Room Service - 1

by Johnsan

Cheryl and Ann had planned this vacation for months but now as the time grew near, it seemed that Ann was wracked with indecision about her vacation plans.

“Have you made up your mind yet, hon?" Cheryl, with a look of exasperation on her face, inquired.

“Well, I've finally whittled it down to two choices but now I can't make up my mind which to choose,” Ann, with her brow furrowed and a look of bewilderment in her eyes as she leafed through the hotel's brochure, finally responded.

When is that girl going to learn? She always waits till the last minute,” Cheryl just shook her head in frustration and thought to herself. “Listen, we're leaving tomorrow so you've got tonight to make up your mind, ” Cheryl announced and as if to reinforce her statement she used her index finger to softly jab at her friend's head, “So, get on the stick, will you?” A second or so later, Cheryl gave Ann a wide grin as if to soften the rebuke.

“I know this resort specializes in fulfilling their guest's fantasies with their high tech capabilities and you've already chosen your modeling fantasy. It's just I have two different fantasies; with our limited time and budget, I know I can only have one fulfilled, ” Ann admitted sadly. Ann then looked up with a new resolve and announced her choice to Cheryl “Ok, then, it's the romantic fantasy, ” she said.

Cheryl smiled and went to the phone “Alright, I'll call them and give them our requests and, according to their brochure, they'll have them ready when we get there tomorrow, ” she said happily.

The next day in the afternoon…

Cheryl and Ann, after retrieving their luggage, waited at the passenger terminal for the hotel limo to arrive and take them to the resort.

“I wonder where that limo is?” wondered Cheryl with a frown.

“Wait, I think I see it, ” chirped Ann “Whoa, I didn't think we were on the deluxe plan because that's one big limousine.”

“You're right, Ann. I wonder what gives?” wondered a puzzled Cheryl.

The limousine pulled up to the couple and a well dressed driver got out. “Excuse me, ladies, but are you Cheryl and Ann?” he asked the girls.

Cheryl was the one to take on the job of spokesperson. “Yes, and can we assume your from the resort?” she asked.

He nodded and replied “Yes, indeed, ma'am. My name is Mel and I'll be your chauffeur today and your concierge at the hotel,”
The host then graciously smiled at the two girls and then opened the limo's passenger door. “Ladies, please, ” he said warmly.

Both Cheryl and Ann flashed their warmest smiles before entered the limo. “Wow, this is so neat,” a bubbly Ann gushed with an ear to ear grin.

Cheryl rolled her eyes at Ann's display then looked over the bar to see what was available.

Just then, Mel announced to them “Ladies, the bar has a wide selection of beverages for you to imbibe at your pleasure. Don't worry, it's all part of the service, ” he called out warmly.

Cheryl and Ann thanked Mel and selected a favorite drink. They both sat back in the plush seats and enjoyed the ride and their drinks.

For Cheryl, after she had finished her wine spritzer, she felt a warm feeling in her loins and a tingling through out her body. She attributed it to the drink and the relaxing atmosphere. For Ann, the effect of her drink was similar and she too just thought it was the alcohol in her system.

For Mel, the sight of the brunette Cheryl and the redhead Ann with the look of lust displayed in their faces was what he found intriguing.

Before they realized it, their limo was pulling into the driveway of the hotel/resort. “We're here. Ladies, allow me to park and I'll get the door and see to your bags,“ Mel announced before parking the car and quickly getting out to open the door with a big smile on his face.

He then helped both girls out of the limo and into the lobby as they were a little unsteady on their feet. “This is Beth; she will check you in after which I will show you to your rooms,” the host said warmly.

Fifteen minutes later…

“Ok, this is your room and your keycard. If you have any questions or needs, just ring me by dialing nine on the phone. Your bags will be brought up shortly and your complementary champagne is already chilling. I and the hotel hope your stay will be pleasant,” Mel announced with a big smile before withdrawing.

“Oh, Cheryl, isn't this exciting?” squealed Ann.

Cheryl looked approvingly at their room and the champagne. “For once, I have to agree with you although the trip and the drink in the car have me feeling a bit out of sorts,” she said with a degree of haziness.

