Sensational Swimwear 7: Robot Lover

by Paul G. Jutras

illustrations by Anthony Burns



       As a mysterious wind picked up the sand from the beach dunes, a strange glow appeared down at the beach. In what was an empty lot between two beach shops, now appeared a spooky old house with twin towers. Hanging down from the front porch was a sign that read in bold black letters: SENSATIONAL SWIMWEAR.    





     "Who will my newest lover be?" Josie asked herself as she stepped out onto the broken front porch and stared at the sun glimmering off the seascape.





     That was when a curvy, dark haired woman dressed in a black bikini went racing past on roller skates.






    "Time to introduce myself." Josie smiled as she her pussy heated up at the thought of the large bosomed vixen in the skates. 



    As the woman rolled up to an ice cream cart, she came face to face with Josie, who now stood there in an ice cream white suit, vest, and a black bow tie.


   "Chocolate please," Eden smiled.


   "Here you go." Josie smiled as Eden rolled down to the beach, removed her skates and walked down to her lawn chair. Taking out some pink nail polish, she reached down and dabbed her toe nails one at a time.



     She then pulled a book out of her purse and leaned back while she dried.  








    "That's a good book, Eden." Josie said as she sat in the chair beside her in a hot pink bikini. "Ghost School was always one of my favorites."



    "How did you know my name?" Eden asked as she lowered her book and looked at the woman who sold her the ice cream. "Didn't I just leave you over in the parking lot?"

     "I can be anywhere I want." Josie rolled over on her stomach while the top half of the bikini faded away so as to avoid tan lines. "I do work for a very powerful mistress that can make it hot for those who do not work with me."

      "You... You mean?" Eden stuttered.

    "Why not come with me and we can see what the mistress wants of you."



    "This can't be happening... " Eden stopped short as Josie began to caress her.







   "It can." Josie purred into her ear. "I'm Josie. I was working in Sensational Swimwear when my mistress chose you to be my next target."  Josie grinned as she pulled the bottom fabric of Eden's suit aside and worked a dildo under it until it found her pussy.




     Eden suddenly felt very full between her legs.

     Underneath the fabric, her pussy continued to heat up until she orgasmed, a climax that seemed to last almost forever. Lost in pleasure, Eden barely noticed the changes that were taking control of her body and mind.

     It seemed as if the magical transformation was happening to someone else.     



     She was helpless to do anything but watch while she was leaned forward and had her skin unzipped.


     Leaning forward like she was, she noticed how silver and metallic her body was as her skin came off her like a rubber suit.




     She noticed a plug socket where her pussy should have been.

      "You'll be my first robot lover."

     Josie smiled as she carried Eden over her shoulder. Staring behind her, Eden's frozen eyes saw the chairs and her purse fade away like they were never there.

      "As far as the world is concerned, you never existed," Josie informed her.






    Inside of Sensational Swimwear, Josie had Eden stand at attention against a wall, then took out a cord and plugged it into her pussy.



    The electrical surge that filled Eden from head to toe was incredible....

...better than any man she had ever had.





     She quickly succumbed to the pleasure that coursed through her shiny metallic body while the unbelievable heights of stimulation continued to grow and grow without ever seeming to stop...




    The energy just kept pumping into her while her clear eyes lit up with power.







   "I don't know how much I can take." Eden thought as she mentally orgasmed many more times than she could count before she was unplugged and restored to the real world.


   Realilty had become an abstract concept, since Eden's consciousness remained embedded within a metallic robot body that stood stiffly idle, awaiting whatever action would be required of it, while her overloaded mind simply craved the next orgasm.

   "Maybe we'll get you a part in TOY STORY 3, my beautiful thrall," Josie kidded her. "Now, make love to me..."

     "Thank you- it is very nice of you to stay." Eden's new program replied automatically as she watched from within her mechanical form as she began to move her hands all over Josie's breasts. As Josie got down on her back, she spread her legs and arched her back. Eden then removed the bottom half of her mistress' suit and began to lick her clit.

     Eden knew she should feel terrified, but she couldn't help but remain calm. The program that was running through her head had her giving her lover butterfly kisses from the toes, all the way up the her body, until they locked lips. Wrapping their arms around one another they rolled across the store's floor.

     "This can't be happening." Eden thought she knocked over a pantyhose form that used to be the former male manager of Sensational Swimwear. As they rolled over its fallen form, Eden's locked eyes thought the scar seen through the nylon was quite odd.

   "At least you still have a whole body and are not seeing the world through blurred nylon where your sex use to be," the pantyhose form spoke in her mind.

    Eden was too busy mentally exploding in orgasm after orgasm to listen. When Josie was finally exhausted, Eden then found her body lock up at attention. Her body still craved to have someone touch her and make her orgasm once more while she was placed on the wall, suspended from strings like a metal marionette puppet.

     "You have done me well, Josie." A voice said from the shadows as Josie knelt naked on one knee. Her pussy was dripping wet on the floor as she stood up and walked into the shadows.  With their forms crying out for release and relief, the clothes, mannequins and robots joined with the cries of pleasure of Eden and her demonic female lover. 



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