By Rotwang (Zardreth@Cyberking)


"Oh, you’ve brought me a fine specimen !" Feldman said, peering at the screen through his squared-off spectacles.

"What about our 70.000 ?" The leader asked.

"Here are 75 …" He handed them a cred-chip.

"Thanks." The leader said and the three men left.

Feldman looked at the young woman on the table, just before he picked up her flea-ridden rags and tossed them into the incinerator.

She looked grimy and her temples had telltale marks, indicating she was a "Brainhammer" addict. But the marks were few in number, she probably only had started taking it in the last month or so.

It was also obvious she never had the luxury of a proper nutrition and medical care, making her skin look gray and greasy, while she looked bloated and puffy with a stocky frame.

A Brainhammer addict had a life expectancy of less than six months.

Feldman rubbed his narrow chin with his gaunt hands and sat down behind the operation console.

He plugged himself into the 3D visualizer and programmed the various waldo arms that would operate on her.

Arms folded open like a metal flower above her and began their various tasks.

Lasers slowly cut through her skin, while arms peeled back the skin and muscle tissue around her head.

After she had been carefully skinned, A diamond-edged saw carefully cut through her skull.

There was a squelching pop as a robot-arm opened her head.

Feldman looked at her brain and the carefully decorticated spine.

He carefully had the lasers cut through her nerve endings before he removed her brain from her body and then transferred it to a large amniotic tank

Feldman disconnected himself and maneuvered the table towards the incinerator. He tilted the table and the nameless girl just slid down the shaft.

He then went over to a steel door and opened it. At first, the girl on the slab looked like a corpse, but when he opened her bald head, the insides were metal and plastic.

After plugging himself in again, he proceeded to waldo the brain into the new body.

It was late morning when Feldman finished restoring the last few neural connections.

He closed down her body and sealed it up with some flesh-colored liquid, which hardened over the seams in her skull, A few cosmetic touch-ups and she looked perfect.. Feeling fatigue catching up with him, Feldman introduced the last few commands.

A plug went into the interface unit at the back of her neck and he started the reeducation program. And finally he let a large, helmet-like construct come out of the ceiling and cover her entire head.

Yawning and stretching, Feldman went to bed for a few hours’ sleep.


It was late afternoon as the nagging buzz woke him.

Scratching and yawning, Feldman stumbled back to the laboratory. He removed the helmet that had implanted her skull with fine golden hairs.

He disconnected her and looked at her. He saw her chest slowly rising up and down. He paused on the chest and looked at her large, well-formed breasts with beautiful soft nipples. He went over her flat belly and slender sides to perfectly formed hips. He rubbed his gnarly hand over her soft skin and she trembled slightly.

Almost fatherly, Feldman kneeled besides her and gently whispered in her ear.

"Sapphire ?"

Large, incredibly shiny deep blue eyes opened and she took in a deep breath.

She blinked twice and looked at the gaunt old man with square spectacles, who paused as he looked into her incredible eyes.

"Who are you ?" She asked with the most beautiful of soft voices.

"I’m Dr Feldman, Sapphire." He said with a fond smile.


She waved at Feldman as the car drove away to an unknown destination.

A beautiful dark-skinned lady was sitting besides her.

"Feldman did a wonderful job on you, Sapphire." She said with a deep, rich singer’s voice combined with a faint Jamaican accent.

"Thank you." Sapphire said and felt the woman put her hand on her leg.

"I love the touch of simskin." She said. "Not a lot of people can tell the difference."

She left her hand where it was, just tracing her index into little patterns over Sapphire’s skin. Reluctantly, she withdrew her hand and looked for something to drink in the bar.

Sapphire looked out of the car. They were on a highway leading out of the city with its bright lights in the direction of the setting sun, casting deep golden highlights over her face.

"Here’s one for you." The woman said.

Sapphire sipped from the glass of champagne and felt the little bubbles trickle down her throat.

"Did Feldman tell you what’s expected of you ?" She asked.

