Sex Talk


Northern Chill

Author’s note: This is a story inspired by a render available at DA and starring well known OC Denise Miller. It has numerous scenes of adult themed sexuality so if this bothers you, run away and run quickly. Otherwise, enjoy!


   “All right, class. Remember to do the homework I’ve assigned you. I’ll be out for the next two weeks and the sex education class will be on your individual schedules. Please, take it seriously,” Denise said as the students started to stand and head out of the room.

   “Lissa, Jenn, Erica, please stay behind for a minute. I want to talk to you three,” Denise said and glanced at the three women briefly as she spoke.

     A minute or so later, with everyone else gone, Denise closed the classroom door and turned to face the young women. “Now, this little talk is not going to go beyond these walls and I’ll be brief. As coach of the cheerleader squad, it’s been brought to my attention that you three have been engaged in a number of activities which are wrong, disturbing and frankly disgusting on many levels,” she said solemnly.

     “HEY! That’s bullshit!! You’ve got no evidence at all of us doing anything at all,” Lissa exclaimed with her red hair flying about as she gestured wildly about.

      Denise held up her right hand before Jenn and Erica had a chance to jump in and avow their innocence as well. “Save the pleas for someone else, ladies. I’ve heard enough second hand information from others to know you three are guilty as sin. However, I’m not going to have you expelled or even kicked out of the squad. No, I’ve decided on another choice instead. I’m going to be an active member of the squad as well as the coach. That way, I’ll see personally if you three do anything immoral or just plain wrong. You step out of line just once and I’ll see to it that you’ll have to move to Canada under new names to avoid going to jail. Do I make myself clear?” she said sternly.

         “Yes, Miss Miller,” the trio replied in unison and looked downwards.

        “Good. Now, y’all better get to your next class now,” Denise said as she took her seat behind her desk and started looking over her lesson plans for upcoming classes.

        Minutes later, as the three young women went down the hallway, Lissa stopped briefly and looked at the other two. “So, do we behave like good girls from now on and avoid trouble?” she asked quietly.

         Several moments of silence passed. “We’re taking the bitch down,” Jenn hissed.

Just under two days later…

          “OK, ladies. That was a great practice!! I know everyone will look great when the football season starts in six weeks. Enjoy the break and I look forward to working with all of you!” Denise exclaimed as she shut down the music blaring over the speakers and praised the cheerleaders before her.

           In the change room area, most of the cheerleaders changed quickly in anticipation of enjoying the weekend ahead. The room quickly emptied out until the only people left were Denise, Lissa, Jenn, Erica and Donna. Donna was finishing out the semester before transferring to a new college the blonde haired woman was looking to attend.

            “That practice went about as well as I could expect. Those gals have a lot of energy, especially those three I spoke to earlier. Ooooohh, my shoulders ache something fierce…” Denise thought to herself as she slipped off her bra and panties and set them on the bench next to her.

            “A nice hot shower...a drive home and then about where to go for my vacation. Maybe I’ll go to MMMMPPHH!!!!” Denise thought to herself before a wet cloth was clamped over her nose and mouth by someone standing behind her. Almost immediately, Denise recognized the fact that the cloth was soaked in chloroform, a substance she had used in private times in her past.

           “This can’t be...what...what is going on here...I….oooh...I….getting….mmm...get...sleeepy..mmmm...I...ooooooh ” Denise thought as her eyes fluttered and the strength rapidly drained out of her limbs. She struggled to break free but found herself unable to do so and quickly slipped into unconsciousness.

          “Huh. That was easy. Maybe Miss Miller isn’t quite as pure and angelic as she makes herself to be,” Erica said softly as she let Denise slump over to the left on the bench.

         “Miss Miller? Miss Miller, I was wondering if I could talk to you for a minute? I want to know what you think about..WHAT THE??!! MMMMPPPHHH!!! “Donna started to say as she came around the corner and saw Denise’s unconscious body. However, her shriek of horror was muffled almost immediately by a chloroform soaked rag clamped over her face by Lissa. As with Denise, Donna’s eyes fluttered and she struggled to break free before the redhead sagged to the floor in a heap.

          “I expected this might happen but was hoping otherwise. How are we going to account for both of them?” Lissa muttered as she frowned and looked at Erica.

          “Oh, it’ll be easy. When we were planning this out, I stopped by a little shop I noticed for the first time the other day. Ever been to Dark Desires?” Erica said as she opened a nearby locker and pulled out several garment bags.

          “Don’t think I’ve heard of such a place. Is it a new clothes boutique in the downtown area?” Jenn asked as she pulled a large wooden box to the side.

         “Not quite. The fellow who I talked with is called Merv, owner of the business. He’s a bit, hmmm, different but definitely has an eye for things not seen in the usual bedrooms of folks. Things like this little outfit, for example,” Erica said as she opened up one bag and pulled out what looked to be a black latex catsuit.

