Salesman - Visiting Past Clients

by Northern Chill

Author's note : This story refers to characters and situations that have occurred in prior tales involving the Salesman.
The reader might want to read those ones first (click here for the beginning of the series) before this tale.


    The sunlight shone through the partly pulled down blinds illuminating a large bed on the far end of the room where two naked women were sprawled.  Jennifer groggily pulled herself up to a sitting position and looked over at the still sleeping Trixie, who had make the last few weeks a lot of fun both in and out of bed. Flicking aside Trixie's lovely blonde hair that hung loosely down to just above her tasty nipples, Jennifer wanted Trixie to be with her whenever possible.   Even so, whenever Trixie wasn't around for a day or two, Jennifer made sure her house was full of prospective lovers, both male and female.  She made sure while they were visiting her, they were introduced to the various items which decorated the house courtesy of the mysterious man known as the Salesman.

    For example, when she had the star hitter for the local baseball team over, she made sure that after a wild night of passion, he would introduce himself to the latex clad cock cleaner that until recently had been Mary Beth but now for the next 5 months would be solely concerned with servicing any firmness inserted in her O-shaped mouth.

    Likewise, when the girls from the chorus line at the local theater came over to work out with her, Jennifer delighted in leading them with the leotard clad exercise robot that was formerly Candi.  She loved to hit slow-mo on the tape playing in the recorder just as Candi was arching her back  in a forward motion showing her impressive cleavage.  The fact that none of her friends or lovers ever realized the true natureof these living objects amused Jennifer greatly to say the least.

    Unfortunately, all this playing around and spending money without any income was proving to be a rapid drain on Jennifer's finances and considering that her husband David was spending the next little while as a deflated male love doll stuck in her closet, she needed to start earning some money soon.  Luckily, she had spent time in acting school before she had met David and made a few connections in the industry with some local producers. She figured she could easily sweet-talk or seduce them into giving her a plum part.

    However, to Jennifer's dismay, she could only land a supporting role in the drama " Blondes, Beaches and Bad Guys", a weekly TV show about female lifeguards who, when not saving hapless beachgoers from drowning, were busy fighting off disguised crablike aliens intending on taking over the beaches of the world.  Jennifer was even more ticked off to learn that the lead female lifeguard, Amber Swanson, had once attended the same acting school and wasn't anywhere near as good an actress as she ( in Jennifer's own slightly less than humble opinion).

    Jennifer thought for a few minutes how she could secure the lead role and the lucrative income it could provide.  It dawned on her that perhaps the services of the mysterious Salesman could be used to further her own cause. She could make up a lie (or was it) about how Amber had slept with the show's producer to get the role promised to her.  Even though she knew she was playing with fire  by misleading the sinister Mr. Smith, the need for a lucrative income to support her lavish lifestyle pushed aside those fears.  She pulled out the gilt-edged business card Mr. Smith had given her and called the five digit number listed to set her plan in motion.

    Amber strolled down the beach oblivious to all the activity going on behind her.  The show had just finished shooting for the day and most of the cast and extras had left to enjoy the weekend weather.  Amber stopped to wipe some sand off the one piece silver and black swimsuit with the BBBG logo that was becoming quite popular with the fans of the show.  She mused that unlike her fellow cast members, she was looking forward to a weekend of reading through the new scripts for upcoming shows . "If I have to fight one more softshell alien who wants to take over our beaches by kidnapping lifeguards and holding them in offshore ships disguised as yachts, I'll scream!!" Amber thought to herself.

    When Amber arrived back at the trailer, she found a business-suited gentleman waiting for her. "Amber, is it? Your producer said I'd find you here.  Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Tim Smith; I wish to talk to you breifly about a future endeavor that can affect your career if you choose to participate today," the black haired man said, extending his left hand in a friendly gesture.

