Sensational Swimwear 4: The Olympics

by Paul G. Jutras


          The crowds cheered and Tom, Jim and Nancy headed for the space shuttle. They had beaten out all of Earth's competition and now face the Intergalactic Olympics of the year 4, 399.  They climbed into their seats, buckled up and the pilot got the green light for launch. 

        They were soon out of Earth orbit and approached the space station where the Intergalactic Olympics would be held. They disembarked and walked over to the sign in station. That was where they saw the competition. Aliens which were partly metal and partly real.

      "I hope we can keep up with these people." Nancy said as she saw a woman whose lower torso was melted into a car and made her look like a hood ornament.  "Who's our sponsor this Olympics anyway?"

      "The sign is right there." Tom said as he pointed behind the sign up station to a poster of a real cosmic beauty in swimwear. Above the person were the words: SPONSORED BY and below the figure was


        The girls finished signing in and were given tags indicating that they were sports contestants with open access  everywhere around that stadium. Nancy thought her picture made her look really cute as the earth team heard their call to report to the  swimming pool.


        The Earth team soon found themselves suited up in wetsuits  provided by Sensational Swimwear and stood over the water on surfboards of matching colors. As Nancy stepped out on her board another woman stepped up behind her. "That suit I picked out for you is a perfect fit."

      "Who... Who are you?" Nancy stammered.

      "The name is Josie." The woman answers. "I've managed Sensational Swimwear since the original owner retired. "As an open lesbian I keep an eye on what looks good on a possible lover's form."

     "I'm not like that!" Nancy shoved her back to the pool edge. "I can't win if I'm focus on you combining  our bodies instead of me winning."

     "Catch you later my beauty." Josie grinned as she walked off whistling.

      "Go!" A voice cried out as the artificial wave machine started and a ball was launched into play.  Tom and Jim stared at the women on the opposite team. Although they had a full head of hair, their skin was green scales and gills that made them breath underwater as well as a dolphin or whale.

      "Let's do it!" Jim said as he crouched down and scooped up the ball. Then he stared up at the wave the other team was riding toward them; which caused his mouth to drop open.  "Tom, catch!"

      As soon as the ball left his hand, the waved went crashing down and whipped him while Tom charged forward.   His courage turned to fear as a dorsal fin of a shark started to cut across the pool water. As the shark leapt into the air, Tom tossed the ball to Nancy and rode his board straight into the shark's rib cage. The shark was shoved into the side of the pool and knocked out while Nancy cut through the other team to make the point.

    As the game went on and the score got tied up, the shark was replaced with items like  timed launched torpedoes during the final point when the game was tied up.  As the torpedo wreaked Nancy's board, she leapt on top of a torpedo while tossing Jim the ball. Jim swam the ball to the goal while Nancy leapt to the shore line before it exploded. 

   A short time later, the three were re suited in special sports astronauts and walked out onto a playing field with their lacrosse.  The three faced off against a blue hair/ blue skin team from the planet Pluto. As soon as they faced one another, the gravity was turned off underneath them.

       On of the Pluto men shot the ball with amazing strength that knocked Jim against the wall as it hit him. The ball shot off of Jim's body and right  into the goal for the first point. Getting the ball back the Pluto team surprise Earth again by leaping backward instead of forward. Bracing her feet against the wall. The female from  Pluto launched herself before launching the ball for another goal point.

       "We need to start getting our act together." Nancy said to her teammates as another ball was shot upward from the field they hovered over. The guys nodded in agreement as they floated together to form a human wall.

     Catching the ball, Tom dropped backward and threw the ball as a Plutoian floated over him. Jim got the ball and headed forward toward the enemy goal. Nancy leapt off the wall and bounced off the ceiling to block the enemy and allowed the ball to go in.

      A few more points and the Earth team won another one. As they walked off the field, Josie ran up and leapt onto Nancy. "You were wonderful!" 

      "Josie, please!" Nancy cried, breaking Josie's grip and returning to the locker area with her teammates.

       "You'll be mine yet." Josie snickered as she headed back to her room with a grin on her face. "Just wait until The Olympics are over."       

      "I'm not seeing this." A girl from Jupiter dressed in a green uniform said as Tom and Jim passed her in the foot face. Each other them having to drag a steamroller wheel across the open field and across the finish line. "How can anyone from Earth be that strong?"

