Sersi - A Party to Remember (6)


by Northern Chill

                             Author’s note: This is part 6 of a serial revolving around the heroine Sersi and her dealing with the consequences of a wild party and her guests going missing as a result.  There are adult oriented themes contained within so move to the next web page if this bothers you.  Otherwise, enjoy !

                             All characters mentioned are the property of their respective comic companies except for the ones I made up.  This story is meant strictly as a parody.

Chapter 6 - Resolution of Problems.....Or the Beginning of More

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             Sersi was extremely weary as she sat down on her overstuffed couch in her living room and contemplated what her next step was going to be.  She had managed to gather up most of her guests from her party and they were still intact, though still under the influence of the brain mines planted on them by a drunken Sersi.  The immortal figured she could reverse the mindless state of her guests after a day or two of serious thought or contact another member of the Eternal race that she was a part of.

         However, there was another matter that was starting to nag at Sersi’s thinking and it concerned the woman she encountered the other day.  There was a familiarity to the woman that the dark haired woman couldn’t place though she couldn’t figure where or when it was that she had seen her.

              “Maybe she reminded me of someone I met at a party once.  There was that big one I went to when Cleo was in charge around the Nile there was a woman who knew how to use her good looks to get something.   I just couldn’t stand those Roman guys....all they wanted to talk about conquests and battles....boring!”  Sersi muttered as she sipped a glass of ice tea.  Normally, she might have had a glass of wine or some other alcoholic beverage after her travels but her recent party made her swear off the stuff temporarily.

              Sersi tapped the side of her glass thoughtfully as she pondered what her next step was going to be.  Suddenly, as if she was hit by the proverbial bolt of lightning, the green outfitted woman sat up and slapped her right hand to her forehead.  “Of course!  It must have been at one of those places I visited earlier........maybe it was one of those crooks I stopped before.  I know I should get my guests back to normal but something tells me this woman could be just as important.  Sigh......hero stuff....not nearly as fun as it should be......”  she said as she quickly got up and headed out once again. that moment...............

                The newly constructed houses in the subdivision stood silent with the majority of them still waiting for their first owners to move in.  At the far end of one such street, a two story home, even with a good deal of landscaping yet to be done around the property, looked to have an occupant judging by the expensive looking car in the driveway and the front window had shutters that were drawn day and night.

            However, if people passing by the house knew the unique furnishings inside as well as the true nature of its lone occupant, they might be inclined to steer clear of the house altogether and the dangerous owner especially.

                “I must admit, considering I spent the majority of my existence as a folded up piece of latex and rubber inside a cardboard box, that the lifestyle of men and women is certainly a free and easy one.  Of course, most of them don’t have the ability to add furniture like I do,”  the house’s owner said out loud as she walked around the main floor and looked over what appeared to be typical furnishings of a suburban home dweller.  However, Matter Mistress was no ordinary woman which, for a number of unfortunate women that crossed her path, was proved by her ability to transform people into objects that suited her whims.

             Matter Mistress strolled out of her living room and headed for the stairway leading to the upper floors of her home.  Just before she put her foot on the first step, she stopped to admire a painting that was hanging on the wall to the right.  The art, done in oil on what looked to be a wooden canvas, depicted what looked to be a suburban backyard pool setting with several chairs and pool toys depicted around the pool.  On the left, standing in the middle of what looked like a diving board, was a dark haired mid 20’s woman wearing what seemed to be a blue and yellow bikini.  With her arms stretched high in the air and her feet just starting to arch, the figure looked to be just starting a dive of some sort into the clear blue water below the board.  In the bottom right hand corner of the painting, there was an artist’s signature MM  in bright red paint.

             As Matter Mistress was well aware, the true nature of the painting’s origin was far different than ones found in the local galleries.  Deciding she had to have a home to house her ‘possessions’, the villainess had contacted a local real estate agency for an agent to show her a home that was for sale.  However, the agent’s insistence on seeing detailed financial records, and overall haughty attitude towards her, infuriated Matter Mistress.  When the woman turned her back to the villainess as she remarked that a homeowner could decorate the barren walls with artwork of their choice, Matter Mistress used the opportunity to change the woman’s outlook.

             “I really should have done a work with a house exterior as the center but I’m still getting used to all this stuff in this world.  Hmmmm, I think it’s time to change into something a bit more comfortable before heading out on the town,”  Matter Mistress said to herself as she strode up the stairs and made her way to her bedroom.

             Once inside her spacious bedroom, Matter Mistress walked around the perimeter of her room to take a look at the many ’ possessions ’ she had acquired.  After running her fingers across the statues in opposite corners of the room, the woman stopped in front of what looked like a display figure used by stores for showing articles of clothing for sale.  Smiling broadly, she mentally went over how she had surprised and transformed the women now on display.  After a few minutes of silent contemplation, Matter Mistress took off her dress and shoes followed by her bra and panties.  With the latter two articles of clothing, she put them on the plastic torso in front of her.