"Not much, he only told me I had been given a second chance."

"You’re going to work for the Trianon. You will be treated like a queen and after seven years, you will be free, having paid yourself off."

"Okay." Sapphire said so honestly and naively, it brought out a deep chuckle out of the woman.

The Trianon was a sumptuous palace in Louis XIV style.

Unlike some other pleasure resorts, it was an authentic replica, without any of the usual camp attachments one would expect from such an establishment.

Sapphire followed the woman up the steps.

"Damien !" She said to a man waiting for her.

"Atana !" He said and kissed her passionately.

Sapphire just stayed back and looked at them with the ever-present smile on her face.

"And you must be Sapphire ?" He said, noticing her. He was a handsome man with long dark brown hair tied in a tail.

"Yes I am." She said and let her hand be kissed by him.

"Let me introduce you to the others."


"Mr Feldman ?" Blinded by the headlights pointed at the door, Feldman could only see a mass of black curly hair.

"Yes, what do you want ?"

"Did you purchase a sexaroid body, a blonde, recently ?" The man had a booming voice.

"I don’t practice anymore, my license was revoked eight years ago !" Feldman wanted to shut the door but it splintered open as the man slammed his hand onto it.

"Stay away from me !" Feldman screamed and ran away into the house.


"This is Onyx." Damien said and a dark skinned woman of Ethiopian stock looked up.

"This is Ruby." A flame-haired girl with sparkling blue eyes smiled.

"Emerald …" A girl on her back tilted her head back and looked upside-down at Sapphire with almost cat-like shiny green eyes.

"Diamond." A slender woman with long, pure white hair turned around from the chess-game she had been playing with …

"Jet." An Asian woman with silky black hair also looked up from the chess-game.

Sapphire noticed that Diamond was playing with the white pieces and Jet with the black ones.

"We’ll leave you to learn to know each other." Damien said. "We’ll see you tomorrow."

"So, you’re the new girl ?" Ruby got up and eyed her up.

"Yes." Sapphire said, feeling every bit the new girl.

"You have lovely hair." She said and grabbed one of her locks. "And your eyes …"

"She is gorgeous." Onyx said and got up alongside Ruby to look at.

Sapphire gave them an honest but nervous smile, and didn’t know what to do.

"What do you think ?" Ruby asked.

Emerald rolled over on her belly and frowned before saying. "I say we give her to the machine …"

"The machine ?" Sapphire asked, as the girls cheered and shouted.

"The machine !" Jet cried out.

"Don’t worry it doesn’t hurt …" Diamond said, inserting the plug at the back of her neck.

"Unless you like that." Onyx whispered in her ear.

Nimble hands stripped Sapphire naked and she was pushed in what looked like a mold, shaped like a person.

The girls giggled and laughed as the machine closed around her.

"I bet she goes up to 175." Jet said.

"No way, she’s too delicate … She’s bomb out at a 100 tops." Ruby said.

"I think she has potential." Onyx said with a sphinx-like smile. "She’ll go at least 250."

"Like she’s going to break my record ?" Emerald went and crossed her arms, raising an eyebrow.

"We’ll just see." Diamond said and patted the machine’s control panel.

Sapphire just stood in the dark and just wanted to cry out when the whole thing just clenched shut around her.

The inside of the mold was made of the softest simskin and Sapphire just felt really snug inside it.

And then began the first and most sensuous massage Sapphire had ever had in her short new life. Tubes and probes began to tease her, like a kind of mechanical foreplay.

Tension rose and the nervous links between her body and her brain’s pleasure center, which had been like quiet country roads, had now been turned into superfast highways of pleasure. Slowly she felt the machine step up it’s fondling and teasing to increasingly new heights, leaving Sapphire to wonder if there was even more to come.

And more there was …

"120." Jet said and looked with a teasing smile at Ruby.

Ruby just huffed and just shook her head. "She won’t make it."

"Just because you’re jealous Emerald beat your record." Onyx went.

"I’m not jealous … The machine doesn’t prove who’s best … overall." Ruby said.

