Shards of Steel

By Rotwang (

Author’s note : Well, if I didn’t make a mistake counting, this is my fiftieth story !

I’d like to thank some people for inspiring me this far ... Robotdoll, for inspiring me to write robot stories, Mannequin Lover and Robo-Lover for posting my stories, Walther Schultze-Mittendorf, for creating the love of my life, Hel, Brigitte Helm for performing as her, and all the others, fans and friends, no less important, but too many to mention here ...

And finally thanks to all the girls out there who ever donned a robot suit ... We love you !

On to story 100 !

With a shaven head and enough piercings to set off airport metal detectors from two miles away. Shard watched the young woman sitting all by herself in a corner at the bar. "Having a good time ?" She asked the woman. The only unusual thing about her were her sunglasses and the gloves she wore. The woman looked up and nodded, sipping from her drink. "I’m Shard." She said. "Dominique." The woman answered, looking around the large converted factory hall.

There were many different types of fetishes. There were leather, latex and Lycra fetishists competing for the sleekest look. Living plushies dating living Barbie dolls ... Piercers, tattoo freaks and scarifiers, were showing off their latest body enhancements, while transvestites discussed artificial breasts and penises. Drag queens competed with drag kings on who had the highest, most outrageous hair or the longest beard.

A tightly wrapped dark-haired latex woman winked at Shard, while pulling at the reins of the latex black panther prowling round on all fours. "How is Felina doing ?" Shard asked, during a short lull in the music. "We’ll be trading places shortly." The gorgeous, heavily made-up woman said, while the panther crawled around on all fours. The woman blew Shard a kiss and walked away, tugging at the panther’s leash, connected to a big spiked collar.

"Are you in any particular fetish ?" Shard asked. "Unusual ones." The woman said. "I like unusual ones." Shard said and leaned over the counter towards the woman. "You’ve got something to hide under those clothes ?" She was going for it. "Perhaps, but in case you’re wondering, I’m just waiting for my boyfriend." Shard smiled. "Any chance of you telling me ?" "I’ll show you when he arrives, only he can set me free." She said and showed a small padlock inside her neck, hidden by her hair. "There are straps all over my body keeping me inside these clothes." "Kinky, but not very showy !" Shard said. "Wait till you see the rest ..."

"I’m sorry I’m late, but the traffic was murder." A man said and quickly pecked the woman in the neck. "You didn’t forget the key ?" She asked anxiously. He grabbed the chain around his neck. "Oh, Phelan, this is Shard." Shard raised her drink at him and winked. "I’m curious now." While Phelan unlocked her, Dominique removed her glasses and grinned deliciously at her. Two glowing red eyes stared back at her. Shard’s eyes popped open and Dominique slowly removed her wig. Right where the hairline would be, her metal skull burst out of her flesh. Phelan did the zipper on her back and revealed her gun metal chest and arms. With Phelan’s help, she was out of her clothes in moments, showing off her metal body. It had a rough and chunky industrial look, with tubes and cables, giving her a nonetheless very feminine shape. Her face a gorgeous mask of flesh, Dominique looked at Shard with unblinking red eyes. "What do you think ?" "Wow !" Shard said hungrily, and her eyes gleamed almost as brightly as Dominique’s Phelan and the robot smiled with her bright red lips. "I’m not designed for sex with human females." "There have to be ways around that !" Shard said and wanted to run her finger over her gun metal chest. Phelan wrapped his arms around her protectively. "A genuine object of desire." Shard said to Phelan who smiled proudly.

That night Shard couldn’t sleep. She wanted Dominique badly. She got up and stood naked on the balcony. It was early morning and the garbage men whistled when they saw her. She wasn’t a human locked in a robot, but a robot locked into a human, Shard thought. Where did she get something like that ? Who would make such a great fantasy ? The more she thought about it, the more she wanted it for herself.

That night she dreamed of her ...

Shard was tied to a large metal chair in the middle of a wet, abandoned factory, filled with huge rusted machines. She heard the nerve-rattling screech of a crane’s chain dangling somewhere behind her. A slow regular screeching sound, almost like a pendulum. She heard metal rattle and sounds like fingernails being dragged across a blackboard. The sounds made her skin ripple and she struggled with the chains tying her to the steel chair. It was raining and most of the window panes high above her had shattered and added an uncomfortable dampness to everything. A shadow, a glint ... Shard looked through the haze of water droplets and saw two red eyes watching her. A metal hand flexed with long talon-like fingernails and reached for a steel support pillar. She heard the screeching and saw the sparks as the hand raked over the pillar, metal over metal. Shard struggled and twisted her body as the metal creature approached her. Hydraulic muscles, cables and angular plates poured into a striking female shape. A mostly emotionless, but defined face, except for two glowing red eyes. Thousands of copper wires, tied together served as hairs.

