Sara II - Sexual Mechanics

by droidGIRL



It has been 3 years since we met Sara, the first fully realistic female robot capable of sex. Things have changed a lot since then, infact the man behind Sara is now a millionaire, having demonstrated her and sold the copyrights of his invention to a major multi-national. Sex-capable androids are now commonplace, available to buy on the street, and also employed as prostitutes, believed to be safe-sex following the growing worldwide Aids epidemic. Pure artifical intelligence has moved on aswell, with a Japanese company the first to build an android that is largely capable of thinking and acting for itself, as opposed to being part-programmed or instructed. But what has happened with Sara and her creator?

Part I

No longer an apartment, but a plush mansion away from the Metropolis, surrounded by forestry. The gravel driveway leads up to the building, his old sports car now accompanied at any time by several other sports cars and limousines. At the rear of the home, a small helipad, backing onto the glass conservatory. Inside, a heated pool, and a man climbing out. For today at least, he has no engagements with rich and powerful industry bosses.
He dries himself down, and through the glass doors that lead to the house, in walks a woman with gingery-red hair. She walks over to him and serves him a drink. They briefly kiss and he moves his left hand up her summer dress. The dress is light and floaty, pastel patterned, fastened from behind. She is tall, her red hair tied back and her body curves becoming noticeable through the dress. As he slips his hand up her dress, she touches her breasts with her hands. He thanks her, and she returns to the house.

He walks into the lounge-dining room a little while later, it is a huge living room, with it's polished wooden floor and a mix of both antiques and modern technology. He sits down on one of the leather sofa's, and we again catch sight of the woman. As she walks between rooms, he is suddenly alerted by a frantic buzzing noise and a bang. Turning his head round to look, she stands still at the other end of the room, a small trail of smoke emitting from her mouth, and the top of her neck smouldering very slightly from some sparks. From a remote control on the nearby table, he points it at her and she terminates her actions. He casually strolls over to her, he doesn't panic - he has experienced enough of robots malfunctioning in the past. He rubs his hand over her left face cheek and calmly asks, "What's wrong Sara II?"

There and then, he unbuttons her dress, and examines the robot. The dress falls to her feet, and she stands wearing a cream silk camisole top and matching French knickers. He familiarly reaches to behind her neck, and her face cover comes off in his hands. Between her big beaming eyes, and mouth unit, there are a number of burnt out wires and the smoulder still emits from her. He scans around for a few minutes then using the remote control resumes control of her. He shuts down all of her AI units and enables only her movement. He drives her using the remote, and she walks through several doors and into his new laboratory, much different than what he had before. He shuts her down near a bed, and lifts her onto it, she rests peacefully, her robotic face still showing. He has a small look, and in the background we hear a car drive up and park. The front door in the main hallway unlocks, and someone walks in. "Hello?", he shouts. "Hi!", comes a female voice. "In the lab", he replies, and then the woman walks in. It is Sara, she looks the same as before, still petite, her beatiful china-face partly convered by the mass of long, frizzy red hair. They kiss, "how are you love?", she enquires, "Fine" he replies, "Did you have a good shopping trip?"

"Anything wrong Essjay?" Sara asks, looking at Sara II on the bed with various wires protruding from her head. "Dunno, she just burnt out about ten minutes ago, smouldered a bit then shut down." Sara surveys the droid, "I'll take a look at her later on, let me show you what I have bought!"
They cuddle on the sofa in the lounge, and she also shows some of her shopping - lingerie, perfume, some groceries for him. Sara may look the same, but she is a totally changed robot, an artificial human he prefers to call her. She is still fully robotic, still requires a small amount of programming, but almost acts and thinks perfectly human. Robots, both male and female share the developed world with their human counterparts, and another few years may see total integration.

Part II

Later on that evening, he is out having a drink with some colleagues in the Metropolis. While he is out, Sara is busy in the lab. She is speaking to a friend on her mobile phone, whilst looking at Sara II. She hangs up the call, and then boots up the laptop near her. She moves her hands up the legs and thighs of the robot, and carefully removes the cream knickers. Sara II is also a beautiful piece of robotics. She has a neatly shaved area of ginger pubic hair, and her body, like Sara's is slim and curvy, although taller and tanned lightly. She runs her finger around her genital area, then proceeds to slip of her camisole. Sara II's breasts are fuller than Sara's, and Sara whispers "Let's see what's wrong with you, love", "You turn me on too!"

