by Paul G. Jutras


     Sandra, Lesley and Paula had just been on a madcap shopping spree all over town. The newspaper was filled with special sales that up now that summer was here. With each stop we made, the trunk and back seat got even more filled. We were about to call it quits when we notice one more ad in the paper; which we forgot to mark. 

     In the distance an old house that appeared from behind the tree tops looking very inviting on such a sunny day.  against the moon lit sky. They stopped the car to read  a sign on the road. A sign that read:

                                                          SENSATIONAL SWIMWEAR

                                                                             1  MILE

     As the girls moved up the walkway to check out the sale, they looked up at green trees and small flower garden. At the same time a mysterious voice seemed to flow over the wind and call her inside. In an almost hypnotic trance they reached the front door and watched it open all on its own.  "How modern," Sandra said. "Must be automatic." 

     The large front room was filled with full and part mannequins. Some were dressed in swimwear while others were naked. To their surprise, they found themselves to be the only customers in the place. "Hello!" Lesley called to the sound of her own echoing voice. "Is anyone here? Is this place open for business?"

     "May I help you." A man asked as he limped forward. With the pant leg torn off his left leg, the girls could see a scar that was down right spooky in appearance. "Everyone calls me Uncle Linch.  I've so much love seeing young ladies enjoying my merchandise."

     "We saw your ad in the newspaper.." Paula began as he limped over to a chair with the help of a cane and sat himself down. "...We'd of been here sooner  if we'd of notice the ad right off."

     "I know you would." He interrupted. "The house sense you in the area and put the ad and the thought of stopping in your mind. This old house is alive and feeds off the life force of young things like yourself."

     Suddenly she heard someone laughing and looked around to see if they could tell the source. "You're not going to tell us that this place is haunted, are you?" Sandra asked. "Look, we're here for some swim wear. Can you show us something sensational?"

      "Yes indeed." The man said as he asked their sizes and then went to get them from the back room.  Just then more footsteps were heard. These were louder than the previous ones. "You think that cane is a fake?" Lesley asked. "Those footsteps don't sound like the ones he made when he left."

    "Could it be a ghost and this place actually be haunted?" Paula said to herself wishing she was somewhere else but there . She backed away and bumped into one of the naked mannequins. The cool plastic touch sent a shiver up her spine.

     The sound of a tree breaking the window glass got the girls attention and allowed caused them not to notice their host returning with three boxes. Setting them down on the table, he opened the top one and pulled out a one piece bathing suit. It looked like the American flag with the bottom red and white while the chest area being blue with stars scattered across. "I was going to dress this on one of the naked mannequins," he said to Paula. "I think it'll look sensational on you."

       Going into a closet remodeled into a dressing room, Paula stripped down to her pantyhose and stepped into the bathing suit. The moment she stepped out of the changing room, she orgasm. When she felt between her legs, she was surprise to find it wasn't wet at all. "Where are my friends?"

      "They're using the upstairs chaining room." The host said sadly as Paula made her way upstairs to a hall gallery of paintings. That was when she heard the sound of chains rattling.  She paused a moment and pondered if she should ask what was making that noise.

     She continued up the freshly painted staircase. The steps creaked and made the sound of footsteps following her up stairs.  She put her hand on the wall, careful not to get splinters stuck into her.  She opened the door to the room containing the rattling sound. She could only stare in disbelief at what laid before her. Her friends were chained naked to the wall with their toes fusing together into a solid foot. Their pert breasts seemed to swell in size and became hard and erect.

      "Sandra! Lesley!" Paula screamed in terror as their hair slid off their heads like a pair of wigs. Ever stitch of body hair had also fallen off as Paula dropped to her knees and began to sob in uncontrolled terror. "No, this can't be happening! Haunted houses don't exist."

      The moans and voices grew louder and penetrated her ear drums. Summoning her last bit of courage, she looked up with tear filled eyes at the sight as the room's dress maker dummy came to life and began to pose her two friends.

      "I'm not seeing this." She said to herself.  She wasn't sure if the moans her friends were making was from pain or pleasure. "There is no way that I'm seeing what I think that I'm seeing here."

              "Miss, please!" the shop owner whispered to Paula. "Please get out of here before it's too late. Before you end up like your friends. There is still a chance for you to return to your old life if you leave the house now."

      She could hear the house suddenly moan sorrowfully. She wondered if she should listen to this weird man when she watched as the man began to melt into the floor. Like flesh turned into molten plastic he could only scream in place as his body melted into a plastic puddle. Just when Paula though she had seen everything, she watched as the puddle rose up and reformed itself in a perfect pantyhose form. At least nearly perfect since his leg scar had remained as a reminder to those who betrayed the house.


     "Go away!" a horse whisper grew louder. The voice sounded like it came from within the pantyhose form. It wasn't alone. It was with other unknown voices. She re- thought about her friends in the nearby room; who nobody could tell was every alive now. The dress maker dummy was smoothing the crotch panel of the pink and blue one piece suit Lesley now found herself dressed in. Sandra was no where to be seen. That was when Paula realized that Sandra had been turned into the bathing suit Lesley now wore. The feeling of fabric and plastic flesh rubbing each other in continuous arousal and orgasm. 

     Gathering up her courage, she tried to head for the door; but found her movements moving more and more slowly. Feeling a tingling sensation in her feet, she looked through the nylon mess and saw that her varnished toes had already fused together. As the sensation moved up her legs, her skin tone took on a more surreal look.

      Paula found frustrated and betrayed.  Although she was held fast, she could still be down far enough as a orgasm hit her to see her sex sealing up and becoming a Barbie doll crotch. The orgasms continued to rock her as it rose up her torso and caused her nipples to inflate into a DD cup size that stretched the fabric of the bathing suit she wore.

     "No, don't." Paula  pleaded in vein as the dress maker's dummy walked over and removed her bathing suit with her having no way of stopping it. When she tried to speak again, she found her voice was taken away from her forever.

     "Why?" Was all Paula could think as she suddenly heard her own lost voice crying out from within the haunted houses' walls like so many others from the past. Her questions would never be answered. She could only hope that the transformation of the owner meant that nobody else would be taken and transformed like her friends and all those before them.





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