by Anonyma

Detective Sgt. Paula Anderson walked up the front steps of an old mansion on the outskirts of the city. By her side on this very special mission was her immediate superior, Lt. Dan Daley. Paula had volunteered and it wasn't easy. The butterflies began to invade her stomach as the front door drew nearer and she had palpable symptoms of wanting to turn and run. But she wasn't a coward.

The house must have been at least 200 years old. It was made out of wood and still had real doors and windows. Most of these ancient monstrosities had been torn down during the dictatorship and replaced by new, modern one-story concrete blocks. It ensured that no one was treated differently by the state so no one would feel jealous. Besides, these old things were fire hazards, better to get rid of them so no one would get hurt. But the more Paula thought about it, the more it seemed sort of warm and inviting, and she wondered what the inside looked like.

The two police officers presented themselves at the door and waited for the centralized computer system to warn the occupants of their presence.

"Maybe they don't have a computer," said Dan, half-joking.

"Oh come on," scoffed Paula, "there are no more houses like that." But she did wonder what would happen with this old fashioned door, whether it would dematerialize like a modern door or what. Just then it suddenly moved backwards and a stunningly beautiful brunette stood before them. Before either could speak, the woman spoke to them.

"Good morning kind sir, gentle lady," she said with effusive politeness. "This is the home of Mr. Louis Cordera. I am Angela, slave to Mr. Cordera. How may I serve you." Paula had seen plenty of slaves before, but none like this. Angela was dressed in a form fitting blue dress with matching high heels. She looked her up and down from her heels to the elegantly coifed hairdo. Ever since the fall of the dictatorship four years ago, more and more women were starting to wear dresses and heels again. The dictators had required men and women to wear identical jump suits and track shoes no matter what the occasion. Paula couldn't remember a time when anyone wore anything other than a jump suit. Police officers still wore them as a reminder of when the police had more power. Once when she was clearing out her grandmother's house before it was torn down, she came across some picture books of men and women wearing different clothes and it really started to excite her. She was only twelve at the time and couldn't really identify the feelings but her body temperature rose considerably. Now in her mid-twenties, Sgt. Anderson was looking at this beautiful woman and beginning to feel them again.

"We are police officers. This is Sgt. Anderson and I am Lt. Daley. I believe Mr. Cordera is expecting us."

"Yes, officers. Please come in and follow me," came the reply.

Upon entering the house, Paula was overcome by what she saw. There were so many colors, mostly earth tones, shades of brown. From the foyer she could she stairways, long halls going every which way, paintings on the wall and sculptures, both organic and inorganic. The inorganic sculptures were mostly marble and in very interesting shapes. There were two organic sculptures in the lobby, set in niches in the wall. One was of an elegant lady wearing a dress of very shiny material that extended all the way to the floor. Paula had never seen a dress like that before. The sculpture's beautiful round eyes stared out from behind her long red hair and her arms were very gently placed beside her. In the niche opposite was a well-built man in in heroic pose wearing some kind of metal and a shield. Paula thought she had seen pictures like that before but was unsure. Growing up under the dictators, she was never allowed to study any history. The government wanted to eliminate all trace of knowledge of a world before them.

Paula was even more excited by both of these sculptures, especially the man. Her interest increased as the two officers were led down a carpeted hallway past a few more organic sculptures of both sexes in various costumes and poses. Finally the trio stood before a door and in a second it dematerialized. Appearing on the other side was a tall blonde man in his forties wearing one of those new suits with a necktie. She had to admit that he was quite attractive but she wasn't here for sightseeing.

"Good morning, I'm Louis Cordera as you must have guessed. Please come in." He seemed very congenial but he couldn't be very happy about why the police were there.

"I'm Lt. Daley and this is Sgt. Anderson," said Dan rather perfunctorily. As she entered the room, apparently an office of some kind, Paula was struck by how interesting everything was, not like the gray cinder block houses that were built during the dictatorship. There were paintings on the wall and large picture windows. It was so bright and warm. A large wooden desk dominated the room and there were books along the wall. Paula had seen a few books before but never so many. She was fascinated by just how many there were. Then Angela appeared from behind them and took her place near the desk striking a pose. In a moment she was a statue. Paula had seen plenty of slaves before, they were provided for use by everyone during the dictatorship. Now only wealthy people could afford to feed, clothe and house them, but some of those wealthy people became prodigious collectors.

"Please sit down officers and tell me more of the plan." Cordera was still pleasant but Paula expected that to change. Lt. Daley began.

