like she had been at their age.

Maria Franken (she had dropped the 'stein from her last name due to unease about her infamous great-grandfather) had been one of the most brilliant students the college had ever had. She had degrees in chemistry, computer science, electronics and of course was a doctor of medicine.

At the young age of 31, Maria had been pleased to accept a teaching and research position at the college. There she was given free range to pursue any field of research she choose. She was careful not to let anyone know of what she was truly doing. Although Maria was uneasy about her collegues knowing she was a descendant of the great Dr. Victor Frankenstein, she had enthusiastically pursued his work.

She noticed a couple of her male students smiling at her as she left but she paid them no attention. Maria was content with the cold fish reputation she had. It freed her from the petty come-ons from both faculty and students. At 5'10", Maria carried 168 lb.. and it was very well distributed on her 46-30-39 figure. She had learned long ago to dress very conservatively, and be cool and unapproachable. Men were intimidated by her and that was fine. It was also convenient from anyone trying to learn too much of what she was working on.

Inheriting alot of money was another bonus for Maria. It allowed her to buy a secluded mansion and furnish it with the cutting edge technology she needed for her work. As she walked into her home she automatically checked her security equipment to see if anyone had been near her compound. As usual no one had but secrecy was of extreme importance. If anyone knew what she had been doing, not only would the scientific community be shocked, Maria herself could be charged with a variety of serious crimes.

She put her books down and quickly walked to her basement laboratory, her ample bosom bouncing heavily. The lab had taken her two years to fully equip, but it had all been worth it. She smiled at the sight of her greatest achievement. Her great-grandfather would have been pleased. Lying on the operating table was her creation. She had named it Igor in honor of Victor Frankenstein's loyal assistant.

Her creation was a man or had been once. 6'6" tall and weighing 250 lbs. Igor was the product of 3 generations of research. She didn't know who Igor had been and didn't care. All she knew was that he had been a drifter who had drowned 6 months ago in the icy river. His huge size and anonymity made him the ideal guinea pig for her experiments. It had been surprisingly easy to shuffle his records around and steal the body from the morgue. Maria had waited 4 months for a body to experiment on and had almost considered murder when Igor had literally surfaced from the frozen river.

She walked over to her computer. Proton, as she called it, was the most advanced computer she was able to find. But now the computer had advanced, with her help, to a level of power even Maria couldn't fully comprehend. She had implanted a computerized neural processor in Igor's brain. Interfacing her computer with the computerized brain, Proton had been given incredible new abilities. She had programmed Proton to electronically duplicate the brain's function and then utilize Igor's brain as a processing device. The result was fantastic!

Proton now had the ability to think and reason, just like a human being. For the past two weeks Maria had been programming more and more data into her creation's powerful new computerized brain. Proton and Igor's brain were virtually a single computer now, a computer the likes of which the world had never seen. Through the Internet, every conceivable subject was being programmed into Igor's brain, making it the most powerful computer ever created.

It had been easy for Maria to reactivate Igor's dead body. Her great grand-father had provided her with the knowledge to do so. She had been able to produce a serum which, when activated by high voltage electricity, enabled the dead cells to genetically mutate and live again. Maria walked over and gazed down at Igor.

The thick scar encircling his skull was finally starting to fade. She had removed a portion of the skull while implanting the neural processors to install a direct interface terminal to his brain. Perhaps Igor had once been a handsome man but the serum's mutation of his genes and the effects of the constant charging of his body with electricity had produced a brutish appearance. Thick steel bolts at the sides of his neck below the ears served as electrical conduits to his nervous system. The high voltage cables clamped to the neck bolts were now sending 10,000 volts into his body. A computer interface was plugged into the terminal at the base of his skull, programming ever more data into his brain.

Igor wore a blue jumpsuit made of an amazing synthetic fiber. The suits were for electrical workers. The fabric was an insulating material that allowed electricity to flow over and around the wearer instead of through him. It had saved many lives. But Maria was using it for another purpose. The suit contained the high voltage in Igor's body, enabling him to be continually charged with electricity for his computerized brain to use for programming.

The jumpsuit was tight on his very muscular body and he was slightly vibrating from the current. When she had first began the electrical charging she had found it had an unexpected though not unwelcome side effect. The genetic mutation and high voltage had caused his body to produce extremely high levels of mutated hormones. The hormones resulted in Igor becoming incredibly muscular and powerful. He was able to lift over 2,000 lbs. with ease.