"She’s at 135." Diamond went and could not resist touching herself, thinking about her moments in the machine.

She felt a gentle caress and Jet joined in, rubbing Diamond’s back as the girls looked at the dial.

Sapphire let the large dildo enter her. It seemed to grow ever larger inside her, slowly pumping her deeply. Hundreds of tiny little fingers fondled her breasts, which grew rock-hard in response. Another dildo entered her perfectly rounded behind and gently eased itself between the two delicious, soft mounds, which so elegantly counterbalanced her shapely breasts.

By now, she was being fondled over her entire body, leaving not a single square inch of flesh untouched.

"200 !" Onyx said, playing with her golden necklace.

They all held their breaths and just waited for her to climax.

Emerald’s face became pained … Would Sapphire make it ?

Diamond and Jet were now on kissing terms and occasionally, between two gasps looked at the dial.

Not only were the fingers rubbing her, they were vibrating at a very high pitch, creating a strange resonance through Sapphire’s body. The most important systems in her body were the sensors that covered the body. Finely tuned, they were ten times more sensitive than a normal human’s sense of touch, this meant an incredible amount of information streaming into her brain, concentrating in the pleasure center that started to produce endorphins in large quantities. But the surprise was yet to come as her new body hadn’t orgasmed … yet.

"265, only five to go !" Ruby said apprehensively.

The girls were tense and most were fidgeting with themselves, leaving Diamond and Jet to roll around on the cushions, tenderly embracing each other until they noticed the dial and just stopped.

Emerald was almost biting off a nail, so tense was she …

"268 … 269 … 270 … 271 !" Jet counted.

"She did it !" Emerald said, completely stunned.

"I knew it." Onyx said and relaxed.

"She did it !" Ruby went and pushed Emerald. "She did it ! She beat you !"

Sapphire no longer felt cloistered inside the confines of the machine … She felt as if she was floating inside a universe of incredible pleasure … There were no boundaries anymore, just incredible bliss …

She felt the reaction inside her and blossomed into a perfect orgasm, liquid freely running down her legs …

307 … 307 … 307 … 307 … Blinked the final total.




Sapphire ran her hands down her sides, over her white satin dress and then turned away from the mirror.

She looked at her own room and felt very happy.

For the first time in days, she had time to think about herself.

She fully knew she was a sexaroid and that once, she’d had a different life, but Feldman had told her it hadn’t been a happy one. And deep down the only thing she really remembered was the pain …

There was a soft knock on the door.

"Come in." Sapphire said.

Emerald walked in.

She remained silent for a moment as if repeating it all inside her head once more and opened her lips.

"Welcome, Sapphire and congratulations on doing so well in the machine …" A seemingly genuine smile appeared on her lips.

Sapphire chuckled. "I really didn’t want to win … but I felt so …"

"I know …" Emerald said. "Are you ready ?"

"Yes, I think I am." Sapphire said.

"Damien is the sweetest of guys, you’ll see."


"He’s strong." Said a voice somewhere in the darkness.

Strapped to a chair, Feldman sat under the only light in the hall. He felt the heat of the lamp on his bald head and tried to sniff out his bleeding nose.

"Just give him a goddamn menmotap and get it over with." Said the voice.



"You look wonderful." Damien said to the radiant Sapphire.

He gently grabbed her hand and kissed it, before leading her into the room.

She looked at the decorations and just looked around, eyes wide open.

"Like it ?"

"It looks like a museum !" She said. "Some of these things are priceless."

"Almost." He said. "Or I wouldn’t be able to afford them. But please, sit down." He offered her a comfortable seat.

Sapphire sat down and looked at Damien.

He was a handsome man with a nice tan and a fairly well toned body. He wasn’t muscular, but he just looked lean and fit under his robe.

"Do you want to drink something ?"

"Could I have some orange juice ?" Sapphire asked. "From real ones ?"

Damien smiled and slid the champagne bottle back into the ice bucket. "Why ?"

