Secure Identities


Northern Chill

     Author’s note: This story was inspired by a photo manip done by the talented Eltomte and features the OC of DA member Denise. Enjoy!

        Denise stretched her arms as she sat up in bed early in the morning. Although it was a beautiful day out, things were not going well for her in real life. Denise had been laid off from her teaching position, there were no openings for other occupations she had done in the past and her savings were dangerously low. Consequently, Denise was more than a little desperate as she cycled through the job ads on her laptop.

       “Construction work, no. Office secretary, no. Teacher position but must be willing to relocate to Canada during the winter months. Yeah, don’t think so. That place is full of weirdos and beaver lovers. Hmmm, what’s this? ‘Looking for women to work as models for line of products. Preference will be given to applications with no previous modeling experience. If you’re confident in your appearance and have the right attitude, send in your resume today. Oooooh,” Denise thought as she scrolled through the online job ads on her laptop before seeing the one that interested her the most.

        Getting up, the dark haired beauty walked over to an area opposite a full length mirror and stood in front of it. Spending a few minutes there, Denise twisted and turned several times as she tried to figure out whether she had the “look” the agency might want.

        “Yeah, you’re damn right I got the look. I’m going down there and by the time I’m done, they’ll be begging me to sign a contract!” Denise muttered before going back to her laptop for the interview times and location.

Next day…..

             Denise strolled through the front doors of the complex and made her way to the reception desk at the far end of the lobby. Making her way to the receptionist, Denise was given a number and directions as to which door to go in when her number was called out. With that, Denise took a seat next to several other women and waited patiently for her turn.

                 “You know, you have no chance of landing a spot with this company. If you’re smart, you’ll pretend that you’re sick and head home before you get embarrassed by the staff,“ the woman next to Denise murmured to her before leaning back and using a nail file on her fingers.

                “Oh? Pardon my language but how the hell do you know who will and won’t be hired here? Judging by your attitude, they’ll send you packing if they don’t want wannabe divas under contract,” Denise replied as she felt herself getting mentally angry with every passing minute.

               “Just trying to save you some embarrassment, honey.  In a very short amount of time, I will be the biggest star at this agency and will have a lot more power around here. You might want to remember that for your future job prospects,” the blonde retorted as she dug out a nail file and sharpened up the nails on the fingers of her left hand.

               “If I didn’t need this job as bad as I do, I’d tell you where you can stick that nail file and give you a free demo, bitch…” Denise thought angrily to herself before she saw doors at the far end of the floor to the left and right of the reception desk swing open.

              “Number 27? Number 27, please step forward,” the receptionist called out from behind her desk.

              “Time for me to shine,” Denise mused to herself as she stood up and swept towards the receptionist.

              “Door to the left. Mister Jackson will be conducting the interview.  When he has concluded the interview, he will be giving you further instructions at that time,”  the receptionist said smoothly with a brief gesture towards the door in question.

              “Thank you, miss,” Denise replied as she turned and headed towards the door in question. As she moved, Denise saw that the blonde was heading for the receptionist and there were more women entering the lobby as well.

              “Gonna knock this one out of the park...maybe if I really impress them, they’ll give me sexy clothes to wear as a bonus after I’m hired,” Denise thought as she opened the door and entered the hallway that led to the interviewer’s office.

              Moments later, Denise took a seat in front of a large wooden office desk. On top of the desk, there were several cell phones, laptops and what looked to be monitors feeding video to be viewed by the desk’s owner.

              “Good day, Miss Miller. I’ve gone over your resume and the images you attached of yourself in different attire and poses. I just have one question to ask you about the position you are applying for. If you are participating in a photo shoot as a representative model of this company, are you willing to carry out any instructions or orders given to you during the work without question?” Jackson asked solemnly even as he sent out a text on one of his cell phones.

                “I, ummm, I can assure you that I will do anything asked of me as an employee of the company. I’m willing to do whatever is asked of me and wouldn’t question it, no matter what it is,” Denise replied with a slight hesitation. She figured she’d go along with whatever Jackson asked now as long as she got the job.

                 “Well, Miss Miller, that’s just what I wanted to hear. I’m pleased to say that you’re hired to work for the company. Welcome aboard. Please, give your name and contact info to the receptionist out front and she’ll send you the information you’ll need for your first assignment,” Jackson intoned as he stood and extended his right hand to congratulate Denise.

                  Denise’s cheeks turned slightly red as she stood and accepted Jackson’s gesture. With her mind racing a mile a minute, Denise left the office in a walk that seemed like she was almost bouncing with every step. As she entered the lobby, Denise noticed the lobby crowd of waiting women had grown considerably in size.

