Sapphire VI

By Rotwang (


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Ice had silver hair, pale, almost white skin and pale blue eyes for a stunning look. Dressed in a blue dress and adorned with diamonds, she looked like an ice queen from a fairytale.

Even Fire, who was always fidgeting and chattering was struck silent by her looks and just remained awed and still.

Onyx rested her chin on her fist and sighed. "Sheís something !"

Although outwardly calm and serene, almost aloof, you could see the contained energy in Iceís eyes, like a blizzard waiting to be unleashed.

"Time for the machine !" Velvet said.

Sapphire remained unusually quiet.

Onyx noticed and sat down besides her. "Iím sorry Joshua couldnít upgrade you. You donít have to go in the machine Ö" She said.

"No ! I was thinking about Ice and Fire, Joshua is really enjoying his new job !"

"Not even a hint of jealousy ?" Onyx asked.

"I admit I was proud to hold the record, but Iím quite happy as I am." Sapphire said.

"Perhaps youíll do better, after all we all did very well Ö"

"Except Synthia !" Sapphire said.

"Sheís a combat android. Perhaps one day sheíll improve as well."

453 ! Fire announced. "Almost a record !" She said and looked at Velvet who blushed.

"You donít have to prove anything." Onyx said to Sapphire.

"Itís okay, I want to see how far I can go nowadays Ö" Sapphire said.

A million fingers touched her gorgeous body. Caressing and stimulating it in every way possible. Teasing and tickling, fondling and caressing her into ecstasy.

She remembered the first time in the machine and felt wave upon wave of pleasure touch her soul, building up her coming orgasm.

Slowly it built up the tension, only to stop at the right moment. The test was mainly about holding out until an even higher level of pleasure. The higher the number, the bigger the response for a certain pleasure level, until you could no longer contain yourself.

Every known way of stimulation was being unleashed at Sapphire who reeled inside the machine.

She slowly felt something huge building inside her Ö

Her body was being caressed by an incredibly high frequency initiated by the machine, while the dildoís inside her hummed at a completely different frequency, causing a harmonic resonance throughout her body, like a brilliant symphony of pleasure.

The machine adapted itself, almost desperately trying to keep up with Sapphire who would not yet climax.

It renewed its efforts trying to force her to come until, quite suddenly, it stopped.

Sapphire waited for a long time until she opened the machine Ö

"Whatís wrong ? Is it broken ?"

"No, itís just not powerful enough Ö" Synthia said with a big smile on her face.

Sapphire didnít get it and looked at the dial.

999 it said. It couldnít go any higher Ö

"If you were human, youíd probably have been stimulated to death !" Onyx said.


Ice seemed to be a loner. Fire had tried to befriend her, but Ice remained aloof, almost Ö cold. But she had great passion and she was a welcome addition to the team.

A fresh wind blew in from the sea. Summer and fall were giving way to winter. The south of France never gets too cold, and the weather was still very pleasant.

Music filled the room and Synthia sat down. "Bach ?" She went.

Sapphire sat in the chair and had her eyes closed. "Brandenburg concerto No.3" She said but then sat up to focus on Synthia. "How are things in Berlin ?"

"The girls are doing fine. Most of them have Betty Ford chips to deal with their Brainhammer addiction. And theyíve cleaned up the place Ö"

"Another great product by MB&PR." Sapphire said and cut the music.

"You donít have to feel sorry for them." Synthia said.

"You have a knack for making me feel guilty of being a luxury love doll Ö" Sapphire said.

"Iím sorry if Iím that blunt. Iím just built that way." Synthia said. "And besides, Jonathan is taking a keen interest in their well-being."

Sapphire curled up and pulled her legs up to her body. She wore a revealing body and ski pants.

"How is the "symbiote" doing ?" Synthia asked.

"Itís holding out pretty well Ö" Sapphire said.

"I donít like to admit it, but your Obsidian form is becoming too good for me to match." Synthia said.

"I still donít understand how I managed to stop Scorpion." Sapphire said "She had me and then I blanked out Ö Only to find out her head had blown up."

"I arrived when she hit the ground." Synthia confessed. "Has Joshua found out something more about it ?" She got up and paced the room.

"Nothing much, except he thinks itís a living machine Ö"

"A living machine ? Hereís a contradiction in terms !" Synthia snorted.

"Youíre not alive ?" Sapphire asked.

Synthia remained quiet. "Iím not alive in the technical sense."

"I personally think youíre very much alive, perhaps more so than most people."

Synthia grinned. "Is that so ?"

