The Shameless and the Auction

By Posyomismo.
Illustrated by Eltomte

Written in April 2017
Proofreading by Leem, June 2020

“...And I found her like that.

The redhead was smiling while pointing out a female mannequin in a very unusual pose on the table, while three other people listened to her interestedly.

“Actually, I have lost count of how many times I told her that she should not use my things, but it was as if she was deaf. She simply ignored me. That is, well... I could understand if she would eat some of my food one day, or if she borrowed some of my clothes and returned them the next day, then no problem. But... really, my sex toys? And I’m 100% sure that she had used them many times before I caught her, off guard, one day when I left work before the usual time. Seriously, you can’t imagine how very pissed off I was. But she laughed at me, right in my face, and said that I exaggerated! ME! Me?!? I even let her owe me her part of the rent for the previous month! When I was looking for a roommate, some people spoke to me about how shameless she was, and they recommended that I shouldn’t accept her. Fuck! I should have listened to them.”

A few nods of affirmation were given around the table, even an “I told you!”

“But before yesterday, after I found one of my plugs in the shower, where I was sure that I didn’t leave it, dirty with... you know... I was fed up. So I took my grand-grand mother’s grimoire, and I cursed my things so if someone used them without my permission... Well let’s say something would stop them in the act. Not even a day later, and bam! here she is!”

Again the other people nodded their understanding to the redhead, and she continued.

“Initially I was going to punish her by keeping her transformed as a mannequin for only one month, the time I needed to search for another roommate to move in so we could kick her out of the apartment. But then I saw the dildo that she had been using. My FUCKING favourite! The one I made from that one French guy that I met on vacation, you know... on the beach, two years ago... the one that I transformed into a dildo after a drunken night. And I was infuriated. So I grabbed the grimoire again and made her new state permanent. Now I’m completely sure that she won’t take my things anymore.”

The redhead’s three friends agreed with her, and the girl that had known her roommate was shameless murmured, “It was only a matter of time before she met her match.”

“Well, try to understand me... I am not a monster. A life frozen while displaying clothes would be hell, so I cast a second spell that would brainwash her. But she deserved to suffer a little for her bad behaviour, and the spell will have a slow effect. In a few weeks she will be a happy mannequin, only wanting to be useful to her owner, without any memory of her previous existence. But right now she can hear anything that we say, even if she maybe has short moments with a mannequin’s mentality, I’m sure that she can hear and understand anything that we say. Most of the time she is... herself.”

The redhead had taken the head off the mannequin so she could look her in the eyes while she told it this, which almost caused the rest of the mannequin to disassemble, but the mannequin didn’t answer her except with silence and its stupid frozen smile.

“So I can’t hear you, but yeah Mindy, you are a mannequin now, and you will be a mannequin forever, because you don’t listen to me and you kept using my things without my permission, you shameless piece of a woman. At least from now on you will be useful to society as a piece of commercial furniture.”

With a very sinister smile, the redhead released the plastic figure’s neck, so it fell on the table again, making a hollow clunk, and then she continued.

“But although I have found a few candidates that want to be my new roommate in a week or two, I still need recover the rent for the two months: one that I let this stupid bitch owe me, and this month. Because I don’t have any use for a mannequin I have a idea. I know what you three do professionally: Dana, you work at a sex-shop and I know they need mannequins for their latex lingerie and for the harness, that could use the holes she has incorporated, so she’s ideal for that; David, I am pretty sure that in your BDSM club, she would be an ideal decoration in any of your dungeons once her face is erased, with a coat of black, and a few bondage ropes; and Rachel, you work with all kinds of materials when you do your pseudo-abstract sculptures, so a mannequin would be great for your compositions. But finally, I know that you three have outstanding accounts with her too.”

The four people around the table started to smile with malice and sadism, the redhead because she was arriving at her favourite part, and the other three because they could see where she where going with this.

“I am thinking of an auction. Whoever bids the most will have their way with Mindy, to do whatever they can imagine with her. So people... what do you think about starting at $400? I’m sure Mindy would want more for herself, but she doesn’t have a say in that. So who’s first?

The Shameless and the Auction