                  “Hope you’re not flipping burgers while I’m doing my first shoot, sweetie,” Denise muttered as she paused before the acid tongued woman with the finger nail file in a way only the two of them could hear. Not waiting to hear a reply, Denise walked out of the room as more women entered the lobby seeking employment.

Several days later…..

                     “ Hope things go as easy as can be….just remember, go along with anything they ask, no matter how strange it may seem, ” Denise thought to herself as she opened the door to the studio she was directed to go to for her first shoot.

                    “You must be Denise. I read your bio before setting things up this morning and I’m aware that you have no experience working in the fashion model industry. No matter. Gilles will give you the outfit you’re to put on today and direct you to your change room for putting it on. You understand all the instructions you were given prior to today, correct?” the photographer asked as he adjusted the backdrop in one area.

                      “I understand. Are there any other instructions you have for me?” Denise asked the man who looked to be in his late forties.

                      “Address me as ‘Sir’ during the shoot. After we are done with the work today, you are not allowed to remove the outfits afterwards. You are to wear the outfit constantly until the shoot is completed this week. Failure to do this will come with penalties, I assure you. Do you understand?” the photographer said crisply as he handed Denise a garment bag.

                      “Yes, sir,” Denise replied meekly as she took the garment bag and privately wondered if she was getting something that was too much for her to deal with.

                      A short time later, Denise stepped somewhat meekly out of the change room she was in and stepped forwards. Denise was wearing a red satin bra and panty set with black fringe along the edges of the attire. With a sheer white nightie draped around and black high heel shoes adorning her feet, Denise looked extremely sexy as she slowly made her way towards the photographer and other models.

                     “Don’t let the camera guy push ya around too much. I’ve heard he tries to use his power to have his way with the most beautiful of the new models. I’m Kelsea, by the way,” a dark haired woman dressed in a power blue lingerie set murmured as Denise drew near.

                     “Yeah, just relax and enjoy yourself. I’ve been doing this for three months now and it’s been fun even with touchy feely twerps like Guy,” the raven haired Brooke said quietly as she walked by Denise.

                      Denise mentally nodded as she stood before the white backdrop as Guy continued to figure out the angles for his shoot. After moving the lights back and forth several times and peering through a small, hand held lens with his right eye, Guy dug out his camera and announced that it was “magic time”.

                      “OK, ladies. I want you to look sexy, look provocative. I want your faces to be full of desire. I want you to make love to the camera. I want you to move every few seconds and show how happy you feel,” Guy exhorted as he moved back and forth in front of the models, clicking his camera every few seconds.

                       “No one told me that I’d be moving back and forth from one spot. I knew modeling was work but there seems to be a tedium to all of this as well,” Denise thought to herself as she shuffled and pirouetted in accordance with Guy’s constant instructions.

                      After a session that lasted for several hours, with breaks for Guy to make calls and the models to rehydrate, the session came to a close for the day. Guy thanked the models for their hard work, reminded them of the time and place for the next shoot and a reminder to keep the lingerie on at all times.

                      “Ohhh, my neck. I think my head might have fallen off if Guy had asked me to twist it one more time,” Denise muttered as she rubbed the back of her neck with her right hand.

                     “Oh, it’ll get better, trust me. This is my second session with the company and the quirks and stuff is easy to put up with, I think. Just do as Guy asks, keep yourself at arms length whenever possible and wait for your bank account to get richer,” Kelsea said quietly as she pulled on a light blue robe over her body.

                     One of the other models dressed in a white satin bra and nude pantyhose looked around briefly for Guy before moving closer to Denise. “Guy tried hitting on me when I started working for the company but when I told him that my girlfriend was waiting to pick me up after the shoot, he backed off. I’m Brooke, by the way,” she murmured softly before moving off to her dressing room.

                     Denise gathered up her things and made her way to the change area assigned to her. “Don’t care how weird or strange all of this gets. As long as it pays the bills and I don’t have to wind up kneeing a pervert in the groin, I can deal with it,”she mused as she slipped her blouse and skirt over the lingerie set she was wearing for the picture taking.

                   After parting words from Guy, the women went their separate ways. As Denise headed home in a taxi, she felt an odd sensation as she sat in the back seat. It felt like she was experiencing brief jolts of pleasure in her breasts and vagina. Briefly tapping those areas discreetly, Denise didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary and chalked up the sensations to an intense day of modeling.