Sara turns on various test equipment and removes the robot's chest cover and fiddling with her pubic hair region, another access point. She reaches behind the robot's neck and turns her on, quickly pushing a button marked 'supervisor'. This skips Sara II's full start-up routines and she only emits two low bleeps. Sara reaches up into Sara II's bottom crack and connects a ribbon cable. Instead of plugging the other end into the back of any of the PC's in the room, she hitches up her short black skirt and completes the link with her own port. She finally connects another lead into a socket situated on the circuit-board of Sara II's uncovered pubic region. This cable is in-turn connected to the parallel port of the laptop. Sara initialises her own interface port and checks that she is communicating with her fellow android. She loads a diagnostics program on the laptop, and this monitors the both of them. She can send and receive instructions both to herself and Sara II from the terminal program, and proceeds to run various checks; the laptop rattles through checking Sara's systems, and she smiles when it completes with 100% success. It automatically continues with Sara II, and a log of errors is reported. Sara doesn't seem to have any cause for concern, as most errors seem to be the result of chips burnt out by what looks like a single overload. Sara communicates directly with the robot and determines what needs to be repaired and replaced.
Almost an hour later, following extensive replacing of burnt out chips and wires with new ones, Sara is convinced that all is ok, and this is confirmed by re-running the diagnostics on the laptop. Finally, Sara removes all cables, replaces all of Sara II's cover plates and once again her body and face look indistinguishable from a human. She boots the robot up, two low bleeps sound and a sudden face movement.

"Female Robot BIOS Roms. Version 8a. System 2 booting up.", Sara II exclaims in the familiar husky robotic voice. "Downloading operating system...", she continues. "Testing motherboard...ok, roms...ok, system memory...ok, found internal harddrive, loading data..." Her harddrive whirs, and her head judders. "Female robot type ESIER - Enhanced Sexual and Intelligence Emulation Robot version 6.5, copyright Feminine Robotique Corporation."
"My name is Sara II. System statistics: 36c:25:35, height 5'11", weight 8.8', red hair. I am a female robot." Her natural voice is slightly deeper than that of Sara's, very sexy. "I am fully functional, Please request prompt now, or 10 seconds for boot." Sara remains silent.
"Last status: excessive malfunctions, all resolved. Error log file: 462, 3-8-2023; last recorded action: overload whilst running RUNAI.EXE." Sara II opens her eyes, and looks at Sara, they kiss. "I malfunctioned!", exclaims Sara II. "That's right", replies Sara, "A few burnouts but nothing serious", "I have replaced a number of components, as recorded in your logfile." "Where is Essjay?", enquires Sara II; "Out, but he'll be back later", replies Sara. Sara II looks at her naked body and says, "I must get up and get back to doing some work before he comes back." Sara forces her back down and remarks, "Don't worry about that, it can wait!"

Part III

Sara II is helped up by Sara, and leaves the lab, walking into the lounge. Sara II is still naked as she sits herself down on a leather sofa. The hi-fi in the corner is playing a CD of electronic music, the lounge lights are dim, and candles are alight around the room. In walks Sara, and Sara II goes upto her. Sara II touches Sara's face, and then proceeds to undress her. Sara II pulls Sara's black chiffon blouse off and over her head. It drops to the floor. They kiss each other, lips to lips, and then Sara II reaches to the back of Sara's skirt. Sara II touches her bottom and unbuttons and unzips the skirt, it also falling to the floor. Sara's petite body is clothed by a black lacy uplift bra, tight black knickers, suspender belt and black stockings. They both stand, kissing and caressing each other, both exploring each others bodies. As they look at each other lovingly, Sara II leads Sara to the bedroom.

