Sensational Swimwear 11: Boo at the Fair

by Paul G. Jutras

   "Here you go." Lesley handed a little girl a balloon at the entrance to the fair grounds. The state fair only came by once a year, and everyone in town enjoyed it. It hand many booths set up from the different stores, and Sensational Swimwear also set up one this year.

   After turning to watch the ferris wheel turning, she handed a balloon to man's kid with a cone-shaped blue wizard hat and red robes. She also handed some to a grim reaper, a bounty hunter and a group of aliens. She was really enjoying making the kids happy.  As she handed a balloon to a girl in a mouse costume, she stared up at the giant balloon that was tied up near the edge of the field for everyone to find the place.   

     "Take a break, I'll take over here." Sandy said as she was passed the group of balloons while Lesley went to check out the fair for herself. She notice one booth was from the town's genetic labs. The pair of twins running the booth claimed to be the result of a cloning experiment.

     "Hi girlfriend," Paula said with Barbara and Serena. Paula was dressed in a pair of opened toed heels with black fishnets and leotard. She had a white mouse tail painted face. Barbara had a purple wig and a wizard's outfit while Serena had a blue dress with white angel wings and black boots. They passed several little kids on a slide and headed into the funhouse.

    Inside the funhouse, the three girls climbed up a spiral staircase and along a metal floor that slipped and slid under their feet. There where poles for them to hold on to if they lost their balance. The moved on around and corner, through a spinning barrel and onto a tilted floor. They didn't start feeling sick to their stomachs until the reached the upside down room. A room they were glad to get out of.

      The girls couldn't help but giggle at the series of funny mirrors. Especially with how it made them look in their costumes.  They got another good giggle when they saw one of the guys from their high school had come to the fair dressed as a female hooker.

     "This is so fun." Lesley thought as she came to find air blowing from the floor and walls. The other girls too found that the cool air made their nipples go erect and their vaginas get wet. At least until the passed a series of colorful streamers and a section of floor that spun like a merry go round.

       "Glad you got time off work." Paula said as she entered a padded room that was perfect for jumping and bouncing in. Paula slipped out of her heels and carried them through the room to have the pleasure that shot through her nylon coated feet.

     The rooms got darker as they saw a giant dragon head come out of wall panel breathing fire. The silk flames were small and easy for them to move around. The followed a series of arrows painted on the walls to a dead end. "No where?" Serena asked.

      "Good question." Lesley said she leaned against the dead end, only to find the wall to spin around into a hidden room. The room had several doors along both sets of walls.  "Looks like we found it."

    "Let's split up and pick a door." Paula said as she opened a door and watched as a hooded skeleton sprang out in front of her on a rod. Paula had jumped back in shock and then laughed when she saw it was fake.

      Serena was next. She pulled opened a door and saw a cardboard head on the other side. "No way out here." She said to Paula who had already opened another door and came across another of the funhouse mirrors on the other side. "Does these things make my hips look big or what?"

       Lesley giggled at the joke as she opened a door and watched as a movie projection from the ceiling click on. The image of a train coming at them headed for the door she was standing before. The projector turned off when the door was closed again.

     "This is it." Barbara said as she opened a door and saw a passed for them to enter. As they entered it, they felt a chill. The walls were made of fake ice and painting on the white walls showed igloos, totem poles and other items, including sea lions and seals.

     "This is really cold." Lesley shivered as fake snow fell on top of them. They all laughed as they brushed the snow off and looked at more paintings of those riding snow mobiles and other items. They were glad to leave that area.

      They headed up another set of stairs and down a slide into an area set up like a pirate cove. A pirate chest in one corner area. Barbara stepped on one of a series of color floor panels, a skeleton dropped down from the ceiling in front of them. 

       "Almost wrecked my wings." Serena complained almost as much as Paula, who had her tail taken off on the way down the slide.

    "You should of worn something easy like me." Barbara said as she twirled around in her robes. She saw Lesley making her way off on her own. "Hey, where did Lesley go?"

      "Maybe she had to get back to work and took off  on her own." Paula said as they head off on their on. They were surprise not to see Lesley outside the funhouse or back by the gate.

    "You seen Lesley?" Sandra asked as she walked up with the bunch of balloons in her hands. "My shift is almost up and she's supposed to return to replace me."

     "We lost her in the funhouse and assumed she was out here." Barbara said as the girls looked at one another. While Sandra had to keep passing out balloons until they were gone, the others split up to look for their lost friend.

      Lesley woke up in a cage to find that all her clothes had been removed. As she stood up, her foot stepped on a panel on the floor. A hose turned on and started to spray a creamy liquid onto her body, feeling cold against her bare skin.

      "What's going on here!" Lesley screamed as she stood dripping wet with the goo all over her. The goo even got between her toes and gave them an almost webbed appearance. Like they were fused together. Her legs got stiff almost right away, making it impossible for her to bend her knees or sit down.  She also notice that the spray had covered her crotch and made her appear sexless.

       "What.. is...this..." Lesley found it hard to speak as her skin felt like it was tightening. She noticed even without a bra, her breasts remained erect and tight. Her mouth closed up for the last time while her eyes remained forever glassy and open. There was no way she could react when the hot-pink-dressed demon appeared from out of nowhere.   

   "Welcome my dear girl." Josie said as she walked over to the immobilized Lesley. "Don't bother to try to answer since I know you can't. My control booth alerted me that you tripped the trap door I set up in the fun house. Now you're going to start a new career - working for me..."    

    Lesley watched helplessly as Josie tapped on her stiffly firm breasts and listened to the hollow sound echoing back. Josie then lifted Lesley up and carried her out of the cage. She then slipped a pair of Dursheer Pantyhose easily on her plastic lower half. Josie ran her hand across the pantyhose pussy before putting on a blue and white striped bathing suit on her. "Real mannequins don't wear any underwear and youl won't have to anymore, either, dearie."

    A short time later Lesley found herself on display in front of Josie's Sensational Swimwear booth. A woman in a wrap around skirt and sweater blouse bought a bikini from Josie when Barbara and the others passed the booth and stared at the mannequin displaying the suit.

     "Lesley?" Paula asked.

     Josie's bare foot stepped on a button under her desk and an electrical charge went through the girls' bodies. Instead of collapsing, they stiffened up at attention. She hid them behind her booth curtain, out of sight while she closed down for a short time to properly spray them with the plastic formula and change them into swimsuit mannequins too. Their clothes were be sent to the Salvation Army or a Thrift store for sale.




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