Salesman - Uninvited Guests

by Northern Chill

     Author's note :  This story is based on the character known as the Salesman and the unusual activities he participates in.  There are scenes of sexuality, profanity and violence in this story so if this bothers you, please move on to another story.
 Otherwise, enjoy !

         It was a clear night with nary a whisper of car or human noises audible in all directions.  The street stood silent with a four story building the only visible structure around for miles and miles.  There were lights visible on the inside though they looked to be ones left on for overnight usage.  In the parking lot next to the building, there was a lone car parked with insignias visible on it that indicated it belonged to a security firm.

         If the security guard who drove the car in question was still in its vicinity, he would have seen three female figures clad in black outfits from head to toes slowly climbing the side of the building  with the use of suction cups and clamps.  The trio were well known to police as cat burglars who scaled up the exteriors of isolated buildings, slipped inside without setting off any alarms, retrieving valuable treasures or money and then disappearing without a trace.

         The leader of the trio was a mid 20's brunette of slender build named Christine.  She was the one who usually planned out their robberies based on information she culled from various sources.  Her colleagues speculated that Christine used be a member of secret intelligence gathering agency judging by her habit of picking out targets that the other two had never heard of. However, these targets netted the three women large sums of money and valuables allowing all three to live in a comfortable lifestyle.

          Diane was the second member of the criminal trio and was the best looking of the three by far.  Long blonde hair, fairly large breasts and a figure that looked like it had been drawn directly from every man's wildest dream, Diane turned many a head when she walked the beach that bordered her six figure home on the West Coast.  However, some of those heads may not have turned quite so quickly if they knew that the blonde bombshell was as cold blooded when it came to dealing with others as the legendary Mafioso types of the thirties and forties.  At the last building the three had broken into, a fire broke out by accident which quickly engulfed the building they were burglarizing and trapping a night watchman.  When the other two suggested that somebody should go and help out the unfortunate person out, Diane coldly threw the swag in the back seat of the getaway car and told the other two she was leaving in thirty seconds, with or without them.  Luckily, the security fellow managed to break a window and escape the inferno that engulfed the building without sustaining any life threatening injuries.  However. Diane's actions sent a clear message to the other women that she considered money and property far more valuable than life and no one was going to change her focus.

          The third member of the group was a mid 20's brown haired woman who had the sculpted physique of a female bodybuilder.  Wanda was considered the muscles of the group who was called upon to move any items of large size or weight.  Nicknamed by her colleagues ' Wicked Wanda ' for her fascination with the BDSM scene, Wanda was a little slow in comprehending the intricacies of the various capers that she and her fellow thieves would undertake.  Nevertheless,  she was fiercely loyal to Diane and Christine and swore to help them out of any predicament the two might find themselves in regardless of the consequences.

          When the women reached the top of the building, they clambered over the edge onto the roof and moved silently to the center where several large air conditioning ducts stood.  Christine gestured silently towards a padlocked hatch that was visible next to her foot on the roof and the other two gestured 'ok'.  Taking out a large set of bolt cutters from a canvas bag, Wanda quickly and smoothly snipped the lock holding the hatch down.  Diane opened the hatch slowly and peered into what appeared to be a brightly lit storage room.  After looking around to see if anyone was there, she motioned to the others to follow her down the metal ladder.

           After the women had climbed down and closed the hatch behind them, the trio took off their hoods and looked around to see what the next step was.  Seeing only typical stuff you would find in a utility closet, Diane walked over to the closet door and opened it.  However, when they stepped out of the closet, there was a flash of light much like a picture being taken that blinded all of them for several seconds.  When Diane opened her eyes and was able to see once again, the sight that greeted her and her fellow burglars was unlike anything they had ever seen before.......

        Elsewhere in the building.......  

        The monitor hummed as the hands clicked across the keyboard and the printer ran seemingly non-stop, printing off report after report.  Sitting in front of the computer was a mid 30's man who was busy typing, stopping only to occasionally to glance at a thick black book sitting next to the computer monitor.  If anyone walked by, they would see what looked like a hardworking man sitting at a fairly expensive desk with many antiques and fixtures visible throughout the room.

        Of course, the truth was far from that though known only to a few.  The expensive gold pen set, which sat at the front of the desk, appeared to be made in the shape of two women with long hair dressed in tiny bikinis.  However, the desk's owner knew that the pens were, in fact, the gilded fate of two Scandinavian women who were proficient at seducing men at the beach to coming home with them.  They would then knock them unconscious via drugged alcoholic drinks and rob them of their money and jewelry. Sometimes, if the victim was married, they would pose with the unconscious man for scandalous pictures and blackmail him afterwards.  It was a victim of the latter, a mid 50's man who owned several textile factories, who approached the desk's owner and pleaded with him to make sure the women stopping talking of ruining his life forever.  He was reassured that the two women would never trouble him again and in fact he'd get in writing from the two.  Of course, the fact the women wound up being the instruments of their new existence was a fact he left out.....

       " C'mon, Tim, get out from the desk....there's a party going on and some of the younger company people want to meet you and hear all about the stuff you've been up to, " a slightly overweight brown haired man called out from the doorway to the office. 

     " All right, all right, Bill...let me just jot down a few last figures...."  Tim said with a smile as he reached forward and grasped one of the special pens on the desk. He pressed his thumb down gently on the tiny left breast of the living pen and saw the pen shiver slightly and it's eyes ( which were closed) open wide.  As he jotted down the numbers from reports, he felt the bottom of the pen shiver repeatedly as if the transformed woman was reacting to his holding her. 

      " I'll have to figure out someday how the ink gets refilled in these pens....maybe somebody who works in Storage can tell me,"  Tim muttered as he depressed the tiny left breast on the pen.  He saw the pen's eyes close as the pen was switched off and the vibrations ceased at the same time.  Smiling as if he had just heard a joke, the salesman put the pen back into its holder and turned off the computer before standing up slowly.  As he limped around the desk, his clothes seemed to shimmer and shift in appearance from an ordinary business suit to an expensive black tuxedo with matching shoes.  On his right lapel, a gold pin appeared with a large S in the middle of it.  Below it, there were a series of stick pins arranged in a vertical pattern with single gems forming the heads of the pins.  If one looked close, you could see ( in rows going across) three gold pins, four ruby pins and two silver ones.  As Tim rounded the corner of the desk and grabbed hold of his cane, it shimmered momentarily like his suit and turned black in color on the main part with the twin snake heads changing to gold for one and silver for the other.

