Sersi- A Party to Remember (2)

by Northern Chill

Author's note: This is a series of stories based around the character Sersi, a comic book heroine who has transmutation abilities and also a love for wild parties. This story should be regarded strictly as a parody. Enjoy!

                  Chapter 2 - One moment , one wrong decision

                Sersi gazed at the fistful of random receipts and and decided to start with the one on the top.  The business listed was Al's Adult Emporium  and was located just a short walk from her home. As she set off in the direction of the business, she looked at the receipt once again and saw that she had sold them a "prototype sex toy - one of a kind".  Puzzled, Sersi stood still for a second as she went over in her mind the fabulous party she threw the night before and the bizarre results that resulted as a result.

                She recalled mingling with her guests as the music and fine wine flowed freely all night long.  Several hours after the party had started, she had staggered outside feeling a little tipsy and spotted when she spotted one of her guests wandering around by themselves clutching a piece of paper in her right hand.  Dressed in a sexy costume that consisted of little more than two strips of spandex that barely covered her breasts and just enough material to cover her private parts around her waist, ending in a crisp white collar around her neck, she was the feared heroine/vampiress known as Vampirella.  She was sipping on her drink and staring out at the clear sky when Sersi walked up to her.

                "What's the matter, Vampi ? Is the drink of fresh blood I made from tomato juice to your liking? You could come inside and we could tell stories of who came the closest to being defeated by a would-be world conqueror," Sersi said, trying to brighten up the mood of the alien fighter who was looking a little down.

                "My last fight where I cleaned out a horde of vampires posing  as night traders in foreign stock markets was fairly routine.  However, when I returned home to attend my wounds and wash my opponent's blood off as usual, I found myself alone as always. It seems every time in the past that I've tried to become attached romantically to a man, he winds up a victim of one of my many enemies' plans for vengeance.  My latest lover, in fact, just sent me this note saying he couldn't be around with a woman who lived in a world of endless violence.  Unfortunately, this means I must once again spend a night by myself in bed dreaming of having a man hold me and make mad passionate love with me.  Sigh... I never get this way usually..maybe it's your wine and lovely home," Vampirella said in a melancholy mood before she trailed off, staring up at the bright full moon.

                "Well, Vampi, I can't help you with your man problem tonight but maybe showing you a few of the trinkets and such I've picked up over the last few centuries will get you in a better mood.  Why don't you let me show you around and I'll refresh our drinks here at the same time? I've got a lovely little wine I picked up from the Huns a little while ago," Sersi said as she plucked the empty glass from the vampiress's right hand while looking playfully into her eyes.

                 Vampirella smiled faintly and followed her into what appeared to be a large bedroom decorated with many trinkets and items from Sersi's centuries of travel around the world.  She wandered around looking at the crystal goblets and vases that stood on shelves at the far end before moving to a large selection of dolls that appeared to date back to the 1800's.  "Oooh..I loved dolls when I was a little girl..of course, mine weren't dressed nearly as fancy as these," the heroine said as she picked up one figure dressed like a French countess.  Wandering over to the four post bed that was at the other end of the room, Vampirella sat down on the edge of the bed still clutching the doll to her side.

                 Looking around, she saw a crystal chest sitting on the floor near the left side of the bed with no discernible lock on it. Peering down at it, she could see through the clear lid a set of bright silver armbands much like the gold one she wore on her right forearm. Smiling a goofy smile, Vampirella bent over and opened up the chest sitting on the floor.  She gently removed one of the armbands and helped it up to the room light where the silver polish gleamed brightly in the artificial light.

                 "Hmm...maybe Sersi will lend me this little trinket. I think it'll make a lovely matching set," she said as she slipped on the armband.  However, the instant that she slipped on the bracelet, there was an immediate change in her demeanor.  Her hands slumped to the bed and all energy seemed to drain from her eyes.  Her breathing slowed to an almost imperceptible level as her chest barely moved at all.  She sat,  not speaking or moving in the slightest, like the doll she had just been admiring as if waiting for someone to pick her up.

                   After a few minutes, the green leotard clad Sersi returned in an unsteady walk carrying a full glass of wine in her left hand and a glass in her right hand which she was drinking from deeply.  She walked towards the the vampiress sitting silently on the bed and placed the glasses on a nearby table.

                  "Well, Vampi, you're awfully quiet yet again. Why don't you join me for a nice glass of wine? It's only about 350 years old but I like it for such a young age," she said, walking over to the silent heroine still perched on the bed.

