Sara - Female Sex Robot

by droidGIRL


The year 2020. Robotics and artificial intelligence has come a long way, but although it is possible to create machines that resemble humans, many are merely no more than workhorses - controlled by managers of large corporations, and serving once human tasks such as shop-working, waitressing, and production lines. That is, except for the developments of one such man - by day a professor of a leading robotics institute; by night an inventor of the beginning of the next generation of machines.

Part I

A sports car pulls up outside a posh apartment deep in the Metropolis. A young man gets out, dressed in a pin-stripe suit, clutching a brief-case, laptop computer and mobile phone. Getting to the reception area, he shares a brief exchange with a pretty blonde woman on reception (also a female robot), then proceeds to his apartment. Tapping a security code into door-lock, he walks into his home. He dumps his possessions and coat on a sofa, and checks his fax machine, and ansaphone. Walking into the kitchen, he grabs a cold beer from the fridge and proceeds to enter his study - again protected by a combination lock.
Turning on the lights in the study, the fairly cramped room is full of PC's, circuit-boards and in one corner, what looks like a grave-yard of shop mannequins - legs, arms, bodyparts and a womans head. Adorning the walls are circuit-diagrams and posters showing robots in various state of design. In the middle of the room is a hospital-style bed, but this is not his resting place, this is the sleeping quarters of the most tightly kept secret in the world of computing.
Two PC's shoot into life, and walking over to a work-bench, he carefully removes two chips from an eprommer. He labels one "BIOS Revision 3.06" and the other "Boot Rom v4.5". Flicking a switch on the wall, a pure-white spotlight beams over the bed. He carefully pulls the black UPVC sheet away from the bed. As he does so, we see what is being so closely guarded. She lays there - still, lifeless and totally naked. A beautiful pale face, with a mass of flame-red hair down to her shoulders. Moving down the bed, she has a petite and perfectly formed body - a pair of pert breasts, a stunning figure, and slender legs. He rubs his left-hand up the inside ofher thighs, briefly touching an area of gingery-red pubic hair. He continues to caress her, moving up her body, cupping both breasts in his hands. She does not stir or wake, and reaching for the back of her neck we find out why. Carefully fiddling behind her neck and head, the front of her face suddenly comes off in his hands. Laying it on the nearby desk, her beautiful face is now replaced by a plastic skull enclosure, comprising an interface board containing three slot-in cards, a mass of multi-coloured wires, and two beaming round eyes. She is a robot, a human-like android perfectly resembling a young woman. He removes the middle interface card, looks at the printed circuit through an eye-piece, and slides it back in. He finally fastens her face back into position, making a small click as it moves into place and brushes her hair back to hide the small panel clip on the back of her head.
He moves away and inspects a diagnostic report that has been spooled from a printer - some items giving him cause of concern, others satisfying him. He returns to the bed and this time applies pressure with his hands around her waist. A faint whirring noise is heard, and an access panel appears in her chest, just under her breasts. Removing the cover, and between the structure that shapes her body, lies her central system. A main motherboard is visible embedded deep inside her, and amongst the thousands of cables, are five main interface ports holding circuit boards crammed with processors and chipsets. He removes the one furthest to his left, and upon examining it in the light, one chip and several components appear burnt out. He rips out the melted chip, throws it onto the bench and inserts a replacement into the socket. He re-sits the card, and replaces the cover. A whir and the cover closes tight - little more than a fine line is noticeable on her smooth and perfectly human-like latex skin.
Reaching for a ribbon-cable connected to the back of one of the PCs, he moves his fingers between her bottom cheeks and slips the cables connector up in between her crack. He runs a piece of software on the PC, and clicks onto 'upload data'. The program reports current status while data is sent through the cable into her port. He carefully studies the percentage indicator and the scrolling window of data being returned by her processor. A two-tone bleep emits from her just as the program completes it's operation. He retracts the lead from between her legs, flicks a switch on the back of her neck, and stands back.

