by Lone Eagle

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Chapter 1

It is a quiet night in Gotham City, Joanne is busy closing up her aerobics studio after a busy evening of teaching. After locking up the front entrance, as her final students of the day depart, she heads to the locker room for a long hot shower before going home. She is unaware that during her last class two intruders slipped into the studio in order to kidnap her for their employer. Joanne is clothed in a blue spandex bodysuit with sheer tan colored tights. She has shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes with a fair complexion. Joanne is 5'6" very well toned shaped from all her years of fitness. She is a very young 30 yrs old.

Having locked up, Joanne now walks into the women's locker room. As she turns the corner to open her locker, one of the intruders steps out front of Joanne startling her, making her step back. She is about to say something when a hand comes from behind & clamps over her mouth. Simultaneously another hand reaches around Joanne & pulls her tightly against intruder #2. Joanne immediately tries to scream while squirming/shuffling side to side in her assailant's arms. All her fighting is fruitless as he hold her tightly in his grip, Joanne even fells like she's stuck to him, even his hand seems to be stuck to her face. Joanne looks frightful as her first visitor reaches down & removes her sneakers exposing her pantyhose clad feet. Joanne in vain continues to attempt escape. The person holding her is very strong & steady with his grip on our young teacher. She only manages to kick her feet & legs hoping to avoid her assailant's roaming hands. He grabs her right ankle & tries for her left. His hand misses the first time but on the second pass he swiftly grasps it successfully. With our victim still kicking her legs are pulled together & held firmly. They lower Joanne's writhing body to the floor in a seated position. The hand is removed from her mouth giving her hope that she will be able to scream for help, but a slab of white goo has remained sealing her mouth closed allowing her only to MMMPHH at best. She is quickly bear hugged from behind pinning her arms to her side. Her other kidnapper is now kneeling before her with his knees holding her sensuous legs together. Joanne is now completely helpless at the mercy of her kidnappers. Her assailants now speak for the first time describing to Joanne how she is being bound by strands of the same white goo, which was used to gag her. Unable to fight back Joanne has no choice but to watch as hands encircle her ankles, knees & thighs wrapping them in the white goo. What baffles her is that the substance seems to be coming from her kidnappers hands. Before releasing her upper body Joanne's wrists are grabbed & forced together in front of her, his hands encircling them binding them in the same manner. As the bear hug is released a circle of goo has encased her just below her breasts. She is then lowered to the floor, on her stomach as her captors smile & observe their workmanship.

Joanne tries to roll around trying to break free from the white goo as one captors holds her down, while the other retrieves her purse & keys in order to leave no clues of foul play. She is then picked up & carried over a shoulder to a van parked by her car behind the studio. Once in the van she is seated against a padded bar which has been coated with the white goo, causing her back to stick to the pad. One captor then drives the van to her apartment while the other one drives her car. During the ride she writhes squirms & MMMPH's only managing to tire herself out. The white goo appears unbreakable.

The van is then driven to the rear entrance of Gotham's newest museum 'Parafino's Wax Museum", where Joanne is carried into a lower chamber of the ghastly gothic-styled building.


Chapter 2

The following morning, Joanne's students are baffled at finding the Studio closed. The police are immediately called because of the mysterious string of  personal disappearances to have recently hit Gotham. The police conduct an examination of the Studio & Joanne's home but wind up empty handed again. The criminals have once again left no clues, leaving Gotham's finest puzzled. With Batman & Robin away it seems like all is hopeless. So far, a dozen young women have disappeared without a trace. The women of Gotham are filled with fear wondering if they'll be the next victims of this on-going mystery. The victims -- all women -- seem have been chosen from all social classes (students, housewives, businesswomen, executives). As Commisionner Gordon ponders his force's next move, he is visited by his daughter, Barbara. Gordon, who fears for his daughter's safety, is happy to see her safe out of harms reach. She asks him about the disappearances hoping to gather leads that Batgirl will be able to follow.