"Mr. Cordera, we know that you will be meeting today with Damian Wade, a known kingpin in the new east coast crime syndicate. We know that you plan to give him a considerable amount of money in return for a large consignment of drugs. Frankly, Mr. Cordera, you are small fry. Wade is far more important to us. We are offering you immunity from prosecution if you will allow us to witness the transaction so that we may prosecute Wade."

"Yes, yes we've been over that already. You've got me. I agree completely. But how do you plan to accomplish this, technologically?"

"As you know, Mr. Cordera, technological evidence is no longer admissible in court. Laser disc recordings are just too easy to fake. We need an actual eyewitness, one who will be believed by a jury."

"You guys are so cloak and dagger now," Cordera scoffed. "Why don't you just arrest him like you used to. It wasn't so long ago that police didn't need evidence. Criminals just disappeared."

Paula couldn't keep silent at that one. "Mr. Cordera, we in the police would like to think that those days are over. The dictatorship is gone. This is a democratic country now. We are here to protect and to serve the law abiding public. We were hoping you would assist in that effort."

"Sure, sure," he replied, "but who do you expect to witness this,

Angela?" He waved his hand in the direction of the motionless organic statue staring blankly into space.

"As you know," said Lt. Daley, barely able to keep his composure, "testimony from slaves is not credible. They can be too easily manipulated."

"Well who then?" demanded Cordera. Daley looked over to Paula sitting next to him. She could see that it was her turn.

"I will witness the transaction, Mr. Cordera."

Daley continued. "We have surgically implanted a slave chip into Sgt. Anderson so that she may appear to be one of your slaves. Having her try to act like a slave would be too difficult and unbelievable so we feel that if her body were able to be controlled by your computer, she would be a much more credible slave to Wade."

Cordera's eyes brightened at the prospect as Paula's face turned a little red. "Let me see this," he demanded. Walking around the desk to her seat, Cordera stood behind Paula and watched her flip her ear over revealing the implant. All slaves had a similar chip placed under the skin behind their right ear. All of their body movements could be controlled either by voice command or by computer. They had no independent free will. Otherwise, slaves were human in every way.

"Well," Cordera chuckled. "This is getting more interesting by the minute. But you can't wear that, that's for sure," he said indicating her jump suit and athletic shoes.

"Since I will be playing a part of your collection it is important that I fit in with your scheme. I will be dressed as you see fit and positioned in this room so that I may witness the hand over of money and drugs," explained Paula.

Going back to his desk, Cordera seemed excited at this new development. "Computer," he commanded, "Access Sgt. Anderson." Paula felt a slight tingle as the sensors on Cordera's central computer covered every inch of her body. "Visual. Rotate." At that, a hologram of a naked woman appeared on the desk before him, slowly turning in a circle. It did not take Paula long to realize that the figure was her.

"Is this necessary?" asked Paula.

"Don't worry Sgt. Anderson," said Cordera condescendingly. "It will be over in a second. I always dress slaves this way first before trying it on full size. Let's see, how about a nice short red dress? Computer. Number 19 in red with matching no.47 shoes with 9 cm heels." Immediately the figure was clothed in a tight fitting long-sleeved red dress and shoes. "Add vilarium stockings and a, 119 hairdo." In an instant, Paula could see her long blonde hair done up in a very elegant setting off her shoulders. It certainly was different, but in an interesting way. "Vilarium is much sturdier and more comfortable than nylon, you'll find." Paula had never heard either of those two words before so it didn't much matter to her. "Is this to your liking?"

It was definitely to her liking but Paula held firm. "To repeat myself, Mr. Cordera, I will be dressed to fit your slave stock," she replied, ever the professional.

"In that case," said Cordera, "let's get started. Wade will be here soon. Please step over here." He indicated a spot near the motionless Angela but not touching her. Paula took her position. "Computer," he ordered, "shield station 23." Immediately Paula lost all sight of the rest of the room. A sort of haze like one finds on an out of order viewing screen surrounded her like a cylinder. She could hear Lt. Daley calling out.

"Paula, are you OK?"

"Just fine," she responded.

"All right sergeant, you may now remove your clothes. No one can see you." Paula's heart started beating a bit faster but she had volunteered for this assignment. No backing out now. She quickly removed her jump suit and running shoes and threw out through the screen. Paula was now completely naked and informed the men as much.