    "Geez, if Bernie let another suntan lotion salesman on the set, he's a dead man! " Amber mentally moaned.  "At least he's not another autograph hunter..." She calmed herself and smiled her public smile at the man. "I've got a few minutes now, Mr.Smith.  Let's go inside and hear your proposal ." Amber replied as she shook the man's hand. Inside, the trailer was decorated in hanging silks and pillows like a sultan's harem.

    Mr. Smith settled into a gold-painted director's chair near the door while Amber got a bottle of chilled Evian Springs water out of the trailer's fridge.  "Tell me a little more about this endeavor, please," she said as she settled into her makeup chair and crossed her long tanned legs.

    "First things first, my dear.  I represent a client who is most interested in working with you in a future opportunity, but I do require some background first," Mr. Smith intoned as he got out a clipboard to begin writing on.

    "Another pencil jockey who wants my life story. Ah well .." thought Amber as she drank deeply from her water bottle.  Bored, she answered the salesman's questions about her past and such with the practice she had gained from answering them seemingly a million times before. Then he asked her how she had been chosen for this particular part in this particular production.
    Amber wiped her forehead. "Getting too hot in here..." she thought as she got up stiffly and walked over to the fridge to get another bottle of water. " I got this job like any actress in this industry.  I tried out for the part on an open call with about a thousand other girls and was lucky enough to catch her eye of the producers and win the job." she said plainly in response to a probing query from the salesman.

    The salesman looked at her with a slightly puzzled look while the cane he carried glowed brighter by the second.  "Are you sure, my dear?  It isn't a crime for you to admit if you used your 'social skills' in this situation to get ahead in this biz." he asked with an amused look on his face.

   "Damn... getting stiff. .must have worked out too hard today!" Amber thought as she leaned against the chair for support .  "No... I got this part through... my... ability.." she gasped as she felt herself stiffening up and the words caught on her lips.

   "Pose... display... show..where did that idea come from? What the hell is happening here!" Amber thought as she felt herself getting lighter and thinner with every passing second. She felt her hands placing themselves on her waist and her mouth tighten into a wide grin.  Her legs shifted a little apart as if she was getting ready to bend down and the feeling of getting lighter and thinner grew by the second.  Strangely, it wasn't the worst feeling she had ever experienced; the feeling of her skin changing and becoming lighter made her whole curvy body tingle with ecstasy.

    The last feeling Amber sensed before she slipped into a timeless sea of bliss was something growing out of her back that felt hard, yet supportive at the same time.  She felt herself falling backward and then there was nothing at all to feel anymore.

    The salesman stood up and hobbled over to where Amber had fallen.  He reached down and picked up the cardboard cutout display figure Amber now existed as.  Standing her up, folding out the easel support, he looked into the young blonde's painted eyes "You see, my dear, I was informed by a previous client of your shady dealings in the past and how they are severely affecting my clent's income. To help her out, you'll spend the next six months being used in supermarket and chain store displays promoting the store's numerous products. In the meantime, my client will be assuming your role in the production due to your mysterious 'disappearance', the salesman informed the cardboard Amber while running his hands down her flat figure.

    "OOhhh... every time someone touches me I can think again and feel their touches.. so good..." Amber thought breifly.  "There are worse ways to spend six months I guess! ...mmmmm." Her thoughts faded as he turned away.

    "Now, my dear, I'll arrange for your delivery to your first store," the salesman said as he pulled out his cell phone.  Just then, it beeped to indicate an incoming call.  The salesman turned and talked into it for about 30 seconds or so with his voice growing louder and angrier by the second.  He put the phone away and faced Amber again. "My dear, it seems there has been a new developments and we have to review the situation ......"

            Several days later.....

    Jennifer got out of the studo limo as it pulled up in front of her house, waved to the cute driver, and slowly walked up the driveway.  She was feeling extremely happy today and knew her whole life was getting better day by day.  The day before, the producers for the show she worked at had abruptly announced that Amber Swanson was taking a "creative leave of absence" and they wanted Jennifer to take the lead role for now.  The thought of not having to worry about money for the next little while gave her a great feeling of satisfaction.  In fact, she felt like tying one on with Trixie tonight, maybe using one of the living "toys" in the house.