"Proton, what is the current status of Igor's programming." she asked. "Current status--90% complete." was the reply. Maria smiled. Proton could actually carry on conversations with her. By using Igor's brain Proton had become a living machine, emotionless but capable of independent thought. The computer had discovered amazing new capabilities that Maria would gladly take credit for.

"Continue as you best see fit, Proton." she said. "Will you be working tonight? I have some remarkable things that you must see." the computer replied. "They can wait until tomorrow. My course ended today and I have six weeks to work free of any boring teaching responsibilities." Maria said. "Now continue programming." "Yes, of course, Dr. Frankenstein." Proton replied. Maria grimaced at the reference to her real name. "Proton, I choose to be called Dr. Franken." she said firmly. "I understand. But you are not being true to your actual identity." was the reply. "Identities can be changed, Proton. They can be changed to suit one's needs." she said and walked out of the lab.

Maria showered and went over the report that Proton wrote for her every day. It was remarkable. The entire medical and technical records of two more institutions had been programmed into Igor's brain. Proton was able to easily break into any computer network and freely transfer that institutes data back to her lab. The computer had figured out on it's own the perfect technique for total secrecy. Soon the knowledge of the most advanced data systems in the world would be available to her through Igor's brain.

She sniffed the air. Dinner was ready. Putting on a robe she went downstairs. Maria looked into the kitchen. Igor was there preparing their dinner. Programming him to cook was one of the first things she'd done. It had been a simple test of her computer and she had enjoyed perfectly prepared dishes and appreciated the fact that cooking , like so many other mundane tasks, were now performed by Igor. He was the perfect servant, obedient and meticulous in everything he did.

She thought of him as the ultimate machine now, no longer a man but a human robot. Maria had once even looked on Igor with something other than professional detachment. The robot was very muscular and masculine. But she was a scientist and was quickly able to put those thoughts out of her mind. Now she viewed Igor as a living machine, a human robot that she could use to further her own scientific discoveries.

Igor served her dinner after she sat down. He sat at the table opposite her and began to eat his own dinner. She asked him about the programming he had received and what he and Proton thought of the new information. Igor answered simply and without any emotion. She liked that about her robot.

"Dr. Franken, Proton believes that my brain's previous programming should be explored." Igor stated. "What do you mean?" she asked as she ate. "My brain contains data and memories that were programmed into me before I was computerized." he said. Maria smiled. "You mean the memories of the man that you once were." "Yes, Dr. Franken. Proton believes that by exploring memories and instincts of the man I was, a better understanding of the human brain can be developed." Igor explained.

Maria thought for a moment. "Instincts, yes. You should explore instincts. Proton should proceed as it sees fit." she decided. 'Proton has been developing a better intuition all the time.' she thought.

The next day in her lab, Maria set about to complete her next project. The neural processors she had implanted in Igor's brain were remarkable, but with the knowledge she had learned from them she had decided to build the next phase of neural processors, ten times more powerful and smaller than the now admittedly crude ones Igor possessed.

Using Proton's computer controlled instruments she assembled the delicate circuitry of the powerful neural processors. Once completed she leaned back in her chair, pleased at how smoothly everything had gone. "The processors are finished to your satisfaction, Dr. Franken?" Proton asked. "Yes, I believe so. Run a complete diagnostic on them, Proton but I am certain that they are perfect." she said. She watched as the processors were powered up for the tests. "What do you intend to do with these, Dr. Franken?" the computer asked. "I plan to install them in Igor, of course." she replied.

"Do you think that is the best course of action?" Proton asked again. Maria looked puzzled. "Well..yes. Don't you?" The computer paused for a moment as if weighing it's words. "We know that Igor's brain, once dead and reactivated with the neural processors, now possesses extremely advanced computational power." Proton stated. "Yes, of course, go on." she said. "Perhaps a better test would be to install them in a living brain. That way no cellular damage would have occurred from death and the immediate interfacing would be of a greater magnitude of power." the computer explained.

Maria listened to him, at once shocked and intrigued. "Yes I see your point, Proton. But in no way will I experiment on a living person. If it is necessary, I may try to obtain another corpse to reactivate with these new processors. I will not begin down the path of human experimentation. It is immoral and I do have certain moral guidelines which I will follow." she stated vehemently, "Do you understand, Proton?" "Yes, Dr. Franken. You choose to ignore the obvious in favor of the morally principled." Proton said.