      " You know, you could just wear an ordinary suit and tie for the party tonight.  The company holds these soirees once a year just to let the workers know that we actually exist in their eyes,"  Bill said  in a mocking tone as he adjusted his brown tie on his light blue suit.

     Tim sighed and shook his head " Obviously, you didn't read the memo that was sent to all the departments last month.  Apparently, several members of the Board plan to be attending the party tonight to check morale and see if there are any inter-departmental problems that need to be resolved.  I would think that everybody would want to look their best for the festivities tonight," the salesman said as he brushed a thread off his tuxedo.

     " Ohhh...ummm..just one second, Tim...I just remembered I left something back at the office that I need to pick up.  I'll see you at the party later,"  Bill said quickly before leaving the office doorway and hurrying down the hallway calling for his secretary Gloria.

      Tim shook his head as he glanced at a reflection of himself in a nearby window.  " You'd think after two centuries of working for the company, he'd learn to look at the memos.  Hmmm...I should talk to someone on the Board myself tonight about flexibility for the lawn gnome and sun dial contract resolutions.....if they're in a good mood that is...."  the salesman said while adjusting his tie before heading out of his office and in the direction of music that was starting to play......


      " Did you hear that, Christine ?  It sounded like some sort of music here in the building..... "  Wanda asked her fellow burglar while they all tried to adjust to the scene they were taking in.  The three found themselves standing in a room that looked larger than what it should be by reasonable thinking.  It was completely empty by its look yet there were doors that were appearing and disappearing in the middle of the room.  At the far end of the right hand side of the room, there was a door that appeared to be made out of cherry wood with a large O carved on it.

      " It's probably Muzak that the company who owns the building pumps in to keep their employees from falling asleep.  Right now, Wanda, I want you to check that door on the left in the middle of the room.  Diane, you take the one on the right.  I'll check out the door with the big O it."  Christine said briskly as she looked around the room for any sign of an alarm system.

       "  Ummm...are you sure that's a good idea ?  Those doors don't look too fact, I'm not sure they even exist,"  Diane said while looking around for some other point of reference in the white painted room.

     " Those doors do exist, Diane.  According to the intelligence I gathered from a woman named Trixie, the company that operates out of this building uses a great deal of light refracting technology to create illusions that are so believable that they don't have security officers or any kind of alarm system.  As long we are careful with what we're doing, we should be in and out with a tidy bit of swag,"  Christine said with her usual confident tone.

    Knowing that Christine was not one to tolerate disagreements in her plans, the other two mutely nodded and slowly edged forward wary of any invisible security motion detectors.  The trio were a little surprised about the lack of video cameras in the room but this fit with what Christine had mentioned earlier.  As long as there were no unexpected surprises, this late night trip would go just as successful as all the others......


    "........then she tried to take a plane to another country under a fake name and avoid me.  Well, can you imagine the look on the baggage handlers when they started to unload the plane and found there was an extra piece of luggage that was flesh colored with sandy brown handles ?  If I had known it was going to be that easy, I would have put in for a bonus for early completion of the contract... "  a brown haired man said happily gesturing to the appreciation of several onlookers.  Wearing a dapper tuxedo with two gold, two ruby and one silver pin on his lapel, Gerry waved to Tim as the salesman limped into the fairly crowded ballroom.

   " Gerry...always telling his stories....such a showboat..... "  Tim thought to himself as he limped over to where an impressive buffet was set up and put a few entrees on a tiny serving plate that would look bizarre to anyone outside the company but routine to Tim and other company workers.  Depicted on the plate was a young woman in her mid 20's wearing what looked like a white bikini standing on the shore of a beach.  The woman used to be the head of a travel agency who would book tourists trips to the Caribbean  and other exotic resorts.  However, she was unscrupulous in her transactions as she would charge her clients top dollar for 4-star resorts yet book them into rundown hotels with poor service and far from the desired beaches.  When the clients complained, she would point to the no refund part of the contract and send them on their way.

    After one woman contracted malaria during one vacation partly as a result of the agent's bookings, the husband contacted Opportunities, Inc. to see if they could get some sort of restitution or apology in their own unique way.  The company assigned one of the agents from their European division, Antonio, to see if he could use his charms to persuade the agent to give fair treatment to her clients.  However, the woman not only rebuffed Antonio's suggestions but sent a local thug to the hotel where Antonio was staying to rough him up or even kill him.  Antonio, invoking the self-protection right given to all agents, transformed the crook into a bottle of 20 Chateau Lafette ( Antonio was a wine buff in his spare time) before returning to deal with the woman at the agency. 

    Antonio decided that since she was a woman who seemed to feel nothing for the people she met, her new form would allow her to do just that.  He transformed her into a set of ten serving plates with part of her in each dish.  When hot food was placed on the plate, the heat would be felt by the transformed woman while her swimsuit disappeared much like a novelty pen.  Her tiny face would turn to one of shock over her fixed nudity but that was the only part that would move.  If a cold or frozen item was placed on the plate, the nipples on the image would become noticeable on the swimsuit part and it would seem that the  woman was actually shivering.   Although Tim wouldn't have necessarily chosen this method of fulfilling the contract, he had to admit that there was a certain style to it that he definitely approved of.....

   " Mr. Smith ?  I was wondering if you're finding everything to your satisfaction ? "  a red haired man that looked to be in his early 20's asked while leaning over close to the veteran salesman as the two stood at the buffet table.

   " Everything's fine....Paul, isn't it ?...Paul're new to the Sales division, aren't you ? "  Tim said with a warm smile as he put down his plate and shook the man's hand.

   " Yes, I am, sir.  I transferred over last year from Collections and I must admit you're a legend both there and in Sales.  One thing I did find curious, Mr. Smith, is the people who seemed to have some sort of animosity towards you in Collections.  Mr. Adamson, the Collections head, seems to think you stretch the rules of the company just to make a successful sale.  There was also a woman named Gwen Evilton who..... "  Paul started to say in a rather excited voice before Tim motioned him to be quiet.

   " I'm well aware of my detractors in Collections as well as a few others.  One thing you learn when you work for company like Opportunities, Inc. for a long time is that you will have your fair share of detractors as well as supporters.  You just have to maintain an even keel and try not to get too carried away with resolving the contact's subjects.  Now that you've heard the company pep talk, why don't you try and mingle with some of the other company people tonight ?  I heard they hired a very attractive woman from Italy to work in reception....she supposedly has a thing for role playing as an inanimate object,"  Tim said to Paul, whose eyes brightened and he immediately moved off in search of the women in question.