The robot approached her and extended a finger, carefully touching her. Shard gasped as she felt the cold finger on her bare chest and looked at the mechanical woman playing her finger over her body, tracing it’s outline, as if exploring it. She felt a slight electric buzz wherever the robot touched her, sending waves of pleasure down the spinal column, making her twist and buck in delight.

Unable to touch herself, Shard’s pleasure was put on hold, extending the sensuous feeling for such a long time, she knew the moment she would come would be powerful. With a precise tug, the robot twisted her hand off and inserted an oblong object onto her wrist. She heard a faint buzz and the cycle of pleasure continued anew, only at another, higher level of intensity.

The robot forced the vibrator into her. At first it tingled with cold and electricity. Soaked with rain and sweat, Shard licked her salty lips and gasped over and over, more and more until she screamed with joy, and the echo reverberated through the factory for a long time.

But Shard wanted to protest when she felt the vibrator retreat, but when she heard the soft click, she looked down at the sharp blade coming out of the vibrator. The robot raised the blade and gently put it between her breasts. Shard felt a little prick and a droplet of blood glided to freedom, only to trap itself into her pierced belly-button. The wound stung from the saltiness of her sweat while the robot picked up her hand again.

Hard, cold hands picked up her breasts and Shard squeezed her behind in reaction, tossing her head about. The metal hands glided over her slippery full breasts, squeezing them and then reached for her cleavage. Two fingers reached by the sides of the little wound and Shard felt tension. She tore at her skin like a light blouse.

Shard felt no pain, only the surprise of staring at her own metal chest ...

Shard almost fell out of bed. She swallowed and gasped. Even checked herself to see if it wasn’t a dream. Rubbing the stubble on her head, she still quivered on her rubber legs, while walking around her little apartment. The whole morning she felt queasy and on edge. The intensity of her dream had shaken her up more than she ever expected.

Most of the day had been confusing. She kept seeing mechanical detail everywhere. Reflections in shop windows, shadows of a tree on the ground, the pattern of some wallpaper ...

And at night she dreamt of machines with strange functions. Things probed her private parts while she was trapped into a big machine. Things entered her deeply, exploring her body as far as was possible ...

Shard woke up in a pool of her own sweat. She moaned and groaned her pleasure.

Phelan suddenly felt something heavy on his shoulders and looked at a young woman with a shaven head and enough piercings to be scared of magnets. "Uh ?" He asked, not realizing what was going on. "You’re Phelan right ?" Shard asked. "You were at the fetish party ! Your wife wore a robot suit !" Phelan nodded. "Tell me where she got it !" Shard sounded almost insane. Phelan took a step back and looked at her. "I borrowed it from a guy who works for the movies..." Shard’s piercings rattled. "Tell me where he lives !"

"Something went wrong days before shooting would start. They canceled the whole project and I was stuck with it." "Just name your price !" Shard said. "I don’t even know if it’ll fit you, it wasn’t a very good fit on Dominique." Donald said. "Are you kidding ? It looked incredible !" "Here is the mask ..." Donald rummaged through the pile in the back of his workshop. "And here’s an arm !" "But its foam rubber ?" Shard said picking up the arm. "Sure, what else ?" "I thought it would be made of ..." "Metal ?" " ... " Shard was disappointed. "Movie props are usually made in the easiest way." "It doesn’t look half as exciting as I remember. I must’ve been a bit drunk by then !" "And the lighting would’ve been less than perfect." Donald added. "But I guess you can have the costume. It only takes up valuable space." The refuse stack was a little Everest at the back of the shop "You don’t want to be paid for it ?" "It has no real value in itself. It never made it to the movies. I guess if it had, I’d have to ask something, but in this case ..." "Can you tell me how to put it on ?"

Shard could cry. She was a lot bigger than the woman they had cast the costume on. The arms didn’t reach the shoulders. And the legs had gaps as well. Donald shrugged and smiled his empathy with her. "Do you take projects ?" She asked. "Yeah, but I only do stuff like this, I don’t know how to work anything else !" "But some of the stuff’s animated with electronics and metal parts no ?" "Somebody else does that." "Could he do something like that ?" "Perhaps, but he’s specialized."

Back home Shard felt sad. Her dream was shattered and she felt incredibly listless. Nobody could make the thing she wanted. She kept getting visions of the metal woman, approaching her, taking her in her arms and ...


