SCOTT'S WISHES 2 (Lesley's wish)


It was Sunday morning and Scott's old buddy Lesley was enjoying the weekend flea market together. Scott, who had become Jane due to a bad genie wish, looked at the booths of junk as she stood in a rainbow bikini and a pair of gray pants that fell down over her wide hips to expose some of her bikini bottom to the world. Lesley was dressed in a pink blouse with pictures of cherries on it, red skirt with matched sandals and toe nail polish.

"Hey there girls," A woman from a jewelry booth said as she waved them over to them. "How about purchasing something?"

"No thanks, I'm not much into jewelry." Jane said.

"This necklace looks cute." Lesley said.

"My name is Sandra and that necklace is magic." Sandra said with a smile. "It is said to have the power to give the owner their ideal body."

"You sure you don't want it?" Lesley asked as she admired the necklace.

"The last thing I'm going to get involved with again is something magical," Jane said as Lesley paid the woman and put the necklace around her neck. "I think it looks better on you anyway."

As the two walked off a man came up the jewelry stand. "Did you get rid of the necklace like I asked?" The man asked.

"Yes master," Sandra said with a smile. "I think this will be even better than when I used to turn the masters we were mean to me into whores and sold them into slavery. That woman wearing the necklace won't know what hit her."

"This has better not be a blind date," Jane said as Lesley stopped the car before a building and helped her to the building with her blind fold on. "You know how I feel about those."

"It's not my fault that you made that stupid wish last month that got you stuck in a body that looks like a living Barbie doll. Every man in town wants to go out with you. Besides if you don't dive into the date pool, you'll end up an old maid."

"Hardly," giggled Jane. "I'm so rich I won't have to work as a maid ever. My plastic skin doesn't age so I won't get old even when I die."

"Ha, Ha," Lesley laughed. "You're funny and you can look now."

"A spa?" asked Jane. "You know I hate places like this. Can't we just spend today at the beach?"

"You can't avoid dating forever." Lesley smiled. "Now come on."

"Welcome, birthday girl," A woman dressed in white said with a smile. "Your package for the birthday girl and guest is ready. If you'll step into the next room we'll get started."

Soon the two girls were wearing nothing but the spa's bath robes. They soon had their hair fixed up and their make up and nails redone. "You two will be a pair of perfect little dolls when I'm done with you," One of the hair dressers said as she worked on Lesley.

"This make up makes me look a bit shiny don't you think?" Lesley asked.

"Not to worry." The hair dresser said. "By the end of the day you'll look natural."

After the hair dressers were done, they were taken to the back room and disrobed. They climbed into a pair of tubs filled with mud and enjoyed their soaking. "I'm feeling a bit strange," Lesley said to Jane. "A bit light headed. How about you?"

"I feel perfectly normal." Jane said as her over size breasts were just barely submerged under the surface of the mud.

"Times up!" A massage lady said a half hour later. She helped Lesley out of the tub first. "How about we take care of you first?" she asked. "Your friend seem to be enjoying her soaking."

"She's a regular mud loving tom boy." Lesley said as her legs collapsed under her. She had to lean on the woman for support as she helped her up onto the table and clean the mud off her before starting to rub her neck and back.

"What's this?" The woman said as she found what looked like a plug on the back on her next. As she pulled the plug, Lesley let loose a moan in pleasure. You'd almost think she was having the best sex in her life. The massage woman just let out a scream that caused Jane and the spa staff to come running.

"How did this happen?" The manager of the spa said as she looked at the deflated pile of latex and rubber that used to be a paying costumer.

"The necklace," said Jane. She took it from her friend's neck and felt it growing warm in her hand. She tried to drop the necklace but was already stiffening into place. She watched her body go from flesh and blood to the hard plastic of a real Barbie doll. Only she wasn't a doll. She was a life size mannequin.

"What do we do?" One of the workers asked.

"If word gets out, we'll not only be out of business but locked away as a bunch of nuts with an impossible story," said the manager. "Use some tongs or something to remove that necklace to the dumpster out back. Get rid of it. I'll take care of their records and bodies."

Lesley's doll body was first sold to a fetish store and then to a nice owner who used her every night. Jane soon found herself in a boutique window dressed in a red bikini modeling the spring to summer swim line. Each wondered if the other was still alive in their new form and if they enjoyed the surges of joy of being touched as much as the other did.


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