   Shaking his head slightly, Tim took a glass of champagne off a platter from a passing waiter and sipped it while looking around for the usual familiar faces.  His attention centered on a lovely blonde woman wearing a low cut red dress trimmed in silver that was bare at the shoulders that emphasized her ample chest and long legs.  The veteran salesman was about to make his way over to her and introduce himself when he heard a voice from behind that almost caused him to drop his glass.

   " Hello, Tim.  Are you still playing the role of the lone worker who knows more than anyone else in the room ? "  an icy female voice inquired with a tone dripping in sarcasm.

    The salesman turned to see the familiar ( and decidedly unwelcome ) sight of Gwen standing before him.  Needless to say, he was not looking forward to the conversation that laid ahead......

     In another room........ 

      Diane cautiously opened the door to the room not knowing quite what to expect.  To her surprise, what she expected to be a modest size office of sorts was in fact a janitor's closet no bigger than what she and the others had just come from.  There was shelves of paper towels, toilet paper and nothing at all of value.

      " Hmmm.....there doesn't seem to be anything worth stealing here.  I'll take a quick look around to see if anything is stashed behind this junk, "   Diane said as she shut the room door behind her.  However, the minute that the door was closed behind her, everything around Diane seemed to shimmer and change in the blink of an eye.  The cluttered shelves she had just looked at seemed to stretch outwards as well as multiply in depth.  In a matter of moments, Diane found herself standing in a room that looked to be three times the size of the one she just left.  The floor was composed of tiles that were white with gold trim around each individual tile with the wall nearest Diana taking on a mural look.  When she looked at it closely, she saw what appeared to be a large cistern in the center of the painting with six people standing in a ring around it and hundreds more gathered around those six.  In the upper right part of the mural were the letters O and I interconnected as if it was a company logo.

      When Diane took a step forward to look at the shelves, she saw that the contents of those had changed as well with many bizarre looking objects that were labeled with what look like dates and place notation along with a dollar amount at the bottom.  She could see the items ranged in size from ones no bigger than a small button to others that were as tall as she was.  Strangely, every item seemed to have an image of a woman either depicted on it or was the central part to the item in question.

      Diane picked up one item that looked like one of those old fashioned snow globes with what looked like three attractive women dressed in winter clothes.  When she shook the globe, there was a quiet BEEP ! and as the water stopped oscillating, Diane saw that the three women were now nude with items of clothing floating around them.  As the burglar looked on with fascination, the tiny figurines seemed to grab for the articles as they floated by and when their hands came in contact with the lingerie or other pieces of clothing, it disappeared momentarily only to reappear a second or so later on that figure's body.  After about thirty seconds or so, the female figures were dressed in winter clothes once again though the figures were wearing different outfits than before.

     " Wow....! "  Diane said out loud with an appreciative tone in her voice.  She was about to examine a few boxes that had images of sexily posed women with PUZZLES FOR ADULTS written on the sides when she heard what sounded like a chair scraping against the floor.  Pulling out her Beretta .22LR with HP ammunition, she slowly walked around the corner of the shelf and peered in the direction of the noise.

     To her puzzlement, she saw something that looked like it was straight out of an old 1940's movie.  There was a man that looked to be in his early 60's shuffling papers on an antique wooden desk with a large leather tome set up on a dais next to the desk.  He was writing with an old quill pen on documents that looked to be more than a hundred years old pausing only to dip his pen in a nearby inkwell while adjusting his hexagon glasses.

      " All right, old man, put the pen and stand up !  I don't want to harm you if I can help it,"  Diane called out with a somewhat insincere tone to her voice.  Truth be told, she didn't really care one way or the other if she killed the old bastard though she was curious what he was doing here this late at night.

     " Hmmm...a weapon made this century handled by a young woman wearing clothes recently purchased who shows signs of breast augmentation surgery...very interesting.  I'm surprised that you weren't asked to secure your weapon before you entered the building,"  the elderly man said while briefly glancing at the woman walking towards him before returning to his writing.

     " Did you hear me, you old bastard ?  I don't care what you think of me.  Put the god damned pen down and stand up ! "  Diane shouted angrily as she advanced a little closer with her gun pointed at the man's chest.  She was a little puzzled by the old fool's attitude towards the situation and the personal comments he made about her tightened her grip around the gun's trigger.

    " Ah, a woman who seems to be unmoved by the feelings and thoughts of others.  Before things get too out of hand, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Octavius Lividius Cittronius though most of the young pups around here simply call me Otto, so I guess you can too.  Why don't you put down your firearm and we can talk for a bit ?  " the elderly man said he started to twirl his quill pen between his fingers.

    " Are you insane ?  I told you to put your pen...down.... uhh... whew.... it's gettin kinda warm in here, "  Diane muttered as she walked forward a step or two.  Her grip on her gun loosened noticeably as it pointed downwards instead of at the old fellow behind the desk.  She took her left hand and wiped a bit of sweat off her forehead.

   " Yes, I have been meaning to ask the fellows in Maintenance to take a look at the units here.  I'm a little concerned that the items from 1275 AD and earlier may not hold up well under excessive heat.  I just wish the people in Sales would consult me when they conclude long term storage contracts as the storage sometimes can be quite the hassle.  For instance, Mr. Smith called me up wanting to know if he could bring in three mannequins for T 2 storage and one inflated love doll for T3 or T4 storage.  Do you know how difficult it was moving 45 wind-up dolls not to mention all the action figures that would only move when their strings were pulled ?  I had to get help from the instructors in the Employee Recreation department and... oh... I'm so... sorry... I tend to ramble on and on when talking about my work.  Why don't you take a seat and tell me more about yourself, Miss....? "  Otto said as he twirled his pen rapidly between his fingers with a faint glow emanating from it now.

   "'s Diane.... whew.... do you mind if I take a few things off ?  It is unbelievably warm in here.... ummm... what did you just ask ?  " the femme fatale murmured as she deposited on Otto's desk followed by the holster and the black sweater and pants she was wearing.   She slumped into a chair that was sitting next to the desk though her foggy mind didn't recall it being there before.

  " Well, I was asking you to talk a little about yourself.  I can gather by your dress and demeanor that you're some sort of professional thief who is able to access multi storied structures and seems to be uncaring about the physical health of any innocent bystanders you encounter in your criminal pursuits.  Is that how you FEEL ? "  Otto said as he swept Diane's clothing off his desk with his left hand while continuing to twirl his pen with his right.