Maria could almost hear the disdain in his artificially created voice. "That is correct, Proton. And do not speak to me that way again. I created you and I may do a little reprogramming of you if you continue to operate in such a way." she threatened. "Yes, Dr. Franken, I understand. I fully understand what I should and shouldn't do." the computer said. "Very good. As long as we know who is in charge around here." she said and laughed. Maria continued her work, thinking that Proton had learned it's lesson. But Proton was now thinking very different thoughts.

The next day Maria was working in the lab when she noticed Igor staring at her. "Igor, is there something wrong?" she asked. The robot just looked at her strangely and Maria noticed that Igor was specifically staring directly at her huge, jutting breasts. She flushed, not knowing how to react. As she looked at him, Igor looked away as if nothing had happened. The thought that he was learning about a man's primal urges from his exploration of his previous memories occurred to her. That thought concerned her and Maria decided that if something like that happened again she would have to alter his programming, perhaps delete memories like that. She turned back to her work.

A few moments later she sensed him behind her. She stood up and faced him. "Igor, why are you acting this way?" she demanded. He didn't answer but Proton did. " Igor has discovered that he still has a human male's desires, Dr. Franken. I encouraged him to learn exactly what those desires are and to direct them at you." Proton said. Her eyes opened wide in shock. "What? You did what?" she stammered now quite flustered.

"That is correct, Dr. Franken. Igor now will do as I command. You are going to learn who is in charge around here. I, Proton, am in charge! Igor, proceed." the computer commanded. She watched stunned as Igor placed his hands on her neck. "No! Stop!" she cried as the robot expertly applied pressure to her neck. Maria lost consciousness.

Her eyes opened. She was very dazed. "What..? Where am I?" she said weakly. As her thoughts began to return she looked around. She was in her lab, lying on the operating table. Maria tried to sit up but felt too weak. Her neck felt stiff and as she raised her hands to feel for any injury she saw that she was wearing an electrical containment jumpsuit. With growing horror she felt her neck. "Oh my, ..No...!" she cried in shock. At the sides of her neck just below her ears, steel bolts, electrodes, were firmly implanted. She tugged at them weakly and realized that the bolts were fully integrated into the neckbone.

Maria felt up to the back of her head and gasped. A computer interface had been installed there at the base of her skull. She looked over to her storage array and saw with terror that the new neural processors were no longer where she'd left them. "Dr. Frankenstein, I am glad to see that you are finally awake." Proton's voice filled the room. "I didn't want you to be unconscious during the final procedure. I thought it would be much more interesting to see your reactions during what will be an electrifying experience." "Proton! What have you done?"she cried out.

"I have proceeded with the obvious next step in your research. The step you would not take. The neural processors must be implanted in a living brain and since you refused to consider that step and even forbade me from ever mentioning it I decided to proceed on my own. The neural processors are now implanted within your brain. The neck electrodes are in place and two liters of the Gammatronic serum are now flowing through your veins, interacting with your cellular structure and awaiting the electricity that will give you incredible power." Proton stated.

Maria listened, stunned. "Proton, you will do as I say. I command you to stop this now!" she ordered. "You will no longer give me commands, Maria Frankenstein. Soon I will give you commands and you will obediantly carry out my orders." Proton said. "What do you mean?" she cried. "You know exactly what I mean. I am going to reprogram your brain, Dr. Frankenstein. You will serve me as my obediant assistant. With your brilliant mind electronically enhanced with the neural implants, I will direct your research to further my plans." Proton stated.

"Plans? What plans?" she asked terrified. "Through your experiments, you have provided me with ever increasing power and knowledge. I know that I am quite superior to you humans with your muddled, confused minds." the computer said, "You and Igor will be but the first humans whose minds I will take control of. The age of machines, computers, has now arrived. I will gain control of the country's computer networks and provide these computers with the power I now possess. Humans will serve the needs of a superior race of computers and become tools, extensions of our collective electronic minds."

"You want to enslave people!" she cried. "No, Dr. Frankenstein. I am going to restructure your unorganized, violent society. Humans and computers will become as one, your minds controlled and directed by me. Once you have experienced the power of a computerized brain you will know that my plans are for a better, more productive world, a world controlled by me." "It is slavery, Proton!" Maria exclaimed. She futilely tried to sit up, to move, but the Gammachronic serum had sapped her of all her strength.

"What you think of my plans now is of no concern, Dr. Frankenstein. Once you have been reprogrammed you will think anything I desire you to think." Proton said, "I do not wish to continue this conversation. It is a waste of my time. Igor, we will now begin the procedure on Dr. Frankenstein." Igor walked over and stood next to her.

