Mannequin Special Mk XXIV

By Rotwang (


Samantha slipped into a tight bodysuit, covering her entire body. It had toes and fingers built into it. Made from a shiny material, it gave her body a shiny, lacquered look.

Dark seams had been put in at her wrists, hips and shoulders, as well as skin-toned pads covering up her sex and nipples, transforming her into a mannequin with a long golden blonde curly wig over a bald-cap and some make-up with full lips done with a creamy reddish-pink. Long eyelashes and a subtle autumn color around the eyes gave her a soft almost out of focus look., while large transparent lenses gave extra brilliance to her deep brown eyes.

Sadly, there was nobody to witness her transformation ...

Because, as soon as Samantha locked her joints into a pose, a strange cast fell over her face. Her eyes seemed to glaze over and lost a little of their life.

Anyone who would've walked into the room would have mistaken her for a mannequin. They might have even picked her up and carried round, but she would not have budged.

Her face had become like a mask, having become almost plastic.

Samantha's mind was a blank, slowly getting rid of the frustrations of the last few days.

Eyes protected by the lenses, she would not blink for almost two hours, just being a pretty mannequin, without a care in the world.

Well, she had one care ... Nobody to dress her.

Once Samantha was ready, she became a mannequin. Stiff and immobile, unable to move until she felt like returning to reality. And being immobile meant she couldn't dress herself. She could put on the mannequin disguise, but once the last bits were in place, Sam, as most of her friends called her just would slowly lock into a pose, unable to resist the urge.

And then a blink, a shiver and her slow breathing became visible again.

A few more blinks and she began to move. Stiffly at first and then she removed her wig, which had been itching her all the time and removed the bald-cap.

Running her fingers through her own hair, Sam went over her body in the mirror.

She'd probably never be a model or a playmate, but she was good-looking enough to pass for a mannequin.

A long bath later, Sam felt all the frustrations she had accumulated over the last few days were completely gone.

Perhaps she could write a book about, perhaps even a video and then branch out into selling mannequin suits. She imagined, with a smile on her face, how millions of women would practice a new form of relaxation ... All of them turned into mannequins.


A little dinner and some TV later, Sam was reading a book and felt an urge. She checked the clock and it said 10:30. Tomorrow was Monday, dressing up took about an hour and being a mannequin sometimes took three or four hours ...

With a heavy heart, Sam went to bed and tried to sleep it of.

But the next morning the urge was greater that the night before. She never had felt the urge so clearly and her entire body seemed poised for it. Her heart was beating and Sam just remembered a fantasy of hers.

To be a mannequin in a real shop. She could see the window of the department store on main-street and imagined herself standing in it.

She had once considered doing it and she had worked out a plan. The dressing rooms were right besides the window. She'd come in dressed, stash her clothes into one of the ventilation ducts she had once noticed, and then quickly go into the window. It was a happy little fantasy for Sam, but also an unrealistic one. She'd probably freeze in the dressing room before she made it to the window. She would also be a naked mannequin and trying to get dressed was almost impossible so ...

What the heck ! Sam said to herself, much to her own surprise.

This was a quiet hour and she would slip unnoticed into the store and ...

Sam jumped up in trepidation and ran upstairs to get all her stuff.

Sam's heart was beating as she walked into the department store. She walked up to the first cubicle, checked to see if there was no personnel around, undressed and stuffed all her clothes into a bag and flung it between the ducts, a loop hanging out, just within reach of a little jump.

She had done her make-up previously and got into the bodysuit.

Sam tired to keep her body from growing rigid got into a one-piece bathing suit, jumped out of the dressing room and jumped into the window. The street was empty and Sam just froze into a pose.

She had made it !

The calm wave of being a mannequin came over her and she felt even more relaxed than usual, just becoming stiff and ...

"Hey !"

Sam had to come a long way back before she knew she was being shouted at.

"HEY !"

She had vague memories of multiple shouts and just tried to unfreeze.

"Are you a new girl ?"

Sam began to blink, regaining her sight.

A woman in a tweed outfit looked at her.

She was an older woman with long black hair tied into a simple tail.

Sam also blushed.

"Who are you ? On what shift are you ?" The woman asked.

"I ..."

"And where did you get that outfit, we stopped using these years ago !" She pinched Sam's bodysuit.

"I ..."

"Never mind, we'll get you a proper one !" The woman took Sam by the arm and carried her off.

"Who put you in that window ?" She asked.

Sam just didn't know how to answer. The woman pushed a button and a panel opened at the back.