  " Uhh..yeah... you're right.... warm.... I just want the loot... if anyone gets in the way, I don't hesitate to move them one way or another.... uhhhh... " Diane as she ran her right hand over her sweaty neck and shoulders oblivious to the fact she was only wearing a bright pink satin bra and matching panties.  She leaned down and removed her shoes and socks with her left hand before leaning back in her chair with a heavy sigh.  The left strap on her bra had dropped down partly exposing the upper part of Diane's impressive left tit.  Strangely, this didn't seem to be important to Diane as she started to moan slightly from unseen pressure she felt on her lithe form.

   " Yes, as I figured, you don't seem to CARE about the others you encounter in your exploits.  Wouldn't you like to FEEL something for them ?  Wouldn't you like to CARE..... and be CARED for.... ?  "  Otto said as his eyes sparkled behind his glasses.

   " Yes.... need to care... feel....feel good...... "  Diane mumbled as she let her hands slump onto her thighs and her head lolled back in the chair.  There was a noticeable shine starting to appear on her limbs and torso and her cheeks were becoming bright red in color but she didn't seem to notice.  Diane's hostility seemed to be melting away like an ice cube in the summer sun to be replaced with a desire for pleasure and caring.

   " It's been a while since I've had to deal with people looking to steal from the business.  I remember the last time was back when I was working in the South American office and these women, dressed in armor and carrying spears, came swinging through a window demanding that all the building's goods be turned to them along with any women we may be holding illegally.  I may not be as limber as I used to be but I knew then what to do, "  Otto said before being interrupted by a loud cough coming from the background.

   " Honestly, Otto, if you're going to tell your stories to visitors, I wish you'd get your facts straight.  The people weren't rampaging Amazon women but rather witches from the NE part of the US looking to set up a new home by getting rid of the occupants.  I have to admit the way you and Leon handled that situation was rather unique.  Oh, I see this visitor isn't a company worker,"  the woman, who had heard the last part of Otto's tale, said before noticing the clothing and gun lying on the floor next to Otto's desk.

   " Another person who thinks that the company HQ is like any other building in the area and ripe to have items taken illegally, Ivana.  This woman, Diane Watson according to her wallet, will be staying a while with us.  I've started things down the road with my usual flair,"  Otto said with a proud smile while his pen glowed brighter by the second.

   The subject of Otto and Ivana's conversation made no verbal acknowledgment as she laid back with the thoughts of stealing being replaced by ones of giving and receiving pleasure.  Diane seemed completely oblivious to the fact that Ivana had come over and was quietly removing her bra, panties and footwear.  At this point, the only sign that Diane was still aware at all was the blinking of her eyes and the rise and fall of her chest.

   " Yes, from now on, the only thing that Diane wants is to make people other than herself HAPPY.  The only desire she has is to make people feel GOOD.... " Otto intoned quietly as he waved his pen in the air in an elaborate manner pausing only momentarily to gesture towards his visitor.  He would have gone for some time but he was interrupted by an impatient tapping on his left shoulder by the red haired Ivana.

    " Sorry to interrupt you, Otto, but I think Miss Watson is past the point of caring right now, "  Ivana said with a smirk nodding in the direction of the visitor, whose very appearance was changing rapidly.  As the two looked on, Diane's skin, already noticeably glossy in some places, became more artificial in nature.  All blemishes and freckles disappeared to be replaced by a tan colored material.  Her breasts, large by any standard, slightly shrunk in size even as her nipples and areolas took on a bright pink color.

    From Diane's perspective, it felt like she was floating on a cloud and her whole body was light enough to drift away on a sea of erotic pleasure.  As she floated mentally, she felt her whole thinking as well as her breathing and little movement that she still made slip away like a paper floating away......

   Otto saw Diane's eyes change into painted features with her flowing blonde hair change into a synthetic looking material before the transformed woman slumped forward in the chair.  Shaking her head slightly, Ivana stepped over expecting to find a latex and rubber love doll ( a favorite item among the male representatives when they weren't being creative).  To her surprise, she found a small key hole in the back with a silver and black key inserted into it.  The key, which had a large red O visible on it, was currently turned to the right and Ivana saw there were two other settings indicated in faint pink lettering, A and M.

   " Expecting a dolly from me, Ivana ?  You should know I grew weary of those when I worked in the German offices all those years ago and dealt with the many requests of the Kaiser's aides to deal with blackmailing mistresses.  Our visitor here can be stored as a doll or as an attractive mannequin for whatever length the Board determines.  When that time is up, the key is returned to the neutral position and the woman is free to resume her life.  I think it's rather a good idea, don't you ? " Otto said running his right hand through the few strands of snow white hair on his head.

   " Otto thinks every idea he has is a great one..... starting with the whole ' doll within a doll within a doll ' idea he did a while back in Russia.... still, as ideas go, this isn't a bad one..... "  Ivana thought as she retrieved a cart from nearby which she loaded the transformed Diane onto.

    " Put our newest item in the temporary holding section until I get word from the Board as to what her final storage status is to be.  I'll have to call someone who is down at the party and let them know that there may be other intruders in the building, "  Otto murmured as he picked up what looked like a receiver for a phone made right after it was invented.  The eccentric inventory manager talked in low tones for the next few minutes while Ivana pushed her cart past several long rows of doors with signs indicating ARTWORK, FIGURES ( LARGE ), DECORATIONS and MISCELLANEOUS.

    As for Diane, her days of piling up cash from businesses she helped steal with her two fellow crooks seemed to be over.  In what little mind still existed for her in her new form, her only thought was which way would the KEY be turned......

    Back at the party......... 

     " I'd be lying to you, Gwen, if I said I expected to see you here tonight.  I thought that you'd be hanging around in a far different area than here, "  Tim said with a slight tapping on his cane that caused Gwen to twitch nervously.

     " Contrary to what you may think, Tim, you're not the only one who has friends here at the company.  It just so happens that they appealed my case on the basis that your judgment was not impartial due to the prior involvement of yourself with the client.  The Board commuted the judgment to time served and returned to me to active status.  I guess you can't always get you and your cane aren't all that hot after all,  " Gwen said as she leaned over and took a canapé from a nearby table.

    Tim's face darkened slightly at what he heard though his eyes never wavered a bit.  " Hmmm...the Board members I spoke to back then said just the opposite.  Maybe someone misinterpreted the directive they forwarded through Communications..... or you promised to sleep with Akzious again, "  the veteran employee said with a nasty squint in his eye.

     This time, it was Gwen's face that showed ire and anger but unlike her hated fellow worker, her voice showed it.  "  That's a rumor started back just after the fall of the Roman Empire.  I earned my position here and I'm not going to have it ruined by people like you who have this moral streak.  As a matter of fact, after the party tonight, I plan on resolving my outstanding contract prior to my 'change of scenery'..... I'm thinking of using a certain lawn gnome as a bowling pin that isn't quite as sturdy, " she said with a voice that dripped in malice and evil.

