Salesman -  Checks and Balances

by  Northern Chill

     The week after Jack had his new living soda fountain installed in his convience store proved to be a very profitable one for him. Jenny hummed away, dispensing float after float to very happy male customers ( and a few women as well ).  Several had inquired as to where Jack had acquired such an unusual machine and if he was willing to sell them his.  Although tempted to, he reminded himself that this was only a temporary measure and in six months a living woman would be standing where the sexy fountain was now.  He reasoned that the money he would make during that time would be far greater than any proceeds from selling Jenny.

     As he started to go through the day's sales, the assistant who he had hired to replace Jenny came running up .  In her early 20's, Diane was an attractive blonde woman who was quite adept at serving customers but unfortunately had two major problems.  One was that she was incredibly klutzy with simple tasks like stocking shelves and cleaning.  Just yesterday,  she was in the process of polishing and buffing Jenny when she nearly knocked the erotic dispenser on the floor. She just managed to grasp hold of the dispenser just before it crashed to the floor and set it back on the counter.

     Strangely enough, this didn't affect  Jenny's internal thinking at all.  If anything, the stimulation of having her plastic and metal body  polished sent wave upon of intense stimulation throughout her body. "Mmmmm.... this feels almost as good as the customer who wanted ten cherries for his root beer float...... I hope she fills me afterwards with more wonderful ice cream... mmm" the living dispenser thought to herself as she was set gingerly back on the shelf.

      Diane's other problem was that she had a lot of problems being accurate in making correct change at times for the customers.  In fact, Jack suspected she was secretly stealing money out of the till though he couldn't prove it as of yet.  When he did have that proof, he might have to call the Salesman  for another addition to his very special adult fountain area. "A milkshake machine would make for a very attractive and profitable duo in my store," he thought smugly to himself.

      Just as he finished that thought, he heard the chime of the door sound indicating someone had just entered the store.  When he looked around the corner, he saw the man he knew as the Salesman walking towards him. Jack was going to wave a cheerful hello when he noted the stern look on his face and thought better of it.

     "Mr. Smith!  I was just going to call you regarding  some business I wish.." Jack started to say, before he was cut off.

     "Mr. Williams, I am not here to exchange hellos or discuss further business.  There is an urgent matter which I must handle with you immediately.  If you could bring your copy of our previous sale agreement out back with me, we can discuss this further,"  the salesman said, limping towards the back room.  He stopped only to check the living soda dispenser that was Jenny. "Very nice detail on this product.  This is one of my best works this year," he muttered to himself as he ran his hands over the voluptuous object in question.

      Once he was out back, Mr. Smith asked Jack to sit down on a folding chair and then he began to speak. " Mr. Williams, I am here with regards to our previous business.  It seems the check you provided as payment for our services has been returned from the bank marked as insufficient funds," he said, handing Jack a slip of paper.

     Jack looked at the check he had written and realized instantly what he had done. " Oh, shoot! I'm sorry! I must have used an old checkbook when I paid you last week.  If you'll wait one second, I'll go get my other checkbook and write you another plus whatever charges for the NSF one," he said as he started to stand up.

     "Sit down, Mr. Williams.  Payment at this point will not undo the contract penalty I must enforce," the salesman said forcefully.  Jack sat back down feeling very nervous to say the least at the ominous tone of that last statement.

     The salesman pulled a small notebook and leafed through it till he arrived at the desired page. " Let's see; you have a wife named Cheryl, age 33, blonde hair, housewife. Correct?" he said curtly to Jack.

      Jack nodded. "Yes, but..."

      "You also have from a previous marriage a daughter Wendy, age 21, brunette, just home from her third year of college. Is this accurate?" the salesman intoned, running his finger down the book's page.

      Jack looked at the salesman. "Now look here, this was about my business.  What does my family have to do with any of this?" he asked, getting both irritated and very afraid at the same moment.

      The salesman shook his head. "If you'll read the contract carefully under the non-payment clause, you'll see the penalty is always of a personal sanction for the client, sir.  I am here to make sure you are aware of this when it is imposed on you later today," he said with neither malice or joy.

      Jack leapt up and grabbed the salesman by the lapels. "  Look, I know it's there but you can't do this. My wife and daughter have nothing to with my dealings with your firm.  How much can I give you to look the other way... double, triple the payment? Please; I'm begging you!"  he half-cried, half-pleaded with the man in front of him.

      Mr. Smith slowly extracted himself from the man's grip and sat him back down on the chair. " Mr. Williams, I have already bent a few rules in this instance.  Normally, this type of impropriety usually is sent on to the collections / account closing department and those people are far less sympathetic than I am.  In fact, it is the one department I truly wish you will never have to deal with as their wrath can be.. formidable. Now then, if you have no further directions, I will bid you good day," he said with a degree of finality.

      Jack looked up.  "Can I ask you one thing?  Why do you do all this?  Transforming women into various type of living objects seems so... unusual.  Do you get your jollies out of it, huh?" he said, a tad bewildered.

      The salesman shook his head, saying "I take no personal satisfaction out of any of my jobs.  I tend to view it from a point of redemption.  Most people who secure our services are looking for retribution for a transgression of a monetary or relationship type.   Normally, the guilty person in the everyday world would make good by cash compensation or incarceration yet we never are sure if they've truly learned their lesson.  However, when the compensation is of a temporary physical transformation, I find the guilty party gains a whole new perspective on the world around them when their humanity is returned to them.  At least, I hope so for their sakes," he said with some conviction.