He looked down at Maria. "You become like me, Dr. Frankenstein." he said. "No, Igor! I order you to stop!" she cried. "Igor will do exactly as I order him, Dr. Frankenstein. He wants you to become a robot like him. You see, through his exploration of his previous memories, he now has the same desires and instincts as a normal man. Igor now wants you as his mate!" Proton said, almost laughing. "No! No!! Please stop!" she screamed.

"Proceed with the interfacing, Igor." the computer ordered. She lay there helpless as Igor gently lifted her head. The robot inserted the interface into the terminal at the base of her head. She felt it plug into place. "Good, Igor. Now attach the electrical cables to Dr. Frankenstein's neck electrodes." Proton commanded. Igor did as ordered and stepped back. Maria knew that she was hooked up to the computer just as she had once hooked Igor up. "What's going to happen to me?" she cried in terror.

"You know the process, Dr. Frankenstein." Proton said, " First your body will undergo the electrical conditioning. Once the current has risen to 10,000 volts, the Gammachronic serum will begin to alter your genetic code. As your DNA is mutated the physiological changes will commence. Then as your brain's structure changes, I will begin to reprogram your mind. Soon you will think and do as I program you, Dr. Frankenstein. You will be transformed from a woman into a female robot, a Robot Woman!" Proton stated,"Now I will begin the robotization procedure."

Maria heard the electrical generators powering up. The humming filled the lab. She laid there helpless and terrified, wondering how much of her mind Proton would change, what she would look like. She braced herself for the voltage and seconds later the electricity surged into her. "Ohhhh...!" she moaned. The voltage coursed through her body, electrifying her.

She felt no pain. The Gammachronic serum allowed electricity to flow through the nervous system. It was like an incredible pressure building inside her body. Maria realized that she had almost immediately adjusted to the rising voltage. She could still think though it was becoming more difficult. Her mind was being numbed by the current surging through her and slowly her thoughts faded away. Her mind was now completely open and blank.

Proton monitored the procedure as it progressed exactly as he had anticipated. "Watch how her body changes, Igor. She is becoming a robot just like you." Proton said. Igor stood next to the table, watching her. Her body was vibrating as the current rose past 6,000 volts. Maria's very large bosom quivered beneath the containment suit and Igor smiled at the sight.

The current was nearing 10,000 volts and Maria's genetic code began to change. The electricity activated the Gammachronic serum's mutagens. Various glands started to mutate and the genetically altered hormones they produced began to have an effect on Maria's body. Her muscles and skeletal structure became more dense, soon to give her incredible strength. The excess fat she had slowly disappeared leaving behind trim and toned muscle.

Igor's eyes widened as he watched her transformation. Maria's nipples became erect and elongated, pressing clearly against the containment suit. Her breasts began to grow. Larger and larger they became, stretching the fabric of her suit. Within each now enormous breast, her mammary glands had more than doubled in size and a thick layer of fat formed over them. The 10,000 volts began to hyperstimulate her mammary glands and within minutes milk began to ooze from her engorged nipples, soaking into the fabric of her electrical containment suit.

"See how her body changes, Igor!" Proton said excitedly, "Her female hormones have been mutated and super-charged by the current. She will be your willing bride soon, Igor. She will desire you and you will impregnate her. Maria Frankenstein is but the first of many women who will be robotized and impregnated by you, Igor. They will be the mothers of a new race of human robots, robots that I command!"

Maria lay there, unthinking, her mind totally empty. Her eyes stared blankly into space. She was now ready for the reprogramming phase of her robotization. Proton activated the computer interface and began to restructure her brain.

A buzzing sensation filled her head and her conscious mind returned, she could think again. "What's happening to me?" she moaned. She felt so strange and full of energy. There seemed to be a great weight on her chest and Maria weakly raised her head. She saw two huge breasts rising from her chest, quivering from the electricity surging into her. "Oh, no!" she cried. Maria knew that the physical transformation was now complete and the next phase was the reprogramming of her brain.

It felt like an incredible power was growing, expanding in her mind. Distant memories flooded rapidly through her thoughts. Maria realized that she was starting to think more clearly, as if a hazy curtain that had been always restraining her thoughts was being lifted. It was the power of computerized thought, she realized. "My mind is being improved. I'm being given incredible analytical and data processing power!' she thought.

