Best Man: A Sensational Swimwear Tale

by Paul Jutras



   As Reggie headed down to the beach boardwalk, he stared at the number of stores there. Stores that sold seashells and stores that sold beach supplies. He was so in love with Clare that he had to make her realize that Jason wasn't the right man for her. He was.

     "Maybe if I can find her just the right gift." Reggie thought as he entered a store called Sensational Swimwear. As he stepped inside, Josie turned from the strikingly beautiful mannequin she was dressing and glared at him.

     "This is a woman's store, sir." Josie said harshly. "I  don't think you'll find anything you'd like here."

     "Actually I'm shopping for a special woman," replied Reggie. "I want to show her that the man she plans to marry only thinks with his dick and isn't right for her. I have to show her I'm the right choice."

     "Maybe she'd be right for me." Josie thought to herself she went behind her counter and pulled out a one piece suit that was made in the colors of the American flag. "Here you go. This magic suit will give her a special perspective on her relationship."

     "Thanks." Reggie said as he had her wrap it. "This will win her for me."


      Later that afternoon, Clare's birthday party was well underway. She sat on the couch in a black turtleneck sweater and jeans; which smelled of cotton candy due to the body spray she used. Her toe nails were done in purple and her fingers in a hot pink. Reggie's was the last present she had to open.

     Her face lit up when she saw what it was. "Great, I needed a new bathing suit for my honeymoon." Clare said as she looked at Jason. She got up and headed for the bathroom. "If you'll excuse me, I want you to see me in it right away."

      The guest continued to enjoy the finger sandwiches and beer while Jason got concerned. Clare shouldn't of been taking this long to change into a simple skimpy suit. Reggie and Jason went together to the bathroom and found the door locked. "Clare, honey." Jason said. There was no answer.

      "Give me a hand." Reggie said with concern in his voice. The two man put their shoulders to the door and broke it down. There, standing in the middle of the room, clad in only the bathing suit, was Clare.  "" Reggie said. She was as stiff as a board.

     "She's made of plastic." Jason said, confused. Looking from her glassy eyes to the fused toes that prevented one from removing her toe ring, there was no doubt that she was now indeed a mannequin.

    "That was your gift!" Jason screamed as he shoved Reggie against the wall. "What did you do to her?"

    "I... I was told the suit was magic." Reggie choked out. "Wasn't told what would happen... sure as hell didn't expect this."

    "What shop!" Jason yelled.

     "At the beach." Reggie voice was squeezed out of him. "Sensational Swimwear."

     "Let's go!" Jason said as he grabbed hold of Clare's arm. her whole rigid body tipped towards him. Claire, herself, was not as concerned once her initial panic at being turned into a mannequin had subsided. Now she was starting to feel pleasures. The numbness she had felt in her limb when Jason touched her changed to a sexual warmth that spread all over her.

     "What about the party?" Reggie asked as Jason let go. She nearly fell over, but toppled woodenly into Reggie's arms. He did his best to put her back vertical so she didn't look so strange and stiff. Claire didn't blink at all, and seemed unable to move in the slightest way.

     "Leave the guests to me." Jason said as he stepped out of the bathroom. "Ladies and Gentlemen.  Clare has suddenly gotten ill. I'm contacting the doctor, but I'll have to ask all of you to leave now." After a few minutes of confusion they had shuffled off, leaving the two men alone with the mannequin that had been the love of their life.

    "Give me a hand." Jason said to Reggie. "She's standing like she's wearing invisible heels and quite unsteady."

    Soon they had her laying in the back of Jason's convertible, staring up at the sky and still wearing the flag suit. The bumpy road in her present state was better than any vibrator she could have hoped for. They carefully picked her up and took her into the shop where Josie was dusting her mannequins.

     "May I help you?" She looked in a cursory way at the two gentlemen.

    "Yes!" Jason shouted. "You're swimsuit turned my bride-to-be into a mannequin."

     "Oh my," Josie said as she looked concerned. "I never meant for that to happen. How long before the wedding?"

    "Three days." Jason said.

    "Two and a half." Reggie corrected. "This day is pretty much over."

     "Leave her with me and I'll have an antidote done by then, I'm sure."

    As Reggie and Jason left, Josie stripped Clare of the magical bathing suit. The sensation was far more intense than when she had put it on herself while still flesh and blood. "I'm sorry my dear." Josie said into her ear. "I know you can hear me. My revenge is always on men and I never meant to do this to you. If I didn't get the suit off from you, the effect would have soon left you this way forever."

    "The formula to restore you will have to cook over night." Josie said as she tweaked Clare's firm breasts and sexless crotch. "I'm sure I can keep you entertained until the formula is done."

    Carefully laying the mannequinized girl down, she ran her arms over Clare's plastic body. The sensations were like nothing Clare had ever known before. She began to wonder if she would want to go back to the sensations of normal sex with Jason.


     When Reggie and Jason returned the next day, Clare was back to normal again and Reggie was done with his revenge. One could never know what the results might be.



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