             “Yes, I am displaying clothes again.....I am fulfilling my role and purpose.....this feels good.......”  the bra form thought as it felt its owner slip a bra and panties over its smooth, plastic form.

             “Oh, I am no longer being worn by my owner.  I hope that I am put on again soon by her.  I want to support her breasts and wrap myself around her hips as I am meant to,”  the bra and panties thought as it was pressed against the plastic breasts and slipped over the bottom half of the form.  For both the lingerie and the display figure, there was little awareness that they were living women only a short time ago.

             After taking a quick shower ( she wasn’t sure why she had to as a soft cloth was all that was used on her when she was a latex and rubber being), Matter Mistress slipped on a blue and red one piece swimsuit  with the idea of heading to her backyard and using the pool that had been filled earlier that day.  As it happened, Matter Mistress was at home earlier when the woman, a pretty auburn haired woman in her late 20’s, sent to take care of her pool stopped by.  Seeing that the woman had an attractive looking physique, the villainess arranged to ’ accidentally’ trip the woman so that she would fall into the pool.  With apologies that sounded sincere, Matter Mistress helped the woman out of the pool and showed her inside to dry off.

             However, at the exact moment that the pool woman was stripping off her clothes, Matter Mistress chose to make her move.  In just a few minutes, and with a minimal struggle, the villainess had transformed the woman into an inanimate pool toy for the very pool she was filling.  Matter Mistress smiled as she ran her hands down the rubber item, which resembled a float in a way.  Of course, most floats didn’t have the painted features of a woman’s face on the front with a set of large, latex breasts ( capped with bright pink areloas and nipples) and eyes that reflected a look of shock and surprise.

             “Don’t worry, my sexy float, I’ll be with you in a minute and see just what you feel.... Damn!  Who would be visiting me at this time of day?  If they bug me too long, I swear......” Matter Mistress muttered out as she stormed back into the house and towards the front door without stopping to throw on a robe.

             “Sorry, whoever you are, but I -DAMN!!!!”  the villainess said out loud as she opened the front door and saw, to her supreme annoyance, no one standing there.

             “I know you’re a first time home owner but you really have to remember to lock all your doors before going for a swim.  Oh, I do like your swimsuit though you need to look for more attractive colors.   I personally think mint green is a color that is very flattering to wear and looks great at parties,”  Sersi called out from the living room.

            Enraged, Matter Mistress rushed into the room and found the heroine relaxing on a couch eating from a group of grapes.  “Look, I don’t care who the hell you are but if you think you can sneak in here and sit around, you picked the wrong place to do such a thing.  I wonder.....oh.......I remember who you are!  You’re the woman from the shop!  You’re responsible for  me being more than a blow-up doll!”  the woman called out as she remembered the events that led to her current state.

                “Yes, yes, I guess it was my doing though I really didn’t intend it.  In fact, I wasn’t even aware that you existed at all until I had heard about several women disappearing under mysterious circumstances.  Even then, it took me a little while to retrace my steps and figure out what had happened,”  Sersi replied as she calmly peeled herself another grape and tossed it in her mouth.

                “Hmmm, I guess you’re here for a specific reason.  I suppose you want to turn me back into a flat piece of latex and rubber for some fat, bald guy to inflate and fuck,”  Matter Mistress said as she walked over in front of Sersi and bent over to arrange a few items on a nearby coffee table.

                “That would be the easiest way of handling things.  However, I remember what my old friend and a great man at parties, Confucius, said to me once when we were sharing some saki.  He said.......” Sersi started to say as she rubbed her forehead in contemplation before being motioned to be silent by the home’s occupant.

            “Sorry to interrupt you but I think you are forgetting that I might not be willing to go along with anything you have in mind.  In case you’re doubting my resolve, why don’t you take THIS???!!!”  Matter Mistress shouted even as she grabbed a nearby chair and hurled it in the immortal’s direction.  Caught off guard and perhaps distracted by what she had been doing in the last 48 hours, Sersi felt the full impact of the chair and she tumbled backwards off the couch.

                A few seconds later, the dark haired heroine pulled herself to her feet and glanced around for attacker.  To her chagrin, there was no sign of the woman or an indication where she might have gone.  Realizing that the woman, going by what Sersi had read and seen, had abilities that were similar to her own, the immortal decided that she should be a bit more cautious when it came to dealing with her.

            Walking slowly to the door leading to the back of the house, Sersi saw a few decorations that may or may not have been women transformed by the target of her search.  Realizing that if she started transforming objects into women without more information might result in more problems like this ’ Matter Mistress’ woman, the dark haired Eternal decided to err on the side of caution and leave things alone for the time being.

             “Where the heck has this doll....errr...woman gone to?”   Sersi said out loud as she pushed open the door and stepped out into what looked like a pool area.  There was no sign of her adversary anywhere in the vicinity but the pool had a few items in and around it that were strange looking to say the least.  Drawing closer to the pool, the heroine saw there was two floats bobbing up and down on the surface that were unmistakingly women transformed into air filled pool toys by the cruel whims of the home’s owner.  Next to the pool, there was an oversized fan that looked to be a woman turned into a clear plastic figure with a fan making up the part of her torso ranging from just below her breasts.