"Very good," said Cordera. "Now try to remain calm. This will only take a minute. Computer, copy model. Paste model, station 23." Paula's heart started when the floor under her began to slowly rotate. Suddenly the cylinder was filled with fog and she could hear a loud swooshing sound. Before she knew it, the fog was gone, but she was still rotating. "Computer," said Cordera, "Mirror cylinder." Immediately the inside wall of the cylinder turned into a mirror. Paula could hear herself gasp as she gazed at the stunningly beautiful vision who stood before her.

She was standing in a crimson colored, high-collared, long-sleeved dress which hugged every part of her torso and slid into a slight flare just below her crotch. The vilarium stockings were hardly visible but her legs looked perfectly smooth. Her feet felt a little unsteady in a pair of red open-toed heels. Paula's eyes then looked up to her face. It seemed to be painted in a way she had only seen in those old picture books. And her hair was done up in a swirl that reminded her of lemon merengue. Paula was mezmerized. Never had she seen anything so beautiful and it was her! Gazing at her torso she was taken by how perfectly the dress material smoothed over her curves. Her eyes covered every inch of the womanly figure in detail, her softly rounded breasts, her waist, her hips. Then her hands began to absent-mindedly rub all over her new found form.

"Hey, what's going on in there," she heard Dan cry.

"I'm ok," she responded, "I'm ready."

"Computer, lower screen," ordered Cordera. The haze dissipated and the rotating figure of Paula Anderson was presented to the world.

"Well, what do you think?" she giggled losing all pretense to professional decorum. She rotated before them, always trying to keep her head facing their way but not moving her feet. The two men stood dumb in silence and fixed their eyes on every inch of the goddess before them. "Dan, are you there?" she asked, starting to think that his silence meant disapproval.

After at least a minute Lt. Daley asked, "Paula, is that you?"

"Yes Dan," she said a little perturbed, "Who else? Do you like it?"

"Listen, we need to get going with this," said Dan momentarily coming to his senses. "Cordera, let's get her positioned."

"Yes, well," stumbled Cordera. "Well that will be her position and I will pose her with the computer. Oh yes, we need to log your chip onto our memory. Computer, log onto chip in station 23." Paula, still a little upset that she never got an answer to her question, could feel a slight buzzing in the back of her head. "OK, I think we are ready."

"Now listen Cordera," said Dan, his voice getting louder, "I want no funny stuff. The transaction must take place in front of her so she can witness the whole thing. Me and my men will be in the next room watching the whole thing on your viewing screen. One screw up and we run you in for possession."

"I'll try my best," answered Cordera, "but I can't speak for Wade. What if he wants some funny stuff?"

"What do you mean?" asked Paula.

"Well, he might want some proof that you are really a slave."

"What kind of proof?"

Cordera paused. "Sgt. Anderson, are you a virgin?"

Now it was Paula's turn to pause. The answer was no, but she would have trouble saying that. Intercourse had been banned during the dictatorship. Women were inseminated artificially making the population easier to control and regulate. The new democratic government was trying to encourage sex by choice but it still had not widely caught on. As a teenager, during the dictatorship Paula had had two lovers. If that were known, she could be thrown off the force. Then she remembered the law enforcement workshop she attended where police officers of both sexes experienced intercourse in order to know about and enforce the sex laws. That would be her out.

"No, I'm not," she declared. Noticing Dan's quizzical look she reminded him of the workshop.

"Good," said Cordera, "because Wade's proof might be having sex with you." Paula tried to hide the gulp which was going slowly down her throat. But she had volunteered. No going back now.

"Let's get going," she muttered. "I'm ready." Lt. Daley felt a little queasy but kept his feelings to himself.

"Very well, sergeant. I'm going to lock your body into the computer. Computer, connect station 23." With that, Paula heard a loud snap go off in her head followed by low whirring sounds. Her mental faculties were unimpaired but she noticed that she had lost all control over her muscles. She stood motionless and stared in front of her. It was disconcerting but Paula felt completely relaxed.

"Her eyes have to be free," said Dan.

"Surely you're not serious," retorted Cordera. None of my organic statues control their own eyes.

"They would throw us right out of court if her eyes can't move," argued Daley.

"But I would have to release the eyes on all the statues in the house or Wade would be on to us," said Cordera.

"Then do it," ordered Daley raising his voice. Cordera sighed loudly.

"Computer. Select all organic sculptures. Release eyes." Immediately Paula began looking around the room. At the extreme right of her vision she could just make out Angela doing the same thing. "Satisfied?" harumphed Cordera. "Now if you don't mind, I will position her. Computer, station 23, position 36." Paula felt like a robot as her legs spread slightly, her left arm lowering to waist level with the palm facing forward and her right arm raising to just about her right breast, palm in. She looked ahead and down as her muscles locked into place.