                   Sersi,  a little puzzled over the lack of response from her guest, bent over and snapped her fingers in front of the vampiress' face several times. She was about to gently touch Vampirella's face when she saw the silver armband on the heroine's left arm.

                   "Oh, I see! You discovered a device we Eternals used on malcontents that rose up some centuries ago. It blanks out the wearer's mind and makes them totally acceptable to any suggestion. Well, it's kind of difficult to talk to you when you're in this state, so I'll remove the armband for you," the immortal said as she started to reach for the item in question.

                   However, Sersi stopped and looked at Vampirella's blank face with  devilish intent for a few seconds.  A smile crossed the busty heroine's face as she hatched upon a plan.  "Well, my dear, since you've been desiring to be held by a man and you seem to have an affinity for dolls, why don't we combine the two for now, huh?  I want you to pose now like one of those plastic love dolls you see in the windows of adult entertainment stores," she whispered into the right ear of the transfixed vampiress.

                  Nodding almost imperceptibly, Vampirella's body began to contort in response to the voiced command.  Her back stiffened up causing her impressive chest to jut outward prominently.  The heroine's arms locked stiffly next to her body with her forearms pointing stiffly outwards at 45 degree angles from her body and hands ready to hold her lover.  Her mouth slowly gaped open until it formed a sensuous ovular shape ready for caresses and other means of usage.  Finally, her legs slowly parted and locked rigidly in place as far apart as she could.  Her pose as a living love doll was now complete and Vampirella waited patiently for the next order.

                 Sersi smiled and gently pushed the mindless Vampirella so that she was laying flat on the bed with her forearms jutting straight up.  As she looked down on her fellow heroine, the smile on Sersi's face quickly reflected a moment of alcohol fueled inspiration.  Reaching just a tad clumsily behind the vampiress neck, the immortal slowly removed the red and white costume that Vampirella wore leaving her nude and very alluring as she lay there staring into space.

                Sersi then smirked and finished off her glass of wine with a deep drink before putting aside the glass.  She then stood up and gestured with her hands as smoothly as she could given her state.  Energy poured forth from her fingertips and quickly enveloped the prone body of Vampirella that laid on the bed.  Within a few seconds, a  visible change became evident with the vampiress as her whole body began to glow.

                Vampirella's skin began to change rapidly in nature from flesh and blood to smooth shiny latex and plastic.  Her fingers and toes seemed to melt together becoming blades of plastic with no freckles or dimples visible anywhere.  Her protruding fangs disappeared within seconds as did the rest of her teeth with her mouth becoming a smooth rubber and latex opening.  Her breasts, barely covered when she wore the slight costume that made her infamous worldwide, grew slightly larger as they became taut pillows of plastic capped by thick rubbery nipples.  The hair which had disappeared from her arms and legs also vanished from around her sex as her pussy formed the same ovular shape that her mouth was.  After a few more seconds, the transformation was complete  and the doll partly slid off the bed with not a bit of humanity visible in it's widened eyes that were now just painted features.

                Sersi looked on with bemusement at the scene before her.  The vampiress, known for her savagery in hunting down and eliminating the enemies that threatened her and humanity, was now nothing more than an air filled bag of latex like any other sex toy available for sale in the local adult entertainment shops.

              "Well, Vampi, you wanted to be held by a man, so here's your opportunity.  I'll find a shop to put you on display right away and you'll be the object of every man's desire,"  Sersi said with a slurred voice as she picked up the air filled doll and ran her fingers over the smooth surface for a few seconds .  She then reached behind it and pulled open the inflation plug with a flourish.  With a quiet sss-sss-sss, the doll slowly deflated until it was only a limp piece of flattened plastic draped over Sersi's forearm.

                Sersi then gestured briefly towards the bed and a mid-sized cardboard box appeared on the bed, decorated with several photos of Vampirella as a normal sexy woman.  Chuckling to herself, the immortal folded up the deflated doll and stuffed her in the box before closing the lid.

                Sersi's memories grew a little hazy after that, no doubt due to the amount of wine she imbibed. Judging by the receipt in her hand, she had sold the living doll to a local adult entertainment store for a fairly sizable amount of money as a prototype or one of a kind sex toy.