“That's funny; so do I,” Ann, with a look of bewilderment, agreed

Cheryl looked at Ann. “It has to be jet lag. Let's unpack, shower and rest up for our vacation fantasies. According to this leaflet, they'll be back in the afternoon with details about what we've requested.” she said with a determined voice.

Later that afternoon…

Cheryl was feeling so much better after having bathed and unpacked. She was lounging in the hotel complementary bath robe sipping on the champagne. Cheryl gazed at her room mate Ann, who was also dressed in a similar bath robe with look of contentment on her face as well.

There was a knock on the door. “It's me, ladies, your concierge Mel,” a familiar voice announced.

“I'll get it,.” announced Ann as she put her champagne glass down and went to the door. She looked through the spy hole to confirm his identity. Ann was surprised at how stiff she felt, like she had completed a vigorous work out. Upon seeing it was Mel, she smiled widely and invited him in.

“Hello, Mel, we were wondering when you'd arrive,” Ann said warmly.

Mel gave them that same dazzling corporate smile that had served him so well. “Have you found everything to your liking? ” he inquired.

Both girls returned his smile with grins of their own and nods of assent.

Mel then continued. “Alright, the details of your fantasy vacation: Cheryl, you requested the super model fantasy. The department store you're going to be working for has been contacted and is waiting for your arrival tonight. They'll have someone here to pick you up at eight pm tonight, ” he said directly.

Cheryl received this news with a look of glee and a squeeze of Ann's hand next to her.

“Now, Ann,.” Mel said turning to look at her. “Your romantic vacation also starts tonight at eight. An eligible ,rich, and handsome bachelor from a prominent family will pick you up. Together, you two will spend the next two weeks gazing into each others eyes.”

Ann looked as if she was going to swoon upon this news. Cheryl was a little jealous when she heard how good her room mate's fantasy was. She had half a mind to cancel hers and ask for one like Ann's but she relented.

“It's too late now and besides they might not be able or, what's worse, require more money. No, I'm happy with what I've got. I just can't wait for it to start, ” Cheryl thought.

“Are there any questions? ” Mel the asked them

Cheryl and Ann looked at each other then at Mel and shook their heads no.

“Cheryl, Ann, I was wondering if you two would do me a favor and let me take a picture of you. I like to have a visual record of my guests right before their fantasy and one after. So, would you please?” Mel inquired of the two.

“I don't know. We need to get dressed and have our make up and hair done…” Cheryl said with a frown.

“Oh, come on, Cheryl he's been so nice and we have nothing to hide, ” Ann then volunteered with a silly grin.

Cheryl glared at Ann but before she could return a stinging remark, Mel jumped in. “Please, Cheryl, this is only for me and no one else will see it. Besides, you both look so beautiful just as you are. ” the concierge implored his guests.

Cheryl blushed and, seeing Mel was pleading with his handsome face, decided it was enough to cause her to cave in to his request.

“Now, get next to each other. Hey, why don't you guys hug ? Now smile!” Mel then directed the two girls in their pose. He then snapped the picture and there was a bright flash.

Cheryl blinked from the dazzling brightness. The stiffness returned, stronger than before along with that earlier strange feeling that they had felt right after getting to their room.

Ann also began to feel the same as Cheryl. “Oh, did you feel that, Cheryl? ” she announced with a frown.

Cheryl looked at Ann “Yea, it's like that feeling we had just after we arrived here,” she answered.

“I can call for the hotel doctor if you like?” Mel, with a look of solicitous concern on his face, inquired.

Cheryl pondered that and replied “ No, I don't feel that bad; maybe some antacid or some such will relieve me but if Ann feels bad enough go ahead,” Cheryl really didn't want to take a chance that a little upset stomach would ruin her fantasy vacation.

Ann immediately smiled and said to both of them “No, I'm fine. It's probably just jet lag nothing serious.”

Mel then smiled brightly at both of them “Just let me take one more photo and I'll send up something for the two of you,” he said. With that, he got them both posed as before and the camera flashed again.

This time, the feeling of stiffness returned and increased until both realized they couldn't move at all.

Mel's charming smile then became a malevolent grin and chuckle. He then went over to the two frozen girls and pulled their robes off their shoulders to expose their naked bodies.

Cheryl was aghast “That smug, smarmy bastard! I don't know how he did it but when I get loose I'll castrate him!” However, before she could think of anymore epithets or vows for his physical harm, she saw something that shocked her to the core.

