Sersi - A Party to Remember (7)


by Northern Chill

                             Author’s note: This is the final part of a serial revolving around the heroine Sersi and her dealing with
                             the consequences of a wild party and her guests going missing as a result.  There are adult oriented
                             themes contained within so move to the next web page if this bothers you.  Otherwise, enjoy !

                             All characters mentioned are the property of their respective comic companies except for the ones

                             I made up.  This story is meant strictly as a parody.

Chapter 7 - A Bit Too Late for Apologies

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               “Ikaris!  Thena!  Celeste!  It’s really great to see the three of you although I do have to tell you that you’re a little late for my party.  It was over a few days ago and I, uh, was here visiting, ummm, a person I had invited to the party. If you want, I can...."  Sersi started to say in a cheerful voice before being motioned to be quiet by the blonde haired Ikaris.

               “Sersi, as a member of the Eternals, you know that we are a race of fairly reclusive individuals that rarely venture into the world of humans.  You are one of the few of our race that has been perfectly comfortable associating with humanity over the past few centuries or so.  However, you were told that such interaction had to be with certain limits and, until recently, you have abided by those rules.  Needless to say, we were surprised by what we found at your home a little while ago,”  Ikaris said in a stern voice.  The blond haired man had been the leader of the Eternals since the day most of their race had left to explore the wonders of outer space.  For the Eternals that remained on Earth, Ikaris was known as a tough but fair leader.

                The blonde haired woman standing to the right of Ikaris, dressed in a skin tight bright gold outfit that looked to be partly armor, shook her head slightly upon hearing Ikaris’ words.  “I think Ikaris might be a tad too stern in what he says but you have to agree, Sersi, that things got far too out of control at your last party.  If the actual party wasn’t bad enough, your travels around the city over the last few days have resulted in headlines in the human newspapers,”  Thena said softly.

             “Aren’t you and the sourpuss Ikaris overreacting just a little?  I mean, this party of mine will be a distant memory in a week or two and everyone will be back to their humdrum existence.  Well, maybe not this villain wannabe,”  Sersi said with a dismissive tone in her voice as she gestured towards the woman she had successfully immobilized.

                “Sersi, perhaps you are taking this a little too lightly.  Thanks to your indiscretions, several humans were put in great peril and it’s only through luck that nothing permanent has happened to the humans you altered.  Mind you, I doubt they will be very happy with the solution to their immobilized state,”  Thena intoned even as Ikaris ushered everybody to the interior of Sersi’s home.

              “Solution?  It’s shouldn’t be too hard for you three to figure something out.  Afterwards, I could put together a little party and we can talk over the good old days,”  Sersi exclaimed as she gestured around the room before noticing that she, and her fellow Eternals, were not alone.  In the center of the room, arranged to stand fairly close to each other, were the transformed guests from Sersi’s party.  They were still in their inanimate forms and made for a bizarre (and highly erotic) tableau  as the Eternals noticed.

          “Sersi, I don’t think this is the time for levity.  You see, the brain mine devices that you used on these women were specifically geared to deal with Eternals that display, ahhh, inappropriate behavior over a length of time.  For humans, there are serious consequences they will have to deal with after we restore them back to normal.  However, there is the little matter of your punishment for this little incident,”  Celeste replied with a sympathetic tone evident in her voice.

          Sersi’s eyes widened in surprise upon hearing Celeste’s words but after a moment or so, she nodded slightly in acceptance.  “Well, I guess that would be ok.  What do you want me to do?”  the dark haired Eternal murmured in acceptance.

              “First, you must know that your punishment must extend beyond a day or two in the human calendar and must be ultimately decided by the victims of your misdeeds.  To begin that phase, we have to restore the women before us to flesh and blood and that can only be done by the Uni-Mind,” Ikaris proclaimed.

          " The Uni-Mind?  It seems a bit much, but if you think it’s necessary, Ikaris, let’s do it,”  Sersi said though she seemed a little surprised that the Eternals’ leader would invoke the rarely used ceremony whereby individual Eternals link their mental abilities together to form a great and powerful mind.  A few moments later, a bright glow of energy permeated the room as the quartet focused their energies on the task at hand....restoring the transformed women to normal.