                "Hmmm... I better get Vampi back from the store as quick as possible or she might wind up in the hands of a guy who might want to do more with her than just hold her in his arms... " thought the green spandex clad heroine as she reached the address listed on the receipt.  A bright white and red facade with a neon sign reading AL'S ADULT EMPORIUM  that flickered on and off loomed over Sersi as she pulled open the store door and strolled inside.

                Several men and a few women were wandering up and down the aisles of the large floor space looking over the various items that one would expect to see in  a store geared for adults.  She noticed a female store clerk was busy stocking shelves with various videos and other items for sale.  Sersi decided to approach the woman and hopefully be told her transformed guest was not yet sold.

                Debbie was a little startled by the approach of a woman wearing nothing more than what seemed to be a skin-tight green spandex outfit.  She had become accustomed to seeing people in bizarre outfits come and go but the sight of one of the crime fighting heroines she had read about in the paper was a little unsettling to say the least.

                "Is there something I can help you with, Miss..uhh..Miss..?" Debbie asked in an uncertain tone.

               Sersi handed the blonde sales clerk the receipt she held in her hand "Sersi, my dear. I'm here to pick up an item that I mistakenly sold to your establishment a short time ago. If you could retrieve it promptly, I'll reimburse your store for the purchase plus any other costs you've incurred since," she said pleasantly.

               Debbie nodded slowly with a different air of uncertainty to her movements.  She reached under the counter she was near and pulled out a receipt book with pages that matched in size and color the one Sersi had just given her.  Debbie thumbed through the book quickly till she came across the page with the matching serial number to Sersi's.  When she read over her copy, the color noticeably drained from her face .

              "Ummm..Ms. Sersi..I..I'm afraid there's a problem.  It seems the item has been sold already so we can't return it you after all.  Perhaps we can offer you some sort of store credit instead?" the clerk said, a little unsure of herself.

              " Sold!!!!!..." Sersi snapped loudly as her eyes glowed with a fiery energy and her hands clenched at her sides in tight fists. "That, my dear, is totally unacceptable.  I want you to contact whoever it is that you sold the item in question to and have it returned here immediately."

              " Umm..well..uhh..well, the item is actually still here in the back store room being prepped for shipment to the new owner according to his instructions. I understand you might be attached to the uhh..toy in question so we'll add on a amount of money to compensate you," Debbie said as smoothly as she could muster.

               Sersi's face glowed in mounting anger that matched the fire in her eyes as the clerk  bent below the counter to get out a check book.  The buxom heroine's finger began to twitch rapidly in concert with a momentary look of intense concentration that crossed Sersi's face and energy ebbed forth in a brief show of light and power.

              "Now then , Ms. Sersi, I would say  an extra 25 % on top of what you are owed is more than adequate compensation.  Perhaps, in the future, we can do business in other aspects of our business for which you will be" Debbie started to say while writing out a check before glancing into the glass cabinet she was leaning on and falling silent at the scene she saw inside.

              The glass cabinet, usually lined with various types of vibrators in colorful packaging, now had what appeared to be 8 vibrators standing up on tiny legs in a chorus line and kicking out the left legs in a rhythm. To Debbie's shock , she could hear singing coming from inside the cabinet.

               ' One..singular vibration...
                 Every little step we take..

                 Two..massive orgasms..
                 Every little twitch that she makes.. '

           Debbie looked at Sersi with shock written all over her face at the spectacle she had just taken in.  Sersi stood there with a smug look on her face before she twitched her fingers once again for a few seconds.  Almost immediately, the singing inside the cabinet ceased altogether so when Debbie glanced down at the cabinet, she saw that the display had reverted back to the colorful assortment of various sexual toys and aids the store sold.

              The sales clerk pointed a very shaky finger towards the back of the store. "Your..your item is out back being prepared for shipment by Angela.  I'll give you a note that you can show the woman working out back and she'll return the item to you right away."

              After receiving the note, Sersi looked at the clerk with a look of satisfaction evident on her face. " Thanks for your co-operation, young lady.  I'll pick up my item and leave without causing you any further problems," she replied before strolling towards the back of the store leaving the shaken clerk holding a hand to her chest in obvious relief.

              Sersi passed several customers who gaped at her before arriving at the door to the storage area. Opening the unlocked door, she stepped into what was a much larger room than she had expected.  To her consternation, she found the room deserted with no sign of the woman that was supposed to be here.  As she looked around the room quickly, she spotted a doll sitting in a chair in the far corner with it's back to her.  Judging by its long black hair, Sersi felt certain that was the transformed Vampirella sitting in the chair.