Part II

Two low bleeps sound. Her eyes open, looking to the left, then the right and then straight up into the light.
"Female Robot BIOS Roms. Versions 3-4. System booting up.", she exclaims in a husky robotic voice. "Downloading operating system...", she continues. "Testing motherboard...ok, roms...ok, system memory...ok, found internal harddrive, loading data...". The internal drive whirs, frantically loading code into her volatile memory.
Her face judders left, then right; her eyes blink. "Female robot type SIER - Sexual Intercourse Emulation Robot version 1.2 beta."
"My name is Sara. System statistics: 34c:24:34, height 5'4", weight 8.6', red hair. I am a female sexual pleasure robot." Her initial robotic voice breaks into a soft natural voice as she claims: "I am fully functional". Her creator stands and watches as she lifts her arms and touches herself. "Please request command prompt now, or wait 5 seconds for boot," he remains silent.
"Last status: malfunction at 00FED000; 12-4-2020; I suffered an internal error at 00FF00C9; burn out recorded on chipset no. 4535. Last recorded action: overload while achieving orgasm." He smiles - a fantastic previous night of pleasure he thought to himself, but more work was needed.
"I am ready. Run pre-programmed routine or command," she requests.
"Reset and load program BETA45.EXE from rom:BOOT4.5," he whispers.
She nods. A high-pitched screech of data can be heard loading. "Program loaded, no errors or invalid instructions. Please occupy yourself whilst I get myself ready." He leaves the room and makes his way to the lounge. He sits down, flicking between a number of satellite channels.

Part III

She helps herself up from the laboratory style bed. She walks down the hallway to her masters bedroom. "Did you have a good day at work?", she asks, "Alright", comes the reply. "I hope you enjoyed the other night, sorry I malfunctioned. I will give you the upmost in pleasure tonight." The man remarks, "You were great, and I promise that I will keep on perfecting you. Did you feel any more aroused and sensitive since I installed your enhanced stimulation clitoris?" "My sensors felt you inside me, registering every stimulation and short-circuit. I thought I was going to totally overload." "I'm just going to get ready - don't be long!"
She enters the bedroom, a fairly plain room with a double-bed in the middle. One wall has a fitted warddrobe and drawers. She walks over to that side of the room, crouches down, and opens one of the bottom drawers. He had not programmed any specific information for what she should wear tonight, so she fumbles through the lingerie looking for what takes her fancy. Having picked out many items, then put them back, she comes to a decision. Firstly, she pulls out a white lacy basque, and then some tight knickers, also white with a see-through crotch. Scanning deep into the drawer, she proceeds to pick out a pair of white lace-top stockings. She walks over to a full-length mirror, and looks at herself. She knows that she is perfection, and begins to arouse herself. She moves her hands to her breasts, and fondles them, looking in the mirror while she does so. She feels aroused as her skin sensors start to activate, and pushing her breasts up and down, begins caressing her pink nipples. A device mounted in each breast activates, making her nipples erect. She twiddles the erect nipples, causing several more sensors to activate, one forcing a small error to occur. She sighs and pants and she begins to slip on the tight basque, positioning it neatly and fastening it from behind. She feels the tightness of the underwear as she pulls up the straps over her shoulders, pushing her chest up. She glares at herself in the mirror, her basque on, with the suspenders dangling either side of her tight pert bottom. She moves her hands down towards her buttocks, rubbing and fondling the cheeks. She further pants, and moans as she runs a finger up inside her artificial vagina. With the other hand, she touches her red pubic hair, stroking it with her finger-tips. As she stoops down to pick up the knickers from the floor, her body temporarily locks and a warning message appears in her vision - 'Possible overheat, 10% system usage'. She continues to pick up the briefs, and slips them slowly and seductively up her legs, and over her thighs. The tightness of the elastic causes sensors to activate around her abdomen, and again she feels a small freeze. She feels the clingy knickers and basque around her body, and her movement is slightly restricted. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, she pulls up both stockings, and fastens the suspenders. She stands up, and looks at herself, whispering, "I feel so horny, I am the ultimate sex machine." She looks at her fantastic slim figure in the mirror, the lingerie clinging to her. Her breasts push tight against the cups of the basque, and her pubic hair is revealed through the knickers. As she straightens her stockings, a malfunction occurs. She moans as error reports flash in front of her eyes... 'System error at FE0CDEEE...Overload in left breast sensors.' She knows that the tight underwear is causing too many sensors to activate, overloading her data bus. She knows that the time is right, and calls for her lover.