              “Let me at that bitch!  I’ll rip her head off!!”  Vampirella shouted as she struggled to break free of the women holding her back.  In truth, though, the women restored to flesh and blood (and currently naked until their outfits were retrieved) were finding it hard to hold back Vampirella from teaching the dark haired Eternal a lesson she thought she richly deserved.

              Ikaris stood between the two groups and bade the angry women to stop moving towards Sersi.  “I understand the anger you ladies feel towards my compatriot but before punishment is to be determined for Sersi, I think you should all be made aware of the important side effect you all have as a result of your recent immobility.  We have determined that the changes you have undergone have affected your DNA on a permanent level.  Although you are once again human, this will only be a temporary situation and unless you agree to the temporary cure we have determined, all of you will eventually revert back to your previous inanimate forms on a permanent basis.  Any questions so far?” the Eternal leader proclaimed while sweeping his hand around the room dramatically.

             Several long seconds passed and there was only silence heard in the room as the women contemplated what they had just heard on their own.  The silence was broken by Celeste returning to the room with outfits for the women to wear.  After dressing once again, Wanda cleared her throat and addressed Ikaris.  “Well, since your race are probably experts at how DNA is manipulated and repairs needed, please tell us what this cure entails and what we have to do,”

             “Very well.  It has been determined that in order for the DNA damage to be repaired, each of you will agree to have a recalibrated brain mine placed upon you for one entire month out of each year for the next decade.  During this period of time, we would suggest you place your bodies in an inanimate state similar to what Sersi has done to you earlier but without the brain mine devices that have damaged your DNA previously.  As for Sersi, her punishment will match her transgressions during her last party but the time will be adjusted in accordance with the long life span Eternals enjoy in comparison to the average human.  Sersi, step forward and accept the ruling of the leader of the Eternals,”  Ikaris said and gestured dramatically in Sersi’s direction.

             For the first time in recent memory, people that knew the party loving Eternal heard her say nothing in replay as she stepped forward and stood before the leader of the Eternals with her head slightly bowed.

             “Sersi, for your wanton use of Eternal technology and torment of these human women, it is the judgment of the Eternals that you submit to the power of the brain mine and spend the next twenty years assuming the forms of the women who you placed in danger.  Is there anything you wish to say before the sentence is carried out?”  Ikaris pronounced and fixed his gaze upon the Eternal.

             “Ummm, I’m sorry if I hurt anyone.  I just wanted everybody to know that when this is all done, I’ll throw a party for everyone as a small way of making amends.  I’ll see you in a couple of decades,”  Sersi intoned to the others before turning and facing  Ikaris once again.  A moment or so later, Celeste stepped forward and after a few words of solace were offered to her daughter, she attached a brain mine to the back of Sersi’s neck just under her black hair.  A few seconds later, Sersi stood still with her arms rigid at her side and her eyes, with no visible pupils, staring blankly ahead.

             “Just a second, Ikaris. You said that the people harmed by Sersi’s actions get to have a say in her sentence.  Are you now ignoring your own words?”  Sue called out with her words quickly echoed by Jennifer and Wanda.

             Ikaris was a little aback by the response of the gathered women and contemplated what he had heard for a few seconds in silence.  “One of the disadvantages of being nearly immortal is that you forget the importance and meaning in the words you say to others.  Tell me what you would do as fitting punishment,” the Eternal leader uttered with a note of regret for forgetting the women evident in his voice.

             Sue gathered the women together and they talked among themselves for between five to ten minutes with several instances of a loud voice of disapproval being heard from time to time.  Finally, with a few nods, the women ended their impromptu chat and Sue turned to face Ikaris once again.  “The first thing we ask is that Sersi, despite her, ummm, indiscretions, is a valued member of our hero community and has aided numerous times in the past saving the planet and universe from dangers large and small.  We would ask that if such an emergency arises in the future, Sersi should be freed temporarily to aid us in the conflict.  Acceptable?” the heroine said confidently.

            After a moment or two of contemplation, Ikaris nodded ever so slightly.  “Agreed.  Is there anything else you wish to add?” the Eternal leader replied with a hint of impatience evident in his voice.

