The Salesman - A Matter of Convenience

by Northern Chill

     Jenny looked nervous as she waited in the back room of the convenience store she managed.  The owner had recently done a private audit of the stores' finances and found large amounts of money had gone missing. They had traced the money back to her and the owner had confronted her with the evidence. Despite there being a justifiable reason, the owner was not going to listen to her. There was no doubt she was guilty; she'd admitted it after all, and the courts case would no doubt be open and shut. She had no money for a lawyer, either. Desperately, she pleaded with Jack, the owner, to not send her to prison and that she would take anything else as a punishment. Jack thought about it for a few minutes while Jenny figeted, then told her to clear her plans for the next six months as she would be unavailable.  She looked at him brushing her dark hair out of her eyes with tears streaming down her cheeks.

    "Please, not prison ! I'm begging you!" Jenny pleaded with the owner. "I'll do anything - no matter what - if you just don't put me behind bars."

    Jack looked at her sympathetically "No. I've decided prison is not the fitting way to punish you. As a matter of fact, I've decided you'll work off what you owe me here in the store with duties that are a bit unusual. That's why I asked you to clear your personal calendar for the next six months for these duties.  I'll have a gentleman coming by tomorrow to instruct you on your new duties.  If you follow through on these duties to my satisfaction, I'll let your embezzlement slide, otherwise..." he trailed off at the end of his speech looking at Jenny with a determined look.

    Jenny shook her head. "You don't have to worry. I can clear everything I had planned for the foreseeable future.  I'm willing to do these extra chores for as long as it's necessary to clear my name." she said emphatically.

    Jack looked at her and smiled wryly. "I'll remind you of that if this works out like I think it will.." he thought to himself.

    The next day, Jenny came to work wearing a tight fitting blue sweaterand matching pants.  Even though she usually didn't pay much attention to what she wore underneath, she decided to wear a sports bra to accentuate her size 36 chest and high cut frilly panties that barely hid her shaved pussy. She figured "If I can make a good impression on the gentleman I'm meeting, maybe he'll help me out of my predicament."  With that thought, she set off for her meeting.

    When she arrived at the store, she was met by a man who looked to be in his mid 30's carrying a clipboard with one hand and a silver cane in the other.  The salesman introduced himself simply as Mr. Smith and ushered her to the back of the store, where they sat down on opposing chairs.
    The salesman asked her several routine questions about store business which she answered with as pleasant a smile as she could muster, arching her back a little and showing her attractive profile.  She didn't really understand what was going on but was willing to be cooperative, if the alternative was getting put in jail. Strangely enough, she found it getting rather warm in the room and she started to fidget a little in her seat.
    The salesman then asked her to stand up and show him how she would handle a typical customer.  She stood up, feeling a little light headed as well as warm.  The idea of serving customers seemed to make her feel a lot better though.

    The warmth and lightness she was feeling continued to grow till she found herself doffing her sweater and pants, showing off the undergarments she'd had the foresight to choose for this day.  She expected the salesman to say something about this but he merely sat there and strangely his unusual silver twin snake headed cane was glowing brighter by the second.

    "Serving.. serving customers is so important... someone must help me serve customers." Jenny thought as she found herself standing rigidly. Amazingly, she found her skin lightening, turning to a clear plastic with no freckles or blemishes.  She also found herself growing shorter by the second as her lower legs seemed to melt away, but this caused no pain whatsoever to Jenny.  She found her arms growing rigid with her upper arms sticking upwards at right angles to her body.

    The warm feeling continued to pass through Jennifer's body as she felt herself growing lighter and shinier by the second.  Her last thoughts before washing into a sea of ecstasy were centred on her new state. "I hope someone fills me soon.. making customers satisfied is what matters here... it makes me feel so good!!!"

    A few hours later, Jack entered the store to find the salesman setting up the transformed Jenny in the new soda fountain area Jack had built in the same area where the adult only merchandise was sold.

    "As per your wishes in our sales contract, here is your new root beer float maker." the salesman intoned.  Jenny sat on the counter, radically altered into a hollow clear statue with obviously what was root beer filling the inside of her head and upper chest.

    "This is how to make a serving for your customers," the salesman said before demonstrating.  He picked up an empty glass and held it under Jenny's open and O-shaped mouth.  He then pushed in her very flexible nose and almost immediately root beer began to flow out of the human fountain's mouth.  Once the glass was half full, Mr. Smith stopped the flow and pulled the glass back.  He then held the glass under the shiny left tit and pulled down on the left arm firmly.

    Almost immediately, vanilla soft-serve ice cream began to ooze out of the nipple in the breast into the glass, forming a tiny pyramid. "I used vanilla in this demonstration but you can use other varieties if you want to.  Once the left side is empty, you can use the right breast in a similiar manner," the salesman beamed as he explained his new 'product' to the owner.

    "Of course, what float would be complete without a cherry?" the salesman snickered.  He then reached up and placed the glass between the fountain's legs.  He then pulled down the right arm firmly while noting at how smoothly the fountain's operation had turned out. It had been a complex change to perform. Mechanisms were always tricky.

     To Jack's amazement, with a small POP, a small cherry rolled out of what would have been Jenny's pussy. "There's enough ingredients loaded in there for approximately fifty servings.  I would caution you to keep the fountain out of plain view to avoid unwanted attention. Otherwise, I trust if you keep the fountain in good working order and clean, it should give you a trouble-free six months of operation," the salesman said with a flourish.

     Jenny's thoughts were only of her new status. "I'll make the best root beer floats possible... this makes me feel so good.. keeping the customers happy all that matters.." she happily thought.

    The salesman shook Jack's hand and promised him he'd be back from time to time to check on the new fountain.  He then limped to his mid-sized car and after examining the amazingly lifelike painting of a nude blonde on the hood, he drove off.

     Several days later, the salesman was contacted by his head office to inform him that the convenience store owner's check had bounced.   The salesman shook his head in dismay.  That would mean that after his next stop at the strip club, he would have to return to the store and dole out the customary penalty as per the contract terms.  "Ah, a salesman's work is never done," he muttered as the shimmering car puttered down the road.

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