They reach the bedroom, and fall onto the large bed, which is unusually a triple bed. The two women collapse on the bed, kissing and caressing each other. Sara II continues to undress Sara, unfastening the black bra from behind, and sliding down the shoulder straps. Sara throws her bra onto the floor, and both fondle each other's naked breasts, their nipples erecting as sensors activate. "I want you", Sara II exclaims. "Overload me", is the simple reply from Sara. Sara II moves her mouth around the upper half of Sara's chest, then moves down to her bottom, rubbing her cheeks and playing with her knickers. One by one, Sara II unfastens the suspender clips, Sara feeling an amount of freedom from the tight suspender belt. Sara II moves her mouth around Sara's thighs, and peels each stocking down her legs, until both are removed. Finally, she unfastens the belt, and it falls onto the bed. Sara sighs and moans, then plunges her mouth into Sara II's pubic region, licking the red genital hair, and moving towards her fanny - both robots sighing and panting. Suddenly, Sara II pulls Sara's knickers down, now her red pubic hair is exposed. Both Sara's lay there, locked together, totally nude. Sara II moves the fingers of her left hand around Sara's pubes, and forces her index finger into the fanny. Sara gives a loud murmur as Sara II's fingers vibrate inside her. Whilst she does this, Sara II caressess the pale body all over, licking her nipples and chest. Sara's processors begin working overtime to handle the amount of sensation she is feeling from her robotic playmate. She frees her right hand from being trapped underneath her, and removes Sara II's right breast cover. The skin-plate comes off in her hand, and she delicately puts in on the bedside table. Sara II's pert right breast is now replaced a small enclosure, most of which consists of tiny sensors and her nipple unit. There are also several wires running in and out of the black silicone breast unit. Sara looks at the unit admirably, and whispers, "We are the perfect female machines, I love you." Sara II responds, "Touch me, make me malfunction". Sara does just this, and caresses, touches and licks Sara II's fit, lightly tanned body. Sara II reaches to the table, and re-positions her right breast. Sara's vision displays various errors, 'System usage 35%" and 'Chip error whilst accessing SF5324-1'. "I feel so horny, my systems are overheating", Sara again whispers to her partner. Sara II removes her fingers from Sara's fanny, and both stare in each other's eyes. "I have just suffered a malfunction at FE00CE00", remarks Sara II. They both know that this is typically caused by their sexual systems overloading.

Part IV

A car drives up to the mansion, then the hallway door can be heard opening. "Essjay's back", whispers Sara II. Sara calls out, "In here, lover", "Would you like to join us?". "I'll be there in a minute", comes the reply. Both droids stop their caressing and lay on the bed next to each other, waiting for their lover. The vision is incredible, both women lying together, red-heads, completely naked, their slender legs wrapped around each other. A while later, he walks into the bedroom, and at this point is only wearing his boxer shorts. He stands looking at them both, he finds them too irresistable. He drops his undies, his penis beginning to erect at the sight of them on the bed. He climbs over them, and kisses them both. "I'm glad i'm home", he announces, "I've been waiting for you both." He looks at Sara II, now back fully functional, "I trust you are feeling better", he asks. Sara II nods her head, and both androids position themselves around him. Sara II kisses him, and moves her hands around his fit chest, while Sara takes his penis into her mouth, sucking it. The man sighs whilst the robots play with him, and then he runs his right hand over Sara II's breasts, fondling her erect nipples. Sara also turns her attention back to Sara II, running her mouth between her bottom crack, then caressing her vaginal flaps. Sara II moans, her systems overloading, her hands grasping Sara's head and his thighs. He pulls away from the bed for a moment, both Sara's deep in sexual activity. He reaches to the drawer in the bedside table, and pulls out a small ribbon cable. The Sara's catch sight of this, and both smiling, take an end each of the connector. Both reach up their own bottom's and insert the lead into their interface sockets. They initialise their ports and send data to each other. He comes back to the bed, both droids quickly touching him again. He holds his penis in his left hand, and masturbates a little, some cum dripping on to the bed, some on Sara II's leg. Sara II reaches out for his penis, and vigorously rubs the tip, hot sticky cum transferring to her hand, which she then wipes over her lips. Sara II malfunctions a little, her movements becoming steady and robotic. Finally, he thrusts his fully erect penis into Sara's cunt, Sara moaning as the stickyness makes some of her sensors activate and short-circuit. All three lay there, the man pushing back and forth into Sara, Sara in turn connected to Sara II via the data lead. Sara relays the errors and feelings that she is receiving from his penis, and Sara II is able to emulate the sensation. Sara II moves her left hand fingers up her own fanny, moaning as she masturbates herself. Both robots begin to overload and malfunction from the pleasure. Through the moans and pants from all three, Sara utters in a slurred, robotic speech, "Address exception, error at 00CEFE90". Sara II, who is giving herself pleasure aswell as being remotely aroused by Sara, begins to act robotically again, her smooth human-like movements breaking down into a steady mechanical movement. "I love you...fuck me...m-a-k-e m-e o-v-e-r-l-o-a-d", she stammers, and he reaches with his right hand, rubbing and caressing her fanny. The frantic sound of servo's can be heard from both females, their central processors and main memory struggling to serve their sexual actions. As Sara II's system stabilises, she kisses and caresses both his and Sara's body, all of them moaning. He reaches to Sara II's crotch, and playing with her fanny hair, removes her pubic access panel. The skin panel covered with pubic hair falls to the floor, and is replaced by an enclosure - a circuit board crammed with eprom's, a rubber key membrane, and her interface socket. Sara is near to cumming, but noticing Sara II's access panel removed, thrusts her hand over it, and pulls an eprom out of its socket. Sara II suffers some errors as the eprom is ripped out. She moans heavily, and robotically shreaks, "Cannot access PROM5030-3, error - cannot access PROM5030-3, fatal error, invalid address, sexual system abort...system abort."