     "Mars is next."  Nancy said to her teammates as she notice how firm and sexy the Sensational Swimwear project made her body and legs. "It won't be easy to ride our bikes along a roller coaster track instead of a flat plain. As the guys left and Nancy stripped down to her pantyhose and started to play with her pussy through the material. She loved the feeling of the nylon filling her insides.

      The next day Nancy woke up early to the feeling of something probing her pussy. She opened her eyes to see her face to face with Josie; who was under the covers with her. "Hello lover," she cooed.

        "I told you that I'm not that way!" Nancy screamed as she leapt out of bed and got into her biking outfit. Nancy and a female Martian got ready to race one another and soon took off in the race. They pick up speed right away with the 60 degree downhill incline into a tailspin track that took off into both loops and upright Ollie Zones that would of cause them to fall off their bikes if not for their speed. With no control of her speed, Nancy soon raced her way to victory.

     That afternoon Nancy joined her teammates and athletes from many other planets for a race course. Nancy notice how the camera monitor kept showing how the Sensational Swimwear leotards made a woman's chest and butt look better than before.

      "This is it." Nancy said to Tom and Jim. "In this race it's every athlete for themselves."

      As fireworks exploded in the darken top of the enclosed field, the athletes took off in a steeplechase. The track went into a  roller coaster loop at different levels and angels much like the bike race. Nancy's firm, long legs had no trouble keeping up with both the male and female athletes in this contest of skill. Soon she found herself in front of the pack.

     The steeples themselves they leapt over where the traditional wooden ones of the former centuries but electric eye beams that would register someone hitting them but not damage the track for other runners; since they couldn't be knocked over.

      The athletes then began scaling a almost solid wall; which gave them the height to run down from to make the high jump. Once again with an electric eye instead of a bar, Nancy registered a new height record as she landed and continued running.

     When Nancy passed the finish line first, Josie was waiting for her with a hug. "I knew you'd do, lover."

     "I'm not your lover!" Nancy screamed once again as she broke free as she was surrounded by reporters. Due to the reporters, the locker room was empty by the time she went in to change from her leotard to her street clothes.

      "Welcome, lover." Josie said as she stepped into the locker room and backed Nancy up against the locker. Nancy looked around; but knew nobody would hear any cries of help she would give. "You and I will always be together whenever I want it."

      "What are you doing?" Nancy asked as she found her sneakers stuck to the floor like it was in some kind of tar. "What is this?"

      Bending over, she slipped her feet out of her sneakers; but as soon as her bare feet touched the ground, she found herself re- stuck. "Let me go!"

     "Sorry, but you'll help me sell lots of my merchandise." Josie smiled as Nancy felt light headed. Her sex suddenly felt very hot and she couldn't keep but foundling her sex through her fabric with one hand and her breasts with the other hand.  "What have you done to me?"

     "Just up your sex drive some." Josie smiled as her skin took on the same color and softness as the leotard she had one. Her head grew smaller and smaller as her hands and arms shrunk into her shoulders. Her feet and legs got smaller to shrink into her thighs. "You'll be with me every time I decide to wear my new Nancy leotard. The sexual heat you'll pleasure me with and give off to those around me will want others to buy my store's stuff."

      A few minutes later, Josie and stripped herself of her clothes and placed them into a bag along with Nancy's locker outfit. She then picked the leotard that was once Nancy up and stepped into her. Nancy exploded mentally with orgasm as Josie's breasts placed with her insides with her every movement. It was worst when Josie sat on the bench and began to play with her sex through the fabric that was now Nancy's body.

      "You may not be able to see or speak anymore, but you can hear me and the world around you so you'll always remember you were once human." Josie said to her as she took out a change of clothes.

     "Let's get back to Earth, Nancy dear." Josie said with a grin as she put on a pair of sweat pants and jacket on that matched her sneakers. Being trapped between the wool clothes and Josie's body was a mixture of torture and pleasure for Nancy.  "I can't wait to get back to the store and see how the sales increase.

      "By the way." Josie said to Nancy who was almost too lost in pleasure to hear. "I didn't want you to be lonely, so I transformed your male friends into lovely female 3/4 torso mannequins. One is in the shop and the other at home to display you when I don't want to wear you. Though if you keep up this level of pleasure for me, I just might wear you to bed as well."

           Nancy wanted to scream in terror at the thought but could only moan to herself with the pleasure that coursed through her new silken body. Especially when her thong bottom would rid up into the butt of her new mistress that would give both of them a thrill.



The End [literally, Ed.]                

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