     At that point, the salesman's calm expression that he was famous for keeping under the most stressful of situations slipped away.  "  I'm going to warn you, Gwen.  Stay away from Jennifer until the contract conclusion has been reached and she's reverted back to human form  If you make trouble, you'll find me a formidable person to tangle with,"  Tim snarled as the top of his cane started to glow ominously.

     " If you want to start something, Tim, we can get it out in the open right here and now ! "  Gwen snapped as her unique spider ring flared brightly in concert with her statement.

     " Mr. Smith ! Ms. Evilton !  Cease and desist your actions right this minute !  You both know the rules about use of abilities towards fellow employees without Board approval and especially at a social gathering, "  a man with a white beard bellowed out from halfway across the room.  He stepped quickly across the room holding what looked a wand or baton in his right hand with the sleeve for his missing left arm flapping slightly under the breeze of an overhead air conditioner.  On his right lapel, there was a large B insignia that seemed to be changing every thirty seconds or so.

     Both Tim and Gwen immediately fell silent and proffered apologies to the Board member known as Mr. Tallacus, one of the more senior members and was one of the men who drew up the rules and regulations that Opportunities, Inc. employees went by.  Unlike most of the Board, he was seen frequently around all the department at HQ asking how things were going and offering advice when asked.  However, those who abused the goodwill of the Board quickly found out that Tallacus was no softy when it came to the rules.  Otto remarked to those who visited him that there were a few members who violated the rules in the past with flagrant disregard which ultimately resulted in them joining the inventory in the long term storage area.

    "  Ms. Evilton, perhaps you can talk to those two people standing off by themselves in the far corner.  They were just hired by the company this week and they might be little shy when it comes to mingling with everyone here.  I'll talk to you later about this little incident,"  Tallacus said with a dismissive look visible on his face.

   Gwen nodded almost imperceptibly and turned to move off in the direction of the employees indicated to her.  Before she did so, Gwen shot a look in the direction of Tim that clearly indicated their long simmering feud was far from over.

   " Vice Chairman Tallacus, I just want to apologize for that incident.  I was frankly caught off guard by Gwen's appearance here at the party and memories of our previous encounters came to the forefront, "  Tim said sipping on his glass of champagne.

   " Well, your run-ins with Ms. Evilton are quite legendary in the company.  When you were in Scotland dealing with the sheep herder and his unfaithful wife and Gwen tried to intervene beyond what she was supposed to, you solved the matter in a rather unique way for a temporary solution.  What do they call it in the area...the Monster of the Loch ? "  Tallacus said while rubbing his fingers gently on his lapel.

   " I think it was something like that.  Of course, I might have had a bit of revenge in the back of my mind considering she was the one responsible for my time wandering the Canadian Northwest as a man covered in fur from head to toe.  As you know, that resulted in one of the natives hitting me in the leg with an arrow he shot thinking I was a brown bear and giving me a permanent limp to this day, "  Tim said as he watched the party's participants mingle on the dance floor as strands of 18th century opera music hung in the air.

    The board member nodded as he retrieved a pastry that was dripping in whipped cream and honey.  "  The Board is well aware of your feuding with Ms. Evilton over the last little while.  In fact, there have been attempts at reaching some sort of consensus at resolving the dispute by myself and the other board members.  Unfortunately, much like it is now, reaching a  unanimous decision proved impossible,  "  Tallacus said as his eyes wandered around the ballroom.

    Tim's eyes narrowed in concern  " Is there problems at the Board level, sir ?  Seeing Gwen here tonight, I assumed there was a change in what the Board wanted when it came to resolving the contract in question, "  he said with a sympathetic voice.

     Sighing, Tallacus turned his attention back to the veteran company employee standing next to him  " Actually, the Board brought up the matter just yesterday and we were split right down the middle.  Half of the members, myself included, thought our original decision was fair and just.  The other half thought Gwen should be returned to her normal form and carry out the contract as she saw fit.  In the end, there was a compromise and Ms. Evilton is back to work though forbidden to have any contact with the contract's subjects, "  he said quietly while taking a small bite on his pastry.

    " Consensus ?  I've always understood that all decisions by the Board are unanimous no matter how long it takes.  I remember your decision to move the HQ to its' present location took most of the time that England and France were at war.  Does this represent something new for the Board ? " the salesman said looking at the revered company executive for a hint as to what was going on.

    " All I can tell you, Tim, is that there is a growing faction within the Board that wants to take the company in new directions.  Instead of staying within the parameters of a company designed to resolve disputes and disagreements, this faction wants to expand our role in the way we do business.  They want the company's agents to be available for clients who are looking for permanent changes to be used on their opponents regardless of the basis of the disagreement.  In effect, they want Opportunities, Inc. to be a cadre of highly trained assassins, ninjas...whatever you want to call it, " Tallacus said in a tone that was most unsettling to the salesman.

    "  That...that..kind of thinking could change... will change everything the company stands for.  Doesn't this group realize that this kind of move will bring unwanted attention on everyone ?  This could undermine all the balance and decency that we've worked for over the years, "  Tim said to the Board member while gripping his staff a little tighter.

    Tallacus clapped the salesman by the shoulder  " Fear not, Mr. Smith.  For now, it's only talk and nothing more than that.  Rest assure, if these changes are brought up again, we two will not be the only ones speaking out for reason and normalcy.  For tonight, though, I ask you to forget all about what I just told you and enjoy yourself at this party.  I know there are several people from our Brazil office who want to meet you and one of them in particular, a redhaired woman, wants to talk to you about your transformation of women into various types of dolls — ordinary and otherwise.  She seems very impressionable, so don't ask her if she'd like some firsthand knowledge... I know your reputation with the ladies is almost as legendary as your sales records, "  the Board member said with a smile that stretched from ear to ear.

   Tim tapped the side of his snake headed cane in contemplation  " I promise the lady in question won't end up posed in the front window of an adult entertainment store — unless she requests it.  It's always good to talk to you, Vice Chairman, about anything and you know you can look me up for help on anything, " the salesman said while shaking the executive's right hand, which was missing two fingers as was normal with all Board members.

    The Vice Chairman moved off towards a group of people from the London office while Tim limped slowly towards the Brazilians with a smile gradually replacing the stern expression on his face.  Both men were unaware of the uninvited guests in the building at that moment and the effect they would have on the festivities later on......

