Sensational Swimwear 3

by Paul G. Jutras

     Erika and Lesley  headed out of the beauty salon in their sun dresses and sandals to show off the painted nails. Sitting down at the cafe sidewalk table they crossed their legs and both ordered a coffee; which they slowly sipped. Before hitting the salon they had hit almost every mini mall in the area and needed to decided where to hit next. They didn't have anything in their car that would spoil.

        "What's that over there?" Erika asked as she pointed over to the twin towers the reached pass the tree tops. "I don't remember having seen that building before."    

       "There seem to be a sign just below the towers so it can't be a house." Lesley said as they finished their coffee and headed for the car. They slowly pulled out of their parking space and passed the dry cleaner, video store and the everything dinosaur store.

     As the girls moved up the walkway,   they looked up at green trees and small flower garden. Before the twin towers were a sign that read: SENSATIONAL SWIMWEAR.  AS they walked over to the door and pressed the door bell, the door automatically opened.

     The large front room was filled with mannequins. Some were dressed in swimwear while others were naked. To their surprise, they found only one other girl as a customer. "Hello, I'm Paula." The other customer said as she ran her hand along a piece swimsuit fabric. "Do you know who runs this place? I haven't see anyone since I got here."

     "Not a clue." Lesley said as she and Erika picked out matching red bikinis while Paula picked up a blue one piece. "The changing rooms are in the back. Maybe someone will show up by the time we're ready to pay." 

     "Nothing else to do." Erika added. "If the place was closed then we couldn't of gotten in here. I can't wait to see how I look in here."

     The three girls went into the back stalls and stripped out of their clothes. Paula left her pantyhose as she slipped on her one piece and couldn't help but feel a pulsing in her crotch. "Oh my," She cried as the heat built in her pussy until she orgasm. She reached down and for some reaching didn't find the fabric wet at all. "Weird."

      "Weird  indeed." Lesley  said as she stared at herself in the mirror and saw how pert and pointed the top made her breasts. The bottom half gave a weird empty feeling like she wasn't wearing  anything below. The top; however, felt like it was milking her.

    "Could it be a ghost and this place actually be haunted?" Paula said to herself wondering just how much pleasure she could continue to take. She dropped to her rear and couldn't stop herself from foundling her crotch and breasts. 

     The sound of a tree scratching a broken window glass didn't even get their attention. They were took lost as Paula suddenly could no longer feel her anus. As it seemed to be sucked into the bathing suit fabric, she felt like she was filled with the best butt plug ever. "Oh, this couldn't feel anymore wonderful."

      Her moans changed from pleasure to panic as she opened her eyes to find out why the feelings of her hands pleasuring herself seemed less and less. Looking down, she notice her hand were gone and her arms ended in stubs. "What... What's going on?"

      "Erika! Lesley!" Paula screamed in terror as their arms retreated up into her torso before finally vanishing. Her insides filled only with the pantyhose she came into the stall wearing.   The room grew taller as her head became smaller and smaller. Shrinking into the fabric of the bathing suit neckline.

      The moans and voices grew louder in the other changing stalls. Soon they penetrated her ear drums, even through she didn't actually have ears anymore. She couldn't understand how she could still hear or even see for that matter.   Summoning her last bit of courage, she looked underneath into the next stall where Lesley was.

      "I'm not seeing this." She said to herself as she saw a bikini top where Lesley was before. Looking the other way into the mirror and seeing only a one piece suit staring back, she couldn't help wonder if the bikini top was the girl she met today.

            She could hear the house suddenly moan sorrowfully. She wondered if she should of entered the store without the owner to wait on them.  Paula felt frustrated and betrayed as she was picked up by invisible hand and put in a box.  The feelings of hands touching her caused her to orgasm repeatedly and before the lid closed she saw a red bikini put in a box beside her. She figured Lesley was now the bikini top and Erika was the bikini bottom.  She didn't know how long she was in the box, but when it was opened, she was in some other store. A door filled with workers and customers.

     "No, don't." Paula  pleaded in vein as a woman carried her into the dressing room and stepped into her. Paula felt her body being stretched to the limits as her new owners breasts poked into her fabric and caused her to orgasm again and again.

      When the brunette woman wore Paula to the beach, Paula saw a blonde in a red bikini. Paula could somehow sense that that bikini was the two girls she met in Sensational Swimwear. She wondered how Lesley felt as she took on the full weight of the woman's breasts which nipples got more erect and probably heavier once wet.  She wondered what it was like for Erika to only be a bikini bottom stretched over the butt of the woman or just a top holding up the woman tits. She knew it would all be the same in the end. At the end of the day they'd have the sand and salt water washed off them in the machine. A life that will be nothing more but begging arousal and non stop orgasm for now on.



THE END                               

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