                 Making her way into her modest apartment, Denise took off her jacket and made her way to her bedroom. Removing her clothes, Denise briefly considered removing her lingerie set but decided not to for now.

                “With my luck, there’s some sort of detection tracker sewn into the fabric of this stuff that will send off a signal to the company the second I take it off. This will all settle down and I’ll get into a routine very soon, ” Denise thought to herself before heading to the washroom to wash up.

                Denise briefly entertained the idea of removing the lingerie for her shower but decided against it. To her surprise, the dark haired woman found it oddly comfortable to wear the bra and panty set even though Denise found it difficult to wash the areas the items covered. In fact, Denise felt the stimulation that she had experienced before in the taxi and it was more intense than before. The dark haired beauty had to lean against a shower wall during this time or she would have fallen to her knees.

                 “That, that was intense...never showered before while still wearing bra and panties gawd, I thought I was going to orgasm right there in the stall…” Denise thought to herself as she finished toweling herself off before sagging onto her bed and quickly falling asleep.

                The next day, Denise showed up for the photo shoot once again and she felt like it went much smoother than the first day. She found she was able to hold the poses demanded for longer periods of time and when Guy asked her to focus on the camera as he clicked away, it was with a clarity she hadn’t felt before.

                “All right, ladies. That was a superb job today by all of you. Now, for the upcoming weekend, I have something extra I want all of you to wear until we resume picture taking for the fall season next week. It looks like some sort of name tag generated by a computer printer found in a person’s home. However, it is a biometric emblem that the company is looking to market to buyers of its clothing line. The tag uses your biological and physical statistics to conform the attire to suit your individual bodies perfectly. I want each of you to put one on your body just above your breasts and DO NOT remove it like the lingerie. Now that is understood, I want to see you bright and early Monday morning. I’ll be sending out your itinerary for next week over the weekend. Ta ta, ladies!” Guy said to Denise and the other models before heading to the back of the room to send text blasts to company executives.

                 “A name tag? Strange shit indeed…” Kelsea muttered as she looked at the tag given to her before putting it on her chest.

                 “Probably some weird thing where the company monitors the activities of a wearer and uses the gathered data for future stuff. Me, don’t really care as long as my account gets fatter,” Denise said quietly as she affixed her tag to her body.

                 “See everyone Monday morning! Have a great weekend!” Bri called out before turning and heading for the exit. The other women noted, with some amusement, that the diminutive woman was deliberately swinging her nylon clad ass and legs as she walked away.

                 “I just want an easy weekend,” Denise mumbled as she hefted her purse over her right shoulder, draped a garment bag over her forearm and headed off to enjoy what she hoped to be a relaxing weekend.

Saturday afternoon……

                 “It’s a good day. Oh, a very, VERY good day,” Denise hummed as she strode out of her bedroom with her cell phone in her right hand. The dark haired woman had just checked her bank accounts on her phone and was delighted to see that her employer had paid her for the first shoot as well as an unexpected bonus.   With this in mind, Denise could allow herself time to now reflect on her new job and what she wanted for the future.

                 “OK, got enough money now to pay off my bills and such for the foreseeable future. Question is, do I want to keep doing this job? There’s something...weird going on and it’s not just the strange thing with the lingerie,” Denise mused to herself as she flopped onto a nearby couch and adjusted her bra slightly as she sat.

                 As she scrolled through various texts on her cell, Denise mentally debated the pros and cons of what to do next. Finally deciding on what to do, Denise stood up and headed to the bedroom for a few minutes. A few minutes later, Denise emerged with a towel wrapped around her body and the tag still visible on her chest.

                “I’ll do one more photo  shoot and give my notice...and to heck with the stupidity of keeping their bra and panties. I have to shower and I’ll be damned if I have to wear soaking wet lingerie,” Denise thought as she entered the bathroom and tossed the towel onto a neary hamper.

             Turning on the water inside the shower stall, Denise stepped inside and started to enjoy a refreshing shower. As she lathered up and felt warm water flow over her body, Denise thought she felt a slight tingle emanate from the tag she was wearing but dismissed it as the lingerie was back in her room.

             Finishing her shower, Denise felt an odd sense of stiffness as she stepped out of the stall. Toweling herself off, Denise felt the stiffness growing throughout her body. In addition, she felt an incredibly powerful sensation of pleasure emanating from her breasts. It was if she was being ordered to caress and fondle them to quell the feeling.