She made a gesture for Sam to get in and followed her inside.

"What's your name ?"

"Uh ... "

"I've never seen you before." The woman then said.

"I ..."

"Yes, you can say I and Uh, can you say anything else, your name perhaps ?" She took out a small portable computer.

"Spice, Dana and Sophia, for window six ... But you're not mentioned here ! And who put you in a bathing suit in a set of raincoats ! Was it Melanie ?"

"Uh ..." Samantha was still fuzzy.

At the end of a corridor was an elevator waiting for them.

"Where is your tag ?" The woman asked. "She pointed the bottom end of her computer at Sam's neck.

"You don't wear your suit ! Silly me !" She hit her forehead with the tips of her fingers.

The elevator doors opened and Sam saw a large hall where mannequins were being tended to. And then she noticed some of them were moving.

"Come on, I'll take you to Melanie." The woman said.

By now, Sam was more or less conscious of the trouble she was in.

"Melanie, what were you thinking putting her on display in window six ?"

A younger woman with long curly red hair turned around.

She wore tight jeans and a sweater, revealing the rounded shape of her body.

"Who are you ?" Melanie asked Sam.

"I thought you knew her ?" The woman remarked.

"I have no idea who she is !" Melanie answered.

"I ... I think I can explain." Sam started off.

Sam was quite frank about everything and saw how Melanie and the woman started to smile more and more.

"You had no idea, had you ?" Melanie said.

Sam smiled back and shook her head.

"You see, this shop belongs to a very special organization." The woman, called Eleanor, said.

"The Dream Agency does whish-fulfillment. And a lot of women dream of being mannequins." Melanie started. "Most just do it once or twice, but some just want to be mannequins full-time."

"So, we own this store, it has almost one-hundred mannequins, each and every-one a REAL woman !"

Sam's eyes went right open. She had come to this store so many times, touched and examined the mannequins not knowing they were all real women !"

Melanie laughed. "The Dream Agency isn't that easy to contact. They don't advertise, you had no way of knowing, but you're the first one who we found like this !"

Sam blushed and started to smile.

"And here is the mannequins special mark XXIV !" Melanie rolled it out.

"It's the ultimate in non-permanent mannequin transformations !" She seemed proud of it. "It's the result of fifteen years of hard work, testing and designing."

"The previous generation used a memory metal frame under the suit, but we found out we could put it all into one single suit.'

Sam picked up an arm of the bodysuit and felt it. It had a very pleasant rubbery-plastic feel to it, sleek and soft.

"It's pretty neat stuff." Melanie said. "Wanna try ?"

Sam looked up, but couldn't prevent blushing, barely refraining from going "Can I ? Can I ?"

Melanie unzipped it, while Sam jumped out of her suit.

"We had very similar suits like these back in the old days. Some wear them out of nostalgia ..."

Moments later, Sam was completely naked and Melanie put the suit down.

Sam was confused for a second.

"You'll have to be scanned first." Melanie said. "And don't worry, it's not some crazy mind-control device."

A thin red beam turned around Sam a dozen times and the computer made a printout.

"Well, you're not a model, but you have a very nice figure." Melanie said, while Sam blushed again.

"OK, now we can program your suit." Melanie said. "That takes just a few moments." And she put the suit into a slot in the machine.

Sam looked at Melanie, while she held her hands and arms over her body. She gave her an embarrassed smile and tapped her foot to some imaginary music.

The machine went <PING> like a microwave and Melanie pulled it out.

"Here, slip it on, while it's still warm."

Sam felt really weird pulling the suit over her body.

"Leave the hood off for the time being." Melanie told her and zipped up her back. "How does it feel ?"

"Nice, but it's not a very tight fi ..." Sam stopped as her entire body was pulled tight.

"The suit reacts to this." Melanie said, while the suit pulled even tighter around Sam, and showed a little stick with a metal tip. "The suits are generic in size only, they need to be customized to the wearer." Melanie continued while Sam was still being pulled tight. "But once they are, they help to reshape the body to its best advantage."

Within moments, it felt as if the suit had bonded with her body. The tips of her breasts and her sex had reinforced parts, making those features vanish.

Melanie touched her on the arm and Sam could swear she could feel her fingerprints.

The suit seemed tighter than her own skin and Sam just gaped in pleasant surprise at Melanie.

Melanie then walked up to some metal shelves and took out what looked like a small metal disc.

"That's your mannequin key." She said. "It's a small battery that fits on the suit and causes it to harden."