"I remember wanting it for so long … Feldman couldn’t erase that memory."

Damien sat opposite her and shook his head. He looked amused.

"You know what you’re here for ?" He asked. "Bring me a glass, or better a pitcher of real orange juice." He quickly said in the intercom.

"Yes … It’s all in my database."

"With the Luddites in the government, production of sexaroids has stopped. They are planning on banning all new androids and cyborgs. We just had to circumvent this problem."

"I understand." Sapphire said.

"I don’t know who you might have been before and there is no known way to restore your memory." Damien said. "We made sure you’ll live a perfectly happy life, you’ll live like a queen."

"Feldman told me that." Sapphire replied leaning on the edge of her seat.

"With the membership we charge, you’ll have paid yourself off in say … ten to twelve years. After that, you’ll be free and have a substantial savings account. You may even stay on as long as you like …"

She slowly slid from her chair and, on her knees, put her head in his lap, while slipping her hands inside his robe.

"I really wish you to be happy …" He said.

"So do I." She let her hand fall and felt his manhood stir.

She had magically soft hands and she touched spots on his body that made him moan with pleasure.

The sheets were made from frictionless Techsilk, adding to the general excitement.

She raised herself on her knees and led his penis into her.

Fondling her breasts, he jerked his body every more upwards, gently pumping her into small, very excited gasps.

She half-crouched over him, leaving her long golden hair to dangle over his chest.

Although the lights were dimmed, her blue eyes had a faint luminescence of their own, seemingly rousing Damien into increased activity.

Both now began to gasp and moan, as the pace increased into an apogee of simultaneous orgasm…


"Damien Araujo …" The officer said. "A big name …"

The men just listened.

"Officially, I have been given orders not to harm anyone on the premises, he has powerful friends, but accidents happen …"


It had seemed to take Sapphire forever to get inside the bodysuit. It covered her entire body, but being made of a random web of strands, it left nothing to the imagination, except perhaps the most sensitive parts, barely covered up by a denser patch.

The other girls also wore exciting clothes, waiting for the various customers to come and ask for them.

"Sapphire ?" Atana stood in the door and beckoned her.

She walked up to her, while Atana held the door open.

Sapphire looked inside and saw a waiting man.

Transfixed from the moment he saw her, the man had a faint smile on her lips and his eyes seemed to be wider than they would normally be.

Sapphire smiled at him and eyed him up.

He was a tall, handsome middle-aged man, with gray sides in his dark hair.

"Here’s the key to your room." Atana handed it to the man.

He took the key and then held out his arm towards Sapphire who took it and walked up the marble steps up to one of the rooms.

Interlude …

What’s the advantage of a sexaroid ? Somebody once asked…

It is a combination of many things … Their perfect bodies, the aphrodisiac drugs they sweated during sex, their, their insatiable appetite and encyclopedic knowledge of sex, the little add-ons that made them do things to a man a normal woman just couldn’t … (without serious injury)

But perhaps it was the fact that they were so damned conscientious about their job …


Atana walked around the pool wearing nothing but a towel around her neck.

She freed her hair otherwise done up in a complicated style, bound with threads of gold.

Totally naked, she stepped onto the board and walked down its length, and then jumping into the water.

Only lit below the waterline, the swimming pool brought relief after a long, hard day.

She swam a few lengths until she consciously realized she was hearing something.

Holding onto the side, she rubbed her hair out of her face and looked around.

She saw nothing until she felt the wind.

Still baffled, she looked for the source of the sound but saw nothing.

After deciding to climb out of the water, she suddenly saw a boot.

He almost looked like an insect with his big, bug-eyed goggles.

"Move and you’re dead." Said an electronically altered voice.

Atana looked at the man and saw several more rush past her into the house.

"We did nothing wrong !" She tried to say, but only got the barrel of the gun slammed hard against her face as a reply.


"What’s wrong ?" Said a voice in the darkness.

"I feel something." Sapphire said.

Damien felt her slip away from his embrace.