"Is this to your liking Lieutenant?" asked Cordera. No answer. "Lt. Daley?" Dan was transfixed at the sight of her. He had never seen anything so lovely. And to think he had been working with her for the last two years and never noticed she was a woman.

"Huh, oh, yeah, perfect," stammered Daley. "Listen, I'm going to be in the next room. When the transaction is complete, have your computer seal off the building."

"Right. Why don't you get going?" Daley took one last look at the incomparable feminine physique before him and left for his hiding place.

"Now Paula, may I call you Paula," asked Cordera, "let's see just how good a policewoman you are."

The gentle female voice of the central computer let Cordera know of the approach of Wade's vehicle. He dispatched Angela to the door again and within minutes Paula spied three men in suits entering the room, one short and two tall. They all had greasy black hair and their clothes did not fit them very well. The tall ones wore sunglasses. The short one was carrying a satchel. Cordera extended his hand to the him and addressed him as Wade.

"Quite a nice place you have here Mr. Cordera," said Wade. I haven't seen a house like this in a long time." He sauntered over to where Paula and Angela were standing. "And very nicely appointed to," he added, running his eyes over Paula's frozen form.

"Thank you," replied Cordera, "shall we get down to business?"

"Not so fast. I'm very interested in your organic statuary. Very interested." It was obvious to Paula that Wade's interest was not artistic. He wanted to make sure that these statues would not be able to say anything about what went on in the room. And he probably wanted a little diversion as well. Wade walked up to Paula and began to slowly run his hand over her dress, first her arm, then across her breast and down past her waist to her hips. "Do all your statues have free eyes?" he asked.

"Yes, certainly. I prefer it that way," lied Cordera.

"I like it too," replied Wade. "It makes them seem more helpless. It reminds you that they are under your control. I like that." At that, he moved over to Angela and began repeating his rubbing procedure. "I really like brunettes," he smirked. Paula was increasingly aware that this was not going to be a easy as she had hoped. "Yeah, I really like this one," he said indicating Angela. Paula breathed a sigh of relief. "Hey, can you rotate these two?" he asked.

"Mr. Wade, could we transact our business and then have some diversion?" asked Cordera.

"Not so fast, Mr. Cordera. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, if you know what I mean," chuckled Wade. His two companions chuckled along. "Now, can these figures be rotated?"

"Yes of course. Everything is fully functional," replied an increasingly nervous Cordera.

"Fully functional? Even the babes?" asked Wade, his eyes brightening. Cordera realized that he had chosen his words poorly.

"Y-yes," he stammered.

"OK, rotate the babes so they face each other," Wade demanded. Cordera regretfully complied. Paula felt the floor turning under her feet and her motionless body turning to the right. Soon, she and Angela were facing each other, still locked in their frozen poses. "Now lets have some fun. I want them to try and kiss each other without moving their legs. Cordera was a little mystified at this. He knew they were too far apart to accomplish Wade's desires and became increasingly leery of Wade's mental state, but he knew that if he wanted the transaction to happen he needed to satisfy the gangster. He gave the order to the computer.

Paula felt her torso bending down and her head and neck straining to reach Angela while her legs remained locked in place. She could see Angela's simple, honest face as she was doing the same thing. She felt so sorry for Angela. With the bending, Paula could feel the hem of her dress riding up her ass so that a good portion of it was exposed to the air. "Ok, freeze them in place," ordered Wade. Cordera complied. Paula felt her body locking in place once again. The gangster then walked over to Angela and planted a long kiss on her unmoving lips. Paula began to fear the worst but was at least relieved that he was interested in Angela and not her. "Now, my friend, get them wet. Can you do that?" queried the stranger.

"Yes, of course," Cordera replied exasperated. "Computer. Execute action three on stations 22 and 23." All of a sudden, Paula felt waves of arousal coursing through her frozen body. Her heart began beating faster, her body temperature rose and everything male seemed exciting to her, even Wade. It wasn't long before the lubrication began.

"Come on my friend," urged Wade, "lets play a duet!"

"Look Mr. Wade," protested Cordera, "I'm really not..." Before he could finish, Wade had produced a laser weapon and pointed it directly at him. With that the two henchmen produced similar weapons, similarly directed.

