Satan's Cheerleaders

by Paul Jutras

"Nothing like a beautiful blonde." Janet Thornberry said as she scooped a spoonful of cereal with one hand and looked at a porn magazine with the other. Dressed in sneakers, ripped jeans, tank top and ball cap, Janet was more interested in women than guys. "Especially that DD chest centerfolds."

Finishing her breakfast, Janet grabbed her purse and took one last look at the naked woman in the photo before heading for the office. Janet didn't wear a suit or go to a office building. Her work place was the street and her business was drugs.

It was 9:00am and Janet only had to wait a few minutes for the kid who had said he'd be back with money showed. "There you go kid." Janet smiled as she counted the money then reached into her purse. She handed the kid a transparent bag of powder. "Love to do business with you anytime."

Janet continued to count the money as she walked off. Janet didn't notice that she was stepping out into the street. An 18 wheeler blew a warning horn, but it was too late. Janet was instantly splattered over the truck like a bug.

Janet woke to the smell of brimestone filling her nose. As she looked up she was in the shadow of a giant horn man. Looking down she saw the man's legs disappearing into a lake of fire. "Oh my God!"

"Guess again." The giant chuckled.

Satan continued. "I really like the job you did back on earth. I like it alot."

'R-R-Really?" she chuckled.

"You can avoid the lake of fire if you care to do a job for me to recruit souls."

"You want me to get people to sell you their souls?"


Janet took a moment to look down into the lake of fire. It bubbled and sent up a geyser of flames into the air. Swimming in the fire were souls of the tourtured
doomed as they screamed in agony.

"Y-You got yourself a deal." Janet said, figuring anything had to be better than ending up one of the collected souls.

"Sign the contract then." Satan snickered as Janet noticed her finger was bleeding."In blood of course."

"Of course." Janet repeated. As she started to sign she felt dizzy. when finished she passed out.

In Janet's bedroom the alarm went off. A hand holding a blue pom-pom reached over and shut it off. "What the--?" Janet said as she couldn't let go of it or the one in the other hand.

"You did say you loved blondes didn't you?" a man said, sitting in a chair across from the bed. He had several other women in red and white cheerleader uniforms
beside him. "Your costume doesn't come off unless it is during the performance of your duty. The same goes for the pom poms."

Janet got out of bed and admired her new look. She looked as good as any woman in the centerfolds. As hard as she tried she couldn't remove the outfit, stockings or shoes.

"Let me show you how it comes off." Cindy said as she snuggled with Janet's neck. As Janet moved her hand to rub Cindy's breast, the pom pom dropped to the floor. The same went with the other as the two women started to strip one another's clothes and the man watched the two women make bad passionate love to each other.

An hour later, Janet found the outfit had magically returned to her body. Making her a prisoner in it once more.

"One more thing, Janet." The man said with a sneer. "When I leave, you'll find your period switched permanently on. It will remain on unless your in an assigment. Small price to avoid the lake of fire, you'll agree. If you don't do your duty, the boss will find a much more severe punishment."

"Enjoy" The man giggled. The second the man vanished, too.  There was just a hint of sulfur smell in the room.  Janet felt a sudden cramp worse than any period she ever had. She dropped to the floor in agony, she couldn't wait to get to her first assigment to make the pain stop.

"Best do as the boss says." Robin said as she told Janet that one cheerleader who refused to obey was forced to spend a week 9 months pregant untill she agreed to do her job.

Looking at the address on the card the man gave her, Janet got to her feet and grabbed her purse. As she left the bedroom she realized she wasn't in her apartment but each cheerleader had been given a bedroom that matched her former one.

Janet went to the hotel owned by the car lot next door where she was expected. She felt like a hooker working for a pimp. When she looked in the hotel room window and saw the disgusting over weight slob of a man, she felt sicker than her period was already making her.

"No!" Janet said out loud. She enjoyed making it with the other cheerleader. She'd rather face the lake of fire than go to bed with that fat guy. "I won't do it!" She screamed as she felt a funny feeling in her feet.

She reached down, but remembered she couldn't remove her shoes. Through her nylons, her legs seemed to take on a different tone and texture. It wasn't until her arms changed that she noticed her skin taking on a plastic appearance. Suddenly her arms moved themselves into position and froze solid. Her head looked up and her eyes fixed straight ahead. Janet couldn't move at all.

The voice of her 'boss' echoed in her head.  "You'll make a lovely mannequin advertizment for SEXY MOTORS MOTEL. Perhaps one day I'll give you a second chance to be one of my cheerleading soul collectors.  Enjoy your periods in your immoblized state while you wait for me to change my mind.  If I ever do...."


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