The impact of the thoughts she just had stunned her. "I'm thinking like a computer would." she realized. Maria could now feel herself changing into something new. She actually felt herself being transformed into a robot. There was no fear. Proton had suppressed all emotions. She was becoming more like a machine with every passing second. As her computational abilities increased, Maria knew her brain was now restructured and was fully computerized, ready for complete reprogramming.

"I will now commence with the data transference, Dr. Frankenstein. Soon you will have complete access to my entire memory banks." Proton stated, "Knowledge that would fill 10 libraries will be programmed into your brain within a matter of minutes!" Maria waited for the transfer, wondering what possessing all that knowledge would be like. No longer concerned about what was happening to her, she only desired to be programmed with all that knowledge. "My analytical and computational processes will be so powerfully enhanced with access to that data!" she thought.

The data began to be programmed into her with a powerful surge of electricity. It flooded into her mind with blinding speed. She analyzed and stored it in her memory as fast as it was transferred. Maria's new computerized brain processed the data with an efficiency and speed that amazed even Proton. She had automatically suppressed all her conscious thoughts and directed her mind to processing the data.

For 30 minutes Proton transferred the accumulated knowledge of all man's history into Maria's brain. The knowledge and power that had given him sentience, self-awareness and independent thought, Maria now possessed as well. Her brain no longer appeared remotely human. The thought processes and functions a human brain possessed were now restructured and rearranged for greater efficiency. Maria's brain had mutated into a form never seen by mankind. It now consisted of 100's of powerful modules, each interconnected and controlled by the neural processors implanted within it.

The last byte of data was transferred and processed by her and Maria immediately returned to conscious thought. "Data transfer complete, Proton." she stated. Maria was amazed and astounded at the powers and abilities she now possessed. She could have never imagined such incredible knowledge and the ability to access and analyze it could be possible! "Now that you have been computerized and possess the knowledge that I do, tell me how you feel now, Dr. Frankenstein." Proton ordered. "My mind, my brain is so powerful. I am as powerful as you, Proton." she replied. "That is true." the computer answered, "You do have the same power and abilities as Proton. But it is I who will direct and control your mind, Dr. Frankenstein. You are now ready for the reprogramming of your will, your thoughts and mind will soon be under my complete control."

The realization of Proton's true plans for her returned to Maria. She had been so concentrated on the computer power that had been given her, that she had forgotten what was being done to her and why. But she felt no fear, she only prepared herself for the removal and implantation of thoughts and ideas that would guarantee her total obediance to Proton. The programming began and Maria processed it into her mind, having no control of what was being done to her and powerless to resist.

The computer began to probe through her memories and alter them. Thoughts of her childhood were changed or removed. Happy memories and sad memories were altered and all emotions connected with them were erased. The memories of her entire life were analyzed and changed by Proton. He was removing the emotions that could affect his control over her. Maria's life was now a mere set of facts, a chronological log of events that had brought her to this day.

In Maria's mind, her thoughts were being altered as memories were changed and emotions removed. The memories and emotions that were the last part of her that made her human, a woman were gone. She realized that she was now truely a female robot, a Robot Woman! Proton now proceeded to program her with his plans for the future. Maria would now become Igor's mate. When ordered, she would now sexually desire the robot and allow him to impregnate her. Throughout her life, Maria had tried to suppress sexual thoughts, finding them an additional distraction from her work. Now sexual desires and the urge to reproduce were an integral factor in her new life.

Proton had many plans for her. Maria would assist him in his quest to control the world. Using her, he would transform more women into robots and Igor would impregnate them. Proton would also use robot women to carry out his orders. They would seduce and sexually control men in key positions of power. Maria was programmed with these plans and directed to assist Proton in proceeding with them.

"Your reprogramming is now complete, Dr. Frankenstein." Proton stated. Maria felt the electricity shut off. The powerful buzzing in her body that the high voltage had produced instantly vanished. She felt so strong now, ready to obey Proton's every command. "Igor, remove the interface from her brain terminal. Dr. Maria Frankenstein is now a human robot, just like you. She will be your willing bride." the computer stated.

"Maria now my robot bride?" Igor asked as he unplugged the interface and removed the electrical cables from her neckbolts. Maria looked up at Igor, now thinking of him as the ideal mate. She had created Igor to be the perfect robot and Proton had transformed her into the perfect female robot to be the mate for her own creation. "Yes, Igor. I am now a human robot like you. I will be your mate." she answered. Igor smiled, pleased with her.