         Taking out a bottle of baby powder, Erica started to apply the powder all over Denise’s body from the head down. Once that was done, Erica started pulling the suit on over Denise’s legs and up to just under mid section. Pausing briefly, Erica asked Lissa to bring the kit from her locker to her.

          Opening the kit, Erica removed several items from within and proceeded to lather and remove Denise’s pubic hair. Finishing this, Erica applied the baby powder a second time to that area before starting to slip the suit upwards once again. Moving Denise into a sitting position, Erica slipped Denise’s arms into the suit one at a time before tugging the garment up and over Denise’s impressive breasts.

           When the suit was deemed fully on in Erica’s judgement, she pulled it closed via a zipper in the back that looked rather unusual to anyone that might see it.  Smiling, Erica next pulled out a hood and started tugging it over Denise’s hair and head. As she pulled it tight, there was what looked to be a small speaker visible around the area of Denise’s throat.

            “There we go, honey. Now, to make sure you’re nice and snug before the final touches are added. Lissa, you getting Donna ready?” Erica said as she dug out a pair of boots and started to put them over Denise’s lower legs.

           “Ummm, yeah. This is, uhh, kinda strange looking for a storage chest,” Lissa replied as she finished stripping Donna and putting her body into a glossy chest that seemed to shimmer slightly as Donna was tucked into the foam outlay inside.

            “Merv said it’ll make whoever is inside stand out in a crowd. Not sure what he was talking about but he seemed to ooze self confidence. Ok, lovely, your boots are on. Let’s check the rest of you,” Erica said as she sat Denise up on the bench and started squeezing her luscious body in different areas.

            After satisfying herself that there were no holes or ways to see the woman inside the latex outfit, Erica dug out what looked to be two pink rods that had an odd glow around them. At that same moment, unbeknownst to Erica, Denise was regaining consciousness.

           “Wh, wh, what’s going on...I got knocked out by chloroform and nothing...I’m awake and I think someone sealed me inside some kind of latex bodysuit. This, this must be something Erica or Lissa is up to..I better OOOOHHH!!! ” Denise thought as her senses started to return. However, this thinking was interrupted by the attachment of rods to her head, one on each side. In that instant, Denise experienced pangs of intense pleasure that reverberated through her mind and body at a level she never experienced before. That pleasure sent Denise’s thinking tumbling into a pool of darkness that seemed endless.

            “Huh. That was weird. For a second or two, the rods glowed really weird. Merv said it would happen when the suit is fully on the woman but never thought it’d be so, well, strange,” Erica muttered as she watched Denise’s body stiffen slightly in response before slumping into Erica’s arms once again.

           “OK, girls. These two are all set. Let’s get em out to the cube van through the back door and ready to be unveiled in the way they deserve,” Erica said to Lissa and Jenn.

           A short time later, the back door to the building swung open and the three women left carrying their prizes with them. Loading their acquisitions into the waiting van, Jenn got behind the wheel and the trio headed off into the night.


The Monday after…

           “All right, everyone. Grab a seat and we’ll get things started. As you know, Miss Miller is on sabbatical and has entrusted the three of us to conduct this class. Despite what you may think, we are qualified to lead this lecture and don’t want to hear anything out of the ordinary or else. Understood?” Jenn intoned as the men and women took their seats in the classroom.

            “Before we get started, I want to add that we’re going to be this in a serious manner. Don’t start yelling out questions or anything troublesome. Act up beyond what is expected and this class will end early,” Erica intoned as she wrote on the white board behind the trio.

           “There we go, hun. All set and ready to be admired by the folks here,” Lissa said as she stood Donna up and moved her head so that it was pointed in the direction of the class. To all onlookers, it looked Lissa was positioning a remarkably realistic yet inanimate mannequin.

           “The other prop is all set,” Jenn said as she hefted the black latex figure that resembled a voluptuous sex doll onto the nearby desk. Moving to a leather bag nearby, Jenn pulled out the two rods she had used previously.

           “What...what is going on...ummm...can’t see...think I’m in class but why doesn’t anybody OOOHHHHHHH!!! ” Denise thought to herself as she briefly regained her normal state of mind. However, this was quickly halted when the rods were affixed to the sides of her head and her thinking faded away once again. Unlike before, though, Denise sensed that this seemed different on some level.

           “Now, class, this is a lecture on SEX EDUCATION that Ms. Denise prepared for today. She isn’t here but she did give us the materials needed for conducting this class. The mannequin dressed in lingerie to my right will be used by my associates to indicate areas I’ll be mentioning today. On the desk, you see an amazingly realistic pleasure doll dressed in black latex from head to toe. The doll will say different sentences every time I tug on this rod. I’ll demonstrate this one time before we get things underway,” Erica said as she placed a hand around one rod and tugged it in a clockwise manner.