             Sersi moved just a few feet inside the room to avoid any unknown distractions and then began to twitch her fingers rapidly . Energy surged forth from the immortal heroine and enveloped the inanimate sex toy which rapidly changed it into a human being of flesh and blood.  After a few seconds, the energy dissipated and though Sersi couldn't see the result, she was certain Vampirella was back to being human once again.

             The heroine was about to go over and check on the vampiress before taking her home when she heard angry shouts and screams coming from inside the store.  Sersi immediately rushed out of the storage area back into the store to see what the commotion was all about.  Glancing around quickly, the heroine saw people were bending down or hiding behind displays looking nervously towards the front of the store where a man in his early 30's was gesturing with a hand gun towards the hapless female clerk that had waited on Sersi earlier.

            "Are ya sure that's all the cash you've got?  If you're lying to me, bitch, so help me I'll shoot..I will.. I'll shoot !!" the man yelled while glancing around nervously.

            "Yes, that's all there is... please don't hurt me.. please !!! " Debbie begged, gesturing towards the bag she had handed the robber as she cringed with terror in the face of the threat she faced.

           "Ok..none of you people set a foot outside for five minutes.  If I see anyone sticking their head outside that door, they'll be dead before they know it!!" the robber snarled before running out the door followed closely by a silent stalking Sersi.  She stopped at the door as she saw the brown haired man sprinting towards a blue Toyota whose engine was running in preparation.

            Sersi's face momentarily darkened in anger and her brow showed signs of concentration for a second or two in concert with a dramatic gesture she made in the direction of the waiting car.

           The robber sprinted to the passenger side of the idling vehicle where he quickly jumped in and threw his bag of loot into the back seat. "All right, Ginny, let's get the hell outta here..don't want to wait for the cops or one of those costumed clowns to show up...Ginny ?..Ginny, didya hear me ?.."  the dark haired man yelled at the woman sitting behind the wheel while glancing around for any sign of pursuers.

          After several seconds of silence and the car not moving in the slightest, the thief leaned forward to grab his compatriot in crime by the shoulder to see what the heck was going on.  However, when he looked into her face for the first time , he understood then why she wasn't responding at all to his directions.  The woman behind the steering wheel was now a glass statue with her face frozen in a look of anticipation coupled with perhaps the tiniest bit of shock over the transformation that had engulfed her.  Her eyes had the faintest coloring of blue that contrasted with the clearness of the rest of her facial features.  Her hands, the only other visible part of the clothed statue, were still gripping the wheel with a pink glow at the end of the fingertips indicating which color nail polish she had been wearing that day.

          The male robber slumped back in his seat in shock oblivious to the wails of approaching police sirens.  After a second or two, he heard a loud cough come from outside the car near his window.  He slowly turned his head to see the face of a very stern Sersi leaning on the car door looking at him.  Sighing audibly, the robber handed his gun to the heroine and slowly raised his hands in surrender.




         At the same time that the robbery and subsequent activity was occurring and just after Sersi had left it, the door in the back of the storeroom opened and in walked a red-haired woman. Flicking aside a cigarette and stubbing it out with her black high heels, she walked over to a nearby set of shelves and looked over a pile of boxes before pulling one out.

        Angie wondered to herself why she ever took a job in a store like this.  She had graduated from art school looking forward to making a living painting landscapes and sceneries for big money.  However, the lack of personal finances forced her to temporarily abandon her dreams and take on the job of  preparing inventory for shipment from the adult entertainment store she was at.  It wasn't a great paying job, but it paid the bills for now until she found something better.  For now, her job was to pack the various sex toys into cardboard boxes as well as make minor repairs to items for future sales.

         It was the latter that occupied Angie that particular time as she was busy making alterations to one of the new real-looking and very expensive love dolls the store was just starting to sell.  A customer had asked if the store had any dolls with red hair instead of black and a bit bigger in the chest.

         "Hmmm... maybe the guy should ask me out for a date instead of getting his jollies with a rubber dolly. Ha!"  Angie thought with some amusement to herself.  She picked up a red wig off a nearby stand and moved to the far end of the storeroom where the inflated doll was sitting in a chair with its back to her.  She had just walked in front of the doll and was about to remove the black wig when she heard several loud yells and screams coming from the store's main area.