            “Yes.  I gather by your words that Sersi is to spend a considerable amount of time transformed into inanimate objects similar to what we have, and will be, changed into.  If this is the case and some of the time she spends in these states is in public view, I would ask that we be allowed to spend some of that time with her as a form of bodyguards for her protection.  Acceptable?” Sue said with a momentary glance at Vampirella, who was the sole voice of dissent among the women.

            “These human women seem a bit voyeuristic in their approach to this situation.  When the time is appropriate, I should look into this concept a bit more, ”  Ikaris thought to himself even as he nodded in agreement with the demand.

            “Well, I think that’s about all.  We’ll set up a schedule for our, umm, inanimation and where we want to spend our time with Sersi.  I guess it’s time for you to start Sersi’s time, ummm, as whatever you want for now,”  Jennifer intoned as she and the other women drew back several feet.

            A few moments later, Ikaris leaned forward and murmured something that was inaudible to everyone except for Ikaris and Sersi.  A moment or so later, Sersi’s eyes glowed with intense energy and the heroines in the background that Sersi’s body was changing in color and appearance.  The energy built into a brilliant flash that enveloped Sersi and when it subsided moments later, the heroines saw that Sersi had transformed herself into a nude statue that looked to be made of pure gold.  Whether deliberate or not, Sersi had posed in a very erotic manner prior to her transformation into solid gold.  The dark haired woman had bent her arms and clasped her hands behind her head with her eyes opened wide and her mouth pursed in an O shape.  With her legs spread wide and breasts thrust forward in an enticing manner, Sersi was a statue that would get a reaction out of any male visitor to a gallery she would be displayed at.

         “Even at a time like this, Sersi has to be the center of attention,”  Ikaris muttered softly as he reached out and brushed his right hand across the gilded surface of Sersi’s face before letting his index finger.  He was tempted to let his finger do a little more exploring but he was surrounded by a number of women who were definitely not in the mood to see anything out of the ordinary.

         “All right.  Who wishes to be the one who will protect Sersi for thirty days?  Step forward and let me know how you wish to spend your thirty days with Sersi,” Ikaris asked in a booming way that was typical of the way he led the Eternals.

         After a brief moment of hesitation, Rainmaker, who had originally been turned into a statue by Sersi at the party, stepped forward and the native American heroine murmured for a few moments to Ikaris privately.  Seconds later, Rainmaker knelt down in front of the statufied Sersi and pressed her body tightly against the golden body.  The lithe heroine pressed her mouth tightly against Sersi’s golden pussy while her arms reached up and covered the heroine’s gilded breasts as best she could.

         An instant later, the eyes of Ikaris glowed once again and Rainmaker and Sersi were surrounded in bright light that encompassed them fully.  When the energy faded completely, Rainmaker had been transformed into a gleaming silver statue that made for a remarkable, as well as alluring, contrast for any who might look at it.


Just under twelve hours later.......

         “....used to having avant-garde artwork on display here at the museum but a work like this is quite, ummm, quite provocative.  You say the sculptor based the work on pictures of heroines seen in local papers.  Did she, ummm, she mention which heroines are represented in this VERY exciting masterpiece?” a thin man wearing a pair of narrow glasses, multicolored shirt and pants said as he walked around and looked over the gold and silver statues with unabashed enthusiasm.

         “No, not really.  She, ummm, she was inspired by a fierce battle between a heroine and a female villain bent on taking over the world.  Now, you understand the restrictions the artist has requested when the public viewing period starts tomorrow,”  Ikaris, wearing dark sunglasses and business suit, replied as he looked around the area and noted the security camera mounted on the walls as well as a solitary security guard standing off to the left.

         “Oh, yes, yes, we’re roping over the work and posting signs to make sure the public don’t touch it.  The video cameras will monitor the area after the museum has closed for the day and Girard will be here during the day to make sure nothing happens to the sculpture.  All in all, I trust this meets your security requirements, yes?” the man said with gestures to various parts of the room for emphasis.

