Sara - Schoolgirl Secrets

by droidGIRL

A busy high school in London, the date is 4-5-2005.  A stream of students come from the buildings and get on the number of awaiting school coaches.   Amongst this, a tall, pretty brunette gets on the bus, and shouts out to her friend "Coming around tommorrow night?". "Yeah, see ya", the red-head walking down the school drive shouts in return. Both girls are 16 year olds.

 It is the following afternoon, both girls jump on the coach and get off in the nearby town. They walk the remaining distance to the brunette girls house.
"My parents and bro are out tonight", remarks the brunette as they sit in the lounge. As a few hours pass, they do some homework together, watch some television, and finally retreat to the girl's bedroom listening to some music. They chat about school, boys, and the red-head asks, "Although I've only been at our school for a year, and only known you for a few months... you're my best friend right?"
"Yeah sure Sara", comes the reply.
"Well Jo, y'see I have a secret to tell you, but it must never leave this room", the red-head states seriously.
"Okay", looks Jo very attentively.
"You see, Jo, things aren't always quite what they seem!"
"What do you mean?", wonders Jo.
"Jo, I don't know how to tell you this, b..but i am really a robot", announces Sara.
Jo looks stunned, she stares straight at Sara. "What the hell are you talking about?! I think you've been working too hard lately!", she jokes.
"No, really Jo, I mean it". Sara clasps her hands over her face, and seemingly fiddling with it, the front of her face comes off. She rests it carefuly on the bed.
"I am Sara, I am a system-16 female android built by Feminine Robotique. AI version 3.4, Female Sex Robot BIOS roms 2.1, 34b:23:33."

 Jo looks likes she has seen a ghost, in fact she is staring at a mass of wires and circuit boards, with two beaming round eyes staring at her, and a pair of cherry-red lips surrounded by motors and tiny mechanisms. Jo sits there silently in shock, and Sara tries to put her left hand on her shoulder. Jo shrugs Sara's hand off her in a 'do not touch me' way, still not quite believing what has just happened.
"Jo, say something, please", pleads Sara.
"Er..r, I don't know what I can say, I're a m-machine?"
"That is correct Jo, but I'm no different, I may not be flesh and blood, but I am virtually human, I think for myself, I can simulate emotion, I look and act just like you...", assures Sara.
"B-but your an android? My best friend a machine? I just..."
Sara interupts, "Don't say anything! Look Jo, it's still me, still the same Sara... it's just that I'm built from electronics and mechanics instead. Please Jo, don't be scared...". Sara grabs Jo's left hand, and gently clasps it. Jo is still visibly stunned.
"I do-don't quite believe this...b-but it makes no difference to me what you are...I just friend Sara a robot!"
"If I say so myself, I am very much perfection, if I had never had shown you, it would have been very difficult for you to have found out my true identity.", claims Sara.
"So, you look human, and well you're my friend...I mean, do you think and feel like a human being?", Jo continues to enquire.
"Pretty much so, apart from deep human emotion which is still beyond current programming, but I am artifically intelligent, I can learn, and I can mistakes aswell. I feel like a real person, and well nobody must know about this", Sara says assertively.
"'re my best friend, of course i'll keep it secret... you think anybody would believe it anyway?!", replies Jo.

 Sara reaches out and re-positions her face with Jo looking on in amazement. Sara smiles at Jo, and they both hug. They then listen to some more music and continue to talk. Some time later, Jo enquires, "Just how perfect are you? I mean i've seen you naked in the changing rooms after games, but can you... I mean can you have s-sex?"
Sara smiles, "My creators even thought of that too Jo. I can simulate sexual intercourse, and am programmed for both female and male stimulation. Why do you ask?"
"Well Sara, y'see, and well this seems difficult to say even in comparison to what I have just heard tonight!", "Sara, we're best friends and I think about you a lot..."
Sara sits, listening attentively. "What I'm trying to say, even in the light of you being a r-r-robot, I, er I still and do fancy you..."
Sara glares at Jo, "I feel very close to you Jo, I couldn't have told anybody else, not even Jody or Sally. Are you curious about sex with a robot?"
"I suppose, I mean I've never really thought about it, but you're Sara to me, and so whether you're human or machine makes no difference does it?".

 No more words are spoken, and they both kiss each other. They sit back on the bed, looking at each other and suddenly from the moment of silence, Sara exclaims: "Undress me, Jo". Jo and Sara, still in their school uniforms, stare deeply at each other. Jo, her eyes wide open, slowly unbuttons Sara's blouse, which has become untucked. Reaching the bottom button, Jo removes the blouse, revealing Sara's slim pale stomach, and pretty white bra. Sara guides Jo's left hand down her right bra cup, fondling her breast. Sara then removes Jo's blouse, becoming aroused by Jo's much larger, and wholly natural bust. Jo's black bra barely supports her breasts, which stand out against her very slender figure. They both get up from the bed, and kiss and hold each other whilst standing. Sara stands back, Jo standing still, and reaching behind Jo locates the zip the top of her black pleated skirt. She unzips it, and Jo's dress falls to the floor, revealing her slim lower body, shapely legs and a pair of black satin french knickers. Jo sighs as Sara looks at her seductively, and moving over to her, slides the knickers slowly down her thighs and legs and onto the floor. Jo looks down, as Sara pushes her mouth into Jo's tidy, lightly shaven blackish-brown pubic hair.