    "Trixie... Oh, Trixie, where are youuu?" Jennifer hollered as she entered the house. "Get dressed, my sexy lady; we're both going out clubbing tonight and..."  she exulted as she walked into the living room before stopping in shock at the sight that greeted her there.

     All the usual furniture in the room was gone and in the space a full-sized luxurious pool table had been placed. Next to the table stood Mr. Smith, with an inscrutable expression on his face, who beckoned her over and extended a pool cue to her.  As Jennifer walked over and timidly took the cue from him, she casually glanced at the wall next to the table and gasped in shock.

    Instead of the usual utilitarian rack meant for mounting pool cues and equipment there was a nude female figure, carved and painted, mounted on the wall.  Her skin was shiny and had a lusty gloss to it with her hair no longer hanging loose but plastered - varnished - to her head as part of the fixture.  The figure's arms were stretched out to the sides with the hands curled as if to hold something. Her legs were spread apart and pointing down with her pussy spread open for all the world to see. Her breasts were proud and firm on her chest, although her nipples seemed somewhat odd as it they were slightly sunken.  Her face had a shiny glow to it with her mouth stretched wide open and, to Jennifer 's shock, holding the cue ball for the table within it.  As Jennifer gazed into the eyes of the obscene figure, she realized " This was - is - Trixie!!!"..

    "Let's play a short game, my dear, while we talk, shall we?" the salesman said as he racked the balls on the table. "You should have no problem in playing a round, do you?"

    Jennifer nodded " Tim. What's on your mind  today?" she inquired, hoping not to betray the fear she felt.

    The salesman smiled as he removed the rack from the fifteen colored balls and inserted it into the open sex of the living pool rack. He popped out the cue ball from the rack's open mouth and plopped it on the table. "I'll break," he announced as he powered the cue ball into the formation with a 'crack' and sinking several. Ignoring her for the moment, he walked around the table looking at the situation, planning his next move. " You see, Jennifer, all contracts that I sign with my clients have to be verified with the home office, " he intoned before leaning over the table and sighting down his cue.

    "Blonde woman in the pink bikini in the corner pocket," he intoned before he shot.  Jennifer glimpsed what looked like the image he described covering - or part of - the ball before his shot sent it into the far pocket. Seeing the ball successfully sunk, he walked over to the female pool rack where he inserted the cue's end into the carving's left nipple and twisted it several times.  Jennifer could see several tiny puffs of chalk dust from the sunken nipple which now served as a chalker for pool cues.

    Mr. Smith walked back to the table again, patiently choosing his next target. "By the way, the veneer-image balls are just a promotional product we're developing for future use.  There's nobody in there who was part of a contract fulfillment issue.. at least not yet," he bantered before leaning over the table once again. "Brunette in the red one-piece off the bank and in the cross-corner," he whispered. The ball executed the planned path perfectly.

    After yet another successful shot, Mr. Smith paused to look at Jennifer directly in the eyes." After I recently visited Ms. Swanson and arranged for her temporary removal from your workplace, my office called me with an important datum. They had completed the background check I had asked for, and turned up an interesting fact.  It seems that the unfortunate Ms. Swanson had not obtained her place in the casr via sexual liaisons but through honesty and, frankly, by being a better actress than you my dear Jennifer."

     "Shit, he knows! He's here to do something to me like what he did to Trixie - or worse!" Jennifer screamed mentally, while keeping her outer expression calm and reserved. It was the best acting of her life.  She noted his dreaded sanke-headed cane was out of his range for now and she quickly formulated a plan.

     "Once I learned the truth, I arranged for Amber to be returned to normal in a week's time with the idea planted in her memory that she went on a sudden vacation to work out personal issues.  Yes, my dear, we can do that. I then came here before your scheduled arrival and arranged for your associate Trixie to be ' indisposed' while we discuss a few things.  I must admit that I let my artistic impulses get slightly out of control, but I'm sure you agree the result is striking. She'll revert back to her usual form in the morning with no knowledge of my visit here today," the salesman continued as his eyes grew darker by the second.  Turning back to the table again, he called his next shot. "Nude redhead off the semi-nude brunette into the side pocket."  After his shot pocketed, the salesman set down his cue between Trixie's fingers." Now, let's discu..." he started to say .