"Yeah, you did some great bodywork on it." "Thanks, really has the most beautiful curves, sensous even." "Where did ya get that red ?" "I mixed it myself from the original color schemes back at General Motors." "Wow, this is dedicated work." "I’m very proud of it." "Cadillac ! The name says it all ... Heeeey ! Who is SHE ?" "I don’t know, some gal who’s working here ..."

Sal watched the woman glide along, while Don used the rear view mirror. He caught a peek of a breast inside her coveralls and knew she wore nothing underneath.

Shard, a few less piercings and a little more hair and tattoos was busy in one corner of the garage. And with her cubicle was hidden from view by a large curtain, the guys wondered.

"I bet she has a classic Harley in there." Don said, just as a bright welding flash lit up the cubicle. "She really looks like a biker chick." Sal replied.

Shard’s heart was beating fast. With care she screwed the last piece in and felt her hands shake. Something was tickling the inside of her stomach and she felt horny as hell.

Checking the curtain one last time, she slipped out of the heavy boots and coveralls. Completely naked, she washed her stained hands and reached for a the sports bag waiting for her. A shiny black Lycra suit waited for her and she quickly slipped into it. Before sliding the hood over her head, she removed some of the piercings from her ears and eyebrows. Adjusting the silky textured fabric over her body, she felt as if she was on fire.

Chuck had just finished test-driving his Wooden Wagon and offered Sal and Don a cigar. "Congrats, your car’s perfect." Chuck just grinned smugly and enjoyed the cigar. But a second later if fell out of his mouth.

Don and Sal looked back and dropped their cigars as well.

Still clutching the edge of the curtain a humanoid shape just stood there staring back at them. The hard, straight edges merged into a typical female shape, but it had a clunky, mechanical look. Hydraulic pistons moved up and down as she made her first few steps. The waist was tight, almost inhumanely tight. No gleaming chrome, no smooth edges, no sleek lines. Just hard, straight edges, dull gun-metal and broken lines. Her face was gorgeous and here eyes were black holes of emotionless staring. Even her breasts were squared off, but still voluptuous.

As she walked around the workshop, the men just stared at her infinitely long legs and disturbing figure. Her body screeched and hissed as it moved, like a rake being dragged across a blackboard.

A cross between a woman and a Detroit V8 ...

That night Shard still couldn’t sleep. She was staring at her machine and she felt unfulfilled. Becoming her had been one of the greatest experiences in her life, but now she felt this strange void. Shard was missing ... And then it struck her. Without her, the machine wasn’t alive and without Shard, it had no purpose !

Shard got up, grabbed and posed her, but she didn’t react and threatened to fall apart. She hauled the heavy metal shell over herself but she only managed to sprain and cut herself as the machine fell apart on her.

It took her most of the night to cry herself to sleep.

Next morning, Shard watched the metal shell, standing lopsided against the wall. Most of her day was routine, but her mind was on desire, the dreams she had had the last few years ...

She took her to the old abandoned factory and desired ...

And this desire was so intense she felt something strange ...

She had barely posed her, when it felt as if her body was standing miles away from the spot she was standing.

Pausing a moment to think, Shard woke up staring at herself. Shard looked up in panic at herself and saw only the metal shell ... Inside the shell, Shard shared her panic ... with herself ?

Twice one mind, and two bodies ... Shard’s surprise melted as she knew what would come next ...

She walked up to remains of some large machine which resembled a big steel throne. And then came the steel machine ...

Pain and pleasure mixed, as the machine forced herself on her. Inside two bodies, Shard’s mind reeled upon itself like a moebius ring.

The machine forced the oversized dildo into her and rammed it down, while her sharp fingers tore her clothes away. Shard began to scream in pain and ecstasy. She felt the hard edges of the machine break her skin and letting droplets of blood escape.

Forced into submissive poses, Shard continued to torture herself. She pulled at herself, while at the same time felt her arms being pulled.

Large metal objects entered her, making her buck wildly. Her screams echoed through the hall, making the hollow shells of the ancient machines hum.

And then came the climax to her pleasure. A shared orgasm going beyond anything she had ever felt.

Wave after wave of pure joy came over her, as her body throbbed and muscles spasmed.

Her heart almost exploding out of her chest, Shard fell on the concrete ground in a pool of fluids and blood.

She saw a metal head fall and bounce over the floor.

Back inside a body she never left, Shard just stared up at the window panes high above her. "This was not a dream ..." She whispered to herself.


Shard never shared two bodies again, but the memory was so clear she could treasure it for the rest of her life.