Barbara then leaves the office to visit the wax museum, in particular she is interested in the gallery filled with various artists (Renaissance period) as she hopes to enrich her already excellent knowledge on the subject. Little does she know the danger that will ominously be at her fingertips?


Chapter 3

But as Miss Gordon drives towards the museum, the kidnappers are once again hard at work. Their victim this time is Tammy; a beautiful reporter working for the Gotham Herald. Tammy has been closely following this story unfold not knowing that she is about to play a very integral part in its growth. She is a lovely brunette, 6' tall, with green eyes & a very seductively slender body. She is dressed in a green velour-finished snug dress, cut at mid thigh, with sheer black pantyhose. She strides along quickly in her 3" black open-toed stiletto shoes.

The time is 12 noon; Tammy is walking to a luncheon meeting (a few blocks from the office) to discuss this story with a fellow writer. As she nears the restaurant she spots a dark van which is partially blocking the sidewalk. Leaning against the van is a tall man who is clutching his left arm. As Tammy gets closer to the obstacle in her path, she sees what appears to be pain in the man's face. Without a second thought, she walks up to him to offer some assistance.

"Are you OK?" she says.

"No, my arm I think it's broken" he replies. In a quick maneuver he shuffles around her placing her between the van & himself. At the same time his partner walks around the vehicle stopping right behind her. As she attempts to touch his arm, she is grabbed from behind & hand gagged. She is completely stunned, giving her decoy the time to grab her sexy legs & help carry her into the van. The sliding door had been left unlatched allowing them to kick it open with great ease. Once inside Tammy is quickly secured in a sitting position in the same manner with sticky white bonds as her sister victims. All throughout her ordeal, Tammy resists her attackers writhing/squirming in all directions accompanied by many attempted screams which are fully muffled by her gooey gag. Once again the kidnappers are pleased with they're work as they grin & laugh at their bound & gagged prize.

The van has now left for the museum, during this journey one of the kidnappers decides to indulge in his newly acquired possession. He puts some surgical gloves & begins to fondle Tammy. She is desperately trying to avoid his touch -- to no avail. He has his way with her, starting from her pantyhose clad ankles all the way up to her seductive cleavage. He even leans against her & gently kisses her neck, while snickering at her predicament. Tammy MMMPPHHS & is teary-eyed feeling very violated & confused about her imprisonment. Once satisfied, her tormentor joins his partner for the duration of the journey. To her dismay Tammy finds that the binding goo is unbreakable, sticking very tightly to her skin & clothing.

Barbara Gordon pulls into the parking lot & positions her car beside a dark van, beside the museum. Before leaving her vehicle, she checks her make up in the rear view mirror & picks up her purse. She notices the dark van (not realizing that it has just delivered its latest abductee to the wax museum.) She promptly locks her car & walks up the main entrance.

Meanwhile in a lower chamber (just below Barbara's footsteps) Tammy struggles in her captors arms as they stand her in front of her most ungracious host. Parafino smiles wickedly as he feasts his eyes on his latest acquisition.

"Welcome my dear! Welcome to your new home!!" he says in an evil tone. "You are now part of my collection of lovely damsels." He steps up to her, gently stroking her face with both hands. "Yes my dear you will be one of my most beautiful wax statues, among my other Gothamites."

He then points to a series of podiums were Tammy sees all the other kidnapped ladies. All are standing with their feet immersed in the white goo, wrists bound in front of them (covered with a knee stocking) also encased with the goo & finally all are gagged with the matching knee high stocking knotted & tightly tied behind their heads. Parafino has followed suit by matching each ladies knee-high stockings with the pantyhose that each is wearing.

Parafino continues: "My lovely Tammy, your podium will be waiting for you -- after I enjoy your presence in my bedroom (HAHAHA). Boys if you would, please!." Tammy's captors proceed to carry her to the bedroom as she struggles furiously and MMMPPHS to the best of her ability and no effect.