"Sapphire ?" He asked empty air only to feel a slight draft. "Lights."

And light there was …

Squinting, he saw the door was wide open.

Damien reached for his robe. "Sapphire ?"


"Cover me." The point man signed and gripped the doorhandle.

He gave it a slight tug and shifted his grip on his weapon.


The left side of the double door he had been leaning against exploded open and something sliced through the man’s carotid artery. In a last reaction, he squeezed the trigger and there was soft popping from the Heckler & Koch MP500 gauss SMG, discharging into the ceiling.

The other men could not open fire and just waited for him to drop down.

Damien heard the sounds and stopped in mid-stride. He recognized the sound of gunfire and ran back to his room, to fetch his gun.

The two men hosed down the door, but it was too late when the one on the left saw something move into the periphery of his field of vision.

He felt the gun being raised and pushed towards his colleague.

And then his jaw exploded into pain as something struck him hard.

As his head flew away, another blow smashed his spinal cord, killing him instantly.

"I’m no longer getting life-signs from team one." Said a man plugged into a tacputer.

"Team two, find the secondary target and terminate with extreme prejudice. We can still get the information later. Team three move to cover team two." The officer said.

"Did you hear something ?" Emerald saw Onyx’s head poking out of her room.

"I don’t know, it sounded like gunfire."

"Get back in your rooms !" Damien said, startling them.

"What’s going on ?" Onyx asked.

"Somebody is attacking the house …"

"Have you called the police ?" Emerald asked.

"Somebody put up a scrambler field around the house and somehow cut the lines. We can’t call for help." He said. By now, Jet and Diamond also showed their heads. "Is anybody outside ?" He asked them.

"Probably Atana for her late-night swim …" Jet said.

"Just go back to your rooms and lock them." Damien said and cocked his gun.

"Team two ! Come in !" The officer shouted in the commlink.

"I just lost vitals on them as well."

"Team three pull back !!!" He barked.

Damien, just looked at the three dead men and scanned the dark room. A shape moved and he raised his gun.

"Don’t shoot." Said an emotionless voice.

"Lillith ?" Damien went.

"All the intruders have been dispatched." The black figure said.

"Have you seen Sapphire ?"

"I have not yet located her." She turned her head. "Three more, outside."

"Just come with me." Damien said.

"I cannot allow you to come to harm. You will remain here." She said and darted off.

"Shit ! combattroid !!!" The tac-officer screamed.

"Kill it !" He shouted into the commlink.

The powered armour trooper moved his head and focussed on the black armoured figure.

The Viper Powered armour’s gun matched his vision’s focus and let go of a short burst of 20mm APFSDSDU ammo, obliterating the combattroid.

Damien just ducked as he heard the sound. He peered through the window and saw the spot where Lillith had been standing.

He saw the massive armoured figure recovering from the gun’s recoil and just slipped away from the window.

‘I’m picking up a heat signature … Human." The tac-officer said.

"Just blast him." Was the order.

He saw the trooper turn his gun towards him and Damien ran back towards his room.

The trooper switched over to heat-vision and focussed on the target.

The men around him suddenly fell down as somebody fired at them, while an ECM grenade exploded between his legs.

Power systems failed and the big suit of armour became inert and keeled over, the trooper tried to bail out, but he was cut down by gunfire.

The tac-officer just unplugged himself, but he could not reach his gun before something lightning-quick slammed into him, tossing him back with a snapped neck.

Before he knew what happened, the officer felt the barrel of the gun poking into his throat.

"I had hoped that program wouldn’t kick in until later." He said calmly.

"I don’t know who you are, but I know you’re my enemy." Sapphire said.

"I’m only here to make sure a secret remains a secret." He said.

"What secret ?"

"You’ll know, real soon." The man said and she heard a small cracking sound in his mouth.

By the time Damien had arrived, the man was dead.

Sapphire lowered the gun and looked at Damien.

"What’s going on ?" He asked.

"I don’t know …" She said and dropped the gun …



To be continued …