 Sara caresses Jo's pubes with her lips, Jo sighing more heavily. Sara runs her fingers around Jo's legs, thighs and up around her bottom. Jo leans over Sara, on her knees caressing Jo's lower body. Sara moves up her body, and reaches behind Jo's back, unfastening the bra. The bra falls to the floor exposing Jo's large full breasts. At least a 36c estimates Sara as she moves her hands around them, cupping them in her hands. She moves her mouth around the left breast nipple, she feels it harden, and then moves to the right, that nipple also erecting. Their eyes once again meet, and they kiss much more passionately.
"Do you want to see how real I am?", asks Sara, and stepping back welcomes the naked Jo to continue undressing her. Jo removes Sara's dark grey straight skirt, and it falls to the floor. As Jo pulls down Sara's black tights, she finds that Sara has no knickers on underneath. Sara's hips are slim and straight, sort of boyish in a way, but Sara's pale skin is constrasted with a mass of gingery-red pubic hair. Jo feels the pubic hair with her left index finger, then moving up her body, removes the front-fastening white bra. Sara's breasts are small but rounded, with large nipples. Both embrace each other, totally naked, their clothes sprawled across the floor.

 "I'm getting off with my best friend who's a robot!", Jo whispers, and Sara simply smiles at her. They kiss again, their hands clasped around each other, their breasts touching each others, Jo breathing heavily. Pulling away, Sara walks over to her school bag in the corner, and bending over unzips it. She pulls out a plain but large vibrator. As she does so, Jo touches her bottom cheeks, and spreading them wide out in fascination, notices Sara's perfectly natural looking vaginal flaps. Jo also notices that where her bottom crack should be, Sara has what looks like an interface port - it reminds Jo of the printer socket of her brothers PC. Sara takes Jo's left hand, and leads her back over to the single bed in the corner of Jo's room. Pulling back the covers, they both squeeze into the bed and pull up the sheets. They fondle and caress each other, continually kissing and staring lovingly at each other. With Jo on the bottom, Sara moves down under the sheets, and licks and runs her fingers around her fanny and crotch. Jo sighs and moans a little, as Sara continues to run her fingers up inside her, touching her. Jo fondles with her own breasts, and looks down the bed. Sara moves back up her body, so that she is on top of her, their breasts being squeezed and restricted. Sara detects Jo's sensitivity, and gyrates her lower body around hers, their pubic hair brushing each other; their legs tangling as they move around the small bed.

 As their eyes meet, Jo suddenly enquires, "Sara... erm, could I see some more of your circuits?". Sara sits up a little, and reaching down to her pubic hair region, fiddles and off comes a skin cover complete with the gingery pubic hair. Jo gasps as she sees her seemingly real pubic region now replaced by a black membrane with several wires and chips slotted in. "Wow!" is the only thing Jo mutters under her breath, "I-is this your s-sexual system?" she asks.
"That's right, Jo. It is a self-contained unit that consists of my custom chipsets, simulated artificial vagina and touch sensors". "My head contains my computerised brain, my body controls all of my movement and body actions, and then comes my female-related robotics down below". Jo runs her finger around her vagina, then moving up, touches one of the chips carefully in the removed area. "I still can't beleive it...I mean you're real, then machine...", she says in disbelief. Sara smiles innocently at her, and goes to replace the cover. "No, please, leave it off"... interupts Jo, "I find it strangely arousing."
Sara reaches for the vibrator, and flicking the switch, it whirrs into action. Sara moves back down Jo's body and carefully pushes inside Jo. Jo murmurs and sighs heavily as it is entered. They both caress each other, Sara playing with Jo's nipples and breasts.
"Your breasts are gorgeous", excliams Sara, "Beautifully natural and soft".
"But you're perfection", replies Jo. "You could have any part of your body how you wanted!".
"I suppose, I just think you are so lucky to be human, to have natural breasts, beauty, to be able to experience real sexual pleasure."
"Well, I think you're beautiful Sara," says Jo. They both giggle as the vibrator continues to excite Jo. She begins to pant heavily, and between breaths, says "Can I...excite you???". "Sure" replies Sara, and pulls out the vibrator, noticing it getting moist and hands it to Jo. Jo sighs as it is removed, and with Sara moving up her body and sitting over her, Jo carefully positions the vibrator up between Sara's spread legs, and into her cunt. Sara unleashes an almost synthesised sigh and moan as it goes in. Jo is suprised to see a small red LED on Sara's uncovered area flash repeatedly as the vibrator turns her on. "You've got a light flashing, is that alright?" asks Jo worringly.
"No problem, it just means that my systems are operative". "Jo, you turn me on, I feel horny", says Sara. With the vibrator running, they both caress and touch each other, both aroused. Fingers and lips run around their breasts, stomach, bottom and pubes. Sara once again moves her finger up around Jo's crotch, and thrusts it up her fanny. Jo unleashes moans of pure pleasure as she does so, touching her own breasts and nipples. Sara continues to push and move her finger around inside. Jo throws her hands back, holding onto the bed's head-board. Sara suggestively gyrates her body around Jo's, and as Jo experiences another finger movement, loses control and throws her hands back down.