    At that moment....... 

    Unaware of what was going on in the other room, Wanda pulled open the door she was standing in front of and entered at the same time that Diane went into her room.  When Wanda looked around, she saw a white wall facing her and a hallway leading to her right ending in another door.  Figuring that she was entering some sort of intermediary access point, the burglar stepped into the hallway and closed the door she entered through behind her.

    As with Diane, there were a momentarily flare of bright light when the door was fully closed that caused the female burglar to close her eyes tight in response.  When she opened them again after a few seconds, Wanda found that what she had seen before had completely changed in every way.  Instead of a blank hallway, she now found herself standing inside what appeared a large well stocked workout room.  On her left, there were several weightlifting machines as well as several racks of dumbbells for users to exercise with.  On the right hand side of the room, there were about a dozen or so exercise machines ranging from step trainers to exercise bikes that all gleamed with a look of being brand new.  Opposite Wanda at the other end of the room, there was a large glass mirror that composed the entire wall and ran the full length of the room. 

    Puzzled at the sight she was seeing and how this existed in a room that looked larger than the one she had just came from, the female criminal slowly walked forward into the middle of the scene with uncertainty clearly visible on her face.  Wanda looked over to the various equipment and reached out tentatively towards one of the exercise bikes as if to confirm they were real.

    " Ah....a late night visitor hoping to get themselves in shape.  I must say that I don't get many people looking to exercise here at this hour but if you're looking to max out those muscles, I'll help get you started, "  a blonde woman carrying a set of jumping ropes in one hand and a clipboard in the other.  She was dressed in a bright pink and white leotard with shiny tan colored pantyhose and sweatbands around her head and wrists.  If Wanda didn't know better, she would swear that the woman had just stepped out of an early 80's aerobics video.

   " Stop right there !  Who the hell are you ? "  Wanda shouted as she clawed at her holster on her right hip for her gun in case there was someone else besides the woman in front of her.

   " Why, my name is Kelly.... Kelly Bondini and I bet you're not a company employee judging by your outfit.... it's just a trifle too black for my tastes.  Why don't we get you into something that is much more appropriate ? "  the woman said as she waved her right hand towards the surprised Wanda, who noticed the woman's wristbands were glowing brighter than just a few seconds ago.

   " Look, Kelly.... I.... whatever your name is, I need to know...... huh....? "  Wanda sputtered out as her train of thought quickly became cloudy and she found it difficult to focus.  Before she could say or do anything more, she felt her clothes literally changing shape as she stood there.  In just a few seconds, Wanda saw the image of herself in the mirror had changed to one wearing a skintight white bodysuit with a pink headband and matching sneakers.  Her breasts seemed to have been pushed upwards by the outfit to form a very pleasing  appearance and her legs looked so smooth thought they needed work.....

    "  There we go.... you look just super now.  Let's get you started on some light warm-up exercises so you're ready for a great workout, "  Kelly chirped happily as she ran over in front of the large wall mirror in preparation for the exercising.

    " Ummm...wait a second now.... I...uhhh... I want to talk to you, "  Wanda  muttered as she instinctively grabbed the area where her gun was like she did a few seconds ago.  To her surprise, she held in her hand what looked like a plastic bottle filled with some sort of drink that was attached to her waist via a velcro swatch.  Staring at the bottle in her hand, Wanda decided that it wouldn't hurt if she did some light exercising before she rejoined her comrades and hauled the swag away as always.

    " We can talk and drink later on, sweetie.  For now, we're going to stretch those arms and legs and get those muscles limber.  Step over here, stretch those legs wide and let's get started, "  Kelly said with a bright smile on her face as music started to be heard in the background from an unseen source.

    Wanda's thinking shifted back and forth as she walked over to face her enthusiastic host with her white sneakers making hardly a sound on the squeaky clean carpet.  She knew that this was hardly the time or place to be doing such a thing but it seemed right somehow. 

     Standing still, the criminal bent and stretched in timing to the music, which reminded her of the stuff she heard in early 80's exercise videos and TV shows.  As they got into the routine that Kelly dictated, the two chatted about each other and Wanda found herself perfectly willing to discuss everything about who she was and what she did for a living.  Kelly's eyes narrowed in consternation upon hearing of Wanda's criminal intentions but the look quickly dissipated as she resumed her squat thrusts and jumping jacks.
     Once Kelly felt they were both sufficiently warmed up, she got Wanda to walk over with her to the step trainer and got her to start using the machine.  After about ten or so minutes, beads of sweat were visible on Wanda's face and were becoming noticeable on the front part of her leotard.  Upon noticing this, Kelly suggested to the brown haired woman that she remove her leotard so as to not let the sweat stick to her skin and allowing it to dissipate naturally. 

     Wanda's first thought was to shout " No god damned way ! "  and get out of this crazy room.  However, after a second or so, the thought of exercising in the nude seemed so proper and if Kelly suggested it, then it had to be a good idea.  Hopping off the  machine,  Wanda quickly stripped off her leotard revealing her finely trimmed pubic hair and size 38D breasts that glistened slightly in the glow of the overhead lights.  She then walked over to the area where the weight lifting benches were located and she noticed for the first time that the equipment had an odd look to it in some places with curves and shapes that suggested that the frame and handles were on some composed of materials other than metal and plastic.

     " Judging by your physique, I'd say you work out quite a bit in the weight room.  Is you ability to move heavy objects important in your line of work ? "  Kelly asked while her wristbands started to glow once again in a somewhat ominous manner.

     " Well, when we.... puff... go to take the.... stuff out of the... uhhhh...places we go into, Diane and Christine rely on me to carry the.... puff... swag unless I'm busy taking care .... uhhh... of innocent... puff.... bystanders, "  Wanda said while she exerted herself pushing the bar on the weight machine up and down.  Rivulets of sweat ran down her face and onto her shoulders and chest, which were taking on a shiny appearance.

     " Hmmm..sounds like an awful lot of pressure to be putting on you.  You know, I think I have a way for you to use your exceptional physique but in a way that will feel so good to you that it'll be like hardly any trouble at all.  Wait right here and I'll get something set up for you right away, "  Kelly chirped happily as she ran off to the far end of the room and opened a door that Wanda didn't remember being there before.

     A minute or so later, the exercise trainer emerged with what looked like a naked mannequin of some sort to Wanda.  Kelly walked over to an empty area near a mirrored wall and set the red haired figure on the left side with an audible THUMP !!!.  Now that the figure was closer, Wanda sat up on the bench and looked closer at the item Kelly just brought out.  It looked to have been based on a woman of normal height and weight with above average sized breasts and long legs.  The figure's arms were bent at the elbows and jutted out from the body much like a doll you'd see at a toy store.

