The Secret of ML's Success


"The challenge is to keep your thoughts empty. Focus on the emptiness." It was a difficult skill to master, but she finally proved herself capable of performing the task laid out to her. One would think that it would be easy to just stand or sit in one position for hours at a time without moving, save the occasional blink of an eye. Nothing could be farther from the truth, especially when you're modeling the current fashions in an upscale clothing store., Samantha had recently learned. This was the third time she agreed to participate in a 'living mannequin' display. The first time, she was excited to participate. The second time, she participated a bit reluctantly. She had hoped to have been discovered by then, but she needed the income. This time, however, she still hadn't been discovered, but there were some signs of hope. The day before, her agent called to tell her that an interested client would visit the store to see her specifically, perhaps even interview her during her lunch break. The excitement of the possibility that she would soon reach the next level in her quest for supermodel fame gave her appearance on her pedestal a radiant quality.

Promptly at noon, the store manager tapped Sam on the shoulder, breaking her concentration. "Is it break time already?", she asked. "It certainly is. Take an extra half hour. You have a visitor waiting for you in my office. I suspect that you'll need the extra time." Her heart skipped a beat. Within a split second she experienced excitement, despair and nervousness before she caught herself. "Thank you very much!", she replied and almost floated to the manager's office to meet her destiny. His name, or rather, he preferred to be called "M.L.". With the introductions out of the way, the agreed on a close restaurant and left the store.

Over lunch, the typical background information was brought up... places she's lived, visited, wanted to see... schools she's attended, job experiences... and finally likes and dislikes. "I am very grateful for this opportunity", she started, "performing at the living mannequin displays really limits my ability to accentuate my physical attributes, and it has other limitations." "Such as?", M.L. asked. "Let me answer your question this way. Have you ever seen a living mannequin display less than conservative clothing like undergarments, lingerie and bathing outfits? I've only heard that this happens on rare occasions, but I'd like to think that I could attract the attention of shoppers and help drive sales. On top of that, the odds of being 'discovered' are much better." "An intriguing observation, Sam.", M.L. replied, "I like your attitude. You seem to be comfortable with yourself and your profession. I'd like to invite you for a photo-op tomorrow evening. What do you think of that?" Sam couldn't believe what she heard and almost choked on her drink. "I'll take that as an 'I'll be there'. Here's the address. Be there at 11am."

The rest of the day went by agonizingly slowly. Somehow, Sam made it to the end of the day. She decided that the only way she was going to sleep through the night would be to indulge in some alcoholic beverages. Several drinks later, she finally drifted off to sleep. Shortly before 10am, Sam found herself standing in front of a storefront. She took a deep breath and walked in. M.L. greeted her warmly, "Good morning, Sam! Make yourself at home. I need you to fill out these papers so that we can start shooting. When you're done, just walk into the back room." Sam hurriedly completed the paperwork presented to her. The excitement she felt was overwhelming. She stepped into the back room to find endless racks of clothing. In one corner, M.L. was loading a series of cameras. "Okay, Sam, we're going to start 'conservative' as you put it and work our way down to complete nudity. This is your opportunity to really sell yourself, so let's have at it!" Sam was a little taken aback by M.L's statement, but this is what she had been working for. She wasn't going to let this opportunity slip by. She quickly and quietly gathered herself and went to work. For hours, she was photographed in various modes of clothing in various poses. As more time passed, the fewer and the skimpier the garments she wore. When time finally came for the nude poses, M.L. put down his cameras and prepared Sam for the next and final round of photographs. "For the nude poses, we'll work in a room upstairs especially designed for complete privacy and minimal distractions. I'll not only be snapping the camera, but there will also be a mock up of a television camera. The mock camera is there to help you adjust to their presence as you reach new heights."

A few minutes later, Sam walked into the upstairs studio. She gasped. The room was completely white. The floor, walls and ceiling were painted in the exact same shade. It was difficult to judge the dimensions of the room. "Don't worry, it'll pass. All of my models experience some disorientation when they first walk in here. When the shoot begins, you'll forget all about it." For the next hour, M.L. led Sam through a series of poses. She quickly forgot about the uneasiness she felt earlier, save for a few moments when she was asked to pose on a white bed that she had not noticed was in the room . It blended perfectly with the walls and floor! Another hour later, M.L. finally announced that they were almost finished. The timing couldn't be better, she was almost completely exhausted. "For the next series of poses, I want you to assume the role of a living mannequin again. This time, however, you get to choose the poses. I want you to hold your poses for 3 minutes at a time. When you hit the ideal pose, I'll let you know and we'll be finished." As Sam posed, M.L. took pictures from several angles. "Okay! This is the one I've been waiting for! Hold this pose!", she heard suddenly say. It was a simple pose, perhaps the one she should have started with. She was facing the mock tv camera with her legs spread a few feet apart and her hands on her hips. Her long, red hair cascaded over the top of her shoulders, tickling her breasts. M.L took several photos of Sam from just about ever conceivable angle. He stopped and stood by the mock camera, resting against it. A bright smile beamed from his face. Sam couldn't help but smile in return. M.L. then quickly snapped a switch on the mock camera. Sam saw a white glow in the 'lens' of the mock camera. She started to ask M.L. what was happening with the mock camera, but she couldn't force the air through her vocal cords. Had the process that had begun taken more time, Sam might have panicked inwardly. Instead, her world quickly went black and her consciousness drifted off...

M.L. on the other hand, stood and watched as Samantha's body changed. He watched the light in her eyes dim and become dull. Her glossy lips suddenly took a more flat tone. Her skin lightened in color until it was completely white. Only her red hair did not seem to be affected by the transforming light that enveloped Sam's body. M.L. slowly moved the device around Sam's petrified body, bathing every exposed area until it assumed a shiny white tone. He then switched off the device and walked up to frozen form that was once a warm, breathing woman. He ran his hands over her face and then explored every curve of this perfect body. He lightly tapped Sam's now firmer, plastic breasts and then carried the petrified form downstairs. He dressed her hardened body in the clothes she appeared to like best and then took more pictures of her. With a bit of force, he was able to pose her in a variety of positions.

It was now late at night. Tomorrow would bring another day and M.L. was already thinking ahead to another beautiful red-head with a new career ahead or her.