Sensational Swimwear 5: Changing of the Guard

by Paul G. Jutras

          An eerie wind howled across the sky and rattled a loose shudder against the old house. The house itself had seen better days as a thick layer of dust covered the display mannequins and merchandise. Cobwebs were everywhere.

        When the walls themselves seemed to cry out with moans of pleasure, a full body mannequin  in a hot pink bikini stretched her arms above her head as she came to life. Her eye sockets seemed to cry out pure evil while giving off a red glow. "At your service my master."

        "You will serve me better than that mortal man." A feminine voice spoke as a claw like smoke hand reached over and rubbed the sexless crotch of a pantyhose form. The hips vibrated with pleasure from being patted. "This one cared too much for his family."

      "No one will escape me." The former mannequin said as she got down on the floor with her legs spread. Her mysterious mistress began to suck on her pussy and sent waves of electric pleasure straight to her brain. "Sensational Swimwear will have better models than ever before."

       "See to it, Josie." The mistress said as she vanished as mysteriously as she appeared. Left alone in the old shop, Josie used her mind to scan the near by town. The beauty of so many women caused her heart to start beating rapidly.

       "With pleasure." Josie cooed. "I do mean pleasure."



       Molly McDonald was standing at a street corner; when the wind suddenly picked up out of nowhere. A newspaper blew out of a trash can and smacked her in the face. It was a tough time for her to pull the paper free. When she did, there was a big one page ad.

                               GRAND RE- OPENING OF  SENSATIONAL SWIMWEAR

                               10% OFF ALL WOMEN SWIM SUITS.

       "A swimsuit sale at the start of winter?" Molly thought puzzled. "That's very odd."

      "The name is Josie." The woman answers. "I've managed Sensational Swimwear since the original owner retired. "As an open lesbian, I keep an eye on what looks good on a possible lover's form."

     A bus pulled up in front of her and she stepped aboard when the doors opened. "Welcome aboard." A young female bus driver cooed. "I'm Josie and I'd like to welcome you aboard since you're my only fare at this time."

       "Sensational Swimwear please." Molly replied as the bus started off.

      Molly was so busy working on the cross word puzzle in the paper, she didn't notice that the bus didn't stop at any of the bus stops it passed. She didn't even notice anything strange about the cross wood itself as she read them out loud.

     "One across-   MAN."

    "One down-    MANNEQUIN

    "Six down-    END

            "All out for Sensational Swimwear!" The bus driver called as she pulled the bus to a halt. Leaving the paper behind, Molly headed off the bus and into the shop. A shiver ran through her body as she saw the amount of dust and cobwebs. It was like nobody ran the shop for years.

      "Hello?"  Molly called out as she approached the service desk. "Is anyone here?"

      "I'm here." Josie said as she stepped from the back room dressed in only her bikini.

      "Weren't you just my bus driver?" Molly asked puzzled.

     "What makes you say that?" Josie asked. "I've been here since I first opened up this morning. Can I help you find something in your size?"

        "I'm not sure." Molly said as she looked at the bikinis and sighed. "I wish I really had a body that would look good in something like this, but I don't."

       "Oh, Realllly!" Josie cooed into Molly's ear as she went and fondled her breast. "Huh? A breast form? You're not a really a size D?"

       "No, I'm not." Molly  blushed in embarrassment. "I don't think you can help me."

      "You're wrong there." Josie's smile turned into an evil grin. "I can help you orgasm like the best of women. Orgasm to the point where you'll beg for it to stop."

     "Don't play with my feelings." Molly said as moans of pleasure echoed out of the walls around her. The frozen mannequins themselves seemed to move up from behind her. Their plastic skin grabbing Molly and holding her arms behind her back. "Hey! What gives here?"

      "It's true." Josie said as she went to the back and brought out a body suit. Snapping the crotch, Molly  was slid into the suit by the mannequin. She didn't even notice her own arms being let go of and the suit arms being held in place. "See for yourself in them mirror."

      Molly was amaze at how cute she looked in the red curly wig and blue ribbon. If not for the fact that her toes looked fused together in the suit, her body looked like a perfect girl. The mannequin then dressed her in a white blouse, blue skirt and a pair of  4" heels.

        "I do look good, but how about letting me go?" Molly struggled in the mannequin's arms locked the heels on her and lifted her up into the air. It then set Molly down on its support rod, sending it deep into her ass. The top of the pole was fitted with a vibrating butt plug that soon gave Molly an orgasm. "What are you doing now?"

    "You're not going anywhere." Josie snarled. "I thought I might have a lover in you Molly. But it turned out that you're just like all the rest."

     "What are you going to do to me?" Molly began to panic as she tried to knock herself off the rod, but couldn't get enough movement to tip far enough. "You're not going to change me into one of these mannequins are you?"

     "No my dear," Josie grinned. "You'll have the orgasms pleasure and please me at the same time."

      Suddenly Molly felt strange as she watched her arms and legs getting smaller. Her whole body began shrinking and her skin changed from flesh into latex. She tried to scream out, but words were something Molly was no longer able to do.  She then felt like her body was being bent over in two as her hands soon touched her feet.  As this was happening, her skin color changed to a hot pink.

        A short time later a new bikini top was laying on top of the vibrating dildo. Josie removed her own normal top and replaced it with the piece of living clothing. Molly felt like she had two pussies completely filled with vibrating dildo. The erect nipples that bounced with each of Josie's steps caused Molly to orgasm repeatedly just as Josie had promised her.  Josie's adventure for her true lesbian lover is sure to take many men and women into many transformations.



THE END      

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