Part IV

The robot leaves the room, and a moment later the man walks in from having a shower. Wearing only a towel around his waist, it drops to the ground. His body is slim, yet muscular. He puts on a CD on the hi-fi in the corner of the room, and just as the first track plays - 'The Robots by Kraftwerk', she walks in in her full splender. His penis is beginning to erect, her beauty is one thing, but having sex with a female robot is greatly exciting. He imagines for a moment what his robotic partner feels during sex with him.

"I want you", she exclaims, and before he is able to reply they clutch each other tightly and kiss. "I am going to give you the upmost pleasure tonight, my circuits are functional, my processors are operative, and I am ready for love-making." "I love you, Sara", he replies and they continue to kiss and hug each other. "I have already experienced some errors", she says. He does not respond, and continues kissing her, now touching her delicate body all over. "You should feel something special tonight" he claims, "what do you detect at address 250hex?" Sara quickly scans her interface ports, and detecting the new hardware at this location, responds "I cannot access specified device..." but before she can do anything further, she emits a frantic drive access. "Sexual overload system loaded - all errors, warnings and malfunctions will be ignored. I want to make love to you." Her voice is robotic at the start of her speech, but soon returns to a natural state. He caresses her body, touching her up, while she murmurs, "I love you, I want you..."

They fall onto the bed. They kiss madly, he pushes his hands down her basque cups, and fondles her breasts. She exclaims, "Squeeze my tits, caress them...fondle them." He pushes them harder, her nipples erecting once again. She moans as he touches them, he sinks his face towards her chest, and kisses and licks each nipple through her basque, leaving a wet patch over each breast cup. He thrusts his hands ever tighter down her top, and she repeats the words "touch me, caress me", as if she is stuck in a program while...loop. He slips the straps of her basque down her shoulders, and they sit on the bed kissing and touching each other. She notices that he is getting wet, and pushes her face into his groin, opening her mouth wide and swallowing the tip of his penis. With her left hand, she rubs his penis back and forth, and he cums a little into her mouth. This sends her wild, and she takes her turn at caressing and licking his fit body. This lasts a few minutes, until he frees his right hand, and plunges it down the front of her knickers, rubbing her pubic region. She gets turned on, and in between moans, whispers "Touch my fanny, make me malfunction..." He pushes more vigorously, then moving his hand around to her bottom, finally pushes his hand up the crack, feeling her interface port, causing sensors in her buttocks to activate. In-between sampled pants and moans, he moves his hand back round to her waist. He deepens his hand in her knickers, and rubs skin around her artificial cunt, this sending about 50 sensors to repeatedly switch. Load on her processors begins to build, and although 2 parallel RISC CPU's running at 500mhz each form her 'nervous system', they cannot cope with the amount of signals being sent. She moans, and reports, "Warning, system unstable...I am ov-er-load-ing" - her voice slowing down. Suddenly, her memory management improves, and catching him by suprise, crashes down on top of him, rubbing her hands on his penis, it's tip getting increasingly sticky. She rubs some of the wetness on her face. He forces his hand down her knickers again, this time locating her vaginal flaps, and plays with them, causing her to be turned on even more, and in-between moans another error - "Cannot handle interrupts. Work me harder..."