         Ikaris’ response was to grab the man by the shirt and hoist him off the floor by a foot or so.  “Sufficient??!!!  Absolutely not!  I want you to double the number of cameras you have in this room and replace this guard with someone who looks physically fit for his age and two others of similar stature.  If you can not satisfy this request by the beginning of tomorrow, this artwork will be removed by the artist’s representatives and your name will forever be disgraced in her mind!  Do I make myself CLEAR??!!” Ikaris intoned with his eyes glow with the energy that flowed through his Eternal body.

         The diminutive museum director gulped several times with his entire body trembling as Ikaris set him back down on the floor.  “Ummm, uhhhh, I, I’ll do everything you ask, umm, and more!  Uhhh, I think, uhhh, I have to go to my office for a few minutes.  Will you excuse me?”  the man gasped before scurrying away in the direction of his office and the bottles of medicine he needed desperately right now.

          A few moments after the director left the area, Thena, with a disapproving look etched on her face, turned to Ikaris.  “I think you could have handled that in a less aggressive manner, Ikaris.  Ordinary humans react unexpectedly when they are approached in less than genial ways.  Remember when you tried to confront that man running the trial in Salem a while back?  He wanted to have you burned at the stake until you shocked everyone there by, well, you know...” the woman said and trailed off when she remembered how the incident in question ended.

          “Yes, Thena, I do recall that day in the backward human settlement.  However, I want to point out that this is a different situation than a few misguided individuals following personal beliefs and so on.  Sersi is a member of the Eternal race and though she has transgressed, her welfare is something I take a personal hand in ensuring.  She may be on display at the museum with the other heroine at times when large crowds are present.  Given mankind’s obsession with precious minerals, there is a definite possibility that a few wretched souls might see the exhibit as a way to make money via a brazen theft. With all of this in mind, do you still think I overreacted in regards to the sniveling worm who manages this building?” Ikaris replied with a decidedly imperious tone.

          Thena, though, was used to this kind of speech from Ikaris and was not about to back down to him.  “Ikaris, I hear what you are saying but this doesn’t change things.  You can achieve the same results with quiet persuasion and calm reasoning.  If you create a scene every time we set up Sersi with one of her, ummm, friends, it’s going to draw more attention to what is being displayed and a truly dark hearted person will realize there might be more to the displays than what appears to their eyes.  You speak of watching out for Sersi and the others, but picking up the humans as if they were rag dolls only increases the chances for problems,” the gold attired Eternal said with calm and sincerity.

           A few moments of silence passed as Ikaris considered what Thena had said.  “Very well, Thena.  I shall moderate my tone when we deal with the different humans we encounter though I shall not falter one bit in my concern for these women,” the Eternal leader replied softly and a slight, if somewhat forced, smile appeared on his face as the museum director returned.

Just under thirty days later........

           “...not sure that this is a very good place for these two.  It seems to be a bit on the, well, unsavory part of this area,” Sue murmured as she entered Ed’s Excellent Emporium and spotted Vampirella and the Eternals heading to the back room.

           “Well, it was Vampirella’s choice to spend her immobility time in a place like this.  She said that if she has to spend time as an inflatable sex toy once again, she wanted to make sure Sersi would share the experience and in a public window for anybody to see,” Jennifer replied as she stopped to gaze at a silver vibrator that promised “to satisfy the sex drive of any woman that uses it!”, and mentally noted that she might get a friend to visit this store and discreetly make a purchase of the sex toy as well as a few other items that had caught her eye.

           In the store’s back room, Vampirella and a mind controlled Sersi had slipped out of their clothing and waited behind a folding screen while Ikaris and Thena discussed how they would have the two displayed in the store going by Vampirella’s own opinion.  After a minute or two, Ikaris bid Sersi to join them and the raven haired Eternal walked out and stood before nude and waited patiently for what laid ahead.

          With a slight nod, Ikaris looked intently at Sersi for a moment before his eyes glowed with the energy all Eternals possessed and Sersi’s body glowed in response a moment later.  As the glow faded, the changes to Sersi’s body started to become evident.  Flesh and blood changed to glossy rubber and latex as Sersi’s arms bent sharply at elbows and her legs spread wide into a V shape.  The heroine’s breasts grew slightly as they formed twin mounds that would be enticing to any man to nibble or suckle on the pink nipples that protruded from them.  Sersi’s eyes opened wide even as they changed into brightly painted features framed by rosy red cheeks.  With her black hair changing into synthetic threads that splayed across her shoulders, Sersi’s change into an inflatable sex doll was complete and the inanimate sex toy slowly toppled to the floor and came to rest on its side.