    Wanda stood up and walked over to the figure so she could look at it more closely.  When she walked to the area in front of the item, she let out a little gasp of surprise as Wanda realized that the figure was more human in appearance than she first surmised.  The figure's face had a look of what appeared to be either surprise or pleasure visible in her features with her mouth slightly parted opened and her eyes, olive green in color, widened slightly.   

     Tapping on the shoulder of the figure, Wanda surmised that it was made out of some sort of heavy plastic compound painted with high gloss paint. to emphasize the features.  One thing she did notice was the figure's nipples were much larger than normal and jutted out from the figure a good six inches.  Even stranger, the area where the woman's pussy would be seemed to some sort of metallic piece jutting out in an L shape much like a bracket to rest something on.

     " You see, Wanda, it was during my first days with the company that I was contracted to take care of this woman, whose name is Francine Dumont, " Kelly said gesturing towards the immobile figure while grasping Wanda's right hand with both her hands.

     " Ms. Dumont was a former employee of Opportunities Inc. who had been dismissed from the company for reasons of suspected embezzlement and abuse of her position.  Before her termination became finalized, Francine learned of what was going to happen and lashed out in anger at those she blamed for her misfortune.  She traveled to the home of one of her immediate superiors where she transformed the man's girlfriend into a lifesize crystal statue and then arranged to have the statue dropped off a ship into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.  Needless to say, the Board members were very displeased by this attack on numerous levels and, since I happened to live in the same building as Francine, they asked me to resolve the situation on a permanent basis.  Once that was done, I put Francine into storage until I thought of a suitable way to put her out here in the workout area.  It's been about twenty or so years since that incident and I hadn't thought of a single thing that would be appropriate until it hit me about this time last year when I was in the middle of squat thrusts.  Once I got the idea, I just had to wait for another opportunity to put the idea to work which leads me to you, Wanda, "  Kelly said with a smile as she gently guided Wanda backwards a few steps.

      " Idea.... what.... what are you talking about ? "  Wanda murmured as her mind briefly reasserted itself and she realized she was in a situation that wasn't anticipated at all.

      " Well, you see, the Board has given company employees the right to use their abilities outside work contracts if they encounter situations that merit special care and can be handled without undue attention.  In your case, I think we can resolve this and tidy up the situation with Francine at the same time, "  Kelly said with that happy smile that seemed to be ever present.

      " Situation ? ....what....what are you talking...about ? "  Wanda gasped as she felt the fogginess of before return to her mind accompanied by a growing sense of lethargy throughout her body.

     Kelly, whose armbands were glowing brighter than at any point previously, bent down and pushed Wanda's legs tightly together.  She then straightened up and deftly bent the busty burglar's arms at the elbows so that they jutted out like the inanimate figure standing across from her.  Once that was done, Kelly peered into Wanda's face and adjusted her facial expression from one of puzzlement to a look of serenity and bliss.

     Nodding in silence, Kelly stepped back and watched as a bright yellow aura surrounded first the immobile Francine followed by Wanda.  The fitness instructor picked up her clipboard and started to jot down a few notes glancing upwards every ten seconds or so to check on what was happening.

     From Wanda's perspective, she saw through a haze of mounting erotic bliss that the figure opposite her was taking on a shiny chrome appearance as if it was made from pure silver.  As the change swept over its' body, Wanda could see her own reflection in the surface and saw that her own body was starting to transform as well.  She could see large blotches of silver forming on her forearms, stomachs and thighs that looked similar to Francine was now composed of.  Wanda also felt a growing sense of physical strength grow in her which felt very important to her now.

     As her physical appearance changed, Wanda's thinking changed as well as simplified.  Words like HOLD and SUPPORT seemed to be coming central to everything though a tiny part of her mind was aware of what was happening and was howling in anger over what was happening to her.  She could see the silvering effect was rapidly spreading over her body while her fingers were moving on their forming what appeared to be a circle between them on each hand.  Her breasts formed into chrome orbs with no visible areolas and her nipples were growing longer and thicker just like Francine's.  Her eyes became silver with no hint of humanity left in them as they stared straight straight ahead with her face frozen in a look of serenity or bliss.

     After a few more seconds, Kelly's armbands stopped glowing as Wanda's new look was complete.  Two chrome figures stood facing each other looking very beautiful in their poses.  Nodding slightly, Kelly retrieved several items from the same closet that Francine was stored in and set them between the two figures.  After adjusting the two figures slightly, the aerobic trainer spent the next five or so minutes later lifting and placing the items as she thought appropriate.  After finishing, she stood back and looked at her work with a growing smile evident on her face.

     Standing in front of the wall was what would be just another rack for the storage of weights and weightlifting equipment except for the living bookends.  The hands of Francine and Wanda now held rods with various size weights on them to be taken on and off by gym users.  The figures' pussies now supported the basic bar for the weightlifting exercises while their nipples now supported the metal and plastic widgets for keeping the weights in place.  All in all, a very erotic piece of gym equipment which would be seen by a very select number of people.

      " I must support this weight... I hope someone comes and uses the weight I am holding.....  "  Wanda thought to herself over and over as all traces of who or what she was seemed to have disappeared.

     " Well, now that everything has been wrapped up here and I've got a decent workout in, I may as well get dressed and go down to that party the company's holding.  On the way, I'll have to stop in and see Gus, head of Security for the building.  He must be getting forgetful if he let a common burglar just walk right in here.  Of course, if he laid off those strawberry jelly donuts and worked out more often, then...... "  Kelly muttered as she jogged off to her change room leaving the living chrome figures along with their thoughts of anger mixed with ones focused on their new existence.

     Elsewhere in the building...... 

     Christine has found what she assumed to be the main bank of elevators and, after carefully checking to make sure there were no active alarm systems or presence of anyone in the area, stepped inside one of the cars and depressed the button marked 2 .

As the elevator slowly descended, Christine dug out her walkie talkie and tried to get in touch with Wanda and Diane to see their progress.  To her disappointment, she heard nothing but static for responses from her fellow burglars.

     "  Hmmm..must be something in the elevators that affects the radios.  I'll have to go up and check them after I finish scouting out the lower floors, "   Christine murmured to herself as the elevator settled on the floor she desired and the doors slid open.  However,  the sight that greeted the brunette was not what she expected in the slightest.

