Sensational Swimwear 6: Kicking it in High Gear

by Paul G. Jutras

              As the day wound down in paradise young and old newlyweds hung by the pool and bar  wearing only swimwear and skimpy dresses and shorts with sandals. As a coconut head shop went out of business,  it slowly morphed into Sensational Swimwear.

     "An island paradise filled with beautiful women." Josie smiled as she stepped from the door in her hot pink bikini. Halloween had just gotten over with and the three mannequins in the front window were still dressed up. "Hi Paula, Lesley and Sandra."

     The former Paula stood starring out at the honeymooners passing by through one eye. In her pirate outfit she had an eye patch, pirate hand, black bikini and a sword tied to her side by  red scarf. Lesley stood beside her in a lovely white wedding dress. Sandra was at the far end of the window in a skimpy transparent top with wings attached. Her bikini like bottom had an attached skirt and a fairy wand was still in her hand.

     Time to change you." Josie smiled as she started with Paula's hat and eye patch. With each article of clothing removed, another electrical surge of pleasure shot through the girl.  She had a blue dress with slits up the side put on her along with Greek sandals. Lesley was put in a matching red dress and Sandra in green.

   "Now to find me fresh game." Josie looked about the resort and saw a lovely strawberry blonde woman laying by the pool. The way she was going on about your new last name it was obvious she had only been married a day or two. "She is beautiful."

     "Hello there." Josie cooed as she sauntered over. "How about a nice sexy bikini to turn your husband on tonight in bed?"

      "You think?"

       Getting out of her lawn chair,  Sarah asked as her polished toes made their way into the shop. She loved the dresses on the mannequins in the front window. As she stared at how life like they were, she didn't notice Josie talking to her husband, Fred inside.

    "What is this?" Fred asked as Josie's eyes glowed while she passed her arm before his hypnotized, frozen form. His 3D form transformed itself into a 2D shape. His skin turn to soft satin and began a one piece bathing suit.

     "You did this to me!" Fred's mind shouted as he tried to stand up only to find her had no muscles or limbs to move with. "You're some kind of witch or something."

     "That's right, Fred." Josie  giggled. "I think you'll wear well on your former wife."

       "I think this will be perfect for you, dear." Josie took the suit that was once Fred over to Sarah. Fred could feel his body being stretched in more ways than one as she stepped in him. Just wearing the seat made Sarah heat up between his legs while every movement of her breasts kept Fred aroused without relief.

     "You just need to get use to the sensations of the suit." Josie smiled as she paid for it and returned to her hut. She stretched herself on the bed and began to play with her crotch and Fred at the same time.  It wasn't long before she orgasm all over him.

     "This can't get any better." Sarah said as she continued to please herself and forget all about her husband and their new life together.

   "It can." The Josie purred into her ear. "I'm Josie. I was working in Sensational Swimwear when I heard I fell in love with you."

   "I'm not into women!" Sarah grinned as she tried to remove the bathing suit, only to find it had attached itself to her like a second skin. "What is this?"

    "I don't take rejection well." Josie grinned as she pulled the bottom fabric of the suit aside and worked a dildo under it until it found her already wet pussy. It slipped on her juices several times before fitting itself in. When Josie turned it on, Sarah felt a real burning feeling between her legs.

     Underneath the fabric, her pussy sealed itself up and became as smooth and plastic as a Barbie Doll. Sarah dropped onto her back with her hips bouncing up and down in erotic heat as her sealed pussy muscles clamed down on the dildo in her.  "Stop this! I can't take any more!" Sarah screamed between cries of passion.

      She watched as her breasts swelled up to a perfect DD and remained erect under the suit. What she didn't notice was how her body was shrinking in size or that her feet were pointing downwards in such a way that she could only walk in four inch heels for now on. Josie took out a pair of doll size plastic heels and waited for the finish transformation.

    Sarah stepped forward on her tip toes and went to speak but no words came out. Her mouth kept its plastic smile that made her mouth hurt after awhile. She couldn't stop smiling as much as she tried. Josie grabbed the back of her head and made her lean forward so that she could see how her toes had fused together into solid feet.

   "I don't know how much I can take." Sarah thought as her six inch body was picked up on the floor and sealed into a box. The moment he had left her untouched in the box Sarah felt empty inside and was mentally crying out for being touch. All she needed was any touch to get the orgasm relief she cried.

"You'll be perfect to sell my new line doll swimwear." Josie put her box on a shelf with hundreds of other transformed women and men alike. All over looking a series of doll play sets and such.



THE END                       

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