An hour has now passed; as Barbara is enjoying her stroll through the wax works. Although she likes the sights, she can't seem to shake the feeling that she is being watched. Chills run down her spine; she fears for some reason that one of the wax figures will suddenly grab her from behind. The museum is deathly quiet, as Miss Gordon remains alone, walking from room to room. Indeed she is being studied, as Parafino's helpers are watching her every move through various peep holes & from behind curtains. Parafino has been informed of her presence & he decides to get a first hand view of another possible addition for his personal collection.


Chapter 4

Barbara Gordon has stopped to view a figure of a Crusader from King Arthur's Court. She is very intrigued by the details of the facial figures. She is amazed at the accuracy of the handy work. She says to herself that she would love to meet & converse with the artist who sculpted this fine piece of art. She hasn't noticed the male figure that has stepped up behind her. As she reaches out to touch the face, a hand swiftly moves her hand down causing her to step forward & slightly lose her balance. Fears fill her thoughts as she turns to see her attacker. Her self defense instincts have now kicked in as she is about to strike the man. Midway through her hand motion she stops, suddenly noticing that it is a short elderly man who has intervened. She quickly apologizes for her reaction.

He speaks softly: "Let me introduce myself I am Parafino -- curator of the Wax works! I didn't mean to frighten you, I only wanted to stop you from touching this figure because the wax is still cooling in place. It is a new addition to my gallery."

Barbara replies: " I'm sorry, I was fascinated by the detail & got a little carried away! I didn't want to damage your work."

"Not to worry my dear it is only instinct to want to touch & feel. No harm has been done."

Having regained her composure Barbara introduces herself & reaches out to shake his hand. He gladly accepts it replying: " It is my pleasure to meet such a distinguished lady, your beauty compliments your charming personality." Barbara blushes a little trying not to grin too much.

Parafino gives Miss Gordon a guided tour of the museum, while explaining the variety of themes that encompass its contents. Barbara hasn't noticed how he peers at her from many different angles & grins very evilly when she cannot see him. He has decided that she must become a part of his collection of waxy frozen damsels! But how to lead her to the lower chamber without arousing too much suspicion? He is engulfed by the voluptuous sight of her very sexy body; he follows all her curves & imagines how it might feel to fondle & hold her. Barbara is outfitted with a white blouse, a skin tight black leather mini-skirt, sheer black pantyhose & 3" stiletto heels. Quite a sight to gaze upon; almost to the point of causing Parafino to jump the gun. As the tour continues Barbara, always curious with questions, repeatedly asks the wax master how he manages to make his wax figures look so life-like? It has struck her that each face in particular appears to be flawless. Almost perfectly featured! Parafino happily explains that he has been blessed to have learned from master sculptors . Parafino is not grinning for honest reasons, Barbara has inadvertently given him the excuse he needs to invite her into his lower chamber, as part of his tour (HEHEHEHE!!!!!!!!!)


Chapter 5

In front of a gothic scene depicting a hanging, Parafino excuses himself to prepare a podium for Barbara. He quickly has his helpers pull out the podium & checks each captive's stocking gag to be sure that no one will warn his 'guest'. The girls are all squirming, desperately trying to step out of the sticky adhesive that is ensnaring their feet. "Well my lovelies, you will soon have another guest joining you. Miss Barbara Gordon; she will compliment all of your combined beauty & splendor."

While they are continuously fighting the adhesive, he hears a chorus of MMMMPHH'S. "Music to my ears ladies; each of you shall soon be a permanent addition to my wax works. In the new adult section, dedicated to damsels in distress. You will all be coated with wax then placed in various permanent displays of peril and states of undress -- 'HEHEHEHEHE'! You see, the adhesive that now holds you is a special brew of wax that I developed for this very purpose. It sticks to almost any material especially hosiery -- 'HEHEHEHE'; as you have all discovered it is completely unbreakable, the perfect bondage tool. My ultimate goal will be to have an entire section dedicated to captured Superheroes/Heroines  who will join you all. For too long, these crime fighters have interfered with the criminal element; now it will be their turn to be imprisoned forever. HEHEHEHE! He now walks up to each lady & strokes their firm thighs, occasionally fondling & laughing. "Your ordeal will soon be over my pretties, I plan to wax you all beginning tonight. No hard feelings I hope.. "HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!." As he climbs the stairwell to rejoin Barbara, the captives are now in tears each fighting without avail to escape their impending doom. Once again a chorus of MMMMPHH's echoes through the chamber.