His eyes catch Sara's, and they smile, both turned on by Sara II malfunctioning. Sara feeds some more data through the cable through to Sara II, and Sara II continues to play with her fanny and breasts. He runs his fingers over both Sara's, and snatches the eprom away from Sara's hand. He runs his hand to Sara II's genitals, and pulls two wires from the circuit board. Sara II doesn't seem affected by this, until he strikes the torn metallic ends of the wires across the tracks on the circuit board, and across the pins of the chips. She starts to short circuit, and he wedges the wires in-between the pins of one of the eproms. He pushes harder into Sara, she moans constantly, announcing some errors as they occur. Some electrical smoke starts to emit from the eprom with the wires shorting it, also a small blue spark flashes. Sara II increases her moaning, and he removes the cable from her bottom. He and Sara kiss passionately, "I love you Sara", he whispers in her ear, still shunting back and forth inside her. Sara II fondles her tits, with continued burning emitting from her fanny and shorted chipsets. Sara II then bleeps frantically; "Short circuit...malfunction at 00FE90C0...Sexual arousal unit short circuit...Complete system failure...Fatal system burnout", she robotically announces. She starts to fondle herself at an increased speed, her head mechanically moving left and right, still moaning loudly, and at times in a low robotic tone. " sexual system is overloading...burn out...short circuit at 00FE90CA", she shouts in seeming agony. Then, a loud bang, two blue sparks from her circuitry, and a plume of electrical smoke. "I am a female robot...I am overloading...I am a f-e-m-a-l-e r-o-b-o-t...I a-m...", are the final words she speaks. Her head jilts to the right, her eyes close, and her mouth drops open. Her hands freeze, still holding her breasts tightly. She bleeps frantically, more sparks fly from her access panel, and Sara reaching over to her, kisses her and flicks the switch between her head - shutting her down. Like a statue, she lays there motionless and lifeless. The smouldering from her crotch dies down, and some of her circuitry is clearly damaged.

He pushes harder and faster, sliding his wet penis in and out of her synthetic fanny. The kiss and caress each other, both moaning and panting heavily. Suddenly, he cums, unleashing a loud scream as he does so. Sara orgasms and shreaks from the pleasure, her body temporarily locking from the load on her processors. They kiss each other, "I love you", he whispers into Sara's ear. "I love you too", replies Sara. As they pant, his heart-beat racing, he retracts his penis. It is sticky, and cum drips onto Sara's thigh. She pants, error messages flashing in her vision, but with her advanced electronics and programming, she no longer malfunctions, but acts like any human. Some smoke emits from her bottom and vagina as some of her units overheat, however she doesn't burn out or short circuit. The couple kiss again, embracing each other, and pulling up the bed sheets, turn over to go to sleep. Sara II lays lifeless next to them, and they both kiss her on the lips - her perfect human-like body still exposed by her uncovered electronics.

The End