"You laugh when Fire tells a joke, youíre concerned with your friends in Berlin, you keep an eye on me Ö"

"Letís say Iím very protective Ö" Synthia said.

"I think youíre a wonderful person, very "alive" Ö"

The door opened and Sapphire turned round to see Velvet standing in the door.

"You have company, Iíll come back later Ö" She said.

"Had the nightmare again ?" Sapphire went.

Velvet let her head hang.

"Nightmare ?" Synthia asked.

"I still dream that my parents tie me down on the bed and my body is melting and only Brainhammer can fix it." Velvet said, while Sapphire held her.

"Just come and listen to the music." Sapphire said.

"Iíll leave you two." Synthia said.

"You can stay." Sapphire went.

"No, I would only be in the way !" Synthia said.

"Please stay Ö You must be lonely." Velvet pleaded.

Synthia wavered.

"Two sexaroids interacting can be very stimulating Ö Granted youíre not a real sexaroid, but you have all the basics Ö"

"You know Iím not very good." Synthia said.

"Donít you know ? We sexaroids can bring out the best in anyone Ö" Velvet said.

"Look, you can shoot guns, rip peopleís heads off Ö Why not a little fun ?" Sapphire went.

It was a playful game of caresses and affection. It was nothing openly sexual, although the intensity increased during the night. And even Synthia showed a very tender side of herself.

The two girls had turns at pleasuring Synthia, who seemed increasingly excited. And it seemed to Sapphire that it was possible for an android to genuinely have sexual pleasure.

The next morning, Synthia lay between Sapphire and Velvet. The two girls were sleeping and Synthia slipped out of bed without waking them as her sneaking abilities paid off.

It was too early for anybody to be up and she slipped towards the machine. She set the time delay and got into it.

Sapphire woke up and found Synthia missing. Her movements woke Velvet.

"Whereís Synthia ?" She asked Velvet, who yawned.

"I dunno." Velvet said and rolled over. "Iím too tired."

Sapphire got up and went through the villa. She heard a humming and saw that the machine was active.

Her eyes popped open as she saw the dial : 342 and rising.

"Synthia ?" She asked next to the machine.

"MMMMMMH ?" Came a long moan, which definitely sounded like her.

Velvet walked in, wondering about Sapphire and Synthia.

"Sheís in the machine !" Sapphire went. "Look at that dial !"

Velvet smiled Ö

Synthia was glowing when she stepped out.

"CONGRATULATIONS !" Went everybody. Everybody was there, even Jonathan and Atana.

"How did I do ?" She asked.

"380 !" Sapphire went and cheered.

It was a very happy day Ö They all celebrated for almost two days.

And Synthia felt she finally belonged somewhere.


Sapphire lay in the sun, listening to the sound of the waves around the boat.

She heard Jonathanís footsteps as he joined her.

"How is my favorite toy-girl doing ?" He went.

"I was checking my mail, actually." Sapphire went. "I got stuff from my brother. They have a beautiful young girl called Sandra." She said.

"I heard he belongs to a very liberal faction of the Luddites ?" Jonathan asked.

"But he canít explain why I can fight so well Ö" She said. "There are still so many questions about my former life, about the symbiote Ö Joshua sent me the latest test results."

"And ?" He asked eagerly.

"He discovered that the symbiote has set up a neural link with me."

Jonathan frowned. "A neural link ?"

"That might explain how well Iím doing lately in training with Synthia, she almost seems immobile compared to me nowadays. I can beat her with ease."

"I saw you training, and I must admit I really like Obsidian Ö"

"You do ?" Sapphire went teasingly.

"Something in the purity of the design Ö" He said and kissed her hand, which changed into a shiny black substance.

"Gorgeous, in any form Ö" He said looking at her combat form and reaching for her.

Although her face was blank and seemed to frown angrily at him with a pair of white eyes, he found her to be very seductive, as if sexuality was meant as an extra defense against attack. And Jonathan easily could imagine the dilemma of some men facing her in combat. Fight or make love to her ?

Armour plates retracted from her crotch and Jonathan could penetrate her with his hardening dick.

Her surface was smooth as crystal and slippery like Teflon, yet warm to the touch. And he could not stop caressing her.

He found the contrast between the hardness of her body and the softness of her sex to be extremely stimulating somehow.

Suddenly Sapphire jerked up, breaking their embrace.

"Jonathan !" She went.

He looked up and saw her face change back to a human form.

Tears flowed from her eyes Ö "Theyíre back !" She said ominously. "I just had an incoming e-mail."

"Who ?"

"Those who want me, theyíve kidnapped my brother and his wife ! And they just made the biggest mistake of their life !"



To be continued Ö