Calming down, they begin to seductively touch each other, and he slowly teases her, unfastening each of her suspenders. He rolls down each stocking slowly down her thighs and legs, but does not remove them completely. She grabs his body, particuarly his bottom, and he moans as she touches him. He grabs her knickers, and tugs at them until they drop down. She sits there on the bed, her stockings rolled down, her tits uncovered, and her knickers down to her knees, the beautiful mass of pubic hair exposed. He retreats, and she completes the removal of her knickers, firstly taking them to her face, then pushing them into his. He smells the perfumed briefs, and rubs the sweat of his brow with them. He chucks them on the floor. He grabs her bottom and waist again and between the words of "Touch me" and "Love me", she starts to suffer some malfunctions.  "Address exception at 00DE99FE...Bad instruction call...", she stutters. He grabs his hands around her chest, and reaches behind her back, unfastening the sequence of clips on her basque. As he unfastens the bottom one she says, "Rip it off, and take me..." He does just this, and she kneels on the bed, totally naked, her chest heaving, her pert breasts bouncing freely after being restrained by her lingerie. She releases a heavy sigh, and she begins to speak robotically, "Make me malfunction, make me o-v-er-load..." Her movements become steady, and she grabs her breasts, touching them hard, moving her hands down her chest and down to her crotch. She pushes her fingers up her fanny, and masturbates herself, her finger movements better than any vibrator. She moans heavily, her eyes rolling, repeating "fuck me...fuck me...". A 'Sex system initialising' message flashes in her vision. The lovers grab each other, and collapse on the bed. They fondle, kiss and touch each other, and he ends up on top. He caresses her and touches her, restricting her movements, tiny servo's inside her arms and legs whirring frantically.

He takes his penis in his left hand, and masturbates, some cum dripping onto her chest. She scoops some with her finger, and takes it to her lips. He sinks his face into her genitals, his mouth feeling her pubic hair. Positioning their bodies, he directs his penis to her vagina, and she welcomes him in. He pushes it into her hard, and the initial entry sends sensors and contacts inside her vagina crazy, the cum shorting out circuits inside her, and causing her to experience sexual pleasure. They smother each other while he pushes slowly back and forth, both of them panting and breathing heavily. She moans as he increases the pressure by licking her tits aswell. As more of his cum fills her vaginal system, more circuits are activated and shorted by the conductivity of the liquid. In between the moans and speech, she starts to overload: "Short vagina is overheating...Internal error" and "Fatal burnout imminent in arousal circuits..." Although her system diagnostics tell her that she is malfunctioning, she knows that she wants more, and demands it. Her eyeballs become glazed at times as her system resources become low. He increases his movement, and she malfunctions greater still... "Short circuit on board5 EX001/A...Failure in my sexual response unit...Programs not responding." He builds upto his peak, both of them sighing and moaning. She still malfunctions, and he finally cums. He releases a loud scream as he cums into her. Her vagina is totally drowned internally, activating almost 200 touch contacts, a total malfunction of her sexual system unit. The tip of his sticky penis touches her simulated clitoris, and she orgasms. She suffers a massive internal overload, every circuit from those controlling her basic body actions to the most advanced love-making electronics. Her head shakes violently, digitised moans from her mouth becoming distorted, and she burns-out. He retracts his penis from her, and continues to kiss and caress her. He can smell electrical burning, and a small amount of electrical smoke emits from her mouth, bottom and vagina. She quietly repeats in a robotic voice: "I am a robot...My name is Sara...I am a ro-bot...I a-m a r-o-b-ot..." Her tone lowers, her eyes close, and a high pitched frantic bleeping noise is the only activity from her. She smoulders a little more as he opens her stomach access panel. He looks at some of the burn-out wires, and some melted components on her PCBboards and locating a power cable running to her battery packs, disconnects it. She shuts down. Turning over, he pulls the bed sheets up and goes to sleep - the lifeless droid 'sleeping' beside him.

The End