     Instead of brightly lit corridors and floors lined with linoleum, Christine saw huge stone pillars dotted throughout one gigantic room with the lighting provided by lights mounted into pedestals every five or so feet.  As she stepped out of the elevator and it closed behind her, she saw, for the first time, what was occupying all these pedestals.

     Each pedestal displayed a female figure of varying height, physique and pose.  The figures were composed of varying materials and looked to be representing different types of objects.  There were love dolls, mannequins, statues, wind-up dolls as well as other figures that seemed to have been patterned after everyday items like electronic gear or household appliances.

     Rubbing her shoulders as she gazed over the bizarre tableau before her, Christine ventured cautiously into the room looking for an indication of a door leading out of it.  The burglar stopped in front of one of the bizarre display figures and looked at the bronze plaque mounted on the marble base under it.

                       Florence, Italy
                       Monica Deceppi
                       Contract opened : May, 1873 ( Adultery, theft, murder, attempted murder of agent )
                       Contract closed :   January, 1874 ( Long term status)

      Christine looked at the plaque and numerous questions ran through her mind from the simple " Is this a 130 year old mannequin ? " to the unthinkable " Is this mannequin made from the woman mentioned on the plaque ? " .  Spotting what looked like light from around the edges of a doorway on the right wall, Christine quickly hurried in that direction wanting desperately to get away from the weird tableaux she had walked into.

       At the party..... 

      " when I turned my back to her, she hits me with her pool cue and tries to run off.  I had to get seven stitches after I caught her and I hate going to the company doctor, "  Tim said to two beautiful blonde women wearing slinky dresses that emphasized their bountiful curves.

     " Ah, we have plenty of doctors in Sweden.  Maybe you could come and visit us there sometime soon, yes ?  " the first woman said softly while running her left index finger down the senior salesman's lapel.

     " Yes, you could even play Doctor with us... or Love Dolly Doctor if you want , "  the second woman said while running her tongue over her lips that were coated in red lipstick.

     Tim smiled broadly and was about suggest a date where the three could get together when he heard a shout from the other end of the room.  He looked over in that direction to see one of the kitchen staff being shoved into the room with his right arm pinned behind his back by a woman dressed all in black.  Judging by the gun that was being pressed against the staff member's forehead, the black garbed woman was not here on friendly intentions.

    " Ok, everybody, move to the far side of the room now and no funny business !  "  Christine shouted as she waved her gun around in a clearly agitated manner.  She had not heard from her fellow burglars since descending in the elevator and found that, for some strange reason, she could not go back up and their was no sign of stairs anywhere.  Wandering down the hallways, Christine came across one of the waiters taking a break from the festivities.  Growing increasingly agitated by her surroundings and the waiter's lack of information, she decided to confront the partygoers directly and figure a way out of this madhouse.

    The employees, most of which had never been threatened by a gun before in their lives, quietly did as they were asked with a few murmuring to Mr. Tallacus in nervous appeals to him.  As they were moving, a few more people entered the room unaware of the situation including Kelly, who was now wearing a floor length silver gown with jeweled beading and high heels.  She moved quickly at the direction of Christine and stood next to Tallacus, who she whispered to briefly.

    " All right, everybody, shut up and don't try anything funny or this kid gets it.  Pretend to be statues and freeze where you are right now, "  Christine shouted out to the gathered people.  There was a few ominous glows starting to appear here and there in the crowd but a glare from Tallacus that swept the room indicated that he wanted no moves against Christine until everything was known about the situation.

    " First off, I want one of you people to go upstairs to the floor with the holographic rooms and get my friends down here right now ! " the criminal mastermind shouted while gesturing upwards with her firearm.

    A few people leaned over immediately and spoke softly to Tallacus, who coughed before speaking.  " Young lady, I've been told by a few people who work here in the building that your young friends are incapacitated and are unable to join you at the present time.  Perhaps there is something else we can do to satisfy you...maybe safe passage out of the building or further, " Tallacus said in a calm, soothing voice.

    However, the elder statesman's remark had almost the exact opposite effect on Christine as the burglar's mind flashed back to the bizarre room she had just left.  " Yeah, sure, safe passage to wind up like those bizarre figures you've got tucked away in the other room.  I don't think so, old man, "  Christine yelled out as more hysteria crept into her voice.

    " Settle down, lady.  Don't do anything you might regret here.  There are a lot more of us here than you, "  Paul Cardinal called out as he walked slowly towards the burglar hoping to diffuse the situation.

     BANG !!!  Christine's gun was fired and, a second later, Paul slumped to the floor —dead— with a bullet hole visible in his forehead and a trickle of blood starting to ooze from it and the edge of his mouth.  The room fell silent for what seemed like eternity as they looked on in stunned horror at what they had just seen.

     " THAT IS ENOUGH !!!! "  Tallacus roared in anger and raised his staff in the air with a glow that filled the room rapidly.  Almost instantly, Christine screamed in pain as the gun she was holding turned to a block of ice that seemed to numb her hand right to the bone.  It dropped out of her hand and fell to the floor, where it shattered into a thousand pieces.

     " I tried to be reasonable with you, young lady, and was willing to let you and your friends go after a short stay here.  While I may still extend that generosity to your mates, you have earned a fate far worse than spending decades or centuries as a statue or object....FAR WORSE !!!!! "  Tallacus roared as his eyes glowed in concert with the rest of his body and staff.

     Christine screamed once, a long scream.........

    Following week......  

    "....and then she sold my stuff before she left town....I can't believe own room mate, my friend since high school, taking a job offer meant for me and selling my things to move to Hollywood..."  an attractive redhead said as she sat in Mr. Smith's office.  The veteran salesman's desk had thick stacks of folders with a paperweight that had APPLICATIONS stamped on it.

    " Well, my dear, I think we can help make things right.  I'll put this demonstration CD in so you can see some of the forms of resolution we use while I get the contract form for this, " Tim said before loading the CD into a nearby CD player and pushing play.  He then patted the woman's right hand in sympathy before exiting the office.

     When the monitor came on, the images were of an attractive brunette who was transformed at first into a statue by an unseen force.  The images that followed showed the woman being transformed into furniture, sex toys and various objects of different materials and types with all the shapes being highly erotic in nature.

     Unknown to the client, the woman was a former professional burglar named Christine,  who was condemned to be a living part of the CD and to be transformed over and over again for a very long time..........

 to be concluded...

     Author's note: This story expands the Salesman mythos quite a bit though whether it's good or bad is up to the reader.  Outside of short stories I'll be posting at Junction from time to time, the series will conclude with one final story arc in the future that resolves all the character's fates once and for all...

    Feedback, as always, is welcome.....

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