Sensational Swimwear 10: A True Living Mannequin

by Paul G. Jutras

      "Help! Help me please!" Jamie Lee Curtis shouted as she ran across the lawn and pounded on the porch door while a man moved through the shadows toward her.

     Glancing at her watch, James Carter noticed it was time to make her security guard rounds at the mall. She turned off the TV set that was airing the 1978 movie classic HALLOWEEN.   

   "Here I go." James checked his appearance in the mirror once before turning off the TV he brought from home and headed out of his room.  Even though the security cameras showed every inch of the mall, it was still her duty to do a monitor check of the area. Not to mention he didn't want loose his figure if the intruder was a big handsome male. With his looks, one would never guess that James was a male himself.

    As James listened to the click of his heels echo through the empty mall, his nylon coated legs brushed against one another in his gray uniform skirt. His flashlight pierced one darken store after another as he straightened his tie that fell lopsided over the breasts forms he wore.

     That was when he notice a light coming from inside a store named SENSATIONAL SWIMWEAR.  The sign in the lower window got his attention because it didn't seem to make any sense when he read: TRUE LIVING MANNEQUINS SOLD HERE.

      "I always thought that living mannequins were models hired to freeze in position for long periods of time." James said to himself as he suddenly realized that the store itself should not be open so late at night. He knew the mall catered to trick or treaters during Halloween, but all the kids had gone home with their bags of candy.

    Inside of Sensational Swimwear, Josie watched James come in and turned from the Halloween decorations that she was taken down. "Miss, the mall is closed and I must ask that you take you leave of the store at this time."

      "Is that so?" Josie said as she stepped down off the ladder wearing only her hot pink bikini. She walked over to James who felt a chill run up and down his spine. Part of him wanted to run or draw a weapon. He didn't have a weapon and high heels weren't the best thing to run in. When her long painted finger nail touched him, he simply blacked out.

     "This can't be happening." James thought as he came too and found himself naked and on display in the window. He tried to move, but felt a numbness throughout his body. It was like every inch of him had fallen asleep at once. The strangest thing was how erect his breast nipples were toward the coolest of the store front.

         "Now that you can't move, I hope you're ready to have your life changed forever." Josie smiled as she ran her hand along the latex vagina that had hidden his true manhood. A spark of pleasure shot through his frozen form and made him mentally orgasm is a way he had never done before.

       "You will do well." Josie picked James up and set what looked like a mannequin display pole for anal intrusion. She them put additional tubes down her throat and into his fake pussy. James then felt his waste being sucked out of him followed by the feeling of long liquid penetrating every fiber of his stiff being. When the tube by his sex, James could see from his image in the window glass that he was now sexless in appearance.

          Josie then took a spray and covered every inch of James frozen body. When the spell wears off and the spray dries he still won't be able to move. He will forever have a shinny, hairless plastic appearance on his body and a glassy gaze in his eyes. Josie then dressed his naked form in a red body suit and put him on display with the other mannequins in underwear and sleep lingerie.

     "You shouldn't of come into my shop after hours my dear Jamie." Josie cooed into Jame's frozen ear as her touch made her orgasm constantly. She felt empty when Josie left to finish taking her decorations down, but knew she'd orgasm again when the time of the month came for her outfit to be changed. Something James could hardly wait for.




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