           “Considering the hell you sent so many of your guests to visit with your twisted transformations, I’d be happy to see you spend the rest of existence deflated and stored in some guy’s bedroom.  However, things will play out as your Eternal people wish it and I guess the only compensation I will get is to make sure I participate in her humiliation.  Don’t forget the pose to put me in when you put the two of us in the front window of the store, OK?” Vampirella said as she quickly stripped out of her outfit and boots and stood before the two immortals with her hands behind her hand in a teasing manner.

              “The human women on this hard to understand.... ” Ikaris thought to himself, as he was unaware of Vampirella’s alien heritage.  Moments later, Ikaris’ eyes glowed in a familiar manner and Vampirella’s body was surrounded in the same manner shortly thereafter.  As the energy faded, Vampirella’s body changed just like Sersi and a woman feared by evil scourges throughout the world turned to an inanimate latex sex doll that could be deflated by anyone who pulled open its inflation valve.

              As the two dolls slightly wobbled on the floor, Ikaris felt a certain tingling in his groin area as he glanced down at the pneumatic sex toys.  Though Ikaris was an immortal who had lived thousands of years and had a countless amount of sexual encounters in that time frame, he was still a man with healthy urges and the sight of the pneumatic sex toys by his feet gave him pause.  Ikaris was sorely tempted to get Thena to leave the room, seal it, make a bed appear and enjoy himself with these dolls.  However, Ikaris knew he couldn’t do such a thing and would have to keep his personal desires a secret for now.

             “All right, Thena.  Let’s get these dolls into the front window and make sure the store owner is very aware of the conditions of the display, as well as the close circuit cameras that are to be mounted to monitor the area,” Ikaris said as he picked up the Vampirella doll by the waist and headed back into the main area of the store.  Thena followed clutching the Sersi doll and noticed a few of the men in the store were staring at them as they made their way to the front display window, which was currently barren.

            Inside the display window, which was screened to keep customers from seeing what was going on as well as the public outside, Ikaris and Thena used their Eternal powers to create a brass bed in the space, decorated by white and blue pillows and bedding.  Ikaris placed the Sersi doll on its back on the bed and Thena followed by placing the Vampirella doll atop the Sersi one and maneuvered it so the doll’s mouth was in direct contact with Sersi’s ample sized breasts.  Next, the two created nearly invisible wires that were attached to Vampirella around her elbows and thighs and put a system in where the wires would move the doll from side to side and up and down to simulate a real woman using the Sersi doll.

             “This seems a little strange, but we did say we would respect Vampirella’s request.  I just hope there’s no problems leaving them like that in a front window for everyone to see,” Thena said with a worried voice as she and Ikaris walked out of the store and down a sidewalk.

            “They’ll be fine.  I’ve asked some of their friends to check on them when the business is closed, on top of the surveillance cameras.  In addition, I will also check on the two to make sure nothing wrong has happened to them,” Ikaris replied even as he mentally noted to take a long cold shower when they got back to the place they were staying at.

Just after closing at Ed’s Excellent Emporium........

           “....quite the day here with those strangers showing up and setting up that window display like that.  I never saw so many people crowd around the window like that except for the time we advertised the porn that starred the big Hollywood celebrity London Anderson.  If it keeps up like this, I’m going to have to hire more staff and two or three security guards just to make sure they don’t break the window pressing against it,” Ed said as he turned the sign in the store’s front door to CLOSED and headed back to the main cash area.

           “Yeah, I don’t know how many customers came up to the cash and asked where they could buy the two dolls in the window.  One feller from Canada offered five thousand dollars if we’d sell them to him on the spot.  When I said the dolls aren’t for sale, the Canadian offered five hundred if he could ’rent’ them for the day.  Damn Canadians, always throwing their money around!!” Gord, the red haired store manager, muttered as he totaled up the credit card and Interwreck sales for the day.