     "Now then, I would suggest you make the proper arrangements in your life.  The penalty clause lasts for three months at which time we will be requesting payment once again. I will stop by then to pick it up and discuss any further questions you might have then. Good day, sir!" the salesman said before tipping his cane to his forehead in a farewell and leaving Jack to ponder what to do and how to explain this turn of events to everyone.

                  Several Hours Later.....

     The woman wasn't sure why she let the man into their apartment but he had said Jack had sent him there on an important errand regarding the store.  He even showed a business card which she recognized as one that Jack often passed around when he was trying to promote his business.  She showed him over to a chair opposite a couch where another young woman was already seated looking on.

     "What can we do for you, Mr.... ?" the first woman inquired.

     "Smith, my dear.  As for what you will do has already been determined by Jack," said the salesman in an almost sad voice.  Unseen by both women, his cane's head had begun to glow an eerie bright red in color.

     "Jack, what did" said the woman on the couch.  She started to wipe her forehead as it was suddenly feeling uncomfortably warm in the apartment.

     "He had an agreement with my company which he has failed to live up to.  I am here to effect part of the penalty clause.  Please understand this is all as part of a business transaction and is not personal,"  the salesman said, lifting his cane a little higher.

     "What's..what's going on here..?" the first woman stammered as she felt she HAD to walk over to the room's corner and stand there.  Once there, she again felt the urge that she HAD to remove all her clothing before standing still with her arms out at right angles to her sides.

     Meanwhile,the other woman was slowly sliding off to the couch.  "Why are... you..doing...this?" she gasped as she wriggled out of her top and shorts before lying rigidly nude on her back.  Her eyes were wide with fear over what was going to happen to her and the other woman.

     Mr. Smith got up and slowly limped over to where the other woman was standing stiffly in the corner.  He stood next to her admiring the woman's exquisite beauty for a minute or so before he stepped back. His silver snaked cane head began to glow again only this time it was an eerie white in color.

     The woman felt her skin begin to change hue from normal flesh color to a veined dark brown.  As the color changed, she could feel it growing... hardening.. thickening becoming smooth with no freckles or blemishes.  Her head was becoming rigid and she could not move it in the slightest. Her hair was plastering itself against her head taking on the same look as the rest of her was.   In addition, even though she could not talk either, she felt her tongue extend out from her mouth turning into the same thickness and color as the rest of her skin.

     Her nipples felt as if they were on fire as they hardened and protruded outward a good two to three inches from her breasts.  The woman's legs had locked at the knees and were slightly apart with the toes slowly receding into her feet.  Her pussy, slightly wet from all the activity, was slowly spreading open in preparation for... something.

     The woman's thoughts were slowly turning to the idea of being used for.. some kind of storage.  She felt her fingers melting together on both hands until they were one solid mass.  The mass then narrowed at what used to be her fingertips till they formed a shiny smooth knob.  This knob was now visible on both hands as well as the woman's nipples as the process neared its conclusion.

     She could no longer move or even need to breathe on her own yet the woman was much calmer than at the beginning.  "I hope someone hangs their jacket or coat on me soon... I need to be used as a coat rack should..." thought the transformed woman as she stood silently in the corner as a newly created wooden coat rack.

      Smiling, the salesman reached over and picked up an umbrella lying on the floor.  Waving his cane over the handle, he transformed the handle into a rather large dildo.  Leaning over, he gently inserted the handle/dildo into the living coat rack's open wooden pussy where it wedged itself quite tightly.  "Something to keep you happy for the next few months or so, my dear," he commented happily.

     Mr. Smith then turned his attention to the other woman who was still lying prone on the floor.  As he walked over to her, his cane began to glow again brightly.  As it did, the woman pulled herself up on her hands and feet with her head hanging down between her arms.

     After a few more seconds, the woman could feel her arms and legs growing and widening outwards.  They continued to widen till they merged, forming one smooth surface. Her head became part of the surface at one end with only her eyes, nose and mouth still visible - albeit frozen - with a look of fear in her eyes.  Her skin, like her friend's, was changing as well from human skin to varnished wood albeit still a bright pink in color.

    Meanwhile, her torso was also widening; growing smooth and slick with no visible bumps save for her breasts which stuck out like twin towers of pleasure.  Despite all these radical changes, the woman in question felt fairly happy as her whole body became tingly with erotic pleasure.

     When this change was completed, the salesman smiled and sat down on the couch behind the new living flesh colored coffee table.  He set his cane down in between the table's prominent globes of wooden  tits which sent an intense wave of pleasure rippling through the table's body and mind.  "Well, my polished ladies, let's wait for Jack, shall we?  He should be along here any minute, I think."

     About half an hour later, a yellow Toyota pulled up outside the building and  a man jumped out in a great hurry.  As Jack sprinted up the stairs, he tried his cell phone but got no answer at all.  "Damn! I already called home and warned them abut a visitor who might be calling but this isn't working at all," he muttered before he stopped in front of an apartment door.

    "Julia.. Dee Dee; are either of you there?" he called, knocking on the door.  Finding the door slightly ajar, he walked in to discover the sight of the new living coat rack and coffee table which the salesman had his feet up on.

    "Ah, Mr. Smith! Quite the little love nest you have set up for you and your young lovers.  I'll be leaving it up to you to tidy up here for the tenants.  I won't be mentioning any of this to your wife and daughter of course, though I doubt either of these women will want much to do with you after they change back.  I'll be seeing you again in three months  to conclude our business. Be sure and have a valid check ready then,"  the salesman intoned before leaving the apartment.

    Jack stood in a silent apartment vowing silently that in 3 months he would have a check ready for Mr. Smith but never to do business with him again...


The End ???

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