     Jennifer swung her pool cue hard across the back of his head. The salesman slumped to the floor, unconscious, with a slight trickle of blood oozing from his scalp. He didn't seem to be breathing.  Jennifer then grabbed the snake-headed cane propped up against the wall and with all her strength snapped it in two across her knee. She looked around the scene frantically for a second and decided that leaving town was in her best interests right now.  Without packing or even a parting gesture to the frozen Trixie, Jennifer ran outside looking for a taxi she could flag down.  However, the only vehicle she saw anywhere near was the one belonging to the salesman himself.  Jennifer ran over to it and looked inside the car.

   "Yes! The keys are still in it! I'm outta here, brother.." Jennifer exhorted as she jumped in the vehicle and started it with a roar.  She backed up and peeled out of the driveway with a burst of speed, heading for the nearest freeway onramp. "Gonna put as much distance between me and that whole mess back there. I don't want to deal with that kind of salesman ever again," she grumbled as she gripped the steering wheel.

    Jennifer was so focused on her driving that she failed to notice that the shimmering that surrounded the car normally was now permuating inside it as well, focusing behind her.  As she found herself slowing down despite her best efforts, wondering if the salesman had forgotten to fill the tank, she heard a familiar voice in the back, one that sent chills down her spine: "Theft of a company vehicle and assaulting a company officer,my dear. Tut, tut. I'm afraid the penalty clauses for these infringments are MOST serious.... MOST serious indeed!!" the voice said. As the car slowed to a stop by the side of the road, Jennifer turned to look and see what she most feared was sitting in the back seat.  The salesman looked up at her and tapped his cane on his forehead.  Jennifer had time to scream just once before everything dissolved away...



     A tumultous round of applause broke out as Mr. Smith accepted a plaque honoring him as the 'Salesman of the Month'.  Smiling modestly, he gave a short speech thanking his friend and mentor, Mr. Jones, and joked how he one day aspired to the job of Mr. White, head of sales and entertainment.

    After the speeches were made and his fellow workers congratulated him on a job well  done, the salesman walked over to the lavish buffet table that was set out for the banquet.  A tall thin man with a receding hairline walked over and shook his hand. "Great job, Tim! You showed great determination in pulling in all those sales and the bonus ones as well, despite certain - ah - challenges.  It doesn't seem right though that you should be the one to provide the centerpiece for the buffet table at your own celebration," Mr. Black said as he gazed towards the spread.

     Mr. Smith grinned. "When you work for a generous company like this one, you don't mind giving back occasionally," he said fondly.

    As his fellow salesman wandered away, the salesman looked over at the intricately carved ice sculpture that occupied the center of the table.  Jennifer was seated kneeling with her hands on her waist and a look of happiness on her frosty face.  Water dripped down from her slowly melting body into her open pussy, sending waves of pleasure throughout her frozen being. The only sign that she had once been human was a faint red tinge around her lips and nipples, a hint of blue in her icy eyes, and a barely perceptible shudder as her body slowly shrank away under the heat of the ballroom lights.

     As if sensing a question, the salesman looked into her blank eyes. " Don't worry, my dear.  You won't melt or evaporate to nothing.  As part of your punishment, you'll be the featured centerpiece for every award banquet we have in the next twelve months and they always end early enough for you to be put back in the freezer to reconstitute.  However, we do have the Salesman-of the-Year award  banquet as well and those always run late.. well, if I win, it may or may not .." he said with a soft laugh and then limped away as he signaled the catering staff.

     "Mr. Smith had better win or....." Jennifer thought as she felt herself being moved into the kitchen freezer to be stored until the next banquet as part of her punishment for daring to cross the Salesman..........

Continued - The Salesman takes a vacation....

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