 As her right arm moves, she catches a glass of water sitting on the bedside table. The glass falls onto the bed, spilling water over the matress, over Jo's lower body and thighs. The water feels soothing and cool on Jo's hot, perspiring body. As Sara keeps pleasuring her, Jo looking down notices that some of the water has splashed onto Sara's thighs and onto the uncovered area. "Oh my god!!", Jo exclaims as she sees some electrical burning coming from one of Sara's chips. "You're smoking!!" Jo exclaims.
Sara moves her right hand to Jo's face, "Don't worry, I'll be fine..."
As Sara says this, a bright blue spark flies from the chip, and Sara shudders like she has been stung. Some more smoke comes her. "Sara, are you sure you're okay?", repeats Jo. "Yes, I am fine Jo... short circuit at 00FE90C0... address exception at FE00FFFF", stammers Sara. Jo looks at Sara worringly. Sara reassures her, "Just a few malfunctions, I'm afraid us robots don't like water much!", and as her processors regain control, begin kissing again. Jo is still a little disturbed, and retracts the vibrator. Sara whispers, "I love you Jo, Make love to me, I want to feel real human love". Jo smiles, and before kissing her again, gropes Sara's breasts and fondles them. Jo also feels Sara's erect nipples, and moves her mouth towards them, licking and sucking them. Sara pants and moans, and almost slurred says, "Overload me Jo...". A buzzing sound emits from Sara, and both of them caress and fondle each other, running their fingers around their genitals. The vibrator is re-inserted into Jo and she is beginning to cum. Jo moves her fingers back around Sara's pubes and teases her fanny. Sara kisses her, and whispers "I'm going to orgasm...I may say and act a little unusual... don't worry Jo, it's just my way of orgasming.".

 They increase their movement, and Jo finally unleashes a loud scream and pants of pleasure as she cums, Sara quickly removing the vibrator. Jo forces her face into Sara's crotch, and with an acknowledgement from Sara, sucks another of the chip's on her uncovered circuit board. Jo feels a slight tingle on her tongue from the small electric current hitting her. Just as some of Jo's saliva touches across some of the pins of the chip, Sara screams robotically, and pants and moans. "I am cumming....eerrgh!", she exclaims. Jo moves back and watches in amazement, still runing her own fingers around her bottom and vagina. Sara begins to smoke a little from her pubic region and her circuits, she pants even more, sometimes in a flat tone, sometimes at different pitches. Another spark flies from her, she acts robotically, her natural head and arm movements become steady. She gives a last moan, and begins to frantically bleep, although the sound is quiet. "I am malfunctioning...My sexual system is overloading..." She collapses on to Jo, and both lay there panting. Sara remains quiet for a moment, a little smoke still emitting from her shorted chip and bottom. She then looks up, and both kiss passionately.

 "That was incredible", whispers Jo, breathing less heavily. "I love you Jo.." says Sara, back to her normal voice. They both lay there for a while, just talking. Jo rolls over, off Jo, and they both lay side by side. Jo enquires, "Sara, are you sure you're okay?".
"Fine", says Sara, "Nothing that can't be rectified", she remarks diplomatically. Jo looks at Sara, her beautifully real body, still exposing the black enclosure.
"One of your chips looks at little damaged", asks Jo.
"It can be replaced, I will always terminate my programs if any major errors occur, I will just need a replacement rom", Sara assures Jo. Looking at the chip, Sara says "Y'see, I'm not quite that perfect!" Once again Jo just can't believe it as Sara reaches for the cover and repositions it, no more than a fine line can be seen. Sara fiddles with her red pubic hair again to carefully hide the join.
Jo hears something downstairs. "Hell!", it's the folks back, we better get dressed. Both scramble their school clothes back on, and knocking on Jo's door, her mother walks in. "Hi girls, had a good evening?". They both nod hiding their thoughts, and Jo's mother offers to give Sara a lift home. Sara gathers her things and make's her way outisde. Sara gets in the car outside, and winks and smiles at Jo as they say goodbye.