            “Hi! My name is Double D Denise, your sex doll! I want to make you happy! ” Denise chirped with her voice coming through a speaker located on the neck part of the suit.

            “Very good. Now, everyone, if you’ll keep the chatter to a minimum, we’ll get this lecture underway,” Erica intoned as her friends moved to start using the whiteboard behind her.

Just under two hours later…….

             “….have to say, that went better than I expected. The guys were certainly, ummm, energetic when I asked them to demonstrate what they had learned. The gals, though, caught me completely off guard. Did you see that blonde babe push her way to the front when we began the interactive part? My goodness, she was excited,” Erica intoned as she finished cleaning the table with clothes the trio had brought with them.

            “They sure did want to put their lessons into action. I don’t think Miss Miller is going to show her face around here ever again after today,” Lissa intoned as she started to remove the latex outfit Denise was clothed in.

            “Uhhhh, I think we have a problem here. Remember when you said that everything was temporary and things would revert back to normal afterwards? I, ummm, I think Donna is a mannequin now,” Jenn said as she finished removing the dark red bra adorning Donna’s chest and rapped her knuckles on the figure’s plasticized breasts.

            “HUH??!! OH CRAP, that means that this might be a bit more permanent than I thought,” Lissa intoned as she undid the clasps around the mittens on Denise’s hands. Undoing the bindings around Denise’s feet and neck and unzipping the back of the suit, Lissa’s eyes widened as she removed the outfit from Denise.

             “Mmmmmm...feel...feee so my whole body is tingly for some reason...oooohh...wait...what...why...why can’t I move my body….I can’t talk...what...OH..OOOHHH NOOO...I...I’M A SEX DOLL...a doll for owner to use...dolly wants to be held...make owner happy...NOO!!...I..I’m Denise...Denise Miller...I...I...I’m Double D Denise, “the dollified Denise thought as she saw her reflection in a mirror nearby and saw her body had indeed changed.

             Denise’s entire body now glistened to reflect the fact that flesh and blood had been replaced by rubber and latex. Seams could be seen running the length of her arms and legs, around her waist and around her breasts. There were no signs of freckles, blemishes or other imperfections visible anywhere on her body. Denise’s vagina was now a circular opening made of soft pink latex and rubber. Denise’s arms bent at a 45 degree angle with her hands now plastic digits that looked ready to hold any person pressed against them.

             Denise’s bosoms, normally D cup in size, had grown to 44DD in size. Her glossy breasts were now capped by bright pink nipples several inches in length. Denise’s nipples were surrounded by perfectly symmetrical areolas that would make any user interested in licking or nibbling on the nipples. With her hair changed into synthetic black threads, eyes that were now painted features on her hollow head and mouth devoid of teeth and tongue and resembling a soft sac like her other openings, Denise’s appearance as an inanimate love doll and not a living teacher was unmistakable.

               “Oh, fuck!! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!!!! I thought this was a way we could humiliate Miller and make sure the bitch never makes trouble for us again!! Hell, I thought that getting Donna involved was icing on the cake. Instead, we wind up with a real love doll and a real mannequin. I better call Merv and make him change these two back before we have to answer a bunch of difficult questions,” Lissa intoned as she grabbed her cell phone out of her purse and started dialing the number for the business.

                A short time passed, during which Lissa’s tone on the phone turned from anger and loud defiance to quiet acceptance at the conclusion. Ending the call, Lissa turned to her friends with a look of defeat and resignation visible on her face.

              “Merv said we have to bring Denise and Monica back to his shop right away. Once there, he’ll make arrangements for the two going forwards as long as we agree not to say a word to anyone about what we did. I tried to tell me we didn’t want to go back to his place and suggested we’d tell the world about his warped business. Merv told me in a very, well, cool manner that if we didn’t do what he asked immediately, there would be five items in the inventory of Dark Desires to be allocated in the future,” Lissa said with her lower lip noticeably trembling.

              Jenn and Erica looked at each other in silence as Lissa reached behind the dollified Denise and pulled open its inflation valve. The two watched as Lissa pressed the air out of the flattening doll, folded it neatly into a pile and slid it into a bag the trio had brought with them.

             ” Jenn, you and Erica put Donna into her case and we’ll carry these down to the van. We’re going to Dark Desires,” Lissa said as she gestured towards the nearby mannequin.

             “Hopefully, we can avoid saying the wrong there...or else Merv might do what he implied…” Lissa thought to herself.

            With that, the Terrible Trio set to their work. For once, any kind of victory they may have achieved in their wicked ways was pyrrhic at best.