           Peering down at the numbers Gord was jotting down, Ed smiled and glanced in the direction of the front window.  “Yeah, those two dolls have brought a lot of money here.  I tried asking that couple if we could have them longer than thirty days or the name of the company that made them, but both of them declined and didn’t want to talk about it any further.  When I get home tonight, I’m gonna touch base with my suppliers and see if anybody knows something about these dolls.  Lock up as usual, Gord, and make sure all the surveillance equipment is turned on before you leave.  Those two were mighty fixated on no one trying to steal those dollies and they didn’t sound like the type who settle for excuses,” Ed intoned as he pointed towards the window in question as well as the equipment recently installed in and around it.

           Gord assured his boss that everything would be taken care of and the two spent another five or so minutes discussing future product orders, possible specials and other store matters.  After Gord finished up the cash totals for the day, Ed took the bag to drop off at the bank night deposit bin and headed out.

           With routine tidying and preparing things for the next day left to be done, Gord was left to his own devices.  A bachelor thanks to a recent divorce with a woman who turned out to be a harpy soon after they exchanged vows, Gord was enjoying the freedom of bachelorhood though he did find himself longing in the sexual side of things.  With the latter in mind, Gord was casting a long look in the direction of the front window and a plan was quickly forming in his mind.

            “I’m all by myself,” Gord muttered out loud as he went over to the front window display and unlocked the door leading into it.  Checking to make sure the security cameras were turned off for now, Gord went into the display and with care taken not to disturb the Vampirella doll, Gord removed the Sersi doll from the bed.  Stepping down from the window, Gord held the doll around the waist and made his way to the storage room at the back of the store.  Setting the doll to one side temporarily, Gord rummaged around and found the inflatable mattress he had left in the room after a late night tryst with a brunette he briefly dated a while back.  Digging out an inflation pump from a package nearby, Gord proceeded to inflate the mattress as rapidly as he could manage.

            With the mattress fully inflated, Gord grabbed the love doll and laid it atop the mattress with hands that were decidedly trembling with excitement.  Glancing at a nearby shelf, Gord saw a display for SUPER GLIDE, a new lubricant made by a Czech company that promised 25% more lubrication than its cheaper Canadian made counterpart.  Unscrewing the cap on one tube, Gord was about to start lubricating the doll’s openings in preparation for what he knew would be an awesome night ahead.  However, at that moment, Gord heard a loud noise and decided to check it out before undressing and having some fun.

            “If I was you, mortal, I would put that item back where you found it and return the doll to the window where it belongs NOW!!!!” Ikaris called out from across the room.

            With a wet stain rapidly appearing on the front of his pants, Gord shakily nodded and quickly went back to the storeroom.  After putting the Sersi doll back where she was supposed to be and activated the surveillance system, Gord made his way towards the exit where he hoped to close the store and put the night behind him.  As he neared the door, Gord turned to Ikaris, who was standing next to him and had oddly not threatened him with any retribution for what he almost did.

             “Ummm, I don’t want to push my luck or anything but, umm, I gotta ask something.  Considering what was going on and how, ummm, angry you were, how come you haven’t threatened to punish me or anything like that?” Gord said quietly as the two reached the exit door and the manager prepared to turn off the light.

             “Let us just say that you were not the only one who thought of such an undertaking recently.  However, before you even think of doing this any time in the future, let me remind you that I possess the power to make it so that you spend the rest of your existence wondering if it’ll be your turn to join the worms at the bottom of a dung pile.  Am I clear?” Ikaris said solemnly.

             Gord nodded several times rapidly and privately mused that he was going to be washing clothes and taking a long shower when he got home that night.  He also thought that sleeping with the lights wouldn’t be a bad idea for the next little while.

             For the rest of the year, Thena and Celeste oversaw the transformation of the heroines into various types of inanimate objects with Sersi joining them in tableaus that ranged from mundane to highly erotic. As for Ikaris, he withdrew back to the Eternal homeland for private meditation though there were whispers by some that he had taken up writing fictional stories of a highly personal nature.

             Though no one knew who was the subject of them or what they were about.

THE END....?