            “ Oh, god, this is incredible. It’s like my breasts are hyper sensitive and I’ll orgasm if I stop touching them. I wonder if this has anything...OHHHHHH!!!! ” Denise thought as she drew her hands up to her breasts before experiencing what seemed to be the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. In that instant, everything went black and Denise lost track of time and everything else.

            After an unknown amount of time, Denise regained consciousness and found her considerably completely immobile and unable to speak. If this wasn’t shocking enough, Denise could see, and feel, her body starting to change in appearance. The woman saw that her skin was taking on a glossy artificial appearance with freckles and other imperfections vanishing as if scrubbed away with an eraser.

             As Denise looked on with her eyes fixed straight ahead, she could see the changes spreading all over her body. Denise’s pussy involuntarily clenched tight for a passing moment, as if it was clutching onto a cock or sex toy, before the area smoothed over and became flawless plastic like the rest of her body.  To Denise’s shock, she could see what looked to be lines of separation appearing around her waist, wrists and neck. In that instant, Denise realized what was happening to her.

             “A MANNEQUIN...I’m turning into a mannequin...a plastic display figure stores use to display clothes they want to sell. This, this can’t be happening.  I’m a woman, not a figure..a form..form...display clothes….it is my purpose to display clothes for owner..NO...I...what...what is happening now??.....” Denise thought as her thinking mixed with the desires of an inanimate mannequin. However, this thinking was interrupted by the sight of her facial features disappearing like all other signs on her body that indicated she was once a woman.  Denise’s eyes, ears, mouth and nose were vanishing as if they were being erased by an invisible eraser. For some reason, she could still see and hear but to anyone who saw here, Denise would appear to be a faceless mannequin with an amazingly realistic wig of hair.

              “Now, what happens? What do I do? I look like a store mannequin in the bathroom...who will find me? Who...OOOOHHH...JUST..just felt an odd sensation...mmmm….I...I left the fan going in the living room and the breeze is hitting body….oooohhh…” Denise thought as her thinking about what her future might be was interrupted by her new body reacting to the gentlest of breezes.

               After some time, Denise heard what sounded like the door to her place rattling as if someone was coming inside. A minute or so later, she heard footsteps of  what sounded like more than one individual heading towards her.

             “Oooooh, maybe my neighbors are visiting and found I didn’t lock the door. They’ll find me and..and...put lingerie on me and put me in a window or on the store floor ...mmmm… NOOO!! ” Denise thought even as her thinking grew more chaotic.

             “ Geez, Bert, another babe who couldn’t bother to lock her doors and follow the agency instructions about the clothing. You’d think they’d learn their lesson,” a man dressed in dark blue overalls remarked as he entered the bathroom and glanced at a clipboard he was holding.

             “You just wanted to use the lock picking kit you brought along, Ernie. OK, she’s fully converted. Nothing out of the ordinary for repair. I’ll gather up the stuff that goes with her. You look around here and make sure nothing is here that needs to go with it,” the taller man said as he left the room to take care of his tasks.

              Ernie laughed as Bert left and fumbled through his overalls briefly before pulling out an unusual looking tablet. “Let me see. Still got the tag on, I see. Her name is there. This new tablet they gave me. Wonder what this DMD button does?” he said as he pointed the tablet at the tag and depressed the button in question.

                “What, what are they talking about?..I………….” Denise started to think before, much like a candle being blown out, her thinking went to darkness.

                “Ernie! What did you do? Did you hit the Digital Memory Download button when scanning the tag?” Bert said as he returned to the bathroom and noticed the glowing button on Ernie’s tablet.

                “Ummm, yeah. Was that wrong?” Ernie said as he lifted the mannequinized Denise up and carried it out into the living room.

                “That button downloads the memory of the person before they transformed into a mannequin. It might be a problem when they restore the memory and change her back at some point. The agency never told us all the details. Just said NOT to hit that button. Don’t you remember?” Bert said with an exasperated tone.

                 “Ummm, I do now. Sorry. Uhhh, what now?” Ernie said as he scratched his head.

                 “I’ll call the office after we pick up the other one. Kelsea something, that’s her name. They have something special planned for her to wind up in. For now, crate this one up and do the usual scene cleaning. She’ll be ready for wherever the agency wants to send her,” Bert said as he took out his cell and started contacting the agency.

                 “OK, Bert. She won’t be saying anything, one way or the other,” Ernie said as he laughed for several seconds.

                 Indeed, for Denise, she was now a mindless mannequin. Whether her mind and body would be restored to her in the future was a matter that was out of her hands…

                 For now, her hands would be draped in clothes of whatever her owner wanted.

                Denise’s future was now secure...just not in the way she expected.