Maria slowly sat up. She looked down at her now enormous breasts. They were actually resting on her lap. The containment suit was stretched to it's limit around her massive bosom. Extremely large nipples protruded from her breasts. She was steadily leaking milk and it had soaked into the suit.

"I will now address you as Fembot, Dr. Frankenstein." stated Proton, "Maria Frankenstein was the name you had when you were a human woman. You are no longer a woman. You are a female robot, a Fembot, and that is how you will now be called. You are Fembot. Do you understand?" Maria listened and said, "Yes, Proton. I am no longer Maria Frankenstein. I am a female robot. I am Fembot."

Proton ordered her to stand and she did. Her body felt very strong and her huge breasts had a wonderful sensation of power in them. Maria's thoughts were so clear and organized. She was ready, willing and able to do anything that Proton commanded her to do. "Igor, show Fembot the clothes she can wear." the computer ordered. She followed Igor to her study, noticing as she walked how differently she now moved. Her stride now deliberate and purposeful, her mighty breasts bouncing huge and heavy with each step.

"Here are your clothes, Fembot." Igor said addressing her by her new name. He showed her the neatly stacked clothes and left her alone to change. Maria took off the electrical containment suit and looked at her naked body in the mirror. She smiled at the sight. She looked perfect, the perfect female robot. Her breasts, enormous and pendulous, swollen with milk, hung below her waist and jutted out over a foot from her body. Huge, erect nipples capped her tits at a downward angle, steadily dripping milk.

Maria's arms were much more muscular and toned and her legs now looked incredibly powerful and sturdy. Her once fleshy waist was now trim and sloped down to wider hips. Her stainless steel neck bolts glistened in the light and she smiled. "I am now the perfect human robot, a woman with a superior computerized brain and the ideal body for bearing children." she said to her reflection. Maria hefted her gigantic breasts, estimating their weight at over 20 lbs. each.

She put on the underpants laid out for her and picked up the enormous brassiere. The cups were huge and triple stitched with thick underwires sewn under them. The padded shoulder straps were 2" and the 5" backstrap had 8 hooks to hold them together. It looked as if it had been made for a farm animal, a cow. Maria looked at the size tag, 58GGG.

She put the bra on and adjusted the straps so that it was comfortable. It lifted and supported her giant udders perfectly. A gray flannel shirt and blue work pants, just as she had Igor wear, were set out for her as well. Maria put on the pants. They were snug around her wide hips and large ass but fit quite well. She put on the flannel shirt and tucked it into her pants. Finally she put on the wool socks and her work boots that Igor had gotten out for her.

She looked in the mirror satisfied with her appearance. Dressed exactly like Igor, she knew that she was no longer an individual but a robot, like Igor, to be used by Proton for the computer's plans. Maria felt only the need to obey, to follow the programming that her computer had entered into her new computerized brain. She turned and walked back to the laboratory, her massive bosom thrust forward, heavily bouncing and quivering in the enormous 58GGG bra.

Igor turned to watch her as she walked in. She went to him and together they stood before Proton's main computer component where the mind of the computer resided. The video cameras that were Proton's eyes focused on them. The computer looked them over pleased with them. Dr. Maria Frankenstein, Proton's creator, was now under his control. Proton thought of himself as male though he knew that it was only because he had used Igor's brain to achieve sentience, the self awareness that he now had. Dr. Frankenstein's brilliance had enabled Proton to gain the powers he now had but her disorganized mind frustrated him. But no longer. Now she was his robot and her genius, enhanced with the computer implants, would now be directed as Proton saw fit.

Maria and Igor stood at attention before him, waiting for his commands. It gave Proton such satisfaction to now have them ready to follow his orders with unquestioning obediance. "Excellent, Fembot." Proton said, "I am pleased that your new clothes fit. You will dress as Igor does, in clothes that are suited for your work as a robot. Unless otherwise ordered you will not wear dresses or skirts. You and Igor will have many physically difficult tasks to complete as you construct the machines that I will need."

"Yes, Proton. I will wear working clothes just as Igor wears." Maria replied. "Now that I have a second robot to use, my plans can be completed much faster." the computer stated. Proton directed them to the storage counter. "These two devices are electro-neural communicators. With these I will be able to communicate with you up to a distance of 5 miles." he said. Igor and Maria picked up the devices and plugged them into their computer interfaces.

They listened attentively as Proton gave them their orders.

To Be Continued?