"I'm sorry for the delay Miss Gordon but I needed to tie up some loose ends & prepare my laboratory for your visit." Barbara is puzzled -- prepare for my visit? Perhaps I should be cautious about my host's hospitality. As she ponders this thought & follows Parafino through an exit door, she hasn't noticed the 2 statues behind her that have left their scene in order to ensure her visit is not cut short.

They now come upon a narrow hallway that leads to the lower chamber. An ominous smell is in the air -- almost enough to cause Barbara to plug her nose.

"I apologize for the scent that you are experiencing, it's a new brew of wax that I have prepared for a new project of mine."

"What is the theme this time?" she asks with hesitation. There is a long pause giving Barbara several chills, allowing him time to lead her down the stairwell.

"It's a surprise my dear! One that I do believe you will thoroughly enjoy & experience" grinning & staring at her.

"What? What do you mean experience?" she is now on her guard.

He turns & points to the damsels stuck to their pedestals and securely bound. Barbara gasps as she sees all of the captives. They MMMMPPH loudly & strenuously trying to warn her of the master's plan for her. Parafino's henchmen are now just steps away from Barbara, who is searching for an escape route. She is cornered between Parafino a wall behind her & his men.

"Why not make this easy & give up my dear!!! You're only trying to prolong the inevitable. As you can see I have your podium all ready for you."

Barbara has backed up to the wall cautiously trying to outplay the henchmen that are trying to encircle her. "Never you evil criminal! I'm going to advise the authorities about your little scheme!"

The two henchmen quickly charge towards her one high & one low. Barbara instinctively side steps to the right, causing them to hit the wall just inches away from her. She now tries to charge past Parafino to escape his clutches. He is now reaching into his right coat pocket; his hand pulls out with a ball of whitish sticky wax. Barbara sees this & stops in her tracks.

"You leave me no choice Miss Gordon," he says as he throws the ball at her head.

In self-defense, she raises her hands to protect herself, keeping them together elbow to elbow & wrist to wrist. This prevents her face from being hit but allows the ball to encase her wrists, sticking them together in front of her. Stunned she tries to pull free but finds it impossible.

"What is this stuff; too strong for me to break free! I'm stuck -- my wrists are trapped" she screams with panic.

This sudden trap has caused her to momentarily forget about the two henchmen who have now recovered from their collision. They quickly get behind her & each grab an arm lifting her inches off the floor.

"Help! Help!" she screams as she is being carried over to her podium where Parafino awaits her delivery. He laughs & smiles with great pleasure. She is now kicking & squirming side to side trying to break their grip. She looks absolutely sexy & as she struggles to get free. Parafino comments "That's it my dear, please do struggle! You look so ravishing that way!"

As she is about 3 feet away from the podium Parafino applies a generous coat of wax to its top. As with the other girls, her pantyhose clad feet will be encased in the wax, holding her in place. He also pulls out a pair of knee high stockings (matching her pantyhose). Barbara is now frantic -- she can't let herself be glued to that podium! She doubles her efforts to escape, now causing her assailants to have to fight for balance as they deliver her to the podium with great effort.

Having arrived at the podium they stop, while Parafino reaches down to remove her shoes. "Your feet must be sore from walking in these all day. Let me offer you some relief" as he swiftly pulls both shoes off revealing her sensuous feet. Barbara instinctively kicks him in the gut, causing Parafino to fall forward clutching his stomach. Luckily for her, his assailants were also caught off guard, causing them to drop her to the ground. She reacts instantly, kicking each one the same way then runs off in her stocking feet to an adjoining room, hoping to escape.

"Get Her!!! Get her!! You fools she can't be allowed to escape!!!" the villain yells at his henchmen who both run in her direction.