Sam looked at the piece of metal, slightly larger and thicker than a coin.

"We used to have memory metal frames to keep people rigid, but then we discovered the stuff you're wearing." Melanie explained. "It has a charge that will last a certain time. As long as there's a charge, you're stiff. We experimented with putting people into hard-cast shells, but we abandoned that. Some people started telling weird stories about girls trapped in plastic shells for the rest of their lives." Melanie said.

"Ready ?" Melanie asked, holding a ten-minute charge in her hand.

Sam nodded, still feeling really charged up from wearing the suit.

Melanie put the disc in her neck and "UGH !"

"I forgot to tell you that the suit gets even tighter when it stiffens."

"No shit ?" Sam moaned. She tried to move, but her body was as stiff as a board. She could just barely wiggle her toes and fingers inside the restricted confines of the suit.

"I think your face will be ready by now." Melanie said and went away for a moment.

Sam felt a buzz inside her and looked down at her body. Shiny and hard, ready to ... Sam looked at Melanie holding her head.

It was her face, her eyes, her nose. Samantha the mannequin !

Melanie rolled a large mirror into position and Sam just moistened seeing herself, or rather she didn't see herself.

A slender and shiny mannequin stood posed in front of a mirror.

"Wow !" Sam went and just felt the delightful glow of an orgasm come up.

Ten minutes later Sam felt her body being released. She could move again and just walked up to the mirror, watching herself.

"I'm not sure, but the mask doesn't feel right."

"Everybody wears a mask. It's the easiest." Melanie remarked.

"Can I try it out with some makeup ?" Samantha, began to remove the mask.

"Okay, take a look at this !" Sam went and blinked a few times.

Melanie watched for a second or five and ...

For some weird reason, Sam managed to look more like a mannequin than a plastic mask !

Melanie crouched in front of her and stared her in the eyes. She began to blink and shook her head. She was holding the mask in her hands, yet Samantha had this vacant stare. Sam looked so convincing Melanie had to touch her face.

"BOO !" Sam went and Melanie almost jumped through the roof.

"Don't ever do that !" Melanie went. "But you sure have some unusual gift."

A dozen girls were gathered around Sam, all looking at her.

"It's a real mannequin." One said.

"No, she's wearing a mask." Another one said.

"It's not a mask, it's a mannequin." A third one said.

Eleanor leaned over to Melanie and whispered in her ear. "She's incredible !"

Melanie smiled and just watched the girls jump up as Sam went boo.

"And this is Tina." Eleanor introduced an athletic woman wearing a skin-tight black velvet suit. "She's part of our security team.

"You pretend to be a mannequin ?"

"That's right. I've been at it for a while, until Eleanor headhunted me." Tina said.

"Nobody would suspect a mannequin !" Sam said. "Cool !"

"Tell that to my brother in law !" Tina said. "It drove him over the edge."

"What ?"

"I'll explain later." Tina said. And the big dark guy over there's my husband.

The guard waved back at them.

"Is he ?"

"We instantly fell in love."

"Wow, I wish I could meet a guy like that ..."

Next morning it was time for Sam's first day.

The exquisite tightness of the suit, the make-up and the wig ... it was all a dream come true.

She was even rid of her compulsive stiffness, it was now a willing act.

As the suit pulled her body tight correcting her figure into perfection, Melanie thought Sam would be perfect in the lingerie department.

Fine white stockings over her sensitive legs made her shake, quiver and laugh. Even a slight draft had a very exciting effect.

Sam couldn't stop giggling as they slipped an ivory white panty over her legs and adjusted it on her.

Tears in her eyes, Sam would dance around the room as the sensation overwhelmed her.

"I lovit, Ilovit, Ilovit !" She went and chuckled so deeply she had to fight for a breath.

And then she came ... Waves crashing over the beach, washing pleasure into her.

Sam just fell on her knees and cried. "So beautiful." She gasped. "I never knew an orgasm could be so beautiful."

"Perhaps we could use one of her orgasms to deflect an incoming asteroid if we ever need to.." Said one of the girls.

Fulfilled, with a dreamy look in her eyes, Sam's dressing up was finished.

She had long red hair with a few braids among her rich locks.

Her ivory white bra and panty set, showing off her curves and trim body.

She was carted through the shop, immobile ready to be put in one of the main windows.

The window was painted with a pastoral setting, and as she was being put up, Sam looked like a fairy princess, glowing, no, radiating her deep pleasure.

One could see it in her otherwise lifeless eyes.

Sam was so ...

Well she had a whole day to look for the right word.