Sensational Swimwear 12: Parts For Sale

by Paul G. Jutras

       "Right here!" Buzz said as his saw cut into a safe. He went through the papers but didn't find it what they looked for. "The blue prints must be somewhere."

     "Got them." Torch said as Zartan led the way through a hole in the wall while an alarm started to sound. The guards got to the lab, only to find the matter transformer where stolen.

    "This is so stupid." Steeler said as he sat inside his tank and complained to Lady J over their communications unit. "We fight and Cobra fight. It never ends."

     "Put a sock in it." Clutch complained back.

     "Yeah, we've got a job to do here." Lady J added. Both were tired of hearing their fellow Joe's complaints about how his love life was zero and his career was going nowhere as well.

     "Head's up!" Flint cried as the sky suddenly lit up with laser fire while a pair of gliders went into an air battle. As Zartan's glider was hit and went down, he dropped the matter transformer; which activated upon impact with the ground.

     Energy shot through the sky and the Joe's blacked out.. When they came to, they were laying in a desert field with no sign of Cobra anywhere. As they got to their feet, they were staggered on legs like jello.

     "Where'd the cobra's go?" Clutch asked.

    "Forget the Cobras." Lady J said. "We'd we go. This doesn't look anything like the place where we were a moment ago."

    "There's something weird about this place." Steeler muttered as he was bitten on the neck by a bug. With a snap, hit killed it. When he looked at it, it didn't look like any that he had seen before. "Look at this."

       "Forget that!" Flint said as he started to dig through a mound of sand. As he continued to dig, a dune buggy was soon uncovered. A little bit of jumpstarting the buggy, the motor was up and running again.  "Don't know who left this here, but I'm not putting a piece of luck down."

    "That's not all." Grunt said as he pointed to a building on the horizon. "Our luck seem to really be turning around."



       A short time later at Sensational Swimwear, Josie was smiling at the group of new arrivals. "Hope you can find everything you want."

   "These motorcycles will do for some extra transportation." Clutch said as he checked them out. He then looked over at Grunt. "How's the food coming along?"

      "Got all we need here." Grunt added.

      "We'll take seven bikes." Flint said as he walked over. "How much to we owe you."

     "Please each of you step up for scanning." Josie said with a smile. With that, each of the Joe's stepped forward toward a pair of binoculars and had a ray hit them in the eye until Steeler came fourth. "No need for you sir."

   "Why not me?" Steeler asked as he lost his center of gravity and collapsed to the ground. He held his arms out to catch himself, and soon found once down that he couldn't get back up. "What's happening?"

    "That's what I'd like to know." Lady J complained.

    "Why can't I blink my eyes?" Clutch asked. "Why can't I move at all!"

    Soon Lady J was joined by six other female mannequins. Josie soon stripped them of their G. I. Joe uniforms, and stood their naked forms in the corner. As she ran her hands over each of their firm mound breasts and sexless crotches, electric energy surged through them with pleasure like they never felt.

     Lady J was the first to have her body taken apart. She thought it weird that even though she was in pieces, she still felt connected. Her body was numb like it had fallen asleep, but it was still marvelous sensations. She only hoped she could get used to them.

      She watched while her lower torso was tipped upside down and hat a pair of hose slipped over them. As the hose was smooth out, her crotch was rubbed sending her pleasure like she had never gotten from her boyfriend Flint.

     Her body part was then packaged in a crate and shipped to some store. Her upper torso was shipped to a different store as well as her heads and arms. They same was done with the others except for Steeler. He had his now feminine feet removed and his lower torso to display panties and garters. His feet were given to a shoe store to display high heels of six inch or more.



    "They do seem to be happy now don't they."  Josie who stepped up behind Flint now DD cup upper torso and rubbed his now slim shoulders before putting a bikini top on and sent energy straight through to his brain. "I love to check out the competition and the work I sell to them when my store gets too full of mannequins."

   "I'd like you to meet Mr. Bush." Josie said as she went to his female head wearing a necklace and earrings. She bent over and whispered into his stiff ear. "She across from you in the red silk night gown. "I got tired of all the trouble Gore and Bush caused so I just changed them both into female mannequins and hypnotized the world into choosing the president I wanted.... Mrs. Clinton. She deserves it after what her husband did to her."

    Taking a dildo, she went to the crotch of each of them and slipped it into each of her newest mannequins. She whispered to each that it was an eternity battery inside that the timer would send them into worlds of new pleasure for an hour each day. She then returned to her store happy with what she did and waited for her next customer to pay for merchandise they'd enjoy for all time.




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