Cheryl looked at the mirror in the room and saw something fantastic happen. To her amazement, she saw both her and Ann's skin changing color. For her, she saw her skin becoming tan, smooth, shiny and without any blemishes or freckles as if it was plastic. She saw Ann's skin become a lighter tan color but like her own without blemishes or anything to mar the shiny smooth pallor like it was latex or plastic too.

Cheryl was also feeling something else as her skin changed color. It felt like someone was massaging her all over her transformed parts. It felt so erotic she almost wished it would never end. Then the change moved up her legs to her thighs and there she saw something which shocked here even more. A seam like on a mannequin formed on her right thigh. That and the feeling of increasing lightness like she was becoming hollow led her to an unbelievable conclusion:

" Oh no I can't believe it! I'm becoming a mannequin! How?! Why?!" she thought to herself.

At the same time, Ann was also in shock as she watched her transformation take place. She felt a similar feeling like she was being massaged but felt like she was also being inflated. Ann  saw seams form on her legs as if they were formed of panels of material that had been sewn together. The transformation reached her crotch and she felt an orgasm like she had never had before as her vagina changed to a bright pink and opened up like a flower for easy access. Ann now realized that somehow she too had been changed:

" I'm becoming a love doll?! How?! Who is doing this?! " Ann thought with both puzzlement and excitement going through her mind.

As Ann was realizing what was happening to her, Cheryl felt the transformation reach her crotch. On a day when she thought she couldn't be more amazed or shocked, she saw and felt her vagina disappear into her body leaving a smooth tan space where it was. She also felt a receptacle form in what was her anus for the pole she would be mounted on. The orgasm she felt almost made her pass out but seeing more seams form at her waist and her wrists brought her back. She then realized she wasn't breathing and her breasts were changing as her areolas faded with the nipples disappearing as well.

Moments later, it added seams to her shoulders after finishing her arms and reached her head where her eyes became colored glass and her hair a wig. "I look like a mannequin now. No one would even realize it's me and my plastic skin feels so sensitive. I guess that's one consolation for losing my humanity! Wait a minute, with these seams I'm probably going to be taken apart! I don't think I like that!" Cheryl then thought to herself.

Ann meanwhile was feeling the changes moving up her torso and saw her breasts inflate to become mounds of plastic and her areolas became bright pink like her nipples had also done. She also realized she had stopped breathing and she felt as light as a feather or balloon. The orgasm that had started earlier continued to ripple through her as she saw and felt her face began to change. Ann's mouth formed an “O” shape as her teeth and tongue reshaped into the latex lining of her new love doll mouth. She watched as her eyes and nose became painted features on her latex head which was topped by the red colored nylon wig. Almost as an afterthought, she felt the inflation plug form on her back and she knew now she would be inflated and deflated at her owner's whim.

Ann also thought "Oh, no, I look just like any fucktoy! No one will know it's me! But it did feel so good getting here! I wonder if I'll feel that again? It feels like any touch would make me orgasm! I think I'd like to be touched and used! This is so crazy! Why am I thinking like this? Still I hope I do get used by someone and not just deflated and stored in a box!"

Meanwhile, Mel was observing the transformations with a great deal of pleasure. He waited until they finished then addressed the two of them. “Alright, ladies, one more photo for our records to inaugurate your vacation. For Cheryl, you'll be modeling clothing in a famous and exclusive department store. For Ann, you'll be someone's lover like you wanted. Don't worry, ladies, it's not permanent; although if your check bounces, it may be. Ha, ha, just kidding. So enjoy your vacation girls - see you in two weeks,” he said quietly to the two immobile women.

Cheryl quietly fumed "Yes, this is what I asked for but did they have to do it in this manner! I guess I should've known seeing as how it was so inexpensive in comparison to the other resorts. If Ann knew this was going to happen, I swear I'll make her very sorry! Ok, I will admit I am starting to enjoy the idea of displaying myself and wearing all those clothes. I'm also wondering what it will feel like when they do touch me and take me apart if I'll orgasm like I did earlier? I can only hope!"

Ann was thinking, on the other hand, "I can't wait to be used! Boy, is Cheryl going to get me when she learns I specifically asked for this and didn‘t tell her, hee hee."

To be continued....

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