        "What the hell is going out there? I better go see what's going on!" Angie said out loud as she dropped the wig she was holding onto a nearby table and started to move towards the source of the commotion.

        Suddenly, the left arm of the doll shot upward and grabbed Angie by the arm while the doll's right arm circled Angie around the waist in a viselike grip.

        "What...what the hell..get away from me..let me go...!" Angie shouted as she struggled with all her strength to break free of the grip the supposedly inanimate toy had on her.  However, when the doll turned its head toward her and shook it slowly side to side, Angie realized to her horror that the doll was ALIVE !!!

        Angie screamed desperately as she tried to get away from the creature that had latched onto her but her screams went unnoticed with the rest of the chaos unfolding in the store.  With every passing second, she felt her strength draining away and her frantic thoughts becoming hazy.  She felt her body becoming lighter as if it was changing shape by some means.

       Angie's screams became quieter by the moment as she felt herself being set down in the chair.  Her breasts seemed to push outward against her thin white blouse and the bra she was wearing .  Her legs seemed to be sliding apart into a V-shape pushing taut her denim skirt.  She could feel her skin changing with her mouth forming an O-shape but strangely it no longer seemed to matter.

      "A love doll..I'm becoming a doll..a good  doll...good..need to be used...dolly need.." Angie thought as the transformation rapidly finished its evil process.  Her eyes froze looking straight ahead with her arms at her sides bent at 45 degrees in the traditional love doll manner. A sex toy now sat where a living woman was mere minutes ago.

     The nude protagonist stood in silent contemplation looking down at her victim for about thirty seconds or so.  Smiling an evil grin, she proceeded to strip the motionless doll of its clothing which she then put on herself.  She took the box that Angie had intended for her and placed the new Angie doll inside it instead.  The woman then picked up the box and placed on the table while she gathered up the rest of Angie's things.

     "According to this, my name would be Angie Johnson.  Well, it doesn't matter too much because I'll think up something much better in the future when I start to live a lifestyle I can revel in.  It won't involve work but the obtaining of security of wealth through my 'abilities'," the woman said with an evil grin as she glance through the purse and wallet she was carrying.

     "For now, I think I'll head back to Angie's and find a place to store my acquisition.  Maybe someday I'll see she gets some company.. I do plan to have some large houses in the future," the woman laughed as she sauntered out the back door toting the box containing the former store employee.

End Interlude



     Sersi smiled with satisfaction as she saw the police push the two robbers into waiting squad cars ( Sersi had transformed the woman back to her human form just before the arrival of the cops).  She went back to the adult shop where she found Debbie waiting at the doorway with a large cardboard box in hand.

    "Ms. Sersi..thank you..thank you very much!  I apologize deeply for being difficult with you before this awful thing happened.  I went and retrieved your item while you were busy talking to the police.  Please accept it and the check you were returning as our way of saying thank you," Debbie gushed as she handed the heroine the box.

    Sersi, a little puzzled, peeked inside the box and confirmed with a quick glance that it was indeed Vampirella inside still as an inanimate doll.  "Uhh..thank you.  I hope that the rest of your evening proves uneventful. Good-bye!" she said to the still trembling store clerk before quickly heading off to her home.  She would have stayed longer but time was of the essence if she was to successfully retrieve all of her guests.

    Once at home, Sersi placed the doll on the same bed where they last had a conversation and redressed it the familiar uniform Vampirella wore in her many exploits.  The heroine then stood back and waved her hands in a grand gesture in the direction of the doll.  Energy surged forward and enveloped the object much like it had before.  However, this time, the change left a living, breathing woman lying on the bed although she was still frozen in a love doll pose.

    Sersi then walked over and removed the silver bracelet that the vampiress had put on earlier.  However, to her extreme disappointment, when she snapped her fingers in Vampi's face and shook her gently by the shoulders, there was no word or even acknowledgment from Vampirella as her eyes still had the blank look of before.

   "Darn it !  It must be because she's originally from another world..or something like that.  Well, for now, I'll leave her here while I set out to get the rest of my guests back.  I think the Scarlet Witch is next to find and return to her human form.  I just hope things go more smoothly with her,"  Sersi said as she left the bedroom leaving her fellow heroine lying on the bed still posed as a sex toy.

  Sersi had completely forgotten about what had happened before.. a memory lapse that might come back to haunt her...

  If the new 'Angie' had her way...


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