Barbara sees no other doors in the room, it is a storage area filled with boxes, hangers covered with various attire. "I bet all of his exhibits are filled with abductees. No wonder they look so realistic! They're all people!" she exclaims. "This wax; I must break free to help the others," she cries as she twists & turns her wrists without success. But it will not release its grip. It seems to follow her every move but won't break. She scans the room in all directions to find a knife or something to cut it with. There is nothing in sight; with footsteps approaching the door, she quickly ducts behind some crates.

"She's trapped now in this storeroom," says one of the henchmen, "There is no way out of here!" They spread out & start searching for her. Barbara is silent, willing herself to keep shallow breathing so as not to be detected. She feels heat down at her feet & reaches down, looking for a vent. It's a heat vent that's only 12" by 9" -- too small for her to fit through. Feeling disappointed, she starts to sit up again when she feels her wrists separating. "The heat! It's melting the wax!"  She quickly slides her legs behind her, putting her hands directly in the path of the heated air. With a little effort, her wrists break free & a small pool of wax has forms on the floor beside her. She quickly moves away from it. "Can't let that touch me now!" she thinks to herself. "Now to get out of here!"

The two henchmen have separated each looking for her. One is only a few feet away from her now, trying to move boxes to clear a path.


Chapter 6

"Well ladies, my men will soon have Miss Gordon securely on her podium. It's now time for all of you to join my collection of wax figures permanently HEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!! But who to begin with?..." Parafino mutters as he strolls along the line of podiums and beautiful statues-to-be.

"Perhaps we should have a small contest to see who is most worthy. I know; let's see who can struggle the most!!!" He is now standing in front of Tammy; she looks cautiously at him, wondering what awaits her. "How about you display your lovely jewels for all to see my dear!" Pulling out a razor sharp knife, he moves closer to cut off her lovely dress. He pushes the blade between her legs at mid-thigh & begins to cut upward, being very careful not to injure his lovely prize.

"MMMPPH'S!!!!!!! MMMPPH'S!!!!" She screams as she tries to stop him.

"Just like cutting through butter isn't it" as the blade slips through the fabric, inches away from her panties "Now this isn't so bad, is it? I'd be careful about moving too much; you wouldn't want me to damage your lovely flawless body, now would you!!! HEHEHEHE ..

Tammy is now holding motionless as a statue, fearing that the blade will cut her. Her present ordeal continues until he finally cuts off each shoulder's material, the dress then graciously glides to the floor.

Parafino is absolutely delighted. As he studies Tammy, now only clothed in a back lacy bra & thong panties, accompanied of course by her black sheer pantyhose. He pulls up a step-ladder & is now face to face with her. She is shivering somewhat at the sudden coolness that has overtaken her shapely body.

"Now that wasn't so bad, was it? You've gotten chilled; not to worry. You will soon be warm again, my dear, as my special wax coats your body from head to toe!" he grins as he studies the fear in her eyes. Tammy is now sobbing as he caresses her body with his hands, feeling her over from her face to her chest (massaging each breast under her bra), rubbing her stomach, sliding his hands under her pantyhose & panties to massage her pussy & squeeze her buttocks. Then finally he fondles & rubs her lovely hips. Tammy is now MMMPPHING relentlessly in protest.

Having stood up to face level again he gently removes her stocking gag in order to seal her fate.

Tammy quickly takes a few deep breaths; then wanting to scream for help she opens her mouth wide just as Parafino hugs her & forces her to kiss him passionately. The kiss is very long & slow; she tries to break away, resist him, but his closeness & hug prevent her from breaching the seal of the kiss. She is very disgusted by his touch & kiss; she feels very violated. With the finesse of loing practice, he gently releases his hug & kiss at the same time as one hand covers her mouth while the other reinserts her stocking gag.

"Thank you for sharing of yourself again with me my dear, I just wanted a final memory of how you feel alive in my arms before I immortalize you in wax," he says while stepping down & away from Tammy, never breaking eye contact the whole time. "Well my lovelies, the contest is over! Tammy has been chosen to be my first Damsel in distress!!! Congratulations my dear, I promise not to disappoint you," he says with great delight. Tammy now shrieks & struggles in a final attempt to escape.


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