              “I may be somewhat new to the actions of a normal ‘human’, but one thing I do realize is that you can win against an opponent by keeping her off balance!”  Matter Mistress called out while simultaneously hurling a dark blue colored water bottle that was five times as big as Sersi in the heroine’s direction.  The top of the bottle dropped over Sersi’s head and enclosed her completely from head to toe with her arms pinned to her sides.

              For anyone else, this might have been a problem but Sersi merely narrowed her eyes and crooked the little finger of her right hand.  A second or so later, the bottle vanished altogether and an increasingly annoyed Eternal quickly looked in all directions for her opponent.

              “Some people have no sense of decency!”  Sersi snapped out loud as she flicked a hand towards a storage shed at the far end of the yard.  Moments later, the structure floated upwards fifteen or so feet off the ground but the heroine was disappointed to see her quarry wasn’t hiding behind it as she had hoped.

              “Decency!!  I’ll teach you a thing or two about decency!” Matter Mistress screamed even as she directed a strong steam of boiling hot water in Sersi’s direction.  The heroine had only a split second to redirect the water into the nearby pool where it hissed and bubbled as it came in contact with the cooler chlorinated water.

              However, when Sersi spun around in the direction that the attack came from and her eyes started to glow ominously, her whole body suddenly stiffened up and the energy in her eyes faded as fast as it appeared.  Her mouth seemed locked in mid motion and the heroine seemed to go rigid as if her mind had frozen in mid motion.

              In fact, the Eternal had seemingly fallen victim to a trap prepared by the Matter Mistress in advance of Sersi’s arrival.  Although there was nothing out of the ordinary if a person looked over the front side of Sersi, a cursory glance at the buxom brunette’s back would reveal several electronic devices attached to her lower legs and buttocks.  In fact, these devices closely resembled the brain mines that the Eternal was handing out irresponsibly at her party a few days previously.

              “What’s the matter, Miss high and mighty?  You don’t have something inspiring and self righteous to shout out?  From what I’ve read on the internet, you’ve been quite busy visiting different places around this town.  I wonder if you realize just how close you came to catching me at the auction house.  I don’t think you’ll be able to stop me from now on.  Hmmm, let’s have a look at those lovely breasts of yours, shall we?”  Matter Mistress intoned as she leaned in close and caressed the Eternal’s boobs that were covered by green spandex.  A look of mild surprise crossed the woman’s face as she groped and fondled Sersi’s chest before pulling back the left side of the top part of the heroine’s outfit and exposing the breast underneath.

              “Oooh, I am surprised.  I always thought that heroines like yourself always had a little padding built into the tops of your outfits so you’d look sexy for all the fanboys out there.  The fact that you’re naturally busty should make how I take care of you permanently far more interesting.  I was thinking that I could change you into a nice blow-up doll as there would be a bit of irony in me putting you in the state that I once existed as.  However, it just struck me that I need a nice coat rack by the front door and since you have a nice ’ rack’, you’ll fit in nicely with the thirteen other women I’ve already added to my household decorations,”  Matter Mistress said smoothly as she traced her left index finger casually around the exposed tit’s areola.  She was about to toy with the nipple when she noticed that Sersi’s eyes were fixated on her and an angry look was appearing on the immortal’s face.

              “Sorry to disappoint you but this furniture doesn’t like to be fondled!!!”  Sersi exclaimed while simultaneously delivering a powerful blow with her right hand to the face of her tormentor.  Surprised by the nature and force of the blow, Matter Mistress was sent hurtling into the air before descending towards the ground.  However, before the villainess touched the earth, the soil at the point of her imminent impact rose upwards and quickly started to coalesce into a solid mass.  When the Matter Mistress came into the area, she landed with a SPLASH! and not a THUD! in water that appeared out of nowhere.  In the blink of an eye, the area around the semiconscious woman formed into what looked like a gigantic snow globe with the water inside changing to a light green color as Matter Mistress bobbed on the surface.

              “I’m lucky this dolly/woman didn’t do any kind of research about my past before our little fight or things might have turned out a little different.  You see, my little snow globe figurine, members of the Eternal race aren’t affected by these brain mines unless the devices come in direct contact with our heads or upper body.  If it’s attached anywhere else on our body, we feel nothing more than a mild pang of pleasure.  I pretended to be immobilized so I would find out just how many people you snared in your little romp through the community.  After the hassles I’ve gone through cleaning up after my party, I didn’t want to do any more jaunting all over the place once again,”  Sersi intoned as she pulled up her outfit’s top and tapped on the clear surface of the oversized novelty.

              “Isn’t cleaning up something you do after every one of you parties?”  a voice called out that was very familiar to Sersi.

              “Ahhh, this day just keeps getting worse,”  Sersi thought to herself as she turned to face the newest person she was going to deal with.....

             On a very long day for her.....