"I said a duet, my friend." Paula was more excited than fearful. The computer had aroused her so much that she would have taken a horse at that moment. She could see Wade positioning himself behind Angela, dropping his pants and fumbling to mount her. Then a pair of large, strong hands gently caressed her hips from behind. The touch sent an electric zing through her as her heart raced in expectation. She was then slowly entered by what felt like a salami-sized member. That was it. The orgasms began pounding through Paula's silent, frozen form one after the other. Her face was completely flushed and she was definitely sweating. What happened after that she really couldn't tell. Cordera began increasing his velocity (and consequently the volume of her orgasms) and she could see Wade having his way with poor Angela. There was a lot of groaning and Wade reached a climax. Cordera was groaning to do the same and seemed to climax but there was no ejaculation. He came out and acted as if he had just cum. It took her a while to come down but as she did, it dawned on Paula that he had held back for her sake, to save her the embarrassment and other potential difficulties.

"Well, that was refreshing," chuckled Wade as he replaced his pants.

"Now can we get down to business?" prodded Cordera.

"Just a minute. I need to relax a little. You got any wine?"

"I have some over here for after the transaction, Wade." Cordera was becoming increasingly exasperated.

"Naw, lets have it now. Do the statues respond to voice command? Oh, I forgot, fully functional. You, Angela, come and sit over here." Wade led Angela to a large easy chair on one side of the room. She sat in it and he crossed her legs. Wade then placed a wine glass in one hand and filled it halfway. He then ordered Paula over to another chair. She felt her body responding to his commands almost like a robot. It sat down and she could feel the cold leather on her ass. Wade repeated his actions, crossing her legs and giving her a glass of wine in the right hand while he placed her left hand on her left breast, presumably to turn him on. Fortunately, the release from the freeze command released her from intense sexual arousal. She would have all her faculties to witness the deal. As the three gangsters sat in chairs facing the desk, Cordera adjusted Paula's head so she overlooked the scene. Wade produced the drugs from his satchel. "300,000 credits I believe was our agreed price." He dumped five bags of white powder onto the desk. Cordera began picking it up. "Now may we see the cash?" Cordera reached in his desk and placed a briefcase full of bills on it in front of Wade. The gangster picked up one stack and began counting it. Satisfied, he slipped the others into his satchel and extended his hand. "Its been a pleasure, Mr. Cordera. And I do mean a pleasure." The three men rose and turned to leave.

At that moment, three doors dematerialized and five police officers poured into the room brandishing laser weapons. The two henchmen reached for theirs but were immediately stunned and dropped to the floor. Lt. Daley grabbed the satchel from Wade with one hand and shot electronic restraints around his wrists with the other. The criminal's hands were now temporarily fused behind his back.

"You double-crosser," Wade spat at Cordera. "You'll never get me, you need a police eyewitness. And no technology!"

Cordera walked over to Paula's frozen form, took the glass from her hand

and said, "Computer. Release station 23." Paula collapsed into the chair at first but soon found the ability to control her muscles again. "Mr. Wade, meet police Sgt. Paula Anderson." Wade could only grit his teeth.

"I guess I picked the wrong one," snarled Wade indicating Angela's frozen form. I always like to screw the police." With that the drug kingpin and his two revived henchmen were forced out of the room to an awaiting police hovercraft.

Lt. Daley and Cordera attended to Paula. She felt a little tired but was generally OK.

"Listen, Sgt. Anderson. I'm sorry I had to..."

All she could think of were the waves of pleasure she felt when Cordera came into her so gently and passionately. She stood up and looked dreamily into his eyes. "Don't think twice about it Mr. Cordera. And my name is Paula."

"OK Paula, I'm Louis. My friends call me Lou. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. You can have the dress and the shoes if you want." Paula ran her hands over the smooth material remembering how sexy she looked in the mirror.

"Thanks, but we're not supposed to accept gifts on the job," she responded.

Lt. Daley was beginning to sense that he was an excess presence in the room. "Listen, Paula, if you're all right why don't you get his statement and meet me back at the station and we can get that chip out of you."

"OK, Dan. I'm fine." As the lieutenant left Paula turned her face to

look up into those heavenly blue eyes that she had a whole new appreciation for.

"There is one thing, Lou." Paula looked over at the Angela statue seated across the room. "She has gone through as much for this case I have. Give her freedom." Cordera looked at the pretty woman in the blue dress with the beautiful brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair. He began to think of her as a woman for the first time.

"All right. I will for you."

"Listen Lou," added Paula, "I don't like to leave any job undone."

It took Cordera a minute to catch her meaning but when he did a broad smile came across his face and he slid his arms around her waist. "Neither do I." With that, their lips met and as their bodies pressed together Paula started to